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Thursday, 2 June 1994
Page: 1266

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Mr HALVERSON (9.39 a.m.) —I endorse the comments of the honourable member for Bennelong (Mr Howard). I think the government is showing an exquisite sense of timing in introducing the Main Committee proceedings at a time when we are curtailing debate on the appropriations going into the consideration stage and then seeing the guillotine introduced next week. However, we are prepared and happy to embrace the operation of the Main Committee. We see nothing but good coming from it. It enables more controversial legislation to receive enhanced and ongoing debate in this chamber. Notwithstanding the aspirations to have non-controversial legislation go through the Main Committee, it is entirely probable, once we have settled down into the routine, that some of the debates in the Main Committee will see some controversial elements emerge. Not the least of those debates will be the debate coming up in the very short term on the South Australian banking inquiry.

  On behalf of the opposition, I am delighted to announce some additional appointments as a consequence of the introduction of the Main Committee. We thank the government for its initiative in making an offer to us that will enable us to address our responsibilities and orchestrate the administration of the chambers. I will become the Chief Opposition Whip» . The honourable member for Wannon (Mr Hawker) will become the Opposition «Whip» . The honourable member for McPherson (Mr «Bradford» ) will become the Deputy Opposition «Whip» . The honourable member for Riverina (Mr Hicks) will become the National Party «Whip» . The honourable member for Cowper (Mr Nehl) will become the Deputy National Party «Whip» . The honourable member for Lyne (Mr Vaile) will become the Assistant National Party «Whip» in the second chamber. The honourable member for McPherson will become the Opposition «Whip for the Main Committee. We look forward with some excitement to the way the new chamber will function.