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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11279

Christian Festivals

We the undersigned petitioners are concerned about the systematic and deliberate removal of Christmas and Easter celebrations. Businesses and schools are removing these celebrations due to some people taking 'offense'. Australia is a multi-ethnic nation; however, our own western civilizational culture and heritage was founded on Christian-Judea principles. Migrants coming to Australia share in the benefits this culture provides. Migrant communities are assisted with government grants to help celebrate their own religious and cultural festivals as part of 'Multiculturism'. Most Australians , however, are Christians, or have a Christian background. Christmas and Easter are their significant cultural and religious events! We are concerned that the majority's cultural and religious celebrations are being removed. Politicians join in Eid celebrations, Jewish and Buddhist Rosh Hashanah and Loy Krathong festivals, but at the same time are allowing the cultural and religious heritage of the nation, to be quietly erased. It is time to save Christmas and Easter; before they become distant memories, and our own cultural heritage is lost.

We therefore ask the House to recognize the traditions of Christmas and Easter and encourage them to be openly celebrated across ALL sectors of Australian society. We also request the house include the majority 'Australian culture' in all aspects of 'Multicultural Australia' thru grants, legislation and representation.

from 405 citizens (Petition No. EN0740)