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Thursday, 23 March 2023
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Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (16:36): As a servant to the many amazing people who make up our one Queensland community, I rise to speak to Senator Babet's motion, which One Nation supports. I thank Senator Babet for his motion. Why are senators scared of the truth? Why are they paranoid about having an investigation or an inquiry? If everything is hunky-dory, then, wonderful, let's get it out there. Why are you afraid?

In September 2019 three junior lab assistants from the Wuhan Institute of Virology presented to a Wuhan hospital with flu-like systems. COVID had escaped. In the four months after that reported event 100 flights were leaving Wuhan's Tianhe airport every day and going around the world. On some days five direct flights would come to Australia. That volume of movement was enhanced by the Chinese New Year, a time when, like our Christmas, people travel to see loved ones. COVID was upon the whole world and spreading at the speed of jet aircraft. There's no doubt the virus spread from Wuhan, and there is no doubt it was the result of gain-of-function research, as Nobel Prize winning virologist Luc Montagnier correctly stated in April 2020—right at the start.

In 2014 President Obama banned gain-of-function research, yet Anthony Fauci, the genocidal maniac, confessed to congress that his American National Institutes of Health moved the research offshore. They got around the law in their own country. Where did they take it? Wuhan. The ban was then lifted in 2017 to legitimise their continuing research. The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council's 2022 report says that it funded 17 gain-of-function studies. Some were conducted at the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness in conjunction with the scientists based in the Wuhan facility. It's clear that calling COVID the Wuhan flu lets the rest of the world off way too easily. COVID was a team effort, and the blame must rest with many governments, including our own.

The idea that university academics should be allowed to engineer dangerous viruses in a lab just to understand them better is an idea born of hubris in those who have not been questioned in so long that they believe they should never be questioned. I'm thinking of Professor Skerritt, the Chief Medical Officer and the federal health department secretary when I mention those words.

After spending time in the break travelling this beautiful country, I appreciate that many Australians are fed up with COVID. One Nation continues to pursue the government over COVID for a very important reason: past actions predict future actions. At the heart of the issue is the question: what happens next time? Only a Senate inquiry or a royal commission can ask: what happened, why did it happen and how do we stop that happening again? Had all the countries participating in this gain-of-function research confessed and agreed to effective oversight, the world would have endured only a bad flu and we would now be out of it. After all, the previous record holder for the world's worst flu, the spanish flu, lasted only two years. COVID is far less severe, yet is now supposedly at 3½ years and counting.

The Chief Medical Officer himself advised me in writing that COVID severity is low to moderate and less severe than many past flus—I have it in writing. Sadly, for the world and all those that government COVID mismanagement killed, a confession did not happen. A cover-up is what happened. There's no doubt in my mind that COVID has become the Watergate of the 21st century. The cover-up has become worse than the crime. The cover-up involved falsely repurposing an escaped flu virus into a 'pandemic of the ages' in order to open up a whole new round of drug patents using mRNA technology—money.

We all remember videos coming out of China of people dropping dead in the streets right in front of a perfectly framed camera shot, because people film strangers just standing there on the off chance that they will drop dead! We know those videos were fake, if it were not so obvious at the time, because the behind-the-scenes photos and videos are coming to light. This new material features 'dead bodies' unzipping their body bags to have a smoke. There was a dead body on the street posing for selfies with a camera team. The videos were designed to spread fear and, with fear, control. That's what our health authorities were banking on when they did not call out these Chinese videos at the time, and I do mean 'banking on'. Nobody just drops dead from COVID. It takes a COVID vaccine to do that.

Let me be honest: I briefly fell for it back in early 2020. We all fell for it. We all decided the precautionary principle was the right option because we were seeing hundreds of these videos coming at us. But why are governments still keeping us on this unscientific and inhuman path? After two months, in around May and June 2020, it was obvious to me and many others that the level of harm from COVID was nothing like the risk that these fake videos had us thinking it was. COVID was demonstrated to be a flu threatening only our most vulnerable. It's not too late to come clean on the extent of the cover-up, yet every day that passes, every Australian suffering a new vaccine side effect and every unexplained death makes that harder.

Senate estimates Health sessions were a low point in accountability. I do understand the chair felt the need in Senate estimates to suspend proceedings the moment senators got into it with Health bureaucrats to ensure that nobody confessed to anything in the heat of the moment that they would later regret. And, still, they did. In response to my question on a freedom of information request for the TGA—the Therapeutic Goods Administration—summary of the 400,000 pages of patient data relating to the Pfizer stage 2/3 clinical trials, Professor Skerritt confessed that nobody in Australia reviewed the patient-level data on the Pfizer trials. Instead, we used the American Food and Drug Administration's summary of the data, made without ever having seen the original source data. This is intolerable. This was a life-and-death decision taken on behalf of 26 million Australians, and we took the FDA's word for it. Actually, the FDA itself did not even look. It took Pfizer's word for it, and that means that so did our health authorities. They trusted Pfizer when it was glowing with tens of billions of dollars, in the largest wealth transfer from Australian taxpayers ever.

Here's why the TGA made a criminal error in its judgement. When the world's leading virologists spent 18 months examining all 400,000 patient records, these eminent doctors concluded that Pfizer's stage 2/3 clinical trials showed that the vaccine caused 18 per cent more harm than no vaccine and should never have been authorised. The lid is starting to be prised open on a can full of corruption, cronyism, arrogance, hubris and lies amongst those we trusted to act in our best interests and who failed to do so.

Senator Babet is entirely correct when he points at the very high rate of unexplained deaths and asks, 'What the hell is going on?' Our health authorities have pursued a course of action that involves ignoring years of science on natural immunity and early intervention to make COVID worse than it needed to be and to create room in the market for a whole new class of drug: mRNA, which is unproven and untested. Now people are dying, and the authorities are saying, 'It's got nothing to do with us.' Yes, it is. It is everything to do with you.

Let me break this down. Firstly, natural immunity is equal to vaccine immunity. The Lancet journal on 16 February 2023 reported mean immunity against severe illness after being infected with COVID once was 90 per cent at 40 weeks. Ninety per cent! The European Union COVID digital certificate accepts that 'recovered from COVID' is equal to 'vaccinated'. So why are we still promoting vaccines to a population in which natural immunity is now most likely the dominant immunity?

Secondly, a healthy vitamin D level reduces COVID infections 48 per cent, almost half. University of Southern Queensland statistician Dr Hoque and colleagues have studied the link between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 infection rates from 10 countries and found COVID-19 infection was 48 per cent less in people with normal levels of vitamin D—almost half. The study found:

Vitamin D is known to strengthen the immune system and could possibly play a direct role in the prevention of COVID-19.

And yet we locked people up in their homes and in aged care, away from sunshine, and used police and the military to keep them there.

Thirdly, Betadine worked. While health authorities promoted hand sanitisers on a meagre six per cent benefit, in a paper from March 2023, Betadine containing Povidone-iodine was found to offer a 51 per cent improvement in symptoms. Our health authorities criticised Betadine and every other early intervention. Why?

Fourthly, Interferon is an effective early treatment for COVID. On 9 February 2023, in the New England Journal of Medicine, a peer-reviewed paper found that Interferon IFL-1 reduced the incidence of hospitalisation from COVID by 50 per cent, independent of a person's vaccine status. Interferon has been available off the shelf throughout COVID. This data was known in 2020 and we should have acted on this information back then.

Fifthly, Ivermectin» and hydroxychloroquine work. How many more times could proponents of «Ivermectin» and hydroxychloroquine show the scientific proof? These two prevent and reduce the initial severity of COVID and stop transmission and are a prophylactic to preventing people getting COVID. 'It's horse paste,' the health authorities said, while knowing all along these early interventions worked and were completely safe and extremely effective at treating COVID, preventing COVID, stopping transmission and stopping people even getting it.

Health authorities knowingly and deliberately turned COVID into a pandemic of the ages. Here's why. A brave new world of medicine by gene editing awaits the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies, the media and health bureaucrats signed onto the vision without reading the fine print. That's killed millions of people around the world. It simply didn't matter that there were multiple treatments for COVID sitting on shelves in chemists ready to go. Doctors' and nurses' social media musical theatre performances might have looked like rejected scenes from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Nonetheless, they deceived everyday Australians and convinced them to get the injections, and those that refused were forced, coerced or mandated into it. And now people are dying.

Unexplained deaths in Australia are up 22 per cent. That's nearly a quarter. Maybe about half of those could be COVID deaths, which necessarily proves the vaccines themselves are crap. The other half is unexplained. How many health bureaucrats are we paying to sit on their arses and examine this? What are they doing? Nothing. Half are unexplained. It may be delayed treatment, lack of exercise, lack of social connection or something else. It's without a doubt vaccines destroying the ability of the body to fight off COVID and the flu, leaving anyone infected vulnerable to serious infection and fatal infection.

Why would the TGA and their agencies behave so contrary to the interests of everyday Australians? Why? We need to know. A Senate select committee can answer that question and restore confidence in a new generation of health officials. I call on the Albanese government to convene a Senate select committee into the Commonwealth's response to COVID-19 immediately. I make this point: today, 23 March 2023, is exactly three years since we had the first single-day session of the Senate on Monday 23 March 2020. We all jumped into that and said to the government, 'Open cheque, safety first,' and we supported them. But I said to the government at the time on that day, 'We want a plan, we want to see your data and we will hold you accountable.' I pointed to Taiwan's success and to the success of «Ivermectin in Monash University's in vitro trials. On Wednesday 8 April 2020 we had our second single-day session, and I repeated the same points. I then wrote to the Prime Minister and to Premier Palaszczuk in May, June and July 2020. And they misled us. They gave us rubbish! The Chief Medical Officer himself gave me a graph showing that COVID had low to moderate severity—low to moderate! He couldn't answer basic questions on it.

I will hold you accountable, as I promised on 23 March 2023, and I will continue until you are accountable. So get the monkey off your back and get these bureaucrats into an inquiry immediately.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT ( Senat or Chandler ): Thank you, Senator Roberts. Before I give the call to Senator Canavan, I will remind senators to be particularly diligent in their use of parliamentary language during this debate.