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Tuesday, 10 September 1996
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(Question No. 499)

Dr Lawrence asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, upon notice, on 27 June 1996:

(1) Were funds allocated under the Environment portfolio in 1995-96 to support projects under the Eco-design and Cleaner Industries Incentive Program; if so, (a) what sum was allocated specifically to the program, (b) how many projects were funded under the program,(c) which companies and organisations have received funding under the program, (d) what sum was provided for each project, (e) what was the purpose of each project, (f) which projects have been completed, (g) which projects have not been finalised and (h) when will the uncompleted projects be finalised.

(2) Was the program designed to provide information to Australian companies and organisations on environment management capabilities in Australia.

(3) Will the Government use the results of the program to promote cleaner approaches to other Australian companies and organisations; if so, what strategies will it use.

(4) Will the Minister provide a list of the companies and organisations that have participated in the program showing the nature of their contribution.

Mr Warwick Smith —The Minister for the Environment has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)(a) $721,000 was allocated to the program for 1995/96.

(b) Ten projects were funded in 1995/96.

(c) The funds were allocated as follows:


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology—$170,000

The project involves six companies:

Southcorp Appliances; Caroma; Blackmores; Imaging Technologies; Email; Schiavello


Dames and Moore (technical consultant)—$100,000

Edelman (communications consultant)—$105,232

The project involves eleven companies:

Moore Business Systems; Nowra Chemicals; Castrol Australia; Holden's    Engine Company; Bonlac; Hotel Kurrajong; Austcast; ACI Glass Packaging;    Schweppes Cottee's; CSR Weathertex; Australian Meat Holdings


ACA Research Pty Ltd—$9,000

Amelia Tagaza (Industry pamphlets)—$9,240

ANU Local Sustainability Project—$50,000

Australian Chamber of Manufacturers—$20,500

Australian Hospitals Association—$44,000

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union—$18,000

Clean Air Society of Aust and New Zealand—$5,000

Noarlunga City Council—$33,000

(d) See (c) above.

(e) The purpose of the projects was to identify, implement and demonstrate cleaner production initiatives in Australia and to promote such initiatives more broadly across a range of industries.

(f) Projects have been completed with the exception of the Eco-redesign, Cleaner Production Demonstration, and Australian Chamber of Manufacturers projects.

(g) See (f) above.

(h) Projects will be completed during 1996/97.

(2) Yes. Substantial effort has been and is being made to promote cleaner production through seminars, conferences, printed materials distributed through peak organisations and the Environment Protection Agency, videos and an electronic database.

(3) Yes. Various measures outlined in (2) above will continue in 1996/97 and, as announced in the Budget, the Government plans to develop, in partnership with State and Territory environment protection agencies, a national strategy for cleaner production.

(4) See (1)(c) above. The companies and organisations involved in the program have provided examples of the environmental and financial benefits of cleaner production practices which have demonstrative value to other organisations. These have been disseminated, inter alia, through the database of Cleaner Production Casestudies on the Internet. Participating organisations have contributed to the projects, in some cases financially, and in others, in kind in a variety of ways.