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Default Search Behaviour

By default, Basic Search finds every document record that contains all of your search terms. This differs from common web search engines which, by default, also find document records that contain only some of your search terms.

  • Example:
    jones smith 2007
    finds records that have all three terms within one record.

To emphasise this point:

  • In Basic Search, more search terms imply a narrower search, matching fewer document records.
  • In web search engines, more search terms imply a wider search matching more document records.

Strategies for working with Basic Search's default behaviour are:

  • Start with broadly descriptive terms.
    • Example:
    • To reduce the number of document records found, add more specific terms
    • Example:
      immigration illegal detention
    • or remove the more general ones.
    • Example:
      illegal detention
  • Start with narrowly descriptive terms.
    • Example:
      murray darling
    • To increase the number of document records found, remove the more specific terms and use more general ones.
    • Example:

Go beyond Basic Search's default behaviour by:

More help

For more help or assistance, please phone (02) 6277 2020.