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  • The Hon Bob Baldwin MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment The Hon Ian Hunter MLC South Australian Minister for Water and the River Murray MEDIA RELEASE 21 April 2015 Major Riverland infrastructure projects to be officially opened South Australian Minister for Water and the River Murray Ian
    Date: 21/04/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3796933 - Source: PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY T... - Author: BALDWIN, Bob, MP - H...

  • Page 1 of 2 Valuable But Toxic: World’s E-waste Goes to Waste Posted by News Editor in Latest News, RSS, Waste on April 20, 2015 9:34 pm TOKYO, Japan, April 20, 2015 (ENS) - The United States and China produce the most e-waste overall - 32 percent of the world’s
    Date: 20/04/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3796842 - Source: ENVIRONMENT NEWS SERVICE

  • Update on situation around imported berries and Hepatitis A Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, and Assistant Minister for Health, Fiona Nash, have moved to update Australians on the situation involving imported frozen berries and Hepatitis A after the latest media statement from Patties Foods. “Patties Foods has issued a media
    Date: 16/04/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3777233 - Source: MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE - Author: JOYCE, Barnaby, MP

  • International banana disease experts called in The Australian Government will support international banana disease experts Professor Altus Viljoen and Dr Chih-Ping Chao to meet with industry and government to assist with the response to the incursion of Panama disease, Tropical Race 4. Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said the incursion
    Date: 14/04/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3771944 - Source: MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE - Author: JOYCE, Barnaby, MP

  • Increased support for Panama disease effort 11th April, 2015 Following a second detection of Panama disease, Tropical Race 4 (Fusarium wilt), on a property in Mareeba, the Australian Government is providing additional assistance to the Queensland Government’s efforts to respond to this latest detection and the recent positive cases of
    Date: 11/04/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3770231 - Source: MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE - Author: JOYCE, Barnaby, MP

  • The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment MEDIA RELEASE 30 March 2015 Funding to protect Australia’s Historic Heritage Owners and managers of places on Australia’s National Heritage List are invited to apply for funding to help protect some of Australia’s most significant historic sites. The Australian Government’s Protecting
    Date: 30/03/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3745380 - Source: MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONM... - Author: HUNT, Greg, MP

  • THE HON MARK BUTLER MP SHADOW MINISTER FOR ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE CHANGE AND WATER MEMBER FOR PORT ADELAIDE MEDIA RELEASE QUEENSLAND LABOR IMPROVES ABBOTT’S REEF PLAN The release of the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan shows the positive influence of the new Queensland Labor Government. The final report is a
    Date: 21/03/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3731565 - Source: PRIME MINISTER - Author: ABBOTT, Tony, MP

  • M e d i a R e l e a s e Targeting threats alone “won’t save our wildlife” March 17, 2015 - for immediate release The world needs to rethink its approach to conservation if it is to save nature from a looming wave of extinctions. Researchers from the
    Date: 17/03/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3719419 - Source: ARC CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE... - Author: ARC Centre of Excell...

  • 3/18/2015 Department of Agriculture Exercise sours opportunities for plant pest and disease­centre/dept­releases/2015/exercise­sours­opportunities­plant­pest­disease 1/2 Call 1800 900 090 Email Exercise sours opportunities for plant pest and disease ​ 12 March 2015 A biosecurity preparedness exercise will bring together plant health authorities from federal and state bodies and industry to respond to a hypothetical detection of threats to Australia’s citrus and horticulture industries. The preparedness activity—Exercise Yellow Dragon, named after the literal translation of plant disease Huanlongbing (HLB)—will test Australia’s preparedness against HLB and plant pest Asian Citrus psyllid (ACP).  Australia’s Chief Plant Protection Officer, Dr Kim Ritman, said ACP and HLB were serious agricultural threats. “Asian citrus psyllid is a small, sap‐sucking insect. The psyllid is a serious pest of young citrus trees and can also transmit the citrus disease Huanglongbing that makes fruit taste bitter and will eventually kill the affected tree,” Dr Ritman said. “Major pest and disease outbreaks could devastate the health of people, animals and our environment, impacting the economy and preventing domestic and international trade. “Australia is currently free of ACP and HLB and we want to keep it that way.” Dr Ritman said simulation exercises helped ensure appropriate measures were in place to manage biosecurity risks and to reduce the likelihood that they could establishment in Australia. “The exercise will test elements of Australia’s existing emergency response plans including evaluation of suitable eradication strategies for ACP and HLB,” Dr Ritman said. Exercise activities will also focus on tracing host material to and from infected premises, property quarantine arrangements, surveillance, and community engagement and the development of a public information strategy. “Biosecurity management is a big job and everyone can help safeguard Australia against pest and disease threats,” Dr Ritman said. “Some simple things you can do if you spot plant pests or signs of plant disease include not moving plants, plant material or fruit. “You can report any unusual plant pests or symptoms of citrus plants to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881.” Exercise Yellow Dragon is being hosted in Sydney March 11 and 12, 2015. Contact: 3/18/2015 Department of Agriculture Exercise sours opportunities for plant pest and disease­centre/dept­releases/2015/exercise­sours­opportunities­plant­pest­disease 2/2 About the department Media inquiries Last reviewed:
    Date: 12/03/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3721165 - Source: DEPT OF AGRICULTURE - Author: Dept of Agriculture

  • Penalty for three strikes given to commercial fisher Published: 24/02/2015 A commercial fisher has become the first person to be banned from fishing in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park under ‘three strikes’ legislation. The direction was issued by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) after the fisher
    Date: 24/02/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3681669 - Source: GREAT BARRIER REEF MARINE... - Author: Great Barrier Reef M...

  • The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment MEDIA RELEASE 22 February 2015 More Green Army projects set to roll out across the country More than 350 new Green Army projects are set to roll out in every state and territory across the country as part of Round 2
    Date: 22/02/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3677838 - Source: MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONM... - Author: HUNT, Greg, MP

  • Boat Nomination to fish in the Small Pelagic Fishery On 12 February 2015 the Australian Fisheries Management Authority received notification that Seafish Tasmania Pty Ltd has nominated the the Geelong Star to fish it’s concessions in the Small Pelagic Fishery. The nomination follows the registration by the Australian Maritime Safety
    Date: 13/02/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3656488 - Source: AUSTRALIAN FISHERIES MANA... - Author: Australian Fisheries...

  • The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for the Environment MEDIA RELEASE 12 February 2015 Additional $743,000 to boost protection of Australia’s threatened species The Federal Government is strengthening its commitment to threatened species with $743,000 funding for 11 new projects to protect plants and animals at risk of extinction. Minister
    Date: 12/02/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3656486 - Source: MINISTER FOR THE ENVIRONM... - Author: HUNT, Greg, MP

  • Prohibited fish importation stream all dried up Department of the Environment Australian Customs and Border Protection Services Department of Agriculture Media release 9 February 2015 A major South Australian exotic fish smuggling network was disrupted by a multi-agency investigation last week. The investigation began when officers from the Australian Customs
    Date: 09/02/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3650939 - Source: DEPT OF ENVIRONMENT

  • Jan 27, 2015 - 11:00am A new CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology report released today shows the massive current and future climate impacts for Australia. The report highlights the need for ambitious post 2020 pollution reduction targets, a transition plan to decarbonise our economy and far greater integration of climate
    Date: 27/01/2015 - Collection: Media - ID: media/pressrel/3626395 - Source: CLIMATE INSTITUTE - Author: Climate Institute

Summary results: 1-15 of 20 matches.
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