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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. ANDREW O'KEEFE: Good morning. Final destination. have one heck of a story Qantas passengers this Sunday. and they'll tell it live As they count their blessings, of a gaping hole Qantas counts the cost the world's jumbo fleet. that threatens to ground and the recriminations. This morning, the investigations Plus, diner drive-through. Our exclusive with a side order of minivan. with the man who got breakfast And then - # You want a piece of me # You want a piece, piece of me. # is finally over. Britney's custody battle this Sunday, 27 July, 2008. The confidential settlement, # Reach up for the sunrise # Put your hands in

VOICEOVER: It's Weekend Sunrise and Samantha Armytage. with Andrew O'Keefe # You can touch the sunrise. # Thanks for joining us. Good morning. like you've never seen them before. Also ahead, Mormon missionaries Meet Brandon. before becoming a sex symbol. He was serving in Africa Then there's Matthew. in Namibia. He worked with the Red Cross of one racy calendar. Today, he's the cover model

My goodness! It's not what you'd expect what the church expected. and certainly not over this. Its creator has been excommunicated and their maker We'll meet the models later this morning.

You going do talk to God or the

angle Moroney. The makers are not

going to meet their maker, they are

not in that much trouble. But in the meantime,

let us know what you think. send us an email Is this racy photo shoot OK?

We are inviteing the Australian

public to comment on whether it is

okay for morm toons get naked! Fine!

Let us know what you think. They can

knock on my door any time they like,

I'll happily chat to them about

religion. Those sleeveerize too long

for my liking young man. You

couldn't be puting the hose on those

ones. Maybe you would. Don't worry! the real Madonna. Also coming up, the world of the famous singer Go inside most of his life around her. with the brother who's spent Trust us, it's not all good.

Yes, I think there is a bit of a

family problem there. I think so

talk again. too, it doesn't sound like they will

And there's no rest for the wicked. is back on the big screen Angelina Jolie in a film called 'Wanted'.

An appropriately named film for

Angelina gealy Wanted sncht Good morning. Airlines around the world are keeping a close eye explosion on a Qantas plane on the investigation into Friday's affecting the entire jumbo fleet. in case it reveals a wider problem aviation experts Australian and American are examining the 747 in Manila

what caused the blast to try to work out in the fuselage. which opened up a huge hole has been all but ruled out. Initial speculation about corrosion That corrosion was very minor this hole appeared in the fuselage. and a long, long way away from where are now focusing on oxygen tanks. Investigators the plane's maintenance record They're also looking at refuelling in Hong Kong. and what happened while it was If a structural problem is uncovered worldwide the future of more than 1,300 jumbos could be in doubt. Liberal National Party Queensland's new launched later this morning will be officially in Brisbane. following an historic poll parties voted to merge Both the Liberal and National at separate conventions to increase their chances at the next election. of overturning the Bligh Government Lawrence Springborg Former Nationals leader for the merger for months. had been pushing days of my life. This is one of the most momentous But not everyone is happy. Mal Brough Queensland Liberal president when the merger vote was passed walked out of his party's meeting political future holds. and says he doesn't know what his an urgent inquiry into allegations The Federal Opposition is demanding evacuation in Afghanistan a wounded Australian soldier's was delayed. was killed in a roadside bomb blast Signaller Sean McCarthy earlier this month. should have reached hospital The injured soldier within 10 or 20 minutes, he received medical treatment. but instead it was two hours before A Dutch doctor claims helicopter being unavailable. the hold-up was due to an escort of any investigation made public. The coalition wants the findings ABC reporter Peter Lloyd says bail and escaping Singapore he's never considered jumping on drugs charges. despite facing 20 years behind bars since his arrest, In his first interview

he suffers from nightmares Mr Lloyd told Fairfax papers and the tsunami. after covering the Bali bombings left him too afraid to sleep He says the traumatic flashbacks

leading up to his arrest. in the months has five drugs charges against him The foreign correspondent trafficking and possession. including are hunting an attacker Melbourne police a frenzied stabbing last night. following as they walked along Middle Road Two men were knifed in the suburb of Malvern East. The pair was taken to hospital arms and face. with wounds to the upper body, They're now in a stable condition any witnesses. and authorities want to speak to

Major supermarket chains face of fresh fruit and vegetables a big supply shortage from midnight tonight. if truckies walk off the job two weeks of industrial action Drivers are threatening over low pay and soaring fuel costs. have started stockpiling some items Coles and Woolworths how big the protest could become. but it's not known the action Unions aren't supporting through their problems peacefully. and have called on drivers to work Barack Obama US presidential hopeful is on his way home this morning and the Middle East. after a successful tour of Europe wrapped up his whirlwind trip The Democratic candidate Number 10 Downing Street overnight with a quick stop at where he had some kind words for the British Prime Minister. The Senator, with his eyes on the White House, arrived at Downing Street keen to get down to business with Gordon Brown. Smiles on Number 10's doorstep and a picture that will play well back home in his campaign for the presidency. For a Prime Minister beset with political problems, Barack Obama's visit offered a welcome respite. Even the sun shone on the two men as they toured around Britain's most famous address. Then a quick chance for Gordon Brown to show his guest Horse Guards Parade, before they started two hours of talks. Afterwards, Obama praised the special relationship between the two nations. We have been through world wars together, we speak a common language, we share a belief in rule of law and due process - we just like the people. And what advice did the popular presidential hopeful have for a Prime Minister under pressure on many fronts? I don't have advice for Prime Minister Brown. I will tell you that you're always more popular before you're actually in charge of things. The presidential candidate also dropped in a former occupant of Number 10. Tony Blair's work as Middle East envoy, the main topic of discussion between the two men. Obama also met another politician, keen, like himself, to win power in the not-too-distant future.

Conservative leader David Cameron happy to play tour guide around the palace of Westminster,

before the two men held talks on the Senator's last stop of his visit before heading back to America. At least 29 people have been killed, and more than 100 others injured in a series of explosions in India overnight. 14 small bombs went off across several neighbourhoods in the country's west. One of the explosions happened near a crowded bus. It comes a day after similar blasts tore through a southern city. It's not known if the two attacks are connected. More than 2,000 tourists have been evacuated from the Greek island of Rhodes because of a massive fire. The blaze has been burning out of control for the past four days

and has already destroyed thousands off hectares of forest. France, Italy and Cyprus have sent helicopters and planes to help tackle the flames. are also helping firefighters. Volunteers from local villages More than 70 people were killed in bushfires in southern Greece last year.

Perhaps not a good time to be

booking a holiday to the Greek

islands, as beautiful as it is. I

like the way everyone was chipping

in to help. Sound like they need it.

I want confirmation on one little thing, we have been discussing off camera, the 747 with the foslaugs problem, is it the actual plane the one Pope flew home on or similar When I was there may be several badged that, being the home of Qantas, but I don't think so. I think don't think so. I think each plane has a different name? Yes, and I thought that Wozniacki badged Longreach. What did little papa do to that vessel. Well, it didn't happen while he was on it. God was watching. He went, spreading incense

around the place. Coming home and spray, remember. They still do that, don't they? In some cases. Is Robbie 'Dingo' Deans the happiest Kiwi in Australia? You betcha. But will Sonny Bill bid adieu to you and you and you at the Dogs? C'est possible. And heartbreak for Aussie Cadel Evans in the Tour de France. That's next on Weekend Sunrise. I have had too much coffee this morning. So from the quarterly figures we see that... SONG: # The more I see you... # VOICEOVER: If you've only got one thing on your mind after breakfast, you should try delicious Special K Advantage. helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Special K Advantage is specifically developed to be high in both.

more mad about you... # Special K Advantage - if you feel fuller for longer. try it and see

Now with sport, here's Simon Reeve. Cadel Evans' dream of a maiden Tour de France title has been shattered in the penultimate stage for a second straight year.

Evans needed to wipe off a 94-second deficit to reclaim the yellow jersey,

but leader Carlos Sastre produced the time trial of his life to maintain a 65-second advantage over the Aussie star. COMMENTATOR: He knows now, he's won the tour of France and he's won it by about a minute. Barring disaster, Sastre will comfortably hold onto the yellow jersey in tonight's final stage, finishing in the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Another chapter

in Robbie Deans' fairytale introduction to Australian rugby was written last night

and it was the best one yet. The Wallabies produced their most comprehensive performance of the new Deans' era, overwhelming the All Blacks at a packed ANZ Stadium. The Aussies were on top from the outset with Ryan Cross grabbing a try on debut, before tries either side of half-time gave the Kiwis a slender advantage. But the home side regrouped

and finished full of running over their trans-Tasman rivals. COMMENTATOR: Horwill. That is the clincher!

Mate a great effort from the boys, a

really gutsy win there. Australia can reclaim the Bledisloe Cup for the first time since 2002 with a win next Saturday in Auckland.

Adelaide's AFL season got a shot in the arm last night from a guy with a dodgy shoulder. Jason Porplyzia defied a chronic shoulder problem to lead the Crows to an upset win over the Swans and there were more big stories in a day and night of boilovers. West Coast cut down the high-flying Saints at Subiaco, Richmond snuck past the Lions in a thriller at Telstra Dome, while earlier yesterday, the Bombers were too strong for Collingwood. Barry Hall couldn't take a trick

in his return from a club-imposed suspension, but Porplyzia couldn't miss for the Crows. His 5-goal haul helped make it 9 wins from Adelaide's least 10 matches against the Swans. COMMENTATOR: Put him down for five. In the West, the Saints were no match for a freshly committed Eagles outfit, who snapped a 7-match losing streak with a 17-point win.

Well done to the Eagies. Well done to the Eagies.. It's been a tumultuous night in the NRL but nothing to do with any on-field action. The Bulldogs have come out swinging amid reports star forward Sonny Bill Williams has walked out on the club and is set to sign a multi-million dollar deal with French rugby union club Toulon. The club is preparing to block the star Kiwi's move abroad in the courts.

We will look at taking out an injunction which will effectively stop him playing anywhere else. And I'm determined to ensure that if he's not play for the Bulldogs, he's not playing. Full stop. Williams is in the first year of a 5-year deal with the Bulldogs. In Canberra, the Raiders have stood down trouble-prone halfback Todd Carney for the remainder of the season and ordered him to undergo counselling or risk having his NRL contract torn up. The move comes

after Carney was involved in another alcohol-related incident along with team-mate Bronx Goodwin. On the field, Carney's Canberra team-mates didn't miss a beat in the absence of their star playmaker, hammering the Titans at Canberra Stadium. In Penrith, the Panthers stayed in the finals race with an impressive victory over the Tigers. This Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams story is

extraordinary. The fact, the first

year of a 5-year contract you can

say, things are

say, things are not good, good, I'm

out of here and chasing dollars

overseas. You can understand the

club would be angry. Furious. You

base your decisions

club would be angry. Furious. You base your decisions about the one

player on a particular contract but

the decisions about all the players

and the future of the club for

and the future of the club for five

years. If

years. If you are the lawyers for

the club you hammer him. It sounds

like they will. Not that we wish him

anything untoward. And Adelle, our

autocue girl will be upset, she is

wearing an All Blacks jumper too.

Poor girl. The people of

wearing an All Blacks jumper too. Poor girl. The people of Yoor alla

got a big treat. They entered a

competition and they said why you

should have Sonny Bill Williams come

to your club and they said because

we haven't won a game every, and we

want his madge took rub off. It did,

this week they only lost 18-8,

this week they only lost 18-8, last

week 80-0. Thank you, Sonny Bill

Williams. Send him to the Cowboys.

All the All Blacks. Fly around the

world, helping teams that need him.

Give him the Sonny Bill Williams

whenever they need him 3467 Now to Sunday's weather. High cloud continues to move across the southern half of the continent,

into the eastern States. Showers are expected in most parts of Victoria, NSW and coastal areas of SA with snow on the high peaks. Taking a look at the capitals - Brisbane should be fine with the chance of some late showers. Monday and Tuesday will be unseasonably cold and windy, with showers and a possible storm. Sydney, mostly fine this morning before cloud increases later on, with the chance of rain.

A few showers are expected tomorrow, but these should clear mid week. A cloudy day in Melbourne with a few showers, clearing by Tuesday but redeveloping later in the week.

In Adelaide, showers today before clearing tomorrow. But the wet weather is set to return from late Tuesday.

Perth can expect periods of rain today, with showers persisting right through the week amid cooler conditions. Around the rest of the country - showers in Canberra with possible snow on the ranges this afternoon. Hobart should become cloudy with a light shower or two developing today. And in Darwin, fine and sunny with continuing cool minimums of around 15 degrees.

Ahead this morning, Madonna's brother speaks out on Weekend Sunrise. Plus, the woman who sued her ex for dumping her, and won.

Watch out, boys! But after the break, an old favourite back, bigger than ever. 'Beverly Hills, 90210' returns in 2008.

Remember this! Stay with us.

(AUDIENCE CHANTS) So, you're a mum with three kids.

What's your secret to looking good? Well, Sheryl, the secret is healthy skin. Really? Tell me more. Well, the skin has lots of good nutrients. So what do you put on your skin? Oh, it varies. You know, sometimes tomato sauce, sometimes sour cream. (GIGGLES AND SNORTS) Ooh!

VOICEOVER: McCain Rustic Superfries Slab Cut. because the potato skin keeps the goodness in. Ah, McCain...you've done it again. Time for our travel special now. And this week, Jetstar has some great deals for a spring holiday. There's a range of destinations on offer, including the Gold Coast.

The whole family can stay seven nights at the Paradise Resort and pay for only six. Prices start from - Or how about a short break in Melbourne? The deal includes return flights plus two nights at the Hotel Ibis. Prices are per person, triple share.

But you'll need to be quick. The holiday deals are only on sale until midnight on Wednesday. To book head to -

Dolphins not included. Let's take a look at what's making papers around the country. And Brisbane's 'Sunday Mail' reports Beijing official have vowed to fix the city's pollution problem in 12 days.

Good luck.

Restrictions on cars and heavy industry polluters were introduced a week ago, but the air quality continues to fail official tests. As this photo shows, visibility around the Olympic site is poor.

What a great headline. What a choke.


Let's hope conditions improve for our athletes when the Games kick off on 8 August.

Moving on, and Sydney's 'Sun Herald' reports stepfamilies and blended families are the fastest growing in Australia. The 'Brady Bunch' image of a typical family

is becoming the exception rather than the norm, with experts pointing the finger at increasing divorce rates and people re-partnering later in life. The Stepfamily Association of Victoria says

I thought it was the Brady Bunch

model. Mr Brady brought the three

I thought it was the Brady Bunch model. Mr Brady brought the three.

They had three him aphrodidic

children. As long as you have a

sister like Marsha you would be

okay. I still don't think it is

alright, she is still your sister. Stop!

one in five households is a step or blended family. Today is National Stepfamily Awareness day. Fans of hit '90s TV series 'Beverly Hills, 90210' are gearing up for the all-new incarnation, which promises to be sexier and even more glamorous. Sydney's 'Sunday Telegraph' has this shot of the new cast, with former 'Full House' star Lori Loughlin joining a batch of newcomers. Thankfully, original stars Tori Spelling, Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth

are set to appear in the show, simply titled "90210". But Jason Priestly has turned down an offer to return.

He obviously had enough pie at

Peach Pit. Somewhere at home I have He obviously had enough pie at the

got a photo of Luke Perry and me

hanging off the Hollywood sign but I

haven't found it for years. He haven't found it for years. He used to

to be a big fan of Beyond 2000,

which some publicist made up the

story. There is Luke Perry and me.

Would you remember his old news

reading shot. The big fringe. I had

the audition and failed. Can you

leze find that? Go home this

afternoon and find it. I would love to see that.

to see that. I'm going to. Coming up, one controversial calendar. The models are Mormon missionaries and the church is not impressed. Later this morning, the excommunication scandal that's erupted over this photo shoot.

How many times do you think we are

going to role the footage

going to role the footage? Quite a

lot, hopefully. If the producer has

anything to do with it, it won't

stop. But next, news, sport and weather together.

You're waking up to Weekend Sunrise, on the Olympic network.

So, you're a mum with three kids. What's your secret to looking good? Well, Sheryl, the secret is healthy skin. Really? Tell me more. So what do you put on your skin? Oh, it varies. You know, sometimes tomato sauce, sometimes sour cream. VOICEOVER: McCain Rustic Superfries Slab Cut. They're 97% fat-free and a source of fibre

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ANDREW O'KEEFE: Seconds from disaster. What put this hole in this Qantas 747 and could it happen again? The morning, the investigation and the incredible stories from inside QF30. Plus, Mormons exposed. The missionaries risking excommunication for shedding their inhibitions and their clothes. And then - # I'm not afraid of what I'll face, but I'm afraid to stay. # Madonna unauthorised.

The book she doesn't want you to read, from the brother she's not talking to. But he's talking to us this Sunday 27 of July, 2008. # Reach up for the sunrise

VOICEOVER: Now, back to Weekend Sunrise with Andrew and Sam. # You can touch the sunrise. #

Welcome back. Also ahead, a story that defies belief.

Don't miss our Australian exclusive with the diner who got more than he bargained for. That very lucky man will join us live later this hour.

I think he dropped his breakfast though. Plus, flying to the moon and back. Why NASA wants to return almost 40 years on. Then later, Britney and K-Fed bury the hatchet. But who has sole custody now? And Angelina Jolie is back on the big screen.

'Wanted' is our Movie of the Week. Right now though, time for the latest news with Sharyn Ghidella.

As we go to air

a Queensland institution is burning down. The Victory Hotel in Brisbane's CBD caught fire early this morning when it was packed with hundreds of people. Everyone managed to escape without serious injury, but at least six people have been treated for smoke inhalation.

It's believed the fire started in the basement before engulfing the large building. Fire crews are still trying to put out the blaze. It has been a deadly night on the nation's roads Australian investigators have started examining the Qantas jumbo jet at the centre of Friday's mid-air drama. Six separate teams of experts are inspecting the aircraft to try to work out what blasted a huge hole in its fuselage 29,000 feet in the air. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority says

it's almost certain corrosion is not to blame. Instead, the focus is on whether an oxygen bottle or something in someone's luggage caused the explosion. Things happen. Something's happened here. We can not speculate any more really on what did happen. All I do know on what we have been able to see is that the Qantas people conducted themselves in a way that would only make us proud.

Boeing has put all airlines flying its planes on notice in case the investigation reveals a problem which affects the entire 747-400 fleet. The 346 passengers who were on the flight arrived safely in Melbourne yesterday. It's going to be an historic day in Queensland

with the State's newest political party about to be formally launched. The Liberal National Party will become official in just over an hour

after Queensland's Liberal and National parties voted to merge at separate conventions yesterday. It's hoped the new party will help end the State Labor Government's 10-year rule. Federal Liberal Leader Brendan Nelson has already endorsed the LNP. Radio star Alan Jones has been given a tentative all-clear after surgery for prostate cancer. Macquarie Radio Network owner John Singleton says doctors confirmed the cancer was successfully removed.

Mr Jones had the operation at Sydney's St Vincent's Private Hospital last week. But it will still be some time before the 67-year-old is given an official clean bill of health. Overseas, US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has held talks with the British Prime Minister in London. He's told Gordon Brown Americans have a deep affection for the British and are grateful for their military commitment

in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pair also discussed how to improve their countries' relationship. How we can strengthen the transatlantic relationship on problems that can't be solved by any single country individually? Climate change, the issue of international terrorism. Mr Obama also met former prime minister Tony Blair and Opposition Leader David Cameron. London was the final leg of a whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe.

The Australian Olympic Committee says it's confident our athletes will be protected against terror attacks despite a Chinese Muslim group declaring war on the Games. Less than two weeks out from the opening ceremony the Turkistan Islamic Party has claimed responsibility for two deadly bus blasts last week. It's also taken credit for a fatal bus bombing in Shanghai in May. In a video statement, the terrorists warn of more attacks.

The AOC says it's taking the threat seriously, Mick Jagger is now officially a senior citizen celebrating his 65th birthday today. But the Rolling Stones frontman is showing no signs of slowing down recently signing a new multimillion-dollar record deal. And some of his former neighbours haven't forgotten what he was like before he got rich and famous.

He has got it all. International

fame, thousands of adoring fame, thousands of adoring fans,

more money than he can ever spend.

In return he had to leave behind his

home town of Dartford, but he is not

forgotten. Jagger Close Is a home

for the elderly. Where did he sit at for the elderly. Where did he sit for the elderly. Where did he sit at the school?

the school? At Mick Jagger's desk

from three or four years ago. How

did he know that? He scratched his

name on the top of desk: Leleft and

liveed the dream and did everything

that made the 60s swing and he

decided to opt out of the aging

process but plenty of his contemporaries

contemporaries never became rock

stars, like Brian who has a touch stars, like Brian who has a touch of

arteritis these days. You worked in

the post office? When I worked on

the post office, he used to go on

there temporary, like Christmas

time, delivering letters. Was he any

good? What? At his job? I don't good? What? At his job? I don't

really know. He founded an arts

centre in his old home

centre in his old home town to

launch the next generation of music

rebels but it was his own generation

in session catching up with quilting

and with a message for their fellow

senior citizen. All sing happy birthday.

# Happy birthday to you

# Happy birthday Mick Jagger,

# Happy birthday Mick Jagger, happy

birthday to you

# How lovely.

Nelson Mandela's eldest grandson was the guest of honour at his 90th birthday celebration in Sydney last night. The Xhosa Tribe Chief paid tribute

to his Nobel Peace Prize-winning grandfather, who's dedicated his entire life to helping others. At times, as a family member, I often say that he neglected us for the organisation, for his people, but that was his commitment.

An official portrait of Nelson Mandela was also auctioned off for charity.

He dozen like 90,

He dozen like 90,dize he? Australian rugby's remarkable resurgence continued in grand style last night, with a comprehensive win over the old enemy. The Wallabies were far too strong for New Zealand at ANZ Stadium, carving the Kiwis to pieces in their biggest win over the All Blacks since 1999.

The Bledisloe Cup would be an appropriate starting point in Robbie Deans' quest to restock Australian Rugby's trophy cabinet,

but the Kiwis showed they were desperate to hold onto the cup by any means necessary. But the Aussies were undeterred and capitalised on some good field position to strike the first major blow through Ryan Cross.

COMMENTATOR: What a moment for the young man. The Kiwis hit back with a try against the run of play,

but the Wallabies produced the perfect reply. Some quick thinking from Adam Ashley-Cooper and the home side were back on their way. Another one there for Peter Hynes. A couple of soft tries either side of half-time gave the All Blacks a slender 2-point advantage, but the Wallabies came home over the top of their trans-Tasman rivals, piling on 17 unanswered points to draw first blood in this year's Bledisloe battle.

Horwill! That is the clincher. The Wallabies are now 5 from 5 under Robbie Deans and can bring home the Bledisloe win a win in Auckland next Saturday.

Gee, it was good! It seems another case of so near, yet so far,

for Aussie cycling star Cadel Evans following the penultimate stage of the Tour de France this morning.

Evans needed a flawless performance in this morning's time trial to erase the 94-second gap held by leader Carlos Sastre. But instead it was, the Spaniard who produced a career-best effort to hold onto the yellow jersey. Sastre heads into tonight's final stage with a virtually unassailable 65-second lead over Evans. Richmond's finals' hopes have received a massive boost with a remarkable come-from-behind victory last night.

The Tigers overcame a 25-point deficit at three-quarter time to get home in a thriller over the Lions. The finals race was thrown wide open yesterday. Adelaide downed Sydney to snap a 5-game winless streak. West Coast ended a 7-game losing sequence against the high-flying Saints, and Essendon hammered Collingwood at the MCG. Last week, Richmond veteran Joel Bowden was rushing behinds

to secure the Tigers a win. Last night he did things the more conventional way, with a stunning 3-goal final term, including the match-winner 22 seconds from time. At the SCG, the Crows moved back into the top eight, courtesy of a 5-goal haul from forward Jason Porplyzia. The saga involving renegade Bulldog Sonny Bill Williams looks set to end up in court.

The league world was awash with rumours last night that Williams was already on his way to France and is about to ink a multimillion-dollar deal with cashed-up French rugby union club Toulon. But the Bulldogs are having none of it

and are prepared to force the disgruntled forward to honour his NRL contract. We will look at taking out an injunction, which will effectively stop him playing anywhere else and I'm determined to ensure that if he's not play for the Bulldogs, he's not playing. Full stop. Williams signed a 5-season deal with the Bulldogs just last year. On the field, Canberra shook off a week of controversy to hammer the Titans and the Panthers consolidated their spot in the top eight with a strong win over the Tigers. It was a shaky start for the Green Machine as the visitors skipped out to an early lead, but once they found their rhythm, the home side proved unstoppable, running in eight tries.

That is the sport so far this

morning. Thank you, Simon. Now for Sunday's weather. Cloudy and the chance of a shower in Sydney. Just ahead, the news in focus,

including the Qantas passengers who are happy to be home this Sunday. Also after the break, live to Paris for Aussie Cadel Evans' heartbreak in the Tour de France. That's next.

Welcome back. An international investigation is under way this morning into that major Qantas incident. And it centres on a gaping hole. A mystery blast tore off a section of this 747 two hours after take-off from Hong Kong.

Is not the one that flew the Pope

home, thank you to the viewers

home, thank you to the view who

wrote in to let us know. The 365 people on board were forced to wear oxygen masks

as the plane plunged thousands of metres. But the pilots have been hailed heroes, for making an emergency landing at Manila Airport.

This morning, we'll talk to two of those passengers. They're now safely at their final destination - Melbourne. Plus, we'll get the latest on the investigation in the Philippines. First, to two Melbourne men who were right in the thick of it. TAFE teacher Scott Robinson and his fellow passenger, architect David Saunders. Good morning to you both. You didn't know each other before this ordeal. You certainly do now. Scott, describe what happened.

Yes, funnily enough, I was

Yes, funnily enough, I was sitting

in the same position, seems not long

ago, next to David. So we, we

probably struck up a conversation pretty

pretty quickly into the flight.

David was just telling me about how

he just had been overseas and

proposed to his proposed to his girl and we were

talking about life and having a

great time and all of a sudden,

there was this quite a loud thud,

bang, whatever it was, and the whole bang, whatever it was, and the whole plane just

plane just started to fly around,

curtains flyinging around, stuff

flying around. The whole cabin

filled with like a mist and the

oxygen masks dropped from the

ceiling and it was, pretty chaot

frequent a second. Did you

immediately start plummeting? In

altitude terms. Yes, look, straight away,

away, I remember where I was sitting

I could see straight down the

Aisels, it looked like the plane

went straight into a douv dive, not

a nose dive but steep descent. We

didn't know whether we were under

control or not in the initial

moments. It happened pretty fast M. moments. It happened pretty fast moments. It happened pretty fast. David you really thought you

David you really thought you were

David you really thought you were not going to make it. How are you

feeling? Are you sort of reliving it

Do you feel traumatiseded by it or

just so relieveed to get through it.

Does keep coming back to me. But it Does keep coming back to me. But Does keep coming back to me. But I

was pretty calm and I'm still pretty

calm and quite happy to be here. I

bet you are. How did the two of you

help each other through this, quickly

quickly Look, I remember, looking

around at David, I saw the fear in

his eyes and I probably thought, I'm

probably, I'm sure I was looking

exactly the same way. Helping

reassure him was helpinging to

reassure me. Every so often you

would get a wave and think what is

going to happen next, but then you thought,

thought, no, we are still flying,

still here, focusing on the

positives. It is a friendship you

will for a while, a match made in

hem. At least you are here, thank

God for that. Thank you for sharing

your story with us this morning.

So, what went so horribly wrong?

Reporter Geof Parry is in Manila, where investigators are looking at the aircraft. Good morning. How is the investigation progressing?

Well, in one sense it is going

quickly and another slowly.

Investigatorers from the Australian

Safety Transport Boardwer here the

next day looking at the plane and

they will be joined by CASA,

American safety board and executives

from Boeing will be here and the

local incident investigators. Boeing

local incident investigators. Boeing are looking to see what went wrong

with the aircraft they manufacture. Is there

Is there any suggestion of dodgy

maintenance on this jumbo yet. They

are not ruling anything in or out

but they'll look at the maintenance

records of the particular aircraft,

it is 17 years old. The last

maintenance was in Avalon in

Victoria. It is the sort of information

information they'll match up against

the evidence they gather from

looking at the plane here. Also

talking to the the pilots, who were

obviously in the cockpit when the

incident happened. Their

recollections of what went wrong.

The sounds like they did an

incredible job. What happens to the

aircraft now, will it be taken out

of service? Well, this aircraft, has

got to be repaired but got to be repaired but Qantas'

expectation is it will go back into

service. We have seen aircraft

damaged before and in the great

scheme of things we have seen damage

worse than this but it has been on

landing. It is a very scary thing to

have this happen up in the air.

Thank you Geof Parry in Manila for

talking to us. You are welcome. Walk

US presidential candidate Barack Obama is returning home this morning, after a whirlwind international tour. The Democrat held talks in London overnight with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other dignitaries. The stop-over completes a 9-day sojourn, aimed at boosting his foreign policy credentials. Reporter Nuala Hafner is in London for us. Nuala, good morning. Other than a photo op, what was Obama doing there?

He certainly wasn't here for the

weather, although even that was on its

its best behaviour. Barack Obama has

said the tour was really all about

strengthening the transatlantic ties

so the

so the US and the United Kingdom can

work towards tackling some of the

world's problems like climate

change, like international terrorism, the Middle East, the

fragile financial markets, Iraq,

Afghanistan. So really today was

spent in talks with British Prime Ministers past,

Ministers past,er and perhaps

present in the form present in the form of Tony Blair,

as you mentioned Gordon Brown and

the Conservative leader David

Cameron who is up in the polls and

could be the next Prime Minister.

More low key than par sqs Berlin

where he gave the incredible speech

to over 200,000 people, it didn't

stop fans from turning out in force

stop fans from turning out in force around the houses of parliament,

trying to catch a glimpse of Barack Obama.

Obama. Very different to President

Bush's experience last month which

brought our protesters and not

supporters. As you say, almost a

rock-star reception as he travelled

round main land Europe, do you

believe it will have the desired

effect of burnishing him image as a

statesman and help him into

thehouse? If

thehouse? If only Europeans could

vote in the US presidential

election, I think Barack Obama would

be a shoe in. This trip was never

about impressing Europe. It was

really about winning votes back

home. To do that, he needed to bump

up his foreign policy foreign

affairs credentials and answer

critics, John McCain, who says he doesn't

doesn't have enough experience. I

think being treated like a

think being treated like a President, being seen in that way by

foreign leaders could do anything

but help, but say I but help, but say

but help, but say I was an American

who can't get a job or pay my

mortgage or fill my car with gas, I

don't care what the people in Berlin

think, I want him to fix my

problems. An image

problems. An image game, thank you

problems. An image game, thank you for ilfillinging us in. Now to the Tour de France and Cadel Evans suffered a major blow overnight in his bid to become the first Aussie to win the prestigious event. He needed to overhaul a 94-second deficit, but only managed a third of that. He'll finish the final stage in Paris tonight and it's there we find reporter Jessica Adamson. Jessica, good morning.

So near and yet so far. Take us through the penultimate stage.

Good morning, Sam, or should I say

bonjour. In the end, the three,500

kilometre Tour de France came down

to a 53 kilometre time trial. He wasn't the

wasn't the best rider on the day. He

went into the trial as the

favourite, even though he was a

minute 34 behind the leader, Carlos minute 34 behind the leader, Carlos

Sastre but Carlos Sastre had the

ride of his career. He was wearing

the yellow jersey and of course, it

is a huge psychological boost. He

got to start last, which meant he

knew exactly what time he needed to

got to start last, which meant he

clock to beat Evans to win the race.

In the end, he finished 65 seconds

in front. Tell us about the man who

looks like he will win this race? Well,

Well, Spaniard Carlos Sastre is a

man of the mountains. He rides for

the very powerful CSC team and made

the key moves for this race in the

Alps in recent days. Interestingly,

he had huge support from his

team-mates, including

team-mates, including Australians Stuart O'Grady and Frank Schlek who

was a stage leader. Unlike Evans, he

was supported all the was supported all the way by his

team-mates. Cadel Evans's Silence

Lotto team-mates have been copping

flack. In the end end in

Lotto team-mates have been copping flack. In the end end in the Alps he

was left alone, vulnerable and

constantly being attacked. Cadel

Evans has made history and we are proud of him proud of him but he must be incredibly

incredibly disappointed this

morning, I imagine? He is

disappointed. We spoke to him, not

long after the time trial and look,

you would have to be, wouldn't you?

After nearly three weeks of

torturous terrain and the shocking

crash on stage 9

crash on stage 9 you would have to

be disappointed. But he is happy

with the time trial performance, he said, "

said, "Unfortunately, someone did said, "Unfortunately, someone did a

better one on the day." There was a

nice surprise, his mother, Helen

flew in, she surprised him and

walked into the anti doping tent

where he was being tested and he was

happy to see her. His wife, Kiarra was happy to see her. His wife, Kiarra

was also there. He is

was also there. He is resting and

will ride into

will ride into Paris tonight. Does

he have any hope of taking it out

tonight? Not very much hope, at all.

It is an unwritten rule the riders

just don't challenge for the oerb

all lead on the final stage when

they come through Paris. It is more

a ceremonial closing day.

Unfortunately, unless Carlos Sastre

falls off his

falls off his bike or

falls off his bike or some outrages

doping scandal, no, Cadel Evans

won't within the Tour de France this

year. Thank you, enjoy Paris. Or

should I say Mercri Bocu After the break, the news headlines. And, drive-through diner. Meet the man who survived this. His story live and exclusive when we come back.

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Let's get a news hit from Sharyn.

Welcome back, particularly young

Olly of Sunshine Beach, a big fan of the show. Good morning again, everyone. Firefighters are still at the scene of a massive hotel blaze in Brisbane. The Victory Hotel in the CBD caught fire early this morning when it was packed with hundreds of people. Everyone managed to escape without serious injury, but at least six people have been treated for smoke inhalation. Investigations are under way into the cause.

Queensland's new Liberal National Party will be officially launched this morning

following an historic poll in Brisbane. Both parties voted to merge to increase their chances of overturning the Bligh government at the next election. ABC reporter Peter Lloyd says he has never considered jumping bail and escaping Singapore despite facing 20 years behind bars. The foreign correspondent has five drugs charges against him including trafficking and possession. And making sports headlines this morning, the Wallabies have drawn first blood in the battle for the Bledisloe Cup, comprehensively downing the All Blacks at ANZ Stadium. It was Australia's fifth straight win under Robbie Deans

and gives the Wallabies a chance to reclaim the cup for the first time since 2002. Cadel Evans has come up agonisingly short in his bid to become the first Australian to win the Tour de France.

Evans made up 29 seconds on leader Carlos Sastre in this morning's penultimate stage, but still trails by over a minute heading into the final stage. And the Bulldogs will do everything in their power to stop Sonny Bill Williams from walking out on the club to pursue a career in rugby. Williams is reportedly set to link with French club Toulon, but the Bulldogs have vowed to block the move in court.

And the weather this Sunday -

A very quick big thank you to

trainer Chris Lees and Beuman who

trainer Chris Lees and Beuman who got our gorgeous girl over the line

for a win yesterday. One of the

choest most exciting line in my life, the

life, the kids were with us. Did you

go and watch. What did Ugly Betty

Pay at Canterbury. I need a text

message in the future to go down to

the TAB. Rub it in, 40.

the TAB. Rub it in, 40.30 the TAB. Rub it in, 40.30 Diva

hasn't been seen. Heading

hasn't been seen. Heading west, last

seen at Broken Hill. There's nothing better than sitting down for a nice meal

at your favourite restaurant. That is, unless you get a side order of minivan with your food. Kenneth Anderson got the shock of his life

when a vehicle came crashing through the window. It struck him head on and he lived to tell the tale. Kenneth Anderson is a regular at this small-town diner.

Yeah, I've been coming here ever since the doors opened, really. But he never expected this to happen. That's Kenneth on the right. Suddenly, an out-of-control van hurtles through the window. Miraculously, Kenneth is unharmed.

The doctor who checked me couldn't believe I didn't have a broken bone.

Just cuts and bruises is all he could find. He even picks up his hat like nothing happened. I was trying to find my cigarettes. They said I grabbed my hat. I didn't find my cigarettes. Witnesses were in shock. It's unreal, it's totally unreal. But Kenneth just laughs it off.

I got shot at in Vietnam, I jumped out of airplanes, but I never had nothing like that happen to me. (LAUGHS)

Can understand why he was keen to

find the tags. Needed a cigarette. Kenneth joins us live from Charlotte in the United States. Good morning. Take us through this. What were you doing when the car came through the window?

Well, I just, I had been outside and got a

got a newspaper and sat down to read

it, I just had opened it up and that

everything just caved in on me. A

little thing. Reading one line. You

were pushed across the entire

restaurant, you are obandiously a

very relaxed man by the look of you.

You seemed very unaffected by this,

were you in shock, do you think? No, I wasn't in shock,

I wasn't in shock, I mean, it did

knock me out, it just knocked the

breath out of me. But I knew what

had happened after it happened, but

I didn't see it coming and I

couldn't move. So... It came through

and moved me. Absolutely right. Did

the restaurant replace your coffee

free of charge? I can't imagine the

coffee survived as well. Yes, coffee survived as well. Yes, they

did. Well I didn't get no more

coffee that night, they took me to

the hospital. I'm sure you were

going it the other way, anything but

stimulants after that. Is that the

lucky hat you grabbed for? Yes, that

was my work hat, I work in it all

the time. But you haven't got it on

now? No, I don't have it on now. It now? No, I don't have it on now. now? No, I don't have it on now. This now? No, I don't have it on now.

This is Kenneth's interview hat. Was

the driver of the van hurt? I don't

really know for sure. I heard she

might have had some bruises or

something, I don't know, I have not

talked to her. Do you know what

happened, why she drove her van into diner?

diner? No, I don't, I mean, it was just, maybe

just, maybe two or three minutes,

ambulance thing, they picked me up

and took me to the hospital, I

didn't get to see the van or

nothing, I didn't know what was

happening. I'm Assuming she was

tremendously hungry, if you can't be

bothered parking, must be very

puckish. This story has travelled

around the world, wree around the world, wree are not the

first people you have spoken to, are

you enjoying your new-found fame.

Well, it is a little different, yes.

What do you normally do with

yourself? Do what? What do you do

from day to day. What is your job?

I'm an autobody man, a painter amf

Okay. An ood body.

Okay. An ood body. You could drum up

business with the driver of the van.

There is a van that needs

spray-painting. Are you going to go

back into to diner, do you think?

Yes, I go back in there every day.

Fantastic. They have got it open

now, I go back in. Do you still take

the window seat? Yes,

the window seat? Yes, there is no

window there. It is boarded upch.

Elfresco dining now. It is summer.

Thank you for joining us, strard,

great to have you with us on planet

earth. - extraordinary, great to

have you with us. Ideal, pop his card under the

card under the windscreen. Just call Kenneth. She's one busy woman. When she's not caring for her ever-expanding family, Angelina Jolie still finds time to make films.

Her latest is called 'Wanted' and it's our Movie of the Week. That's in 10 minutes. But after the break, man on the moon - again. One giant leap for NASA next on Weekend Sunrise.

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That's a live shot of Melbourne.

We don't mean to suggest anything

lie playing the Tale of the lie playing the Tale of the

Charmless Man, giving a live shot of

Melbourne. A chilly top of 13 degrees today. Some showers about later.

A very charming city.

A very charming city. Indeed. Jux It's been 39 years since man took one small step and landed on the moon. This week in 1969, the world watched in amazement as astronaut Neil Armstrong announced "the Eagle has landed".

Accept he didn't do it with a head

cold like I am. In a much nicer voice. And now we're set to do it again. NASA scientists are working around the clock to send humans back to the moon. The mission will prepare them for future travel to Mars.

NASA research scientist Jennifer Heldmann joins us now from San Jose in the United States. Good morning. Jennifer, why has it taken so long to go back to the moon?

Thanks so much for vg me. We are

going back to the moon, the world,

globally, NASA as well. We globally, NASA as well. We haven't

gone back since Apollo because the

priorities changed. After Apollo,

priorities changed. After Apollo, NASA switched to space shuttle and

doing launches and building the

international space station. Now it

is time to send them to moon and on

to Mars and beyond. What is the

purpose of the new mission? The idea

is begin the process of settling the solar cyst

solar cyst mmm. As humans we

explore, it is what we do and we

will expand our sphere beyond the

planet earth and the idea is to go

to the moon. It only takes

to the moon. It only takes three

days to travel to the moon, it is

relatively close compared to Mars,

it takes six months to go to Mars.

We are going to practice closer to

home first, learn what we need to

learn, test the equipment, learn, test the equipment, learn

protocols and then go to the next

destination. Incredible to think it

would take you six month to get from

Europe to Australia and now

Europe to Australia and now three days to the moon and six months to

Mars. Man kind is an explorative

being. This mission will set up a

station or a camp and then, what do

we honestly expect about we honestly expect about the

prospects of settling Mars at any

time in, say, our lifetime? Well I

certainly hope that it happens in my

certainly hope that it happens in my lifetime, it is why I'm working at

NASA to try to do everything I can

to make it happen. It is the idea to

set up a base on the moon, learn how

to do things there and go on to

Mars. The trimeframe for Mars is 20

30. Is that right? I credible. 30. Is that right? I credible. NASA

is eyeing a 2020 deadline,

is eyeing a 2020 deadline, what preparations are being made? Right,

so 2020 is the dead line right now

for sending humans back to the moon.

There is a lot of prep work right

now. Just next year, in 2009, we

will launch two robotic missions to

the moon, and those two robotic

missions are meant missions are meant to provide

information that we need to know

about the moon before we send people

back. So creating great maps,

getting high-rez

getting high-rezlution imagery,

knowing the inscirement, looking for

resources. The lunar sensing

satellite is looking for water in

the poleoffs the moon. We need to

know what is there to plan. We are also know what is there to plan. We are

also developing new also developing new large-scale

areas, the Aries 1 and five in

development, these are the

heavy-lift vehicles to launch crew

and cargo to the moon. And the crew

exploration vehicle, which will take the

the people to Mars and the moon and

beyond after that. While doing all

that work, we are practising on

earth. Practising here on our home

planet, we can planet, we can test equipment,

protocols and operations and testing

it in all places around the world,

including Australia, nasea is

including Australia, nasea is testing with the Australian Mars

Society, testing in toughition cans

on earth. It is an

on earth. It is an exciting time in

space. Yes, and NASA is not the only

ones, Russia and the Chinese getting

ones, Russia and the Chinese getting there too. Thank you very much,

Jennifer Heldmann for joining us

this morning. Great, thank you so

much for having me. It is

fatinating, you think, how

incredible, we will settle on the

moon, we may settle on Mars. It will

be interesting to know what we

achieve from that, apart from the

brilliance of doing that. Very exciting.

exciting. It could be a real estate

race next. To be the first. You

could get, imagine the view from

Mars of earth? Yes, it would beheard

to stay put in your house house, really. It's the Hollywood custody dispute that's dragged on for two years. But now, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reached agreement.

Is that how you say it it? K-Fed, we

are all family.

The settlement terms are coming up on Weekend Sunrise. But next, Angelina Jolie, back on the big screen. 'Wanted' is our Movie of the Week.

Kochie and Mel do Beijing live from August 4. And then... # I'm ready to fly... # ..the biggest Olympic Games ever begin on August 8 and only Sunrise has your all-access pass.

Our Beijing team is led by: You've gotta put it all in! Only Sunrise has your all-star panel - Jana Rawlinson, Matt Shirvington, Michael Klim and Jodie Henry.

COMMENTATOR: Jodie Henry is going to bring Australia home. And best of all, only Sunrise can bring you the golden moments in full.

(SHOUTS EXCITEDLY) Australia has won!

They got the gold medal! For Beijing 2008... ..only Sunrise.

That is Monday week.

That is Monday week.Ern Angelina Jolie is a busy working mother. Between having babies and helping the UN, she still finds time to make movies. Her latest is 'Wanted', an action extravaganza in the tradition of 'The Matrix'. Our Hollywood correspondent Nelson Aspen joins us now. Nelson, does Angelina ever take a break? She's like a hot, humanitarian version of the Energizer bunny - she just keeps going and going. And this time, she's steaming up the screen with 'Atonement' star James McAvoy. FILM FOOTAGE: You know how they saym

"Some day a girl's gonna come along and change your world forever"?

You have no idea. That girl is Angelina Jolie.

She plays an assassin called Fox And recruits an ordinary man into a dangerous fraternity. I knew your father. My father left the week I was born, so... Your father died yesterday

on the rooftop of the Metropolitan building.

Sorry. (LAUGHS) Ah, look, the liquor aisle's over there... Your father was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived. The man who killed him is behind you. I get to be foxy, finally. I've been doing some serious films and I love them and I will continue to do them but every once in a while I miss the action movie,

I miss playing and shooting things up. The unlikely hero in this scenario is Wesley, played by James McAvoy. Why did you come here Wesley? You brought me here remember? If anybody has any sort of fantasies about being beaten up by Angelina Jolie watch this film and you will have them all satisfied. James is so lovely and he's such a good sport,

but his character is... I think so many people are going to identify with his character 'cause he's kind of the every man who doesn't know what he's doing in this place and he's got these very tough people kind of forcing him to do something and being very, very hard on him. Wesley soon discovers he has incredible powers. Morgan Freeman is Sloan, the head of the fraternity. Shoot the wings off the flies. They can shoot around corners, they can kill some miles away with what appears to be conventional weaponry but it isn't conventional weaponry at all. 'Wanted' is based on a comic book

and every page is faithfully brought to life on screen.

Some action movies don't have good stories, this does have a good story and good characters. But man, does it have good action, from car chases... Get back in here! ..to shootouts. There's even a hint of romance amid the chaos.

Are we going to bond now? Would you like to?

'Wanted' grossed more than $50 million in its opening weekend here in the US. It's a big movie with a big budget so all you action fans won't be disappointed. Angelina and James aren't bad on the eyes, either. Have a great Sunday.

You said it, Nelson! I don't think I

can concentrate on the rest of the

can concentrate on the rest of the show. There is something for

everyone in the movie, the men,

Angeliney. What? Something for the

women, James McVoy. The Last King of

women, James McVoy. The Last King of Scotland. A

Scotland. A very good actor and

Angelina is a very good person. , And 'Wanted' is in cinemas this Thursday. Still to come, why is Madonna's brother trashing her in a new book? Scotland. A very good actor and Angelina is a very good person. , I

Don't we love a celebrity family

feud. We are going to ask him. Plus, the Mormon missionaries stepping out of their comfort zone and their clothes. Later, the excommunication controversy sparked by this photo shoot. But after the break, news, sport and weather together. And Britney's custody battle finally over. Live to Los Angeles, next.

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(SIGHS) Not again!

Now back to 'Weekend Sunrise', with

Andrew and Sam.

In a moment, Britney and K-Fed bury the hatchet.

This time, not in each other. After a 2-year custody battle, they've f