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Yeah! It's... Yeah! Well done. Good one. Whoo-hoo! Let's go open the case. 50 bucks. There she was, ladies and gentlemen. to turn that into $10,000. And thanks to sister, we've managed

Nicely done, Gina. Let's see the money. So, all told, Mr Coco, between yourself and Nanette and Gina and the people on the podium it's been a $12,550 day. Who would've thought that, huh? Thanks, Andrew. Nicely done, Tony.

Lady Luck, she's capricious, she works in your favour. but sometimes

Thanks for being with us. See you next time, people. This program is captioned live. Tonight -

of lighting the East Killara fire. the hunt for the person suspected it's basically attempted murder. western suburbs hit 40 degrees. Sparks fly as Sydney's The price protest for less than 50 cents a litre. that had lucky drivers filling up

Ajay Rochester, And 'The Biggest Loser' TV host, has a big win in court. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. in 40 degree heat As much of Sydney swelters the fire danger is high

still burning. with the North Shore blaze Sydney for further outbreaks. Tonight, we're keeping watch over

from the Seven News helicopter. These are live pictures we have full bushfire coverage And on the ground lit the East Killara blaze with suspicions an arsonist for firefighters. and the dangers ahead First to Alex Cullen at Killara. Alex, have authorities confirmed was started by an arsonist? the bushfire there

around yesterday, Chris, there was no lightning it was deliberately lit. so it looks like

Residents here are angry to think their homes in the line of fire. someone would want to put

but the danger's far from over. The fire's under control, These fire fighters are making sure stays within containment lines. the blaze winds kept everyone on alert. Today's strong, hot north-easterly Crews worked hard overnight, in the Garigal National Park. taming the fire

for embers flying through. Keep your eye out threatening homes in East Killara. It started yesterday afternoon,

a massive backburning operation, Thanks to no property has been damaged. best defence, Backburning is the firefighters' and the wind starts to pick up. especially as it gets hotter is already burnt out This side of the line dry bushland - and they have to make this side - as fireproof as possible. the worst last night. Mal Andrews feared

the family photo albums. His wife quickly packed to the house, If anything did happen to look back on. it's important we had something home was the closest to the flames, With resident Lou Defillippis's the fire was deliberately lit. it makes him sad to think

There a lot of wood, it is

dangerous. There a lot of wood, it is

on the case. Fire investigators are already Jtsds to do everything they can Authorities have promised to catch the suspected arsonist. They are idiots. What they're actually doing, they're threatening people's lives. It's basically attempted murder. at East Killara this afternoon. Backburning continued well into the night. Hot, smoky work that will keep going Certainly warm enough.

behind You can probably see firefighters

behind me enjoying a very well

earned break. They have eased the

fears of residents here but they are

still on alert because there is

every chance it will jump

containment lines. Thank you. in the Seven News helicopter, Now to reporter Robert Ovadia traffic chaos? Rob, a vehicle fire has been causing

Yes, the fire is out, which is good

here news. But the traffic is certainly

here to stay. As we look down on the

M 4 at the moment, it is certainly

going, very, very slow. It happened

when a white van burst into flames,

just west of the Light Horse just west of the Light Horse

Interchange, where the M 7 meets the

M 4. Traf acstand still. A disaster

for the cars on the M 7 trying to

merge on the to M 4. Police,

have ambulance and rural fire service ambulance and rural fire

have been in place. It has

in the last hour. We understand the have been in place. It has happened driver is

driver is okay. It is hot up here

and we can imagine it is hot down

there for the drivers trying to

commute home. Thank you, Rob. who is at Lapstone. Now to Angela Cox scorching conditions having Angela, what impact are these on the bushfire threat? hit 40 degrees here today, Chris, the temperature

so it's tough going for firefighters to a couple of small outbreaks. but they have responded quickly will be even worse. Tomorrow's conditions But whatever happens, than ever, firefighters are better prepared thanks to their new Eye in the Sky. latest weapon The Rural Fire Service's uses technology from US spy planes. beams real-time pictures A high-definition, infra-red camera to headquarters. from the fire ground

to the naked eye - This is what's available normally be looking at that's what we would in terms of the fire ground. through trees The camera can see fires and, most importantly, smoke. behind the smoke That is what's occurring is the hot part of the fire. and the vivid white area there There are only four in the world. to Killara yesterday The Eye in the Sky was deployed and Morton National Park last week.

identify those smouldering hot spots It enabled us to very accurately

when conditions heated up again. to hopefully avoid a new fire they'll need it And there's every chance as Sydney's mini-heatwave continues. sub-station exploded - Today, this electricity leaving 700 homes without power. Firefighters acted quickly to make sure the blaze didn't spread. car fire in bushland at Kurrajong - They were also closely watching this there nudged 40 degrees. temperatures Parramatta hit 39.

The pool was packed. It's lovely being out of the heat and it's cooling down the kids on such a hot day. But it's the wind that will cause more headaches for firefighters tomorrow. Tomorrow we're expecting a change to come through and those sort of changeable wind conditions Residents in bushfire-prone areas are being urged

to make any last-minute preparations to safeguard their home. We are in the fire season - these hot dry conditions, when we see fire, it burns aggressively. Tomorrow's fire danger has been upgraded to very high. But humidity means there's no total fire ban for Sydney.

Surprising but I suppose it still

Surprising but I suppose it still makes sense. Thank you, Angela. A bushfire on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula has left a trail of destruction. The massive fire front has burned out 280 hectares of bushland near Port Lincoln. Three houses, two fish factories and countless cars have been destroyed. Some residents lost everything. Like someone hit you in the gut, and bloody kicked you up the backside and hitting you in the back of the head at the same time - all at once - bang, bang, bang. Tonight, the bushfire is under control. Four years ago nine people died in bushfires on the Peninsula.

A 28-year-old Sydney man, described as kind and caring,

has been murdered inside a home he was renovating. Investigators believe he was attacked with a hammer in the bathroom of a North Ryde house his family bought late last year. Police were called there about 10:00 last night after family members discovered his body. Pretty scary, um, wondering what was going on and whether, um, we should be going out. Contractors have been working on the house late at night Police want to hear from any witnesses. For one hour this morning, Sydney drivers enjoyed petrol prices not seen in Sydney for more than 20 years. Three independent service stations sold fuel below 50 cents a litre, as part of their war with the big oil companies.

There's cheap petrol, and then there's this. Drivers thought they were being had. I sort of did the double take. I mean, unbelievable. But it was no joke. I couldn't believe it but I didn't know whether it's true or not.

It's true, 49. It's true, 49.9. A price worth happy snaps. It didn't take long for word to get around. I'm dead on empty now. Dead on empty, ready to go? Ready to go. But it was a scramble. You're driving past it - what's wrong with you? I'm just going to the ATM to check my savings account. Fuel at virtually half price was offered simultaneously at three service stations - Haberfield, Smithfield and Fairfield. Drivers braved the traffic - filling up their tanks till they overflowed -

leaving a flood, in one case. Not a good time to break down. You've got five minutes left.

Really? Well, I hope she gets her car started. The price didn't last long - just an hour - but the owners hope the protest makes the point. Part of the ongoing campaign by independent operators against pricing by oil companies and supermarket chains. They've started selling below cost again.

We can't sustain it week after week, we'll go out of business. After meeting the Federal Government they're hoping for new industry rules next month. We need to make sure that independents get access to their own petrol. Right now they have to buy it off their own competitors. The host of TV show 'The Biggest Loser' has walked out of a Sydney court as the big winner. AJ Rochester was facing charges of welfare fraud involving $14,000 but she avoided a conviction and jail time. She's the TV presenter who helps people shed kilos but today, it was AJ Rochester feeling the weight lifted from her shoulders. I am. I am extremely relieved this is all over. I'm very happy with the result. For four years the host of Channel 10's 'The Biggest Loser' collected $67 a week in single parent payments from Centrelink. It was money she wasn't entitled to. Rochester pleaded guilty to 23 charges

of financial benefit by deception, but said it was a mistake - not fraud. Magistrate Pat O'Shane said Rochester should not be convicted because she not only gave back the $14,000 before the charges were laid but it was also her that alerted Centrelink that she'd been paid too much in the first place.

Rochester was forced to pay $70 in court costs and enter a 12-month good behaviour bond but she couldn't be happier. I am just so happy to put it behind me and move on with my life and go home and be with my boy and be happy and just get on with my future. Centrelink investigators were criticised for taking two years to bring the matter to court. Was it a pretty disappointing result for Centrelink?

I have no comment. A special Qantas flight from storm-ravaged Fiji has touched down in Sydney carrying relieved tourists. The stranded holiday-makers were greeted by their anxious families at the airport.

They'd been stuck on the Pacific Islands which were lashed by tropical storms and floods. There was water, people swimming in the streets - water up to their shoulders.

They said if we hadn't have gone this morning we wouldn't have got out - the winds are picking up and they reckon it's going to be the worst they've ever seen. Hundreds of Australians are still stranded in Fiji. John Howard has enjoyed one last outpouring of public affection from the US President,

awarded America's highest civilian honour. George W. Bush was gushing in his praise for our former prime minister as he pinned the Medal of Freedom around his neck.

A delicate touch for an old friend. MAN: Relations between the two countries were never closer. (APPLAUSE) He's a man of honesty and moral clarity. He can make a decision, he can defend it and he stands his ground - that's why I call him the man of steel. In his final days in office, George W. Bush rewarded his staunchest allies in the war on terror. In the character of John Winston Howard we see that fine Australian spirit of standing by your mates. But Mr Howard's honour has angered a fellow Australian, whose father received the Medal of Freedom for helping America in World War II. John Howard didn't put himself in harm's way the way all these people who won the Medal of Freedom did.

And the 'Washington Post' has dubbed him "America's most inconvenient house guest". Barack Obama was turned away from the presidential guesthouse to make way for John Howard. We had to hold it open for the ex-prime minister of Australia.

He couldn't stay in a hotel - the Obamas have to stay in a hotel. Hotel security for the Obamas means DC's streets are more clogged than usual. It's annoying. It's pretty ridiculous.

I kind of think Bush should have made a switcharoo just because it is an incoming president visiting our country. and this is a foreign leader Look, I think the whole thing's an absurd beat-up. It was very comfortable. (LAUGHS) Still to come - pictures of a flying car. Also, (GUNFIRE) Israel unleashes dozens of missiles on Gaza. And the Olympics are back in Sydney, featuring our sports stars of the future. That's next.

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A funeral has been held in Sydney's west One of the Rudd Government's key election commitments to boost numbers in the Australian Federal Police is under threat. A Seven News Freedom of Information investigation has found serious flaws in the organisation's staff management. They're supposed to be our premier national crime fighters -

patrolling every capital city airport, investigating terrorism, and keeping peace overseas. But it seems the Australian Federal Police can barely manage themselves. We have serious issues within the AFP and we need to do something about it.

A new report, obtained under Freedom of Information, reveals major problems with the organisation's recruiting and retention of staff. Problems which seriously:

I do acknowledge the difficult task that is in front of the AFP. It's not a really easy problem, ah, to bring a very immediate solution. The report reveals the recruiting process takes so long, many candidates just give up. Those who make it lack direction and get disillusioned about their chances of a promotion. In some areas staff morale is low, and many quit. There's nothing startling or shocking in this report, rather, there is some good advice.

Which includes attracting recruits from overseas. The AFP wouldn't talk to us on camera but did respond to our questions in writing - saying recruitment is on track and discrediting much of the report it paid almost $75,000 for. Despite that, most of the recommendations have been adopted. A full copy is available on our website. Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip has intensified

on the 18th day of the conflict. Fighter jets attacked 60 targets with missiles, as troops on the ground moved deeper into Gaza City. (EXPLOSION) 970 Palestinians have now been killed - 300 of them children.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is on his way to the region after ceasefire demands were ignored. Here's the ultimate fly-drive holiday. A car that launches itself and it runs on bio-fuel, so there's no carbon footprint. The team that developed the Skycar is about to take it on the ultimate test run from London to Timbuktu in Africa. You jump into the driver's seat, open up the throttle, the fan spins up, the wind launches and you just accelerate down the runway. The team plans to fly across the English Channel,

the Straits of Gibraltar and the Sahara Desert. Our sports stars of the future are limbering up in Sydney as the Youth Olympics starts. The event is being run so young athletes can experience the pressure of a major competition as they go for gold for Australia. Kenneth To is well on the way to becoming a household name. Last week, he broke one of Ian Thorpe's records, now he's got his sights set on London. My ultimate goal would be to make the Olympics. Team-mate Bronte Campbell is the baby sister of Beijing bronze medallist Cate. It's good to have her go first and tell me what to do and what not to do. She's part of a new generation of Australian champions. This competition's had a history of producing athletes that eventually end up in our Olympic team. 76 former youth Olympians represented Australia in Beijing. 24 won medals. It's expected more than 100 will compete in London in 2012. This event is a vital part of their preparation. It's about accreditation, bus scheduling, eating, sleeping in the village. They'll even be drug tested. For most of these athletes that'll be the first time they've ever been near a bottle. 1,800 athletes from 30 countries are represented in 17 sports.

These girls are Jillyroos today - Hockeyroos tomorrow. All you can do is keep trying, and if you get there you get there. The AOC has spent more than $4 million making it as real as possible,

right down to tonight's opening ceremony. Time for sport with Ben Damon. And at the Gabba last night we found another Twenty20 star for Australia?

Cameron White provided the fireworks last night but the game's been marred. Coming up - a laser pointer forces Cricket Australia to apologise to the South Africans. And an improved performance from Lleyton Hewitt at the Sydney International.

Cricket Australia has apologised to the South Africans after a laser pointer was used by the crowd during last night's Twenty20 match in Brisbane. to reproduce his fireworks and Cameron White got the Aussies home by six wickets. But the night belonged to local hero Matthew Hayden. Matthew Hayden's emotional day continued at the Gabba last night as he was paraded around his home ground following his retirement. It's overwhelming, to be honest. Hayden's possible replacement, David Warner,

sent a scare through the Aussie camp but it was James Hopes who inflicted a different kind of pain on South Africa. COMMENTATOR: Mike Hussey doesn't drop those. Jean-Paul Duminy combined with Mark Boucher for a 49-run stand

but the Aussies restricted the Proteas to just 157. It's going to be out - taken right on the rope. Warner was targeted by speedster Dale Steyn before he was bowled for just 7 - much to the disappointment of the Brisbane crowd. Oh, he's bowled him - clean bowled him.

Well, that will make the South Africans' day. Almost. But Ricky Ponting can certainly hit a six, as well. The Aussies on course for victory before some Duminy magic halted proceedings. Oh, he's caught it. He's caught it. He's caught a phenomenal catch. But while Duminy produced one moment of brilliance his next attempt was a complete disaster.

Cameron White went on to hit four boundaries in the over. This one is really out of the middle of the bat. White the hero - sealing the win with a six.

nice batting with Mike at the end and as I said, it was good to get the runs and good to get the win.

Today, Cricket Australia apologised to the tourists after a green laser was pointed at their fielders

by someone in the crowd. The South Africans did not complain about the incident.

Lleyton Hewitt has produced the most impressive match since returning to tennis - a straight-sets win in the second round at the Sydney International. Australian Open finalists Both last year's breezed through their matches today in his win over Janko Tipsarevic. while Hewitt was much improved Serbian Janko Tipsarevic Lleyton Hewitt to start with. was a shade better than Shutting out the sun and Hewitt as he took a 5-2 lead. let him down. But Tipsarevic's main tools Putting his to use,

got him back in the game... Hewitt's grit and other goodies COMMENTATOR: Now that's trademark.

..winning the first set 7-5. told off for taking a seat. Tipsarevic lost his way - where he was going - Hewitt knew exactly to the quarterfinals. He had to fight to finish Tipsarevic off but it was his best display in his comeback from hip surgery.

Yesterday was my first match actually on the tour for about five months so I was always going to be a little rusty. Australian Open finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

appeared to be in a bad way with his back. All sorts of treatment had him grimacing but it didn't affect his game, beating Italian Simone Bolleli in straight sets. The man who beat Tsonga last year, Novak Djokovic, Paul-Henri Mathieu. disposed of another Frenchman - dropping just three games. Also with ease,

At the AAMI Classic at Kooyong, Carlos Moya, Roger Federer met Spanish Veteran with Federer firing first... Gee whiz. Oh, too good. his gun shot. ..before the Spaniard brought out

Carlos Moya. It's his big weapon, Federer finished this fight, an 8-0 record over Moya. with the maestro now boasting After easing through, Federer fired yet another warning until 2016 - that he's not done with

that will make him 34 years young.

27 is not really old, you know... ..for your information.

Now in the cricket, Michael clack

will test out his injured thumb

tomorrow, if he is out, David Warner

gets a run in the one dayers. Good

to see to see him have a go. Checking finance now and there was a surprising rise on the share market. Mining and banking stocks made good gains. Caltex jumped 5% after revealing higher-than-forecast profits.

If you thought today was hot, wait

for tomorrow. The forecast next. for tomorrow. The forecast next.,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but after a hot day, across Sydney. we're in for a very warm night

in that M4 traffic jam. Hope you weren't caught From the satellite - over Queensland has cleared - you can see much of the cloud ending days of torrential rain. through the south-eastern States, Tomorrow a cool change will move giving them a break from the heat. It'll get here later in the evening. Around the country - in Brisbane. fine and Perth. Fine in Adelaide On Sydney's waterways - there's a strong wind warning. Needless to say, across Sydney tonight, It will be hot and humid then a scorcher tomorrow before a possible late storm.

But a southerly change will cool us down tomorrow night. And looking ahead - there'll be a shower or two on Friday then it will clear for the weekend. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello, I'm Samantha Armytage. Tonight - Revenge, the dish best served cold. Restaurant whistleblowers show what top chefs will do to your food if you dare complain. The shackles are off. what they like at ATMs. Banks can now slug you

Do you remember their promise to you 29 years ago? when ATMs were introduced and filthy rich. They're young, dynamic we meet the nightclub tycoons Tonight, where anything goes. and their lives,

Houp is a mum worth? If you believe

a female judge, $

a female judge, $fiant a week.

a female judge, $fiant a week. It

outraged a mum during a hearing.

Three Supreme Court judges agreed

with her, saying the decision was

not rational. Clare Brady on why

mums everywhere agree. It's a 24-hours job. It's a 24-hour-a-day job. absolutely horrified. We're horrified, We feel so strongly about it, we think she should be removed from the bench.

Here's a judge that is totally out of touch with modern thinking about women's roles. (BABY CRIES) It has never, ever been 9-5, often gruelling shifts and if a child has a fever, no sleep at all. It's not just 9-5. Stay-at-home mums are self-trained nurses, teachers, chefs and counsellors all rolled into one

but according to a Melbourne judge, one deserved less than a casual cleaner. ruling County Court judge Wendy Wilmoth of keeping house that the monetary value for one woman and caring for two children was worth less than $5,000 a year. Astounded, she appealed and won.

came to her judgment - I'm not really sure how the judge it's a rather bizarre concept. appalled by her calculations. Family lawyer Caroline Counsel Applying commercial rates means of what goes on in a relationship, they have no concept of daily existence. the bump and grind it is to rear children, We all know how hard to run a household, we all know what's required we all know how difficult it is to be the breadwinner - all those different tasks within a relationship

are time consuming and are draining on our energies so, to suddenly just say, "Look, we're going to reduce everything you've ever done "in a relationship to a commercial hourly rate" to me, is a nonsense. The insulting figure of $18/hr raised eyebrows and blood pressures.