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Thursday, 26 June 2014
Page: 4139

Senator IAN MACDONALD (Queensland) (18:14): Mr Deputy President, under standing order 191, I would like to again be heard on the question that Senator McLucas has just spoken on—the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation. I would challenge what Senator McLucas has just said about my colleagues, but that would be debating and introducing new subject matter. I want to make it clear to Senator McLucas and to the chamber that I was not suggesting that the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation funds should be used for risk relief—

Senator McLucas: On a point of order, Mr Deputy President: I understand that, under standing order 191, the senator has to say whether he feels he has been misunderstood or misquoted.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: No, he does not have to say that. He has the right to do what he is indicating: he is correcting the record, if you like. He cannot enter into debate about this—and I am listening very carefully. He has not entered into debate yet. He is just giving an explanation of how he may have been misunderstood, which he can do—or he can correct something that he feels needs to be corrected.

Senator IAN MACDONALD: I am just suggesting that I think Senator McLucas may—quite genuinely—have thought that I was saying that we should use this corporation for northern Australia. I was not saying that. I did not say that. If you thought I said that, you have misunderstood me. What I was saying was that the scheme introduced in relation to terrorism, which is manifested in the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation, is something that might ultimately have to be looked at in relation to insurable risks in northern Australia.

Debate adjourned.