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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11276

Great Barrier Reef

As a group of concerned citizens the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder of the world, provides a tourist attraction and substantial economic benefits for our country. Adani's coal mine (an enterprise limited company) is conducting mining on the Carmichael Coal Mine in the North of the Galilee Basin in Queensland, Australia which is polluting the environment and destroying our reef therefore requiring immediate action. The Great Barrier Reef is already under pressure from coastal industrialisation, chemical farm runoff, and the recent massive coral bleaching crisis leading to society needing to take ownership on protecting our natural wonders to preserve the beautiful reef. With greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to more than 4.49 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide pH levels of the ocean become affected leading to animals, habitat destruction, and ecosystems all being destroyed. 69,000 reef related tourism jobs will be affected from an economic aspect, with the mega-mine leading to a climate disaster.

We therefore ask the House to implement laws restricting Adani's from undertaking coal mining across the Great Barrier Reef. This includes a potential law of not involving any economic profitable organisations to undertake an environmentally threatening assignment across a prevalent landmark. It is also requested that a form of action is carried out and awareness of this issue is widely publicised which will cause society to fight against this.

from 45 citizens (Petition No. EN0726)