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Creating Alerts

You may wish to be notified about any new documents that relate to your area of interest. In effect, you want ParlInfo Search to run some of your saved searches for you at significant times or regular periods. The Make Alert button lets you convert a saved search or a search query into an 'Alert' which runs automatically. You will be notified by email when your Alert finds new documents. You may select the Make Alert button on either of the screens:

Save alert and confirmation screen (Side by side).

Save alert and confirmation screen (Side by side).

When you select the Make Alert button, you may:

  • create or edit the 'Alert Name' to make it more meaningful for you
  • select the 'Type/Frequency' schedule by radio button for scheduling the Alert;
  • enter the 'First Alert time' in the format DD/MM/YYYY or by means of the calendar tool.

Note: The timing of Alerts is currently Once (only); Daily (approx. 9am);Thrice daily (approx. 9am, 12 noon, 4pm); Weekly (approx. 9am, 1 week from the First Alert time); and Monthly (approx. 9am, 1 month from the First Alert time). The times may change.

Note: Alerts will remain for a period of 12 months from the first start date. At the end of the period, a renew option will be offered to you. At that point, you may choose to renew the Alert or delete the Alert.

Clicking the Save button will add your query to your user-defined Alerts list in the Alerts tab.

Editing Alerts

Select the main Alerts tab to review or edit your saved alerts and to view a list of system defined alerts which may be useful to you.

System defined alerts are those that have been pre-defined, so there is no need to construct a search query for these.

Note: The system defined Alert of Newspaper Clippings may return large numbers of records. You may wish to edit this Alert. This can be done once the Alert is saved.

All Alerts can be edited by clicking on Edit Query. This takes you to the Advanced Search/Browse page where the search query can be edited Clicking on Save takes you back to the Alerts list and note that the new query is the basis for the edited Alert.

The schedule of your Alerts may be edited by clicking on Edit Schedule which returns you to the Alert page where you may edit the schedule and click on Save.

Receiving Alerts

ParlInfo Search will start its scheduled runs from the first start date, and will notify you by email whenever new results are found that match your search query. The email will contain a link to the Search Results page containing results that match your query at the point in time when you click on the link.

If there are no records that match your query within the timeframe of the Alert schedule, an email will not be received.

Deleting Alerts

Select the main Alerts tab to view the list of user-defined Alerts.

Alerts may be deleted by clicking on delete next to the relevant Alert in the Alerts list.

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More help

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