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ABC News 24: 12 Noon News wkend -

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(generated from captions) under pressure as thousands of Live. Egypt's military rule

protestors fill Cairo's Tahrir Square.

The east coast mops up after

flash flooding while in the

west residents wait to see what's left after devastating bushfires. New Zealand Prime

Minister John Key tipped to be returned in today's election.

And a call to arms for a generation of young And a call to arms for a new

cricketers after the team is

vave age - ravaged by injury.

vave age - ravaged by injury. This is ABC News 24, I'm Erin Bell. Taking a look

now at the weather:

Well, Egypt's military rulers have picked a

former prime minister to lead

the government until the

elections take place. The appointment of Kamal al-Ganzuri

comes after a week of protests. The appointment of Mr comes after a week of deadly

Ganzry has done little to Ganzry has done little to calm the protestors who are calling

for the military to step aside immediately. The immediately. The wire is to

help the truce to hold. The

fort has been sealed off by the

army and outside the soldiers kept their distance.

for candy floss, not Inside the cordon it was a day

for candy floss, not clashes. Tahrir Square was much more

relaxed. But this is not a

place for every Egyptian. Leader sas they support Leader sas they support the

Tahrir people but they're

staying away. Many

Brotherhood and the Generals demonstrators here believe the

are conspireing over a flawed

election, the Square wants

postponed. The leaders are not

here. The leaders really are with the army. Even if they say

they're not but the truth is

they are with them. It was the

biggest turn out in Tahrir Square this Square this week. The message that the army should give up

politics is a powerful one. But

it wasn't among the chants

across Ky - Cairo at the

mosque. This was the alternative protest supported

by the Muslim Brotherhood,

Egypt's biggest political movement. Here the chants were all all about Palestine, Israel and

Jerusalem. The Muslim Brotherhood's speaker nothing to say about Brotherhood's speaker had

Square, didn't even mention Square, didn't even mention the

name. That's because the Brotherhood would prefer the protestors in Tahrir to go

home. They don't want anything

to disrupt the progress towards

elections on Monday on what expected to be their victory. elections on Monday on what is

Some Some Brotherhood supporters

went on from the mosque to went on from the mosque

calculate they're far enough Tahrir Square but the leaders Tahrir Square


ahead to play it safe cooperating with the

Generals. If we had the

we probably would have taken elections results in our

the decision to go to Tahrir Square because this is the

popular thing to happen now but

we obviously we are willing sacrifice some of our support we obviously we are willing to

in order to make sure that the

is the most process all together is - this

is the most important thing is the most important thing

that we are having in that we are having in mind right now. A third going on in Cairo in support of

the armed forces and against

the Tahrir Square protest. "Elections, not ta

Tahrir" he says. We support Tahrir" he says. We support the army and police, we don't

army and police, we don't want Tahrir. If an Egyptian

democracy emerges it would be tests by the dictatorship's legacy.

legacy. Over mighty generals, division. The Arab League will

meet today to discuss economic

sanctions against group's latest ultimatum to allow observers dismissed by President dismissed by President Bashar

al Assad. Meanwhile more were

killed in protes across the

country on Friday. This report

from within, pressure from from Al-Jazeera. A rebellion

outside. The Syrian Government is growing increasingly isolated. Its opponents yet again taking to the streets. Friday's protests were

have been involved in attacks

against regular troops recent Weeks. Demonstrator s against regular troops over


want the want the Pre-Syrian Army to

protect them but activists are

reporting more deaths. Some

areas in Syria remain conflict

zones despite international

efforts to end the violence.

This amateur video which we

cannot independently confirm shows the Government's ongoing

crackdown in the city of Homs which has been at the which has been at the heart of international condemnation for

the measures used by this State

but what protestors want is

international action. Calls for

a no-fly zone and a buffer zone

are growing louder. Syria still

has powerful friends, Russia

and China have warned against

foreign military intervention

without UN backing while

Western countries have shown

little enthusiasm for little enthusiasm for military action. There France

protect civilians along Syria's

borders, a zone that could be secured by international armed observers if Damascus opposes secured by international armed

the move. Some believe could mean a military intervention. Led by Syria's

neighbour Turkey, a that has made neighbour Turkey, a country

that has made clear that it has

lost patience with Syrian President Bashar Assad. In my opinion it's very underestimated just like opinion it's very much

happened in Libya. underestimated just like what

to NATO forces which wrings

Turkey as a key actor

potentially to engage

Syria, at least militarily, if not throughout

Syria, at least on the border between Turkey and Syria. And

with more defections from

Syria's army and clear support

from the protestors, any kind

of buffer zone would give the

country's armed opposition room to organise. The Australian

Nursing Federation says it will comply

comply with the latest order from the industrial umpire and

reopen all Victorian hospital Australia issued an order to

the nursing union the nursing union directing them to cease their work bands

and bring an end to yurs. The Government is

investigating whether it is to

dock nurses' pay for taking unprotected unprotected action. The death

toll from last week's fire at western Sydney nursing home has

risen to 10. The latest victim is anle

is anle 87-year-old man who died in Westmead Hospital late

last night. Roger Dean

murder over the fire which ripped through the Quakers Hill

nursing home 8 days ago. The

bodies of 3 residents bodies of 3 residents were

found in the building and another 7 have

since died in hospital. New

Zealand voters go to the Zealand voters go to the polls

today, Prime Minister John Key

appears to be on track for

victory with polls victory with polls indicating

his National Party is set to

increase its vote. And if the

turn out is good in a country

where voting is not compulsory,

where voting is not compulsory, the National Party may enough seats to govern in its

own right. News 24's Andrew Geoghegan spoke earlier to

Antony Green and asked him what

the key issues have been during

the campaign. To some extent

it's all been about John Key. He seems to have govern well

for 3 years, he's done well

with a number of crisis the

Government has had to deal with

such as the aerk, the Pike

River mine disaster. He seems

to be extremely popular as prime minister. The issues that came up, asset sales, the Government's proposing to sell

off a number of State-owned assets. The Labor Party is flatly opposed flatly opposed to that. That's

been the big issue Labor

been hammering. There's issues

to do with the brain drain to

Australia. The fact a there's a huge difference in income

levels between Australia and New Zealand and New Zealand

tends to suffer from the people

who have a good occupation, who have a good occupation, are

well trained, can go to

Australia and get a higher

salary and this causes salary and this causes a constant problem and is one of always worries about its top

level of tax. They want to keep

it as low as possible. At the other end of the income scale

there are ongoing problems with poverty particularly in the

Maori communities and sort of

the conflict of trying to deal

with the two ends of the income

scale is a constant battle for New Zealand economy. But they would be the two issues which have dominated the campaign plus the overall popularity of the government. And Antony,

lurking in the background is the controversial figure Winston Peters of the New Winston Peters of the New

Zealand First party. Is he likely to feature all as far as a potential

player? Well, at the last

election his party New Zealand First fell short of the 5%

threshold you need to get into

parliament and for the first time since the 1970s time since the 1970s Winston Petr - Peters wasn't in

politics. He's a highly controversial controversial figure. He's

served in governments of both

Labor and National governments and been

and been sacked by Labor and

National prime ministers. He's

the constant source of political stories, he's political stories, he's a rabble appeal to older New Zealanders

who like the old who like the old certainties of

the Muldoon era. I think there

is a strong chance he will get

in and if he gets in

rb problems for John Key, rb problems for John Key, he has vowed he will not deal with

Winston Peters so. If Winston Winston Peters so. If Winston Peters is in the parliament

Nationals will have a fall

short - a problem if they fall short of Maity. Ergecy workers have rescued 4 people from cars stuck in flooded cause wayways and hell comers were knrugt and hell comers were knrugt in to help two people stuck in a bogged tractor near Moree. weather affected Sydney overnight.

overnight. Two vehicles had a

lucky is keap after a tree fell

between them. Flood waut verse closed the Newell Highway

between Moree and the Queensland border and the Gwydir Highway. Authorities

have taken advantage of

favourable weather overnight

and all but contained a burning in the Margaret River

area. It's destroyed almost 40 area. It's destroyed almost 40

properties and damaged at least

15 others. ABC reporter Jane

Norman joins us now on the

phone and what is the latest

update from authorities

there? We just had a briefing

from the Department of

Environment which is Environment which is actually in charge of this bushfire

emergency and we've been told

that the fire has now been

fully contained but it's not quite under

quite under control. The

incident controller toll told us that with favourable condition, it's very cool here

at the moment, the wind has eased considerably over the

past few days. If the conditions continue over the

next couple of days they do

foresee they will have this

bushfire under control. It's

good news for residents today.

It looks like a lod lot of the

road closures in some of the

hardest hit areas, a lot of road closures will

road closures will be lift and

evacuation notices will be

lifted which means many

residents will be able to

return to their properties

time tomorrow. But, you know,

those who are still in the line

of fire will have to wait a bit longer. I understand there's

been some focus on the officer who who was supposed to who was supposed to be managing the controlled burn which has claimed these properties? There

are reports merging that one of are reports merging that one of the officers involved in this controlled burn who worked for the Department of Environment,

this officer Hadziyianis some

say in the timing of this

controlled burn which has drawn a lot of criticism. a lot of criticism. It's understood he was highly criticised for his role in the

bushfire in WA in 2007, that

was a complete disaster, 3

truck drivers died and there

was a coronial inquest and during

during that inquest the coroner

Alistair Hope said this officer

was highly incompetent. So we're still waiting for the

Environment Minister who's in charge of the Department of Environment to come Environment to come out, there certainly are a lot of questions that the Minister will need to answer to this fire and the management

of it. Jane Norman in the Margaret River there, for bringing us up to speed. Thanks. An speed. Thanks. An Australian teenager teenager convicted of drugs charges in Bali is likely to charges in Bali is likely to be on a plane back home in just

over a week. The over a week. The 14-year-old from NSW has been sentenced to

2 months in jail and fined an amount equivalent to 22 cents.

With time already spent in custody taken into account he's

expected to be released early

and deported. The ABC's George Roberts reports from Roberts reports from Denpasar. Weeks of frantically trying

ended when the court Raz - was

thrown open and the media was

crammed in. Still trying to

shield his face from view the boy boy lent in to hear a

translation of the verdict. The

judge said he's given Bali judge said he's given Bali a

bad name but noted his good behaviour in court.

TRANSLATION: He's promised he

won't do it again and he also

has his parents who has his parents who are capable

and responsible to educate him and put him into rehab. Rather

than a possible it's only 2 months in total.

His father gave words of

reassurance and a hand of strength as the decision was

delivered and hopes of immediate release were dashed. Defending his decision the

judge said jail time is

necessary to justify his detention so far.

TRANSLATION: If he was returned

to his parents then what about the detention time he's been serving? Should that be taken

into account or not? Or could

it be later used it be later used to claim compensation Indonesian Government? The

boy's lawyers are reluctantly

accepting . Maybe we suggest to

the parents to accept it for this decision, even disappointed with the decision disappointed with the decision

because if we appeal so we will take more longer. Prosecutors

wanted 3 months but wanted 3 months but they're unlikely to appeal

either. Yeah, it's OK, it's OK.

It's fine for the boy too so the boy can go back to

Australia very soon. For now

it's back to detention time already spent behind bars

the boy's due to be released

early next month. The prosecutors say prosecutors say he will be

deported on 4 December so he

will be home will be home in time for

Christmas but it hasn't been

the Bali holiday his family intended. This has been

obviously a traumatic time obviously a traumatic time for

he and his family. I'm sure

there are lessons to be there are lessons to be learned

by this young man as well. by this young man as well. We'd

like very much to like very much to thank the Indonesian authorities their assistance in the conduct

of this case, for the speedy

way in which it's been against all Indonesian norms. Now the boy's norms. Now the boy's court

ordeal is over all ordeal is over all that remains is to serve out his sentence. The controversy over the draft Murray-Darling Basin plan is

unlikely to be resolved soon unlikely to be resolved soon as farming communities grapple

with the proposed cuts to their

water entitlements. To find out

more about the impact of the changes environment reporter

Connor Duffy travelled to Bourke. I'm here in the the lead up to the release of the Murray-Darling Basin plan

it's an interesting town to

look at because perhaps more than anywhere in Australia it knows the pain of deep cuts to water entitlements. It was just

a few years ago that the Federal Government bought back

Torally Station. Locals

estimate that cost their

economy as much as 10% and

that's businesses across the town from supermarkets to

mechanics to others and they're

worried that they might be hit again

again when the plan's again when the plan's released.

It's a fear that's shared in

the country and locals out here

in the bush say that if water

entitlements are taken away

they want to see other programs

put in place and money spent to

stimulate their Retailers in the US have

welcomed an enthusiastic start

to the holiday shopping season.

Thousands of shoppers queued in the cold for hours to be first

through the doors for the

annual Black Friday sales. At midnight frantic shoppers crushed into stores hoping to

take advantage of discounts of

up to 70%. A record number of people

malls this weekend which is good good news for struggling retailers. But not everyone retailers. But not everyone was

in the holiday spirit. Fights and gunfire broke out at several stores and several stores and 20 people were injured at Los Angeles when a customer sprayed when a customer sprayed pepper sphrai on sphrai on fellow shoppers. Everyone rushed and

the fellow was spraying people left left and right. London's metropolitan police

metropolitan police have released dramatic CCTV footage

of a shop owner fighting off a broom. It shows a man broom. It shows a man entering a jewellery store, grabbing a

female employee and placing a

knife to her throat. The shop

owner then confronts the thief with his bare hands and then

when a broom, police have

commended the shop owner.

They're yet to catch the thief.

Today's the sixth and final

day of the Danish royals'

official trip down under.

Princess Mary and Prince Melbourne after yesterday's flying visit to the outback. A

flying royal visit to the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Princess Mary spent just 2

hours at the remote mining town of Broken Hill of Broken Hill in far west

NSW. But the local children still found time to perform

their version of an Aussie

favourite. The Crown Princess

sat down to lunch prepared by TAFE

kangaroo. It was a whistle stop

visit while the Prince spent time in Victoria time in Victoria checking out

the local wind farms. After yesterday's flying visit to Broken Hill today's schedule

includes several charity events

- a lunch to promote cyber

bullying awareness and a gala

dinner. Tomorrow the royals will begin their private holiday with family in Hobart. Now to sport Now to sport with Tulsen

Tollett and the golf is under way? It is. The opening groups

are on course for the opening round of the Australian PGA championship in Coolum. Fraser underwent neck surgery earlier this year and was

explaining what happened. I had

a disk prolapse in my neck so it

it got pretty painful at the end of last year at the

Australian Open I picked up my

son over my head and felt something go in got worse. They worked out I

had a prolapsed disk and they

replaced the disk in a carbon

fibre cage and fibre cage and metal plate. It all feels pretty good

now. World number one Novak Djokovic has been Djokovic has been knocked out of the ATP of the ATP world tour finals in

London prior to the semifinal

stage. The Serbian was beaten

by compatate Janko Tipsarevic

but still could have gone

through if Ferrer beat Czech

Berdych but that failed to

materialise. Djokovic has majors and 5 masters titles

this year this year as well as claiming

the number one ranking. Djokovic lost his last tie to

Ferrer and won the first set

back to take the second set

before winning the third and

deciding set to secure a first

win over his compatriot in 4 attempts. While attempts. While Berdych came

back from 2 sets down to win against Ferrer and send himself

through to the last four. through to the last four. While

Ferrer, the Spaniard had already qualified. The been decimated ahead of the been decimated ahead of the

2-Test series against New Zealand next week. Fa players

have been ruled out. Shane Watson, Patrick Cummins, Ryan Harris, Mitchell Johnson and Shaun Marsh are all

unavailable. Australia A has moved swiftly to 2/266 prior to

lunch on day 3 of the tour match with New Zealand in Brisbane. The home side now trails

trails by 157 runs with opener

Ed Cowan unbeaten on 110 and wicket-keeper Matthew Wade not

out 34. David Warner made 65 yesterday ahead of a possible

Test call up. The West Indies

lead India by 189 runs heading into the final day of the third

test in Mumbai. The visitors

will resume their second

innings at 2/81 later today.

India was dismissed for 482 in India was dismissed for 482 in

its first innings yesterday with Sachin Tendulkar just

missing out on his 100th

international century. He was

caught in the slips

Much to their dismay. It ended

in stalemate at Hindmarsh

Stadium in the only A-League

football match last night.

Adelaide United drew 0-0 with

the Jets while emotion erupted at the Roar training at the Roar training yesterday

morning ahead of a morning ahead of a report-breaking clash against

Perth tonight. Goalkeeper

Michael Theoklitos and defender

Ivan Franij had to be separated

by team-mates after a by team-mates after a fight

broke out towards the end of training. That's probably the first

first time I've seen something like like that but again it's a competitive edge that probably

just boiled out a just boiled out a little bit. Coach Ange Postecoglou wants the Australian football code record of 36 games undefeated but he's not

undefeated but he's not overly

concerned about the world

record of 108 games which is

reportedly held by a club by the Ivory Coast. I've heard

119. Somebody said the Harlem Globetrotters are in the thousands so we'll go 36 and then one at a time. Roar skipper Matt Smith says he's

overcome a back injury that troubled troubled him last week. Overseas goal line technology could be used technology could be used as early

early as next season in the English Premier League according to the English FA. 9 systems are currentlike systems are currentlike being tested by FIFA with a final

decision expected in July next year. But Chelsea manager Andre

valleys - val valleys - val yas Villas-Boas

in is in favour of choice. It games but it's something I support. Ar-Sven - Arsene

Wenger is also in favour of the

technology be used. You just want

want to reduce the level of

insus jis. It's nothing to do

with the level of money

involved, just want the right

getion - decisions to be made getion - decisions to be made and technology can be helped. The Wallabies will take on the

is Barbarians tomorrow morning.

David Pocock will captain the side against side against the Barbarians who have knocked

have knocked off two of the

best in the world. We've got a

good record against them and

I'm sure they will be wanting

to continue to continue their record against us and it will be an exciting game. Australia have

been forced into a late change

in their starting line up with the Western Force's number the Western Force's number 8 Dave Denis replacing Ben

McCalman who has been ruled with an eye injury. The Australians

Australians will then move to Cardiff to face Wales

Cardiff to face Wales next

weekend. Now McClaren's Lewis Hamilton has set time in second practice ahead of the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix. He came hope home

ahead of Se bestian Vettel and

Mark Webber who was the Mark Webber who was the fastest

in the opening session. The

Melbourne Tigers have suffered

defeat in their first defeat in their first match

Mills left to play in Mills left to play in China earlier this week and the Sydney Kings took advantage to post a 9-point win in

Melbourne. A certain Melbourne. A certain former Kings player now turned broad Kings player now turned broad

caster thought it would be a

good decision to bust a few

moves before the game but the

game came alive on the court. F Ben

F Ben Madgen led the way with

26 points, assisted by Julian Kazzouh. Kazzouh. That overturned a

deficit to claim the win.

Taking a look at the weather

satellite. And extensive cloud over Queensland and NSW is forming along a forming along a trough. Cloud

from a low pressure system covers Victoria and Tasmania.

There's also thick cloud over the Top end. Around the States

now and in Queensland light

rain and isolated thunderstorms will weaken interior today. There will be

showers and storms over the

tropics and the east

tropics and the east coast. NSW will see rain and possible

thunder over - over the east contracting over the east contracting to the far the far north-east and the

southern inland will also see

isolated showers and

storms. For Victoria rain areas

over eastern and central

districts with locally heavy

falls in the east. Scattered

showers and isolated storms

elsewhere. T Rain and elsewhere. T Rain and forms will extend during the day with the chance

of local heavy falls and

possible flash flooding in the north-east. Scattered showers

over central and eastern districts of South Australia,

there will be over the south-east districts

and isolated showers about the

Eyre Peninsula. In the west

isolated showers and storms

covering much of the State with

the exception of the Pilbara

region which will be mostly

fine. And for the Top End

isolated afternoon showers and

storms in the north, sunny in the south.

Before we go the official

Christmas tree Christmas tree for America's

first family has been delivered

to the White House. The 5.8

metre tree arrived on a

horse-drawn carriage. First lady

lady Michelle Obama along with

their daughters were on hand to receive the special delivery.

The tree will be displayed in the blue room of the White House continuing a tradition

which dates back to

have the update on the top

stories in a moment. So standby

now for 7:30 Select. I'm Eren

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories from ABC News. 100,000 protestors have

filled Egypt's Tahrir Square to

demand an end to the country's military rule. The military rule. The military council announced the

appointment of Kamal al-Ganzuri

as the Prime Minister but the 78-year-old has been

by the protestors who say it's a continuation a continuation of the old guard

under former leader Hosni under former leader Hosni Mubarak. WA authorities have taken advantage of favourable weather conditions overnight

and have all and have all but contained a fire burning at the Margaret

River area. The fire has now burnt burnt nearly 3,500 hectares

destroying almost 40 properties

and damaging at least and damaging at least 15 others. The death toll from

last week's fatal fire at a

western Sydney nursing home has

risen to 10. The latest victim

is an 87-year-old man who died