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  • Amends the: Fisheries Administration Act 1991 to: provide that the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) must have regard to the objective of ensuring that the interests of commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishers are taken into account in the performance of its functions; provide an additional eligibility criteria for AFMA commissioners
    Date: 08/02/2017 15:46:24 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s1053 - Source: Senate

  • Amends the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 to: implement a national interest test to be applied against proposed foreign acquisitions of agricultural land; require any interest in agricultural land greater than five hectares to be notified to the Treasurer; require online publication of information about foreign acquisitions of interest
    Date: 24/11/2010 16:10:48 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s815 - Source: Senate

  • Amends the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Fees Imposition Act 2015 to: simplify the commercial fee framework; and increase fees for residential property purchases by 10 per cent for acquisitions of $10 million or
    Date: 01/06/2017 11:04:50 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5895 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the: Marriage Act 1961 to: define marriage as a union of two people; clarify that authorised celebrants are not bound to solemnise marriage; and remove the prohibition of the recognition of same sex marriages solemnised in a foreign country; and Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to make consequential amendments. Also
    Date: 13/09/2016 15:42:12 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s1041 - Source: Senate

  • Enables the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or the Federal Court of Australia to grant an injunction or order payment of compensation in relation to a contravention of the relevant Commonwealth Procurement Rules, so far as those rules relate to a covered
    Date: 25/05/2017 09:34:13 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5871 - Source: House of Reps

  • Prohibits mining activities, including prospecting for or exploring for minerals or other geological material, in the Great Australian Bight marine
    Date: 15/09/2016 12:33:15 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s1045 - Source: Senate

  • Date: 15/06/2017 09:31:36 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5903 - Source: House of Reps

  • The bill: establishes the Office of the Guardian for Unaccompanied Non-citizen Children and provides for the appointment, functions and powers of the guardian, and for staff, consultants and reporting requirements; and amends the Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Act 1946 and Migration Act 1958 to make consequential
    Date: 16/07/2014 15:50:30 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s968 - Source: Senate

  • Amends the Health Insurance Act 1973 to: provide for the appointment and functions of a National Rural Health Commissioner to develop and advise the minister responsible for rural health on a National Rural Generalist Pathway; provide for the commissioner’s office to cease on 1 July 2020, when the commissioner’s functions
    Date: 09/02/2017 10:20:08 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5796 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the: Higher Education Support Act 2003 to: increase the maximum student contributions by 1.8 per cent for four years from 2018; adjust the Commonwealth contribution amounts from 2018 to 2021 to reflect the increased student contribution amounts; apply an efficiency dividend of 2.5 per cent per annum to grants
    Date: 11/05/2017 10:09:17 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5869 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the Imported Food Control Act 1992 to: require a food safety management certificate from importers of certain foods where at-border testing alone is insufficient to provide assurance of food safety; enable food to be held at the border where there is uncertainty about the safety of a particular food
    Date: 01/06/2017 09:48:22 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5894 - Source: House of Reps

  • Part of a package of four bills in relation to tax arrangements for working holiday makers, the bill amends the Income Tax Rates Act 1986 to apply a 19 per cent income tax rate to assessable income derived by working holiday makers on amounts up to $37 000, with ordinary
    Date: 12/10/2016 09:32:14 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5740 - Source: House of Reps

  • Amends the: Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Act 2010 to: enable the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor to review proposed counter-terrorism and national security legislation; require the monitor to consider whether counter-terrorism and national security legislation is a proportionate response to the national security threat faced; enable Legal and Constitutional
    Date: 03/12/2014 15:38:28 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/s988 - Source: Senate

  • Part of a package of six bills to establish a new national regulatory scheme for industrial chemicals, the bill: repeals the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989, Industrial Chemicals (Registration Charge—Customs) Act 1997, Industrial Chemicals (Registration Charge—Excise) Act 1997 and Industrial Chemicals (Registration Charge—General) Act 1997; makes consequential amendments
    Date: 01/06/2017 10:32:43 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5881 - Source: House of Reps

  • Part of a package of six bills to establish a new national regulatory scheme for industrial chemicals, the bill amends the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 to: amend the definition of a new synthetic polymer to align it with international approaches to regulation; amend the notification requirements for
    Date: 01/06/2017 10:37:35 - Collection: Bills and Legislation - ID: legislation/billhome/r5883 - Source: House of Reps

Summary results: 76-90 of 180 matches.
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