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Tuesday, 15 September 1992
Page: 1002

Go To First Hit

Dr HEWSON —I refer the Prime Minister to his hopeless attack on Fightback at the Press Club today.

  Government members interjecting-

Mr ACTING SPEAKER —Order! The Leader will get to the question.

Dr HEWSON —I ask the Prime Minister: if you are so confident about your view of Fightback, why will you not call an early election?

  Opposition members—Resign! Resign!


Mr KEATING —The answer is, mate, because I want to do» «you» «slowly . There has to be a bit of sport in this for all of us. In the psychological battle stakes, we are stripped down and ready to go. I want to see those ashen-faced performances; I want more of them. I want to be encouraged. I want to see you squirm out of this load of rubbish over a number of months. There will be no easy execution for you. You have perpetrated one of the great mischiefs on the Australian public with this thing, trying to rip away our social wage, trying to rip away the Australian values which we built in our society for over a century.

  Dr Hewson interjecting—

Mr ACTING SPEAKER —The Leader of the Opposition!

Mr KEATING —If you think I am going to put you out of your misery quickly, you can think again.

Mr Newell —Mr Acting Speaker—

Mr Reith —Mr Acting Speaker!

Mr ACTING SPEAKER —Before I call the honourable member for Richmond, does the Deputy Leader—