Database Senate Hansard
Date 28-09-1910
Parl No. 4
Electorate Victoria
Interjector DE LARGIE, Hugh
Speaker MCCOLL, James
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1910-09-28/0063


Senator McCOLL (Victoria) .- I ask the Minister to seriously consider if the point is worth testing. Is it worth while to risk a rupture with the Imperial authorities, and perhaps to delay ' the giving of the Royal assent to the Bill over a matter which might never arise?

Senator de Largie - It was threshed out at the Navigation Conference.

Senator McCOLL - No doubt it was; but our representatives did not get the Imperial authorities to agree with them.

Senator de Largie - They agreed to differ.

Senator McCOLL - Probably they will continue to differ. If they thought that the matter was of sufficient importance that they could not come to an agreement then, and they still disagree, is it likely that they will come to an agreement later? I advise the Minister not to run the risk of delaying the giving of the Royal assent to the measure by adhering to a provision which does not seem to be of very great importance.

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