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Search Results

The Search Results screen contains two panes:

  • The right-hand pane holds the list of search results and options for further processing of the results.
  • The left-hand pane offers alternative ways to refine your search.

Search Results - Right-hand Pane

Summary Results. Split into 2 parts; the left hand side with a vertical list box and the rest on the right.

Summary Results. Split into 2 parts; the left hand side with a vertical list box and the rest on the right.

The Search Results right-hand pane comprises:

A panel containing:

  1. a standard Search box which holds your current search query, which you may edit if you wish to refine your query;
  2. an Order by selector which, if you have browsed a subcollection, will display 'Custom Browse Order' by default. If you have searched a collection/subcollection, then the default is 'Relevance (default)'.
    1. Note: The Order by may be changed by selecting one of the other options in the drop down list and clicking on Search. If you routinely with the order of search results to be displayed in a particular way, this can be set in My Profile;
  3. The Save button turns the current query into a Saved Search;
  4. The Clear button clears your search query.

A panel containing:

  1. a tally of the number of document records retrieved from your search query, and the number of document records displayed on the current screen;
  2. a navigation bar with active links (if applicable) to consecutive
  3. numbered summary pages. to the previous and next summary pages ('<' and '>') and to the first and last summary pages ('<<' and '>>');
  4. Email, Print and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed icons which respectively, allow you to email the search results query, print the search results page or set up an RSS feed from sites for which you would like be alerted by email about updates to content on that particular site. (For RSS, an RSS reader needs to be installed on your computer).

A ribbon containing:

  1. a button to set a Permalink, which is short for "permanent link". A permalink is a URL that is a specific Web address to a web record that can be bookmarked by visitor or linked to from other websites.
    1. Note: Permalinks to specific documents are available in the Document View.
    2. Note: To bookmark the web page or record, hover over Permalink, right click and select Copy Shortcut, and then copy to your desktop or another location of your choice,
  2. three buttons - Select All, Deselect All and Add To List - to assist in promoting items on this Search Results page into the My List tab where items may be downloaded, printed and emailed.
    1. Note: Items added to My List must be added on a page-by-page basis.

A page of search results. Each document record is preceded by:

  1. its position number in the current search results;
  2. a check box for selecting the document record as an Add to List item; and
  3. an icon download link to view the document in its native (or external) format, for example, PDF or Word.

Each document record is summarised by:

  1. its title, which is a hyperlink to the full display of the document record. Clicking on the hyperlink takes you to the Document View;
  2. a snippet taken from within the document record that surrounds your highlighted search terms and provides contextual information which assists you in determining whether this record is of interest to you.
    1. Note: the number of words surrounding the search term in the snippet can be set in the My Profile tab.
  3. a metadata line for the document record that lists its
    1. Date
    2. Collection - the collection it belongs to
    3. Ident - its unique identifier, which takes the form: collection/subcollection/identifier
    4. Source Author: First author only
  • A panel displaying results from External Media Resources if your selection of Media and its subcollections included these resources. This panel may return results at a slower rate than those that appear elsewhere as the response times are governed by the external web site.
  • Finally the top panel is reproduced in reverse order at page-bottom for accessing when you've scrolled down the page.

Search Results - Left-hand Pane

The Search Results left-hand pane offers dynamically changing ways to refine your search results.

Alternative Searches

Items that may appear on the left hand side of the ParlInfo Search summary screen.

Items that may appear on the left hand side of the ParlInfo Search summary screen.

The left-hand pane of the Search Results screen may contain a list of suggested Alternative Searches search terms based on the Parliamentary Thesaurus. There are separate lists of alternative search terms for each search term in your query that has an entry in the Parliamentary Thesaurus. If your search term is a term that is not a preferred term in the Thesaurus, the preferred term will be displayed. The number of items that match each alternative search term is shown alongside it in brackets. By clicking on one of the alternative search term hyperlinks, your original text search term(s) will be automatically replaced by the alternative search term. A new text search will be performed automatically and it will generate a new list of results with their alternative search terms.


  • On the Advanced Search/Browse screen, enter
    "greenhouse effect"
    in the main search box.
  • Select Newspaper Clippings subcollection.
  • Click Search
  • On the Search Results screen, you will see an Alternative Search pane which includes 'carbon sinks'
  • Click 'carbon sinks'
  • Note that the term "greenhouse effect" has been replaced by
    'carbon sinks'
    in the search box.

Browse By

The left-hand pane of the Search Results screen also contains Browse By categories. These categories reveal how your search result document records are grouped according to different criteria.

Each Browse By link acts to narrow your search results. The number of records in each link is shown alongside it in brackets.

Clicking on a link will immediately automatically perform the search. A new set of results, narrowed by the selection you have made, will be displayed along with a new set of Browse By options.

The selections you have made are tracked in the row above the results list. You can click on an item in the row and move back to a previous search or result list.


  • On the Advanced Search/Browse screen, enter
    "immigration controls"
    in the main search box.
  • Select Hansard in the House of Representatives collection.
  • Click Search
  • On the Search Results screen, you will see an Alternative Search pane which includes 'carbon sinks'
  • Click 'carbon sinks'
  • Go to one of the Browse by options such as Decade and click on 2000s
  • The search results will reflect only those document records with a date between 2000 and 2008 and will be a smaller set of records.

Note: Brwse by categories vary according to navigated or searched collections or sub-collections.

Preferred Subject

The Preferred Subject pane will only display when document records are retrieved using one of the four subject options in the Search Fields from:

  • the Library collection and its subcollections;
  • the Press Releases, Newspaper Clippings and Radio and TV subcollections in the Media collection;
  • the Bills Digest subcollection in the Bills and Legislation collection; and
  • the Library Publications subcollection in the Publications collection.

If your search term is a term that is non-preferred term in the Thesaurus, then the preferred term will be displayed in the Preferred Subject pane.

Broader and narrower terms of the preferred subject are displayed with the number of matching document records shown alongside them in brackets.

Clicking on one of the terms will automatically generate a new set of results using only that term as a subject.

Example: Select Media collection.

  • Paste into the first Search Fields search term box.
  • Select MajorSubject_Phrase from the 'in' drop down list.
  • Use "the exact phrase".
  • Click Search.
  • On the Search Results screen, scroll down to view the Preferred Subject pane.
  • Select "immigration consultants".
  • A new Search Results page is generated containing items from the Media collection that have a subject of "immigration consultants"

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