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Thursday, 21 November 2013
Page: 1017

Mr PYNE (Sturt—Leader of the House, Minister for Education) (12:35): on indulgence—I understand there is no motion before the chair in respect of your ruling. Can I just say very briefly: the Senate and the House of Representatives have long had different views about these matters—and you would be familiar with both, Madam Speaker, having served in both. In the House of Representatives it is very clear that the House cannot capably consider the amendment as suggested by the member for Port Adelaide with regard to revenue or appropriation matters. Such amendments can only be moved by a minister from the executive government. We had this debate several times in the last parliament, with the Leader of the House and the Manager of Opposition Business on different sides of the argument.

Speaker Jenkins, Speaker Burke and other speakers have all ruled in exactly the same way as you have ruled today. That is the precedent. Unfortunately, the House is not capable of considering this amendment. But as you pointed out in your ruling, you said that you would not allow this amendment to go forward in its current form. If the member for Port Adelaide is capable of amending his amendment, changing his amendment, and resubmitting it, you might well make a different ruling.