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Thursday, 9 February 1995
Page: 905

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Mr HOWARD (Leader of the Opposition) —Mr Speaker, I seek leave to move:

  That so much of the standing and sessional orders be suspended as would prevent the Leader of the Opposition moving forthwith that the Prime Minister explain why he has been parading around the country and in the parliament claiming there would be no need for big cuts in expenditure and for demanding that the coalition releases a list of spending cuts when all the time, his government was drawing up a Labor hit list which amounts to $21 billion over four years.

Mr SPEAKER —Is leave granted?

Mr Keating —Mr Speaker, the opposition yesterday was talking about 14 questions. Now the Leader of the Opposition is truncating—

Mr SPEAKER —Order! Is leave granted to move the motion?

Mr Howard —Is he going to take it?

Mr SPEAKER —Resume your seat, and I ask the Prime Minister to resume his seat!

Mr Howard —And you are allowing him to make a speech to the House!

Mr SPEAKER —Resume your seat!

Mr Keating —He's like a thousand-day clock, Mr Speaker.

Mr SPEAKER —Resume your seat! Resume your seats!

  Honourable members—Name him!

  Mr Howard interjecting

Mr SPEAKER —Do you want to be here to move it! The Prime Minister.

Mr Keating —Mr Speaker, I thought the Leader of the Opposition had the priority on the 14 questions—

Mr SPEAKER —Are you accepting it?

Mr Keating —that he was truncating at question time.

Mr SPEAKER —Are you accepting it?

Mr Keating —Mr Speaker, he is wound up like a thousand-day clock.

Mr SPEAKER —Are you accepting it?

Mr Keating —One more half-turn and there will be springs and sprockets all over the building.

Mr SPEAKER —Are you accepting it!

Mr Keating —No, of course not; it's rubbish!

Mr SPEAKER —No, the government is not accepting it.

Mr Keating —We'll pick it up in two weeks time. Give» «him» «a» «valium , Mr Speaker, he needs it.

Mr SPEAKER —Resume your seat! Order! We have established that the government has not given leave.