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(generated from captions) It will be a little warmer, expecting a top of 26 in Penrith.

It will get warmer as we head towards the weekend, with sunshine expected on Thursday and Friday. It will cloud over on Saturday but stay reasonably warm. Then a few clouds around on Sunday, which will bring a shower or two.

Amber, thank you. Before we go, we have some breaking news - aiz stereo will resume advertising from -- Austereo will resume advertising from Thursday and will donate all profits from now until the end of the year for a moorm fund to benefit the family of Jacintha Saldanha. A minimum of half a million dollars will be paid. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.com.au.

in the March eleven showcase. d
Tonight ... Mystery surrounding the A
death of a man at Lake Tuggeranong.
A national jump in eating disorders struggle
an athlete speaks about her Bimberi
struggle. And:From Raiders to kids
Bimberi - the new captain of the Pos
kids. Good evening, I' m Danielle cou
Post. A piece of missing evidence si
could solve the mystery death of a sixty-eight year old in Tuggeranong the
The man was found unconscious in E
the Lake last week. Police reporter
Ellena Midgley has more. Severa poli
witnesses have come forward but Las
police can' t rule out foul play. pu
Last Thursday, the 68 year old was just
pulled from the Lake unconscious just before one pm. He later died i to
hospital. Police have been trying to piece together his movements tha b
morning. Someone saw him get off a t
bus at the interchange at half past wa
twelve and other witnesses saw him Wha
walking down to the Lake' s edge. haven'
What concerns officers is they wall
haven' t been able to locate his remain
wallet. His bank accounts have
remained untouched but a dive searc an
by water police hasn' t uncovered h
anything. Police aren' t ruling out r
he may have been mugged. Today they Tuggera
released a description of the jo
Tuggeranong man in the hope it may wea
jog someone' s memory. He was shir
wearing a blue and white collard san
shirt, grey pants, a grey pair of di
sandals and most importantly had a wh
distinctive black sling on his arm
which had a red ball at the end. +w jo
A woman said she saw a young man t
jogging around the time the man was w
thought to be in the Lake. Officers want him to come forward, urging hi abo
and any other witnesses to think cl
about the man' s family. It' s tr
close to Christmas time, this is a b
tragic death of a mate who has left piece
behind a family we just want to w
piece together his last movement so bef
we can give them a bit of closure
before Christmas. An autopsy ha of
been conducted but with the cause tes
of death still inconclusive, more tests have been ordered.

Motorists should hold off filling dr
up - petrol prices are expected to Gabrielle
drop in time for Christmas.
Gabrielle Adams - has our story. dro
The price of fuel is expected to ta
drop by around two cents a litre - aro
taking the average in Canberra to ma
around one dollar forty nine.Which welcom
many are saying is a small yet welcome reprieve. for the publi I think we always look at petrol a bu
one of the main components of our budget and that' s why we think whe advant
petrol prices drop that' s an m
advantage It' s too expensive I
mean NSW we were just there recentl and they were paying $131 not fair attr
+w The drop in price has been attributed to a strong Aussie dolla and the Singapore export fuel pric where
+w That' s what' s led us to where are today, basically demand' stronger
a bit soft and supply a bit while.
stronger than it' s been for a se
while. This year, Canberra has seen fluctuating prices at the pump jurisdict
- often the second dearest Janua
jurisdiction in the country. In de
January, the Capital was 8 percent doll
dearer than Sydney - it cost one Augus
dollar fifty one to fill up. In country
August, while the rest of the the
country felt a little relief from
the cost of fuel, Canberra increase to triple the Australian average. This is what petrol prices looke payi
like today:In Yass, people were One
paying one forty-eight point nine coa
One fifty three in Cooma Down the
coast, Bega was a dollar fifty-thre fifty
point nine And it was a dollar Most
fifty point nine in Moruya. +w go
Most people expect prices to start althoug
going back up sooner or later although it' s a little uncertain yo
So, the message to motorists, if you can, hold off this week, and ca an
expect to see petrol prices drop, bef
and definitely fill up your tanks before the twenty-fifth.

Weeks out from Christmas, funding commun
has been cut to a longstanding community organisation. Parentline su
has been providing counselling and C
support services to families in the Today,
Capital for thirty four years. Governm
Today, it was informed by the Dire
Government' s Community Services term
Directorate its contract will be th
terminated. Fifteen people work at more
the organisation, which also had spokesp
more than sixty volunteers. A s
spokesperson for Minister Joy Burch numer
says Parentline had been warned wi
numerous times there were problems counse
with its service delivery. New hav
counselling services for families ow
have already been established. The cl
owner of the Pirate Party Boat has chart
claimed it' s unfair to ban his during
charter from the central basin org
during Centenary celebrations but
organisers have accused him of bein uncooperative. All Lake fleet boat two-thousand-dolla
have been offered i
two-thousand-dollars to participate own
in the March eleven showcase. The p
owner initially signed the deal but eight-th
pulled out. He wants to make eight-thousand on the night. It' money.
not often we get to make good to
money. When you got crew and staff lo
to run a boat like that it costs a lot of money. Another meeting wil next
be held between the two parties Aus
next week. Close to one million eat
Australians are suffering from an economy
eating disorder - costing the dollar
economy almost seventy billion r
dollars each year, according to new i
research. In Canberra a big problem elite
is ' disordered eating' amongst looks
elite athletes. Hanny Allston year
looks like any normal twenty six suff
year old. For years though - she "
suffered from an eating disorder. w
"For me, my experience was one that s
was very confronting because it was ath
so accepted." Hanny is an elite cham
athlete. She was an orienteering
champion - and without realising, o smalles
the verge of anorexia.At her eig
smallest - she weighed just forty one
eight kilograms. "Obviously was one of the elite female athletes wh the
did struggle with trying to keep di
the body weight on, have a healthy of
diet and obviously do huge volumes Del
of training." New research from th
Deloitte has revealed, nationwide, people
there are close to one million disor
people suffering from an eating or
disorder such as anorexia, bulimia i
or binge eating. The socio-economic six
impact is calculated at more than typ
sixty nine billion dollars. "We a
typically think of eating disorders o
as occurring in adolescents only or
only in females and we' re certainl seeing that men are presenting wit pri
eating disorders and children in edu
primary school." Prevention and pre
education are key to reducing the the
prevalence. The ongoing issues in als
the area of mental health funding p
also need to be sorted. "A lot of think
people suffer in silence, and I d
think a lot of the work needs to be actuall
done, even in primary schools hea
actually educating children about se
healthy mental health, and healthy put
self esteem." Hanny Allston has
put on twelve kilos in three years and she' s currently training for e
one hundred kilometre race. She' s fo
established a support organisation fin
for other athletes, struggling to tr
find the right balance. "Develop educatio
training planners, learn the happen
educational side that needs to forw
happen in order for them to move forward with their lives."

A public commemoration service wil afte
be held on January 18, 10 years will
after the Canberra bushfires. It Inspirati
will be themed: Reflection, hel
Inspiration, and Looking Forward, Uria
held at the bushfire memorial at Uriarra Road. A dedicated beats tea an
will crackdown on shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in Canberra' off
north this Christmas. Six police sho
officers will patrol Belconnen' s int
shopping areas, car parks and bus West
interchanges with a focus on the will
Westfield centre. The initiative L
will run until January twenty-five. one-
Last year the team attended over Pol
one-hundred-and-eighty incidents. ar
Police say it was a success - they c
arrested eleven people, issued nine searc
court summons and executed five
search warrants. Raiders legend Ala beco
Tongue, is devoting his time to w
becoming Captain of the Kids. He' s working with youths at Bimberi Yout dr
Justice Centre - teaching them to jus
dream, believe and achieve. The prospect
justice system is a daunting teen
prospect for anyone, let alone a mod
teenager. They need positive role
models to help them turn their live forme
around. Enter Alan Tongue. The Dream,
former Raider has set up the ' aft
Dream, Believe, Achieve' program, ca
after his experience at NRL rookie those
camps. After coming away from s
those weekends you realise there' s sport,
so many positive messages that ca
sport, in particular Rugby League, Ea
can get across to the community.
Each week Tongue starts with a shor mentoring session. How bad do yo everyb
want to implement things that hav
everybody in the staff at Bimberi have been trying to help you to do? workout
Then it' s time for a tough di
workout. If you look through all of
different people' s lives and that actua
often trials and some hardships messages
actually reinforces a lot of le
messages. Alan Tongue says the te
lessons that can be learnt through t
team sport can prove invaluable for com
these boys when they re-enter the
community. The boys, who can' t b identified say Tongue' s leadershi has demonstrated what' s expected s
of them in the outside world. It' m
s not just fitness, it' s the whole team
moral teamwork, encouraging your learned
team and teammates. I' ve and
learned that I don' t have to try
and be cool to fit in. I can just d dream
my own thing and follow my own dreams and achieve my own goals. t
We' ve notices a change in some of an
the behaviours in the young people through
and they' ve actually brought their
through some of the messages in their daily life and actually pulle behav
each other up on some of their sec
behaviours. Tongue is hoping to
secure funding so the program can b justic
expanded to schools and other justice centres.

Next on WIN News ... Gender equity service
in the workplace - the public worryi
service in front. And, ... The cr
worrying drinking trend pushing up crime rates. This program is not captioned. See you guysthis arvo. Bye.
Oh, and don't bring a thing. "Don't bring a thing." Sweet!
We have to bring something. We so do. Hi, guys! How are you?
VOICEOVER: Cadbury Favourites. Come in. What to bring when you're told
not to bring a thing.

This program is not captioned. These holidays,
I have some questions for you. Would you rather:

Would you prefer to:

Too often I see the trauma
when drivers get it wrong. Choose wisely.

crime rates. Young people who ' night
pre-load' before they go out at al
night - are adding to the cause of accord
alcohol related crime. That' s Univer
according to a study by Deakin inc
University - which has called for
increases to the price of alcohol. fi
Drinking to excess. What we' re tren
finding is the really increasing q
trend towards people drinking often before
quite large amounts of alcohol st
before they go out to a venue. A
study conducted by Deakin Universit bef
has found people who ' pre load' con
before they head out on the town, hospitalisati
contribute to violence, T
hospitalisation, assault and death. The research says those who consume between six and ten standard drink lik
before going out - were twice as cases
likely to come to harm. In some twenty
cases - people drank more than twenty-five standard drinks at home So the more alcohol people had mor
consumed before they went out the
more likely they were to be involve as
in violence either as a victim or dri
as a perpetrator. If they' re driving, I mean obviously it' s bad on
and then they get even more drunk rea
once they get there, so it' s not the
really a good idea. I can see the young people thinking of it as loa
good idea to save them money but night
loading before you go out for a night is probably a bad idea becaus
by the time you get to the pub you wh
re not going to be fully aware of what you' re doing. Everyone ha a different threshold for toleranc y
of alcohol and it just depends who with
you' re surrounded by if you' re that'
with a trusted group of friends stra
that' s fine but if you' re with th
strangers often it can lead to bad cos
things. The problem lies in the b
cost of alcohol. In clubs, pubs and bu
bar - it' s much more expensive to
buy a drink. The only thing we ca preload
effectively do to discourage w
preloading is to really look at the al
way we price alcohol, pre-packaged ch
alcohol in Australia is incredibly t
cheap. Increasing the price is up nee
to the Federal Government - which needs to be done across the country

The public service is better than women
the private sector at promoting repo
women to senior positions. A new unco
report has found many businesses fe
unconsciously discriminate against ha
females. Women make up just over populati
half of Australia' s working
population. The equality ends there ASX2
Only 3.5% of companies in the example.
ASX200 have a female CEO for twe
example. Boards of directors only t
twelve per cent are female. Being argume
the man of the house may cause
arguments at home but in this house cent
it' s official. Twenty-nine per cent of Federal parliamentarians ar le
women, at the State and Territory level it' s thirty per cent. Whil f
we have a female Prime Minister, a female Chief Minister the proportio of women still represented is stil th
quite low. Women fare better in forty-s
the public service. Making up manage
forty-seven per cent of middle o
management and thirty-nine per cent work
of the executive level. Flexible p
working hours the main reason - the Wo
private sector is uncompetitive. r
Women tend to have more of a caring Ther
responsibility at home than men.
There' s also unconscious bias wher th
some organisations don' t realise women
they' re discriminating against fro
women. The latest social trends Statist
from the Australian Bureau of In
Statistics also looked at farming. one-hundred
In the past thirty years, t
one-hundred-thousand producers left
the industry. The draughts and th up
floods may have made farmers sell has
up and to other big farmers there far
has been that general movement of operations.
farmers selling to bigger operations. The younger generatio busine
isn' t taking over the family d
business. There was a quite a big th
drop in the farmers aged less than of
thirty. 30 years ago, 38% per cent n
of farmers were at that age whereas
now it' s only thirteen per cent.

Donations to the proposed Boer War
Memorial are now tax deductible. Th s
project was granted gift recipient off
status by the Australian Taxation a
office. It comes nearly nine months co
after the design was unveiled. The million
committee needs to raise four c
million dollars before it can start befor
construction. It wants it built South
before the ANZAC centenary. The twenty-six-
South African war claimed twenty-six-thousand Australian live awarde
and six Victoria Crosses were dif
awarded. Students from eighty six fr
different countries have graduated Techno
from the Canberra Institute of CIT
Technology. Nearly six percent of
CIT' s students come from overseas that number is decreasing, but at a
much slower rate than the national average. They' ve crossed the globe sma
Today these students made a much To
smaller trip - across the stage. countrie
To these graduates from many friend
countries, and your family and two
friends, this is your day. Over ha
two hundred international students studies
have recently completed their
studies. More than half have alread tod
returned home - seventy attended s
today' s graduation ceremony. 220 it'
students, 86 different countries, it' s not many parts of the world w don' t touch, one way or another. cultu
I meet people from different sharing
cultural backgrounds and just w
sharing our ideas in class, because teamw
we usually do our assessment in
teamwork, and it' s quite wonderful Indones
Reinaldy Abilegawa is from Ca
Indonesia. His father travelled to y
Canberra to see him graduate. Two s
years been here and I' m graduating ach
successfully, it' s kind of a big busine
achievement for me. Tourism, business and health courses were th students.
most popular among foreign ahe
students. All with bright futures t
ahead. Many students come and get Som
their qualifications and go home. Some will stay and go onto pathways and
to university or other providers, wo
and some will stay and go into the G
workforce. Ashley Leal, WIN News. Cap
Greg with sport is next - And the
Capitals remain upbeat despite thei two
massive loss. Yes Danielle - And two of their key players are back t T
full fitness- that' s next. Plus - leag
The Brumbies finally get a rugby league man. This program is not captioned. co
league man. New Brumbies assistant giv
coach Brian Smith says he hasn' t league
given up on returning to rugby m
league. The free agent has signed a specialising
month-by-month contract, Jake
specialising in tackling. A move squa
Jake White says will benefit the
squad. A rugby league man in Supe mon
15 colours. The second time in a blocke
month, after Danny Buderus was Br
blocked by the rugby league board. Brian Smith now has the job as the h
Brumbies collision coach. Didn' t the
have to worry about going through great
the NRL, so he' s available and m
great to have him on board. White an
met with Smith earlier this year - be
and offer to good to refuse, after ve
being let go by the Roosters. I' commi
ve always felt that I was fully s
committed to my rugby league clubs, but
so I never really chased that up,
but I' m a free agent at the moment despit
+w Now on the Brumbies books, o
despite revealing he' s only played univers
one game of rugby, during his what
university days. I had no idea wha
what was going on around me, none point
what so ever. That' s not the it
point according to White. I made w
it quite clear when I got here that collis
we want to try and improve our de
collisions and try and improve our le
defence and I always thought rugby Th
league had something to offer. on
This is where I' m best not there, th
on the field on the other side, of ana
the line, and trying to learn and place
analyse and put some stuff into job.
place to help the guys do a good wit
job. The 58 year old will train Thur
with the squad every Tuesday and
Thursday. Breaking down the barrier gen
between the two codes. I think r
genuine sporting people, ah, love a anybod
range of sports, I don' t know I
anybody their sport is the only one t
I like. Smith' s association with the
the club will be looked at before dec
the start of the season, before a hi
decision is made, if they' ll keep him

The GWS Giants have thrown former lifeli
Carlton player Dean Thornton a A
lifeline, selecting him in today' s She
AFL pre-season draft. Coach Kevin Dea
Sheedy re-drafted veteran ruckman cl
Dean Brogan, who was let go by the S
club at the end of this season. New an
South Wales players Joseph Redfern recru
and Zachary Williams, were also tenni
recruited to the club. Canberra
tennis player Nick Kyrigos is edgin closer, to making his debut at the
Australian Open, as a wild card. Th stag
teenager is through to the next His
stage of the play-off tournament. Mat
His next game is tomorrow against finals
Matthew Burton, in the quarter s
finals. The Capitals have put their in
second biggest defeat behind them, header
in the lead up to their double header. Coach Carrie Graf says they start
re focusing on improving their shying
starts. The Capitals aren' t hamme
shying away from their 46 point games
hammering against Sydney. Two s
games now that we' ve had atrocious Fri
starts. We can' t worry about embarras
Friday Night' s game, it was embarrassing. +w Coach Carrie Graf' remarkable
s biggest ever loss in her
remarkable coaching career. In ou ba
current place it' s tough to come fi
back um so you know, we' ve got to tha
find ways to have a better start, fe
that' s been the theme of the last up
few weeks. Positive news for the Adelaide.
upcoming trips to Perth and reco
Adelaide. Rookie Alex Bunton has fee
recovered from a virus. Finally week
feeling better, after a terrible the
week, I just made the decision by
the end of the week because, wasn' g
feeling well that it wasn' t worth going on court. Michelle Cosier i out of the sick bed too - lining u L
last week in Sydney was big ask. off
Last week was pretty much a write virus
off, you know, had the flu, two ov
viruses, and you know, finally got Frid
over it, I was very very flat on week
Friday Night. Preparation this
week is a whole lot better. We ha an
a really good practice last night pa
and looked at some of the unpretty point,
parts of our start, I mean, no t
point, watching anything other than th
the first quarter, against Sydney, the game was done then. Graf says
the key ingredients of looking afte de
the ball and greater intensity in the
defence are crucial to bring home the double.

ACT Comets bowler Nick Winter has
torn through the South Australian' total
today. Chasing down the Comets vist
total of two hundred and 67, the S
vistors struggled at Freebody Oval. figur
Six batsman didn' t make double Opene
figures - including four ducks. the
Opener Alex Carey was the pick of Aust
the bunch, making 62 runs. South fr
Australia falling sixty runs short W
from the Comets first innings total fo
Winter' s figures finished at four
for thirty seven, from twenty overs The Comets 2 83 at stumps. Canberr So
riders have cleaned up at the New series
South Wales grand prix cycling series at Wollongong. Tom Palmer wa thirty-
first across the line in the w
thirty-six kilometre sprint, at the t
weekend. Strong winds signalled a Grand
tough day at the office, as the Wollongon
Grand Prix Series headed to Wollongong. Moss Vale' s rising sta b
Caleb Ewan got himself in an early a
breakaway. But by the midway point, up
a small group of riders had opened 16
up a handy gap. The bunch included "
16 year-old prodigy Jack Edwards. out
"Now to do his lifting, Jack goes on
out in front." When the race was r
on the line, it was the experienced To
riders who stepped up. Canberra' s
Tom Palmer and Orica GreenEdge ride Mitch Docker fought out the finish "Tommy Palmer has done it in her everyo
in Wollongong." "You know li
everyone knew that the wind it was so
likely to split into a small group f
so everyone was trying to be in the w
front from the get go." Round one t
winner Michael Matthews held on for
third - enough to clinch the overal T
series crown. In the womens race - Ankudino
Team Jayco AIS riders Ashlee the
Ankudinoff went head to head over e
the final laps. Ankudinoff won out, disqualified
easing the pain of being th
disqualified at the Cronulla round ac
the previous day after being first across the line. "You know these g
things happen. And i just wanted to strong
go out there and have a really I
strong race today and do as well as Rob
I did yesterday and it worked." Rob Beaumont WIN News

Warmer today - but still not summe d
conditions. I' ll have the weather details in just a moment. This program is not captioned. See you guysthis arvo. Bye.
Oh, and don't bring a thing. "Don't bring a thing." Sweet!
We have to bring something. We so do. Hi, guys! How are you?
VOICEOVER: Cadbury Favourites. Come in. What to bring when you're told
not to bring a thing.

This program is not captioned. mi
details in just a moment. It was a a
mild and sunny day, The Capital hit ele
a top of twenty two degrees after mos
eleven overnight, Right now it' s On
mostly clear and nineteen outside. t
On the Tablelands, Goulburn reached
twenty degrees, Twenty five in Yass Queanbeyan twenty two , Eighteen i Braidwood. To the Coast, Nowra hit Ul
twenty two degrees, Twenty one for Ulladulla, The Bay and Moruya Heads eig
Bega, twenty four , Lows between F
eight and sixteen . On the Snowies, A
Four to seventeen degrees in Cooma, Perisher
A chilly low of minus one in
Perisher, before a high of fifteen sixtee
Eighteen in Thredbo, Bombala, sixteen . On the satellite, Cloud o win
the coast in fresh southeasterly winds is causing some showers. Whil inl
on the chart, It is mostly clear i
inland, besides a few thunderstorms tomor
in northern New South Wales. To clearin
tomorrow' s forecast, Showers de
clearing on the Coast, Twenty four two
degrees in Bega and Nowra, Twenty betwe
two for all other centres, Lows the
between thirteen and sixteen . On tw
the Tablelands, Showers and twenty clo
two degrees for Braidwood, Partly Gou
cloudy and twenty seven for Yass, Pos
Goulburn should top twenty four . tomorrow
Possible showers for Bombala top
tomorrow, Twenty four degrees the Sno
top, Mostly fine elsewhere on the
Snowies, Sixteen for Thredbo, Twent five in Cooma. Partly cloudy in th high
Capital, Twenty six degrees the i
high after a low of eleven , The UV l
index will be extreme and the winds Fine
light. To the five day forecast, s
Fine on Thursday and Friday, Though weekend
showers will roll in over the weekend, Tops between twenty six an thirty one degrees. And that' s th Night
WIN News hour for this Tuesday ev
Night. I' m Danielle Post.....from everyone here. Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. First - the card skimming racket tarnishing the taxi industry. Unwitting passengers' cards are skimmed, their details stolen, and their bank accounts emptied by unscrupulous drivers. And tonight we catch

unscrupulous drivers. And tonight
we catch them doing it. Why are you running away?I am not running away.Yeah, you are. You're running away from your cab.Yes. But...So, give my (BLEEP) card back. Honestly, I was just in shock. Give my (BLEEP) card back. Certainly suspicious, a taxidriver running away from his own cab. Running away from your cab. You're stealing my card. Yeah, you are.