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Saved Searches

You may need to run the same search query on many occasions. The Save button on the Search Results screen lets you promote a query to a Saved Search for recall and re-use. In effect, your query is saved but not your results (which, unlike your query, will change over time). There is an upper limit (50) to the number of saved searches that you can keep. You may select the Save button on any of the three screens:

List of saved searches for further processing.

List of saved searches for further processing.

Select the main Saved Searches tab to review your saved searches. You may then:

  • run a saved search - click its hyperlink
  • remove a saved search - click the Delete button
  • promote a saved search to an Alert- click the Make Alert button. (See information on Alerts)
    • Note: the Make Alert button will not appear if you have used a date in your search as the Alert is set on prospective dates.
  • edit the query - click the Edit Query button

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More help

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