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Bills and Legislation


Basic Search and Advanced Search

Enter as many words of the bill as you wish in the main Search box.  If you require words adjacent to each other, enclose those words in double quotation marks

  • Example:
    "trade practices"

Otherwise, words may be entered normally with spaces between them.

  • Example:
    education amendment

If you are on the Advanced Search/Browse page, select the collection 'Bills and Legislation' or the subcollection(s) required.


On the Advanced Search/Browse screen, click on the magnifying glass next to subcollection that is required.

Search Results

In the Search Results screen, click on the Browse by category of Bills and Legislation in the left hand pane.
Click on Bills or if you are seeking a Bill and its related documents such as explanatory memoranda and second reading speeches, click on the Bills Homepage.
You may narrow your search at any stage by clicking on one of the options - Year, Parliament No., Chamber Source, Bill Type, Lifecycle Status or Portfolio.

You may also re-order your search results by clicking on the Order by arrow which offers the options of Alphabetically (A-Z), Alphabetically (Z-A), Date (Newest First), or Date (Oldest first)

Finding a Bill Homepage

A Bill Homepage allows you to see a Bill and all its related documents as it proceeds through Parliament.

To find this document, click on the 'Bills and Legislation' collection on the Advanced Search/Browse screen and then enter a search text

  • Example: 
    "trade practices"
    in double quotation marks in the main search box at the top of the screen to find the exact phrase. 

Ensure that the Results option of Order by displays as Relevance (default) if you are using this method to locate Bills homepages.

On the Search Results screen, click on the title of one of the result items to open a Bill homepage.

Another way to find a Bill homepage is on the Search Results screen after you have selected Bills and Legislation collection or its subcollections and your Order by is not Relevance (default).

Click on the Bill Homepage subcollection in the left pane to narrow your results to display those that are Bill homepages only.

In the Bill Homepage, you will see the details of the Bill, its current status in terms of events and dates and any supporting documents in Word, PDF & HTML.

If you click on the Word, PDF or HTML icon you can view the document. When you want to return to the homepage, click on the 'X' on the right hand corner of the screen to close the window.

Access to both Hansard for the second reading speeches and Bills Digests is provided as links.  If these documents exist, clicking on the links will open the items or take you to a new results screen.

To return to the Bill Homepage, click on the Browser Back button on top of the screen.

Finding a Bill Homepage from within a Bill related document

You can also find a Bill Homepage from within a Bill related document, such as an Explanatory Memorandum.

Enter a phrase in double quotation marks in the Search box 

  • Example:  
    "trade practices"

Click on the Search button.

On the Search Results page, click on the subcollection Explanatory Memoranda to narrow the results to Explanatory Memoranda only in the Search Results screen.

Now open one of the Explanatory Memorandum items by clicking on the title.

In the Document View, clicking on the link to the Bill homepage above the Word and PDF versions of the EM takes you to the Bill Homepage where all the information relating to the Bill may be viewed.

You can return to the Explanatory Memorandum by clicking on the Browser Back button.

Finding Explanatory Memorandum for a Bill

You can be in either the Basic Search or Advanced Search/Browse screen to find Explanatory Memoranda.

In Basic Search, enter a phrase in double quotation marks in the Search box.

  •  Example:
    "tax laws amendment"

If you are in the Advanced Search/Browse screen, enter the phrase "tax law amendment" in double quotation marks in the main Search box at the top of the page, and tick the checkbox against the blue heading 'Bills and Legislation' collection. If you also want Committee Reports, then click on the 'Committees' collection.

Click on the Search button.

In the Search Results screen, you will get a set of results using your phrase "tax laws amendment".

To narrow your results to find an Explanatory Memorandum, click on the Bills & Legislation collection in the left pane to view a list of sub collections.

Click on Explanatory Memoranda to narrow your results to display the results that are Explanatory Memoranda only

You can now narrow again by year using Date or Lifecycle stage.

Why is the same document showing many times?

Many Parliament documents, for example, Bills, Hansards and Notice Papers can be hundreds of pages long.

To enable fast processing and display of these documents, they have been fragmented by chapters or sections where possible.

  • Example: In the Advanced Search/Browse screen, enter a search text of
    "Child Care"
    and click on Senate Hansard sub-collection and click on Search button.

In the Results screen, click on the title of the second item to open the document.

In the document view you will see the Table of Contents on the left and on the right is the text with the search text highlighted.

You can now move from section to section in the document by clicking on next fragment or previous fragment of that document.

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More help

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