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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11281

Food Labelling

There is ongoing public discussion on the matters of confusing labelling of food and beverage products, we wish to see food labelling requirements changed, so that the origins of products are not misrepresented, nor otherwise obscured. Examples are the various milks available, we believe it should be a requirement that all milks include the animal or plant of their origin - such as "cow's milk" "goat's milk" "soy milk" etcetera - and that obscuring the origins of such products by labelling them only 'milk' should not be permitted. This will both ensure that purchasers acquire the milk they intend, and that those with allergy, religious, or other concerns may be assured of acquiring milks that meet their needs.

We therefore ask the House to review the standards for food labelling to ensure accurate representation of product origin is shown for all products, so as to remove obscure or 'blanket' naming that may cause confusion - along with potential health, religious, or other issues - to Australian consumers

from 23 citizens (Petition No. EN0750)