Database Senate Hansard
Date 23-11-1927
Parl No. 10
Electorate Victoria
Speaker FINDLEY, Edward
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1927-11-23/0056


Senator FINDLEY (Victoria) . - I am sorry the Minister charged me with deliberately setting out to deceive the committee. I had no intention of doing so. It is the last thing I should ever attempt to do in any circumcumstances. I was merely endeavouring to point out that, under the latest housing scheme in Victoria on a £1,350 proposition, which, of course, includes the land, the deposit by the intending builder is very small indeed. It does not affect my case if the land on which the house is built is not paid for. The total liability on both house and land is £1,350. My idea of the Commonwealth's proposal was that a person desirous of putting up a house costing £2,000 would require to provide £200 of his own, and would secure an advance of £1,800, and I was anxious to know whether the value of the land was in addition to the £2,000, because, if that were so, in the case of land in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, where a 50-ft. block costs at least £500, it would mean a proposition of £2,500.

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW (Queensland - Minister for Defence) [10.23]. - The conditions applying to the Victorian scheme will apply to the Commonwealth scheme. The only difference is that, whereas the Victorian advance is limited to £1,350, covering land and house, the Commonwealth advance is extended to £1,800, which represents 90 per cent, of a property - land and house - which is valued at £2,000.

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