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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11276

Foreign Investment

We feel that because Australia has traditionally relied on foreign investment we are not self sustainable. We are lucky we are are an Island and should not have to rely on foreign influence. We should be investing all we have in Aus. All tax payers money should go back into Australia. Policies should be changed to stop foreign plunder of our natural resources. foreign companies should be charged more to pay off our debt. citizens should have less regulation and fines and more regulation and fines should be redirected toward foreign business. Chance is we will lose some foreign investment but this then opens avenues for Australian investment in Australia. stop selling off our resources and invest in us. We request the Aus Gov to trust and have faith in the Australian people and our culture of respecting the land whilst doing business.

We therefore ask the House to consider future policies of less foreign investment in Australia and encourage more Australian investment opportunities. for all future policies to incorporate the perception of becoming self sufficient in an unstable world. To consider if all new and old policies work toward a solid and stable base support. We are a hot commodity we ask to up the price for foreigners and lower the price for Aussies. We are young and we are free don't ruin that.

from 22 citizens (Petition No. EN0728)