Title ORANGE BOUNTY BILL (No. 2) 1936
Second Reading
Database Senate Hansard
Date 08-10-1936
Parl No. 14
Electorate Victoria
Party UAP
Speaker BRENNAN, Thomas
Stage Second Reading
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1936-10-08/0086

ORANGE BOUNTY BILL (No. 2) 1936 - Second Reading

Senator BRENNAN (Victoria) (Assistant Minister) . - The exporter applies for the bounty, which constitutes a public transaction, and will be on record. Senator Badman then visualizes an exporter, who, knowing that his transactions are on record, wrongfully retains the bounty in spite of the provisions in clauses 8 and 9. The great bulk of these transactions are made by honest men and are open and above board. The majority of the exporters are willing to carry out the law, but in this as in every other commercial transaction there may be isolated persons who will take advantage of .a loop-hole. In any case, only a small quantity of oranges would be affected. The Minister has almost inquisitorial powers to ascertain whether even in the smaller transactions an exporter has acted dishonestly. These provisions are inserted only to meet exceptional cases, because generally speaking, punitive or inquisitorial provisions are unnecessary. It is unreasonable to suggest that exporters as a body are dishonest persons.

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