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Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Page: 1466

Senator SMITH (Western AustraliaDeputy Government Whip in the Senate) (15:42): I, and also on behalf of Senators Rhiannon, Brown, Moore, Rice, Siewert, Paterson, Hume, Canavan, Duniam, Bushby, Birmingham, Sinodinos, Whish-Wilson and Singh, move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes:

   (i) the strong multi-party commitment in Australia to see an end to the death penalty worldwide,

   (ii) that 10 October is World Day Against the Death Penalty, an important moment to mark our resolve to end capital punishment around the world,

   (iii) that the evidence overwhelmingly shows that the death penalty is not an effective deterrent to crime,

   (iv) that the death penalty is the ultimate cruel and inhumane punishment and Australia opposes its use in all cases,

   (v) that the international trend shows the world moving away from the death penalty-in 1977, only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty, now 140 nations have abolished capital punishment in law or practice,

   (vi) that despite this overwhelming trend, 2015 saw more people executed than in any year in the past quarter century, with executions carried out by several of Australia's neighbours and allies, and

   (vii) that Australia has the opportunity to influence progress towards the worldwide abolition of the death penalty in its relationships with key regional and global partners;

(b) acknowledges the efforts of all Australian governments to:

   (i) continue to strengthen efforts to advocate for an end to the death penalty wherever it still occurs,

   (ii) support civil society efforts to advocate for an end to the death penalty, particularly in retentionist countries, and

   (iii) encourage other United Nations member states to support a global moratorium on the death penalty at upcoming United Nations General Assembly negotiations on a moratorium resolution; and

(c) welcomes the report of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade inquiry into Australia's Advocacy for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, and looks forward to the Government's response to the recommendations of the inquiry.

Question agreed to.