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Monday, 23 November 2015
Page: 13404

Ms CHESTERS (Bendigo) (16:30): Many may not realise, but last Thursday, 19 November, was the first time that people around the world gathered to celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day. In Bendigo, the Bendigo Business Council and I hosted a joint event—a morning tea to recognise and support local female inventors and small start-up businesses. The event was organised to acknowledge their work; to share stories, whether they be good or bad; and, most importantly, to mentor and to encourage other women to have a go. The Bendigo Business Council said that they were delighted to jointly host the event, as it was an opportunity to showcase women entrepreneurs. Our region is known for them. We have a proud history of successful companies started and founded by women, including Fernwood Fitness and Jimmy Possum—just to name two of our many local success stories.

The day came about because a local mum, nurse and entrepreneur—Deb Herdman—heard about the day. She saw that it was advertised on the internet but wondered why there was not a Bendigo event. She is the creator of Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head, a baby sleep system that nurtures young children into a deep sleep. She contacted my office and, between Deb, myself, Jacinta and Elly, we were able to organise a great day.