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This episode continues the family saga, detailing the expanding royal family. Frederik VIII, Christian IX and Queen Louise's eldest son, was likeable, bright, and politically well-informed. His Swedish wife, Lovisa, was dull.


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A Royal Family -

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(generated from captions) THEME MUSIC the Danish king, Christian IX, At the end of the 19th century in marrying their six children and his queen, Louise, succeeded European royal families, into the leading as the 'father-in-law of Europe'. and Christian IX thus became known

Today his family are all over Europe. quite exceptionally, And these royal descendents have, chosen to come together incredible story - and talk about their family's to them through the generations. a story that has been passed down In addition, this great royal family and films available - has also made private photos been seen in public before. many of which have never oldest son Frederik, This episode is about Christian IX's and about his descendents who becomes King of Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg. who ended up in Norway, Sweden, LIGHT CLASSICAL MUSIC Denmark, 1853. Prince Christian, Princess Louise they have had so far and the four children in the Yellow Palace. live a relatively modest existence Via convoluted paths, become heir to the throne of Denmark, the German Prince Christian has just also look forward to becoming king. which means his son Frederik can now Instead of the usual practice

by his parents, of being educated at home sent to a private school. Prince Frederik is now way of thinking, you might say. This was a new thinking...

gave the incoming king But it nevertheless and how ordinary citizens a better impression of how society were thinking and living. get along with his schoolmates. But the shy Frederik does not They tease him. in the beginning It was not that easy because he had quite a German accent as well in those days. so he needed to work on his language became King of Denmark. In 1863, Frederik's father became King of Greece His brother, Wilhelm, the heir to the British throne. and his sister, Alexandra, married begins studying politics at Oxford Crown Prince Frederik for regular visits to Alexandra and this allows and his brother-in-law Edward.

Frederik and Edward's sister Helena During these visits, become interested in each other. Queen Victoria, hears about it But when Helena's mother, to the relationship. she immediately puts a stop towards Sweden Instead, attention is turned Princess Lovisa, is 16 years old. where the Swedish king's daughter, to the Swedish king Christian IX sends a telegram would like to visit them. saying that his son

Frederik travels to Sweden A week later, the marriage has been arranged. and four days later is an excellent match on paper. The tall, intelligent Lovisa from Sweden in her bag She came with so many jewels put together, a huge billiard table. that she covered, when they were all table - it's from there to there - You know the size of a billiard full of her jewels. After their marriage in 1869, Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. the newlyweds move into with a small Charlottenlund Palace They're also presented for use as a summer residence. with a view of Sweden, And it is here on the coast, that they spend most of their time of their eight children are born. and where a majority receive a strict upbringing, The children spending a lot of time outdoors.

ROMANTIC PIANO MUSIC Amalienborg out to Charlottenlund, MAN: Every morning they walk from probably just under 10 miles -

about 10 miles - before breakfast. the whole thing out and back again, My grandmother didn't enjoy it. Princess Lovisa, in particular, on the children's upbringing. has a major influence

Denmark and a future king of Norway. Among them there is a future king of with her children COUNT FLEMMING: She was very strict

and she ran after them with a stick. a good hiding place And then they had he had a writing desk, because their father,

and hide behind so they could go under the desk calm his wife down - hopefully. and then he could with their parents. The children do not dine COUNT FLEMMING: Until they were 18, in the children's dining room. they had their meals always had veal cutlets And my grandmother

with potatoes and spinach, every day, seven days a week. who has lost both her parents, Princess Lovisa, feels very lonely in Denmark. she wasn't pretty. WOMAN: She was not very beautiful, Queen Louise was charming, And, of course, lovely, beautifully turned out. lovely, beautifully turned out - Her three daughters were charming, they were actually beauties.

not very beautiful woman. And here comes this tall, she had a very hard time, actually. And I think by anybody in the family. She was never very much loved the Danish Evangelical Home Mission, Lovisa seeks comfort in begin to live separate lives. and husband and wife waiting to become king Frederik spends most of his life lives to be an old man. because his father gave his son much possibility of... I don't think Christian IX ..showing himself alone. rather under the thumb He was probably and great influence of Christian IX. the Crown Prince is put in his place. Even on his 60th birthday, MAN: At the end of the dinner to everybody he wishes to convey his thanks their participation in his birthday. who had shown him the way he was, Polite, and being brought up the King, for permission to speak, he obviously asks his father, and his father says, so as to thank everybody "It is not appropriate, be seated." Christian IX dies in 1906, now ascend to the Danish throne and his son and daughter-in-law

and Queen Lovisa. as King Frederik VIII Frederik VIII's coronation, A few days after unexpectedly. his daughter Louise dies That was very sad, that night you know, full of tears because we were all, very down like that. and very, very, very, She was only 31 when she died. couldn't save her, unfortunately. Meningitis she had and they at that time. There was no penicillin MELANCHOLY PIANO still have three daughters The royal couple to keep strictly in line. who their mother attempts were rising off the floor, MARGRETHE: When skirts Queen Lovisa did not like her daughters to have short dresses. But apparently they had their dresses made so that they could go and present themselves to their mother before they went out to a party in long dresses. The minute they had said goodnight to 'Mama' they ripped off the lower flounce of the dress so that they would be off the floor. King Frederik, unlike his father before him, is a keen supporter of parliamentarianism. MARGRETHE: He was an intelligent man. He knew political life in Denmark very well indeed. He was very, very well oriented. And Frederik is also willing to give a helping hand. Including the day when he is out on his walk and sees a little boy trying to reach up and knock on the door. JOACHIM: Seeing that this little lad can't reach, he bends down and helps the boy. The boy then grabs the knocker and knocks away. And when the King puts him down he says, "Now, old man, we'd better run, "because the woman in there will not be happy." FREDERIK: His fate was a bit unfortunate, you might say. He is only remembered by his death, so to say. Which is too bad because he was definitely a very kind and profound person. Frederik VIII has a bad heart, and on his way home from recuperating in Nice he spends the night in a hotel in Hamburg. Here, later in the evening, he goes out without telling anyone. But the King suddenly falls ill and he collapses unconscious onto some steps. At 10:30, the King's body is placed on a wooden table in the town's mortuary, tagged with the number 1653, surrounded by eight half-naked bodies. When the hotel manager tracks down the King, he demands that the body be handed over to him. Initially, the cab driver refuses to drive with a body, and it's only when the hotel manager offers the cabbie a gold coin that he accepts the fare.

At 4:00 in the morning, the body of the dead king is laid out on a random bed in the hotel. "The King is dead. Long live the King!" is the cry later the same day, as the deceased king's oldest son is proclaimed King Christian X of Denmark. A few days later, Frederik VIII's funeral takes place. And because of the unusual circumstances of his father's death, his son ensures that it is a particularly magnificent occasion. The new King follows the funeral procession with his sons, Frederik and Knud. MOURNFUL MUSIC Christian X experiences two world wars during his reign. Since 1864, a large number of Danes in Schleswig have been forced to live under German rule. But at the end of the First World War a referendum is held to fix the border between Denmark and Germany. And in 1920, North Schleswig returns to Denmark. MARGRETHE: One day in July, King Christian X, on his white horse, rode over the old frontier into the reunited Schleswig, or Sonderjylland. Which was a, I think, pivotal point for him and certainly very, very important for everybody in Denmark. The tall King Christian is known as a very formal and headstrong monarch. But he's able to relax on the beach

at the royal summer residence in Skagen, northern Denmark. His queen, German-born Alexandrine, is very interested in sports,

and as well as being a keen tennis player and golfer, she enjoys sailing too. ROMANTIC STRING MUSIC The pair's oldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, is much warmer and more down-to-earth than his formal father. He is an officer in the navy and loves life at sea. On the land, the Crown Prince's great passion is cars. He was given his first car at the age of 18. And even though he has a chauffeur available to him, he much prefers to drive himself. In 1922, Frederik is briefly engaged to the Greek princess Olga -

who is also a descendent of the father-in-law of Europe. My father had sort of looked around here and there hoping to...to meet a young lady of a royal house -

the way it was still in those days more or less a foregone conclusion. But he met my mother and that was it. (Crowd sings in Danish) In 1935, the now 36-year-old Danish Crown Prince has no doubts at all about marrying the Swedish Crown Prince's 25-year-old daughter Princess Ingrid. After the wedding in Stockholm, the newlyweds sail to Denmark on the royal yacht 'Dannebrog'. In bright sunshine, half a million Copenhageners bid the royal couple welcome. (Crowd cheers) SOLEMN MUSIC WARPLANES BUZZ On 9 April 1940, Denmark is occupied by German soldiers. MARGRETHE: My grandfather had his habits and nothing was going to break his habits - certainly not the German occupation. So every morning, as he always used to do, he got on his horse and he went for a ride around Copenhagen. And that continued. And that became symbolic for people. On one of his morning rides, the King falls from his horse and has to spend the last two years of his life in a wheelchair. PEACEFUL FLUTE MUSIC A few days after the German occupation of Denmark, Crown Princess Ingrid gives birth to her first child - a daughter, Margrethe - who, in the years to come, will be constantly filmed by her home-movie obsessed father. JOYFUL CLASSICAL MUSIC The next few years see the birth of two more princesses - first Benedikte and then Anne-Marie. At this point nobody is aware that Princess Margrethe will one day be Queen of Denmark.

MARGRETHE: Of course I wasn't born to be a queen and I very well remember not being the future heir. I knew perfectly well that I would not be Queen of Denmark. (Proclamation in Danish) Christian X dies in 1947. And in the middle of his personal grief, Crown Prince Frederik has to accept the people's salute to him as Denmark's new king. (Speaks Danish) Becoming an Australian citizen is much more than a ceremony. It's an opportunity to fully embrace the Australian way of life, to vote and have a voice in your country's future. For more details, call or visit the website: Oreo Wafer Sticks. the only deliciously light wafer Becoming an Australian citizen is much more than a ceremony. It's an opportunity to fully embrace the Australian way of life, to vote and have a voice in your country's future. For more details, call or visit the website: Frederik IX has the ability to be both royal and down-to-earth at the same time. Down-to-earth and the capacity to be able to speak to anybody. The man in the street would say, "Hi, Frederik," as he drove past in the car. The King has a very special interest - trains. He loved the trains and he had all the timetables, all the books and he would always... He always knew when trains were arriving and trains were leaving. So when, in the autumn of 1947, the royal couple travelled to England to take part in Princess Elizabeth's wedding,

the journey, of course, begins by train. The King also embarks on many trips on the royal yacht 'Dannebrog'. And when he returns from a long trip to Greenland, the princesses eagerly await him at the quayside.

We stood on the quay when my father arrived, to his big surprise. And we were so eager to give him a big hug and a welcome home kiss. He was a wonderful father, a warm heart. Never gruff with us, never. I think it was like any other father. I...he was a very warm person and he was always there if we needed him.

It eventually becomes clear that Frederik and Ingrid's three daughters will not have a brother who can succeed to the throne. Thus a new law of succession is put to a referendum

and results in 13-year-old Margrethe suddenly becoming the country's new heir to the throne instead of her uncle, Prince Knud. MARGRETHE: I found that, well, rather daunting of course. I felt very shy about the fact that people were talking about that, "One day you will be Queen." I loathed people talking that much of me. But, I mean, I found that very embarrassing that people should, sort of, take too much notice of me in that way. Classical music plays a major part in the life of the King. He conducted an orchestra as a good musician, not just as a funny hobby. (Beethoven's Seventh Symphony plays) We'd often see my father practise in front of the gramophone at home. He used to practise, of course, standing up in front of the score. Like any other self-respecting sailor, the King has a number of impressive tattoos. He had tattoos, yes. (Giggles) I think he'd had them done... I think in England, actually... ..when he was quite young. MARGRETHE: There were many other members of the royal family

in those days who had tattoos. I think my father had more than the others. PEACEFUL FLUTE MUSIC As the first Danish king to do so, Frederik IX chooses to remain outside of politics, and the royal family is now more of a role model for the ideal middle-class family. BENEDIKTE: As a child we, of course, went to school. And when we came home in the afternoons my mother always had tea. And my parents would see to it that they were at home around teatime. The youngest of the princesses, Anne-Marie, is only 15 years old when she decides to marry the future king of Greece, Crown Prince Constantine. Yet King Frederik will not allow the pair to marry

before the Princess turns 18. This happens 30 August 1964. And three weeks later a sumptuous wedding takes place in Athens. PRIESTS CHANT IN GREEK The groom, like his bride and both his parents, is a descendent of the father-in-law of Europe. And Constantine quickly establishes a close relationship with his own father-in-law. He was a very open-hearted person. And it was extremely easy to get on with him. And, um, he loved it if one pulled his leg and I used to do that all the time, so we got on extremely well. Margrethe is the next daughter to be married. While studying economy in London, she had met the French count Henri de Monpezat whilst he was working for the French embassy. CROWD CHEERS The heir to the throne thus broke with the tradition that required the future regent to find his or her spouse from within a royal or noble house. Benedikte is the last of King Frederik's children to marry. Her wedding takes place in 1968 Richard of Berleburg. where she marries the German prince With 13 months between them, Joachim and Frederik. Margrethe gives birth to sons follow the first years of their lives And King Frederik is able to before he dies in 1972. SOLEMN PIANO MUSIC one of the world's oldest monarchies, The regent in Denmark, is now called Queen Margrethe II. SOLEMN PIANO MUSIC (Crowd chants) reside at Amalienborg Palace The Queen and Prince Henrik where the Queen's great-grandfather, used to live in his day. Christian IX, And in the spring and autumn, at Fredensborg Castle they enjoy spending time

used to take place where the big family gatherings when Christian IX was alive the father-in-law of Europe. and was known as for foreign heads of state are held. It's also here that official dinners

has many artistic talents Queen Margrethe and, among other accomplishments, for TV, theatre and the ballet. has regularly designed costumes And the Queen also enjoys decoupage - pictures in new and exciting designs. cutting and arranging prints and (Both speak Danish) of drawing, colours, painting. She, um, she has this wonderful gift from an artistic point of view, I mean, everything she touches, comes out brilliantly and, um, for her in a way too. it's an enormous relaxation

Because she can do her artistic life and her official life.

from her official life And she can cut off completely when she's being an artist. lives in exile in England Today the Queen's youngest sister the former king of Greece. with her husband, Constantine, to Prince Richard, And since her marriage has lived in Berleburg, Germany. Princess Benedikte Crown Prince Frederik, Queen Margrethe's oldest son, to the physical and mental challenge successfully rises

of the Danish military's of completing one toughest training programs, as a Royal Danish Navy Frogman. He has a university degree in the Royal Danish Air Force. and is a captain completes a 3,000km journey In 2000, the Crown Prince of Greenland. in the harsh environment

is carried out on dog sled. The four-month-long expedition one day takes over from his mother When the Crown Prince it will be as King Frederik X. younger brother, Prince Joachim, Crown Prince Frederik's is an agricultural college graduate, around Schackenborg Castle and he now farms the land Alexandra and their children. where he lives with Princess (Speaks Danish) the needs of every Australian. Our health system must cover in medical science But with advances and as our population ages, are going up and up, the demands on the system is being spent on Medicare. so more than ever also plays a really big role. But private health insurance of all hospital treatments In fact, more than a third are done through private cover. on Medicare Just imagine the pressure if it wasn't there.

to keep the private system strong. So it's in everybody's interest improvements That's why we're introducing

to private health insurance. your hospital policy Health funds can now extend of medical treatments. to cover a much broader range We've also made it a lot easier products and funds. to compare different And that's just the start. and the other improvements You'll hear more about these in the coming weeks. growing health needs. Helping cover Australia's Returning to 1892, and his descendents the father-in-law of Europe together at Fredensborg Castle. are, as usual, spending their summer are Prince Carl of Denmark Amongst his grandchildren and Princess Maud of England. that warm feelings begin to develop And it's this summer and the petite, sporty princess. between the tall navy officer a wedding is held in England. And four years later in Buckingham Palace, They were married in the chapel in Buckingham Palace. And Queen Victoria was there. as Princess Maud's grandmother, Queen Victoria, her stamp of approval. has given the marriage The newlyweds settle in Copenhagen, of what the future holds for them. completely unaware When Napoleon was defeated in 1814, the associated peace treaty hand over Norway to Sweden. demanded that Denmark in union with Sweden until 1905. After that, we were At the end of the 19th century, sort of movement in Norway there was a big nationalistic

an independent nation. to again become they got an excuse, really, And so in 1905 to...to say that enough was enough to have the same king as Sweden. and they did no longer want Norway dissolves the union for the throne is found and a candidate of all the great powers, who gains the support not least that of King Edward VII. Prince Carl of Denmark. This candidate is his own son-in-law, by the Norwegian government HARALD: King Christian was asked if it was acceptable to him would become King of Norway. that Prince Carl But my grandfather, to think about it. he asked for a bit of time "Yes, on one condition." And he came back and said that the Norwegian people And that was wanted him as king or not. should decide if they for Prince Carl, A referendum shows a clear majority now become the new King of Norway. and Crown Prince Frederik's son can leave their apartment in Copenhagen Two days later, the royal pair and set sail Christiania, for the Norwegian capital later to be known as Oslo. two-year-old son with them, They have their was called Alexander. who up until the day before However, his father decides new, Norwegian names. that they should both take the name King Haakon My grandfather took and gave my father the name of Olav. in the old Viking kings. Two old names They arrived by boat, changed over to a Norwegian boat and at the Oslo Fjord they and came here blustery November day on a very snowy, cold, in 1905. receive a wonderful reception, Haakon, Maud and little Olav and they move into the Royal Palace in the centre of Oslo. The palace in Oslo is a big palace. But it had... When the Swedes moved out, they'd actually moved out most of the furniture. There wasn't very much left when the Norwegian family moved in. STATELY MUSIC

Norway has a royal family again for the first time in 500 years. And the following summer, King Haakon and Queen Maud are crowned in a sumptuous ceremony held in Trondheim Cathedral. The couple are given Bygdoy Kongsgaard as a summer residence. In 1906, I think they had to spend the winter there because the palace was under restoration. So I think they spent one winter at the Bygdoy Kongsgaard. And I think that was a very cold experience. It was certainly not built for living there in the winter. And apparently King Haakon would receive his ministers wearing ski boots, because it was so cold. The little family do the best they can to become Norwegian, learning to ski almost immediately. The Queen skis well, wearing stays and an ankle-length coat. I think with our way of life, our outdoor life, suited her very well. She learned quickly to ski. She was a very outdoor lady, actually. I think that she was probably the first woman who rode a bicycle. She was very, very sporty. She had horses and she loved riding. She had them out at Bygdoy, which is close to Oslo. And she used to go there, riding. I believe my grandfather did do some riding as well, when he was younger. And I know that he was very fond of his mother. Olav grows up without any siblings and is educated alone at the palace by a tutor. However, his mother also teaches him every so often, especially in practical subjects such as drawing. HARALD: He must have had a fairly lonely childhood as a small boy. But when he got older, he started skiing and got friends and he also began...he started in the ordinary school. And so he got his classmates. And so he broadened his view as far as friends were concerned, after a while. LIGHT MUSIC, CHEERING He told me a lot about skiing. He was very fond of skiing. He used to jump as well, in Holmenkollen. He used to go up to one of the mountain peaks around there and ski straight down, together with a couple of friends of his. SPRIGHTLY MUSIC Crown Prince Olav has a great interest in sailing, and when he is in his mid-20s, the Olympic Games are held in Holland. They had trials in Norway before they picked the boat that was going. He won the trials. And after that, he thought that maybe he was a bit young to go to the Olympics alone. And he thought that the designer was a better helmsman than he was. So he stepped down and the designer was captain of the boat, and he became the crew. Sailing in the Crown Prince's boat 'Norna', they win a gold medal for Norway. But the medal is not all that Olav wins. My mother and father got engaged during the Olympic Games in 1928. They managed to keep it away from the press and everybody until they actually announced their engagement a little later. Olav's chosen bride is the Swedish princess Martha, who was a great-grandchild of the father-in-law of Europe. Thus, like his father before him, he marries his own cousin. After having given birth to two daughters, the celebrations are even greater when in 1937 Martha gives birth to a son, Harald. Norway, like Denmark, is invaded by the Germans on 9 April 1940. We were packed in a hurry, left our home and drove very, very fast into town and...and got away like that. We took a train away from Oslo. And because they managed that was coming in the fjord, to actually sink the cruiser it delayed the Germans enough to let us and the government parts of it, anyway - and the parliament - the Germans actually occupied Oslo. to get out of Oslo before the King and the Crown Prince Initially, seek safety in northern Norway. they flee the country But two months later, the next five years abroad. and are forced to spend went to England My grandfather and father during the five years. and stayed in London and I, we went to America. My mother and my two sisters

just outside of Washington, DC. We stayed in a house CHEERING in 1945, When Haakon returns to Norway in the festively decorated capital. he receives a rapturous reception

SOMBRE MUSIC King Haakon dies in 1957, aged 85. is now called King Olav V. Norway's monarch On his ascension,

a widower for many years. the new king has already been both his daughters marry commoners. To nobody's apparent concern, But there is a great resistance when Crown Prince Harald announces to marry Sonja Haraldsen, that he intends of a Norwegian manufacturer. the daughter The couple must wait for nine years finally gives his approval. before the King CHEERING to the palace in an open car. After the wedding, the couple return It was overwhelming, up the main road the way people actually cheered us and up to the palace. It's really unbelievable. off on their honeymoon, After having sent the newlyweds out of town. the wedding guests overnight the surprise was quite big So the next morning,

when we went into the dining room with all the guests. to have breakfast They didn't know anything. So that was great fun. with rucksacks on our backs. And we walked out of the main door, And we went up into the mountains. BRIGHT WALTZING MUSIC Crown Princess Sonja Martha Louise, first gives birth to a daughter, and then a son, Haakon Magnus. HAAKON: My parents

a fairly normal upbringing. wanted my sister and myself to have in Oslo and to kindergartens - We went to regular schools where we grew up. a kindergarten in Asker, is a dedicated sailor Crown Prince Harald and on a number of occasions at the Olympic Games. represents Norway become world champions In 1987, he and his crew in the one-tonne 'Fram'. All the royal family and outdoor pursuits, are very interested in sports not least skiing. are closely linked. The Norwegian and Danish royal family Sonja and Margrethe, And the two queens, go skiing together every year. CHURCH BELLS CHIME King Olav dies in 1991, as King Harald V. and his son now ascends to the throne in Trondheim Cathedral. Together with Sonja, he's crowned CONGREGATION SINGS HYMN is now the new crown prince. This means that son Haakon And he loves a physical challenge. outback skiing. It started with skiing, to whitewater kayaking And then it went on and paragliding. a strength, I thought, And it's always been to do things that are challenging. Because through that, I learned how to handle not well-known to me, situations that are when you first look at it. that might seem scary actually master the situation. But then you realise that you can in other areas of life as well. And that's been a strength to me Like his father before him, with a commoner, Mette-Marit. Crown Prince Haakon falls in love of a little boy, Mette-Marit is a single mother again run high in Norway. and feelings in any doubt about his choice, Yet the Crown Prince is not in the summer of 2001. and the pair marry in Oslo Cathedral a lot of his life waiting - As Crown Prince, Haakon has to spend waiting to be king himself. of becoming the monarch one day. I am preparing for the role But at the same time, in the present. I do have worthwhile things to do for something that comes later. It's...I'm not only preparing My wife and myself, both in Norway and abroad. we do represent already from preventable causes. more than 10 children will die every hour, That's a staggering 1,240 children living in poverty, There are many children clean drinking water, You'll help provide access to food, health care and education. Back in Denmark in 1896, of Europe, Queen Louise, the woman behind the father-in-law of deciding who is to marry whom. is once again involved in the process

Amongst the children of Louise and Christian IX's eldest son, Frederik, the next king of Denmark, can now be found the next king of Norway and daughter Ingeborg, with Prince Carl of Sweden. who is now being matched WOMAN: He was over 2m tall. And he was very handsome. So I think that it was not difficult Princess Ingeborg, for my grandmother, to fall in love with him. and Prince Carl Cousins Princess Ingeborg during a dinner. are unexpectedly engaged hit his glass and said, Christian IX, her grandfather, "It is a great joy for me between my grand-daughter Ingeborg "to declare the engagement "and Carl of Sweden." "It shouldn't be before tomorrow." His first remark was, was flabbergasted, And my grandmother heard of it before. because she'd never When she was a child, had demanded Princess Ingeborg's father walk many kilometres every day. that she and her siblings she married and she got to Sweden, JOSEPHINE-CHARLOTTE: So when she never walked anymore. going to walk in the garden. And she said, "No, I'm not when I was a young girl. "I've walked enough I do what I want." "And now that I'm in Sweden, Prince Carl became seriously ill. Many years later, My grandfather fell very ill. He had pneumonia. came to visit him. And his brother Oscar

And he told him, "Dear Carl, I'm coming to say goodbye to you "because you are going to die of pneumonia. "So we won't meet anymore. "And we won't meet after life also. "Because I know where I'm going. I'm going up. "But I don't know where YOU are going. "So I'm sure we are not going to meet after life." That made my grandfather so furious that two days later he was up on his feet again. In the years between 1919 and 1929, Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg's three daughters all marry well. Princess Margaretha marries the Danish prince Axel who, like herself, is a descendant of the father-in-law of Europe. Princess Martha marries her cousin Crown Prince Olav of Norway, who is also a descendant of the father-in-law of Europe. And Princess Astrid marries the Belgian crown prince Leopold, and in doing so, the family spreads itself to ever more countries. But a tragic destiny awaits her. After the marriage in Sweden in 1926, Crown Prince Leopold hurries back to Belgium so he can receive his new wife when she arrives by boat. JOSEPHINE-CHARLOTTE: And when she came down, dressed in white, the gangway, he ran to meet her halfway. And I think it was maybe the first time that you saw a young couple embracing in public, in 1926. SWEEPING MUSIC And they ran to each other.

And that made her immediately beloved by the Belgian population. Both the newlywed couple and King Albert and Queen Elizabeth are keen mountain climbers. But in February 1934, a tragedy occurs. It was a very big tragedy, that my grandfather, Albert I, he went climbing rocks. And a rock fell...on his head. And he was killed on the spot. Completely without warning, Leopold and Astrid are suddenly crowned King and Queen of Belgium. The newly crowned couple have three children, Baudouin, Albert and Josephine-Charlotte, who enjoy spending the summer with their grandparents in Sweden. The following year, the Belgian royal family is struck by yet another tragedy when King Leopold and Queen Astrid are on holiday. With the King behind the wheel, the couple are on their way through Switzerland when things go wrong. My father lost control of an open car. And she was ejected against the only tree that was there in that meadow. She went with her head first on the tree. And that's how it happened. And my father had only a broken arm and, of course, bruises. She could have fallen into the grass and nothing would have happened, not more than my father. So I think that fate plays a great role in our lives, all of us. After only a few years as queen, Astrid is dead at the age of 29. The oldest of her three children, Josephine-Charlotte, is just seven years old. When the accident happens, the children are together with Queen Astrid's lady-in-waiting. And she said, "You know your mother has a cold "and she won't be back tomorrow. "She will have to stay a little longer in Switzerland." And I said, "No, Madame, I know she is dead." So she took me in her arms and she kissed, hugged me and she said, "Yes, you are right. "She had an accident and she is dead." I was always told that I had premonitions. And I still have them. Just before Queen Astrid died, she had written a letter to her mother. In the letter, she wrote about Josephine-Charlotte, who was known as 'Jo'. "Little Jo has found a white hair on my head. "And she told me, 'You know', she said, "'Now, Mama, you are going to die.'" And my poor grandmother, Princess Ingeborg, got the letter after my mother died, and it was a terrible shock for her. When the Second World War breaks out, of the armed forces. King Leopold takes supreme command Yet after a few weeks of fighting, of his government, and against the wishes to capitulate to the Germans. he allows his forces The Germans take him prisoner Laeken, outside of Brussels, and he is interned in his castle, until 1944,

are moved to Germany after which he and his children as prisoners of war. There was barbed wire SS soldiers guarding us with dogs. and we had...there were the end of the war, Immediately before

the family situation is critical. nothing more to eat. We had nothing else to... and took dandelions to eat. We went to the garden And he was very scared would shoot us. that maybe the Gestapo is liberated by American soldiers. But on 7 May 1945, the family And that was fantastic. We got rations from the Americans. in my life. I had never tasted peanut butter a tin of peanut butter. And I was given

I was very sick after that. And I ate the whole tin. of the family gathers in Sweden After the war, a large part golden wedding anniversary. to celebrate Ingeborg and Carl's who had a big, white moustache. I met an old man And he was very sweet with me. "That's my favourite cousin. And my grandmother said, Uncle Goggie for you." "He's called Goggie - how nice to meet you." And so I said, "Uncle Goggie, one of my first ones, And I had a long dress, with a decollete.

took his teeth off his mouth And Uncle Goggie to put his teeth into my decollete. and started to run after me and save me from Uncle Goggie - So I said, "Uncle Axel, Uncle Axel, his teeth into my decollete." "that old man who wants to throw of the Scandinavian family. And that was my first impression They were always making tricks. of the Belgian people King Leopold earned the reproach to the Germans so quickly. for having surrendered And his popularity is not increased when he remarries, this time to a commoner. King Leopold is forced to abdicate, and he leaves the throne to his 20-year-old son, Prince Baudouin. Nine years later, the Belgians also get a queen when Baudouin marries the Spanish-born Fabiola. The marriage is widely celebrated, but the couple do not have any children.

And when King Baudouin dies in 1993, he is followed by his brother, the current King Albert II and his Italian-born wife, Queen Paola. The Queen and King Albert have a very close relationship with their children and grandchildren, who they spend a lot of time with. Their son, Crown Prince Philippe, will one day replace his father on the Belgian throne.

A large number of the descendents of the father-in-law of Europe gather together to celebrate the wedding of Philippe and his Belgian-born fiancee Mathilde in December 1999. And the future succession is guaranteed, as it's already been decided that Philippe and Mathilde's daughter Elisabeth shall one day be Queen of Belgium

and as such, become the country's first female monarch. In 1952, Prince Jean of Luxembourg proposes to Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium. The Princess says yes, and then has to tell her father what she has decided. I sat on his knees and I got hold of him and I said, "Papa, I am engaged." And he said, "To whom?" "To whom?" And I said "To Jean of Luxembourg." "Ah." And he relaxed. The couple are married the following year, ensuring that the descendants of the father-in-law of Europe can now also be found in Europe's only major grand duchy, the tiny nation of Luxembourg. The reigning Grand Duchess abdicates in 1964. Her only son, Jean, now becomes Grand Duke, and Josephine-Charlotte can now call herself 'grand duchess'. The grand-ducal couple sit on Luxembourg's throne for the next 36 years. But at the turn of the millennium, the Grand Duke chooses to abdicate and turn the throne over to his son, Henri. Grand Duke Henri is married to the Cuban-born commoner Maria Teresa Mestre

and they have a total of five children. So the succession is definitely secure. In the next episode, we will follow the eldest daughter of the father-in-law of Europe - namely Princess Alexandra - who was sent to England to make an impression on Queen Victoria and her son Edward. The miserable young Princess Alexandra came on her own without anybody to accompany her all the way to Osborne, where she spent a day or two with Queen Victoria. She must have been terrified. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre www.auscap.com.au Coming up in SBS World News Australia at 9:30 - the Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced a "nip and tuck" to the Government's controversial industrial relations laws because of concerns some employees are worse off under WorkChoices. It comes as recent polls show the Government trailing the Opposition

amid an ongoing union campaign against the legislation. The world's foremost experts on climate change

have finally reached agreement.

Their blueprint on the best ways to combat global warming

concludes there is still time to halt the effects of global warming

if action is taken now. In the latest move by the ALP to field high-profile candidates in federal electorates, ACTU secretary Greg Combet has announced he will contest the safe Labor seat of Charlton. And mounting resignation calls - That and the rest of the day's news in an hour. I am ex-Detective Inspector Walter Henry Thompson,

and was Winston Churchill's bodyguard for a period of nearly 18 years.

NARRATOR: In almost any piece of film you'll see of Britain's great wartime leader, this is the man in the background,

anonymous and secret. Until now, his critical role in saving the life of Churchill from a series of attacks has been hidden from the wider public. He himself intended that he would never be taken alive, and he issued direct instructions to me I was to have his .45 colt fully loaded. He intended to use every bullet but one on the enemy. The last one he'd save for himself. NARRATOR: After the war, Walter Thompson's censored book told just part of the story. His full memoirs were suppressed even by Churchill himself. Only now can we recount the number of assassination attempts on Churchill's life, many foiled by Walter. This series, with unique access to these incredible memoirs, reveals for the first time the story of Walter's life with Winston. Together, they travelled thousands of miles on precarious journeys

to meet Stalin and Roosevelt and other world leaders. Together, they rode with Lawrence of Arabia, dodged German assassins, were nearly shot down by enemy aircraft, lone gunmen, U-boats, and IRA hitmen. This is a story of the political upheavals of the 20th century: