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Additional Tips

Browser 'Back' button

The browser's "Back" button may be used for navigating between screens. However the following should be noted.

To return to the Advanced Search/Browse screen from the Search Results screen, use the Advanced Search/Browse tab.

The preferred way to return to the Search Results screen from the Document View screen is to use the Return to results list link at the top of the Document View screen.

Use of blank space in search and range operators

  • Blank space MUST be used:
    • An AND operator must have a blank space between the two search terms.
    • Example:
      smith jones
    • A blank space must exist between first search term and - (NOT) operator.
    • Example:
      smith -jones
  • Blank space MUST NOT be used:
    • Blank space must not exist between a search term and stemming operator ~.
    • Example:
    • Blank space must not exist between a search term and wildcard operator ?.
    • Example:
    • Blank space must not exist between a search term and single character wildcard operator #.
    • Example:
  • Blank space is optional:
    • Blank space is optional with range operators >>.
    • Example:
      Hawke (1983>>1991)
      Hawke (1983 >> 1991)
    • Example:
      Date:21/01/2001 >> 21/01/2002

Changing the size of the screen for a session

You can change the size of the screen by zooming in and out of the pages by holding down the Ctrl key and using the roll wheel on your mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox users, please note that the Shift key must be used in combination with these keyboard shortcuts in order for them to work, for example, Search button = ALT Shift F


  • Search button = ALT F
  • Clear button = ALT C
  • Save button = ALT S + Enter

Search Results Screen

  • Email icon = ALT E + Enter
  • Print icon = ALT P + Enter
  • Select All button = ALT A
  • Deselect All button = ALT Q
  • Add to List button = ALT L

Document View

  • Expand metadata button = Enter (or ALT X)
  • Collapse metadata button = Enter (or ALT Z)
  • Next (record in results list) = ALT O + Enter
  • Previous (record in results list) = ALT W + Enter
  • Return to Results List = ALT R + Enter

My List

  • Download / Print button = ALT D

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More help

For more help or assistance, please phone (02) 6277 2020.