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ParlInfo Search Tips

Document View

Clicking on a specific document record title in the Search Results screen will display the document record on the Document View screen. To move from the Document View of one record to the Document View of another record, click on the Prev and Next links on the top right. To return to the Search Results page, click on Return to results list or use the Browser 'back' button. Note the changed colour of the hyperlinked title if the document has been viewed or opened. The Document View comprises:

  • a descriptive information (metadata)panel and
  • a full-text panel

These panels are separated by a central 'expander bar' icon (triangle).

Full view example where document is a fragment and has a Table of Contents on the left hand side.

Full view example where document is a fragment and has a Table of Contents on the left hand side.

The descriptive information panel typically appears in its 'collapsed' state, which reveals only the document record's Title and Database. Clicking on the triangle will reveal all available descriptive information. Re-clicking on the triangle or pressing Enter will return the descriptive information panel to its collapsed state. Examples of descriptive information may include:

  • Date
  • Title
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Questioners
  • Source
  • Parliament Number (where available as metadata)

Note: Hyperlinks exist for specific fields if the document record is from the Library or Media collections or the Bills Digest or Library Publications subcollections. Clicking on a hyperlink will deliver a new search result based on these collections and will replace the previous search query completely.

The full-text panel provides a 'quick HTML view' of the document where you can verify if this is the document that you require.

The icon at the top of this panel allows you to view the native format of the document or fragment in, for example, PDF or Word.

To keep this document for future reference, click on Add to List and this document will be added to My List.

To save the search query that led to this record being displayed, click on Save Search. For instructions on using Permalink, refer to Search Results information.

Note: There is no full-text panel for Library Catalogue records which are only descriptive information. As a result, this panel is open by default for these records only.

Hit Highlighting

All search terms that caused the document record to be retrieved will be highlighted in the descriptive information and in the full-text panels.

However, if the document record was retrieved through search terms that were found only in the descriptive information panel, there will be no highlighted hits within the full-text panel, and vice-versa.

If the document record was retrieved by matching search terms in the full-text panel, a hyperlink 'Go To First Hit' will appear immediately below the document's title in the full-text panel. Then, by following this hyperlink, you may traverse a hyperlink trail of search hits throughout the full-text representation:

  • follow a highlighted term's >> hyperlink forward to the next highlighted hit
  • follow a highlighted term's << hyperlink backward to the previous highlighted hit.

Hit highlighting corresponds exactly to all matching terms in your query. However, the ordering algorithm Relevance (default) may highlight both the singular and plural forms of a matching term in the document title. Also, when a phrase has been used as a search term, individual words of the phrase will be highlighted separately.

Acrobat View

ParlInfo Search pastes your search terms into your Adobe Acrobat reader (you can check in the URL). However, Acrobat frequently seems to get them wrong, although it will generally highlight them correctly. Acrobat does not handle phrases correctly.

Note: Acrobat will leave its Search Panel open. You may choose to close this panel, but be aware that if this is done, hit highlighting in the document will not be available.

Note: As Adobe Acrobat is an external product, Acrobat displays are not within ParlInfo Search's control.

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More help

For more help or assistance, please phone (02) 6277 2020.