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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11277


As a returned service person I would like to Roll over my Military Superannuation. Current financial returns are based on CPI which isn't in the best interest of our ex service men and women. I propose we as volunteers to our country be given the respect and responsibility to "own" what is rightfully ours. I beleive our government has a moral obligation to authorise the Roll Over of Superannuation for those who have served. All other super funds allow for this process and appear to care for thier customers. Our financial future is in jeapordy due to the short sighted governers of MilSuper. I beleive i could have earned an average of 10% per year on my current balance since leaving the Military in 2006. In 12 year since leaving i have made $25,000.00. In comparison to my curren Super provider of $130,000.00 This is a huge difference of earnings and retirement comfort. Why are we being financialy punished ?? we deserve to be in control of our financial future as Milsuper can not match or even compete with the lowest Super earners. Give back our money.

We therefore ask the House to release our Military Super to be rolled over into another fund.

from 41 citizens (Petition No. EN0729)