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Using Basic Search

Using Advanced Search/Browse

Using Search fields and Date options

Using Basic Search

To conduct a simple search

Using Advanced Search/Browse

To conduct more complex searches

Using Search Fields and Date Options

To search by specific fields and dates

Using Subject search

Using Subject Search

To search subjects in Library, Media, Library Publications and Bills Digests

Browse a subcollection

Browse a Subcollection

To navigate through a subcollection

Search results screen

Search Results Screen

Displays results and offers options to narrow the results and other features

Alternative search pane

Alternative Search Pane

Displays alternative terms for free text searches

Browse by pane

Browse By Pane

Narrows search results by categories

Preferred Subject pane

Preferred Search Pane

Displays broader and narrower terms for subject search terms

How to view a document

How To View A Document

To open a document and view the descriptive information



To bookmark web pages and documents



To receive new information on your query via the internet

How to Print or Email

How to Print or Email

To email or bulk print/save your search results or documents

How to use My List

How to Use My List

To store 100 documents

Saved History

Saved History

To view your searches of the current session

Saved Searches

Saved Searches

To conduct a simple search

How to use Guided Search

How to Use Guided Search

Step by step instruction for a range of searches

How to use Alerts

How to Use Alerts

To set up and change your alerts

How to set My Profile

How to Set My Profile

To set up your preferred collections and search results

How to register (for a Public user)

How to Register (For a Public User)

To register so you can receive alerts and to save searches

What is a Bill Homepage?

What Is a Bill Home Page

To view the Bill and its related documents

How to find an Explanatory Memorandum for a Bill

Why is the same document showing many times?

Boolean Search Operators

How to Find an Explanatory Memorandum For a Bill

To find one or more Explanatory Memoranda

Why is The Same Document Showing Many Times?

To explain why some documents are fragmented

Boolean Search Operators

To briefly explain the Boolean Search operators

Some helpful hints

Some Helpful Hints

Some quick tips and hints