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  • Amends the: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 to: clarify the purpose of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Account; provide for excess returns from Land Account investments to be equally shared between the Account and the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC); provide that the minister may have regard
    Date: 24/06/2014 15:53:42 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s966 - Source: Senate

  • Amends the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 to: alter the list of delegable functions and powers to include roads over Aboriginal land and access agreement matters and for other functions and powers to be delegated; enable the Executive Director of Township Leasing, on behalf of the Commonwealth, to
    Date: 24/06/2015 09:44:14 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5492 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the Adelaide Airport Curfew Act 2000 to: prevent the minister from approving international aircraft movements at Adelaide Airport during curfew shoulder periods; and make consequential
    Date: 12/02/2014 15:43:56 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s948 - Source: Senate

  • Date: 25/11/2015 09:02:19 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5560 - Source: House of Reps

  • Repeals 877 amending and repeal Acts enacted from 1990 to
    Date: 12/11/2015 09:49:16 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5565 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to: provide that poker machine payouts of more than $1000 and the cashing of transferred cheques are threshold transactions which are reportable to the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre; require gaming machine venues to issue cheques for payouts of winnings
    Date: 30/10/2012 16:08:37 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s889 - Source: Senate

  • Introduced with the Asset Recycling Fund Bill 2014, the bill makes consequential amendments to the COAG Reform Fund Act 2008, DisabilityCare Australia Fund Act 2013, Future Fund Act 2006 and Nation-building Funds Act 2008 to: enable grants to the states and territories through the COAG Reform Fund; extend the Future
    Date: 29/05/2014 09:42:02 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5256 - Source: House of Reps

  • Introduced with the Asset Recycling Fund (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2014, the bill establishes the Asset Recycling Fund to: enable grants of financial assistance to be made to the states and territories for expenditure incurred under the National Partnership Agreements on Asset Recycling and Land Transport Infrastructure Projects; make infrastructure national
    Date: 29/05/2014 09:39:52 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5255 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 to include requirements for the production and dissemination of local content in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s
    Date: 27/11/2014 12:02:14 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s984 - Source: Senate

  • The bill: establishes the Australian Centre for Social Cohesion; provides for the functions of the director to enable them to develop and implement programs to improve social cohesion and prevent violent extremism; provides for the director’s powers, appointment and terms and conditions of employment; and provides for deputy directors, staff,
    Date: 09/02/2015 16:39:47 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s993 - Source: Senate

  • The bill: repeals the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012; and provides for transitional arrangements, including the transfer of matters and the reporting obligations of the agency which succeeds the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits
    Date: 19/03/2014 10:51:39 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5202 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 to provide explicit powers for the cessation of Australian citizenship in specified circumstances where a dual citizen engages in terrorism-related
    Date: 24/06/2015 09:02:45 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5507 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the: Australian Citizenship Act 2007 to: extend good character requirements; clarify residency requirements and related matters; clarify the circumstances in which a person’s approval as an Australian citizen may or must be cancelled; clarify the circumstances in which the minister may defer a person making the pledge of commitment
    Date: 23/10/2014 09:04:39 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5181 - Source: House of Reps

  • Merges the functions of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) into the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) by: amending the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 to enable the ACC to perform the AIC’s functions, including carrying out criminology research, sharing and publishing that research and carrying out commissioned research; and repealing
    Date: 15/10/2015 09:18:37 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5555 - Source: House of Reps

  • The bill: requires Government boards to comprise of at least 40 per cent men and 40 per cent women; and provides for annual reporting requirements in relation to the gender composition of Government
    Date: 24/06/2015 16:20:15 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s1010 - Source: Senate

Summary results: 1-15 of 170 matches.
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