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(generated from captions) There's Ricky Ponting's wagon wheel.

Runs all around the wicket.

Signature strokes a real joy to see

Ricky Ponting somewhere near hi

best. The news here at the Gabba is

that bad lying has almost certainly

ended things for the day officially

local time players it's 10 until

five. There's provision to go until

5:30 but you have to be on the

field at five o'clock for that to

happen and we doubt very much the

players will be. The umpires don't

think the light is good enough.

Sydney and Melbourne viewers leave

us for Nine News. It's official.

It's been called. So that's it from

10:30 day the day. Play at the Gabba begins

This program is captioned live.

Tonight - a free man - Jeffrey

Gilham has his double murder conviction quashed.

Shock attack - a contrucks worker

has acid thrown in his face.

A toddler fighting for life after

falling into an unfenced pool.

The fight for justice over faulty

hip replacements.

And the young royals cheerleading for Britain.

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Georgie Gardner. Good evening. A

jury found him guilty of murdering

his parents, but tonight Jeffrey

Gilham is celebrating his first

night of freedom after his

convictions were overturned. Appeal

court judges ordered a retrial

after crucial forensic evidence was

found to be severely flawed.

A champagne moment for Jeffrey

Gilham, a million miles from

Goulburn Jail. He was set free to

cheers and applause.


Holding back a smile, he clutchs

his wife, Robecca's hand. Walking

from court, his double murder

conviction quashed. I would really

like to take this chance to say

thank you to the people that have

supported us, that have stood by us

and have put in an enormous amount

of hard work to get to where we are

today. We never would have got

there without them. He calmly

walked through a crush of cameras.

Did you ever think this day would

come? Waving to his supporters

before getting into a taxi, home to

his family in St Ives. Frpblt happy.

Glieghted. -- Happy. Delighted.

Jeffrey Gilham was jailed for life

two years ago for stabbing his

parents to death and setting them

on fire at the family home in

Woronora in 1993. He awesome

maintained his innocence. It's his

story that he was in the boatshed

when his mother called him in

distress, via the intercom. He said

when he got to the house his

brother, Christopher, was standing

over his mother's body. So, in a

fit of rage, he grabbed the knife

and killed his younger brother. He

denied carrying out the frenzied

attack himself. Are you sure up

didn't stab your mother and father?

Very sure. That same day, he went

back with detectives to his

parents' burned-out home. Say my

father in the bedroom, on the floor.

The case against Gilham crumbled

when his defence team revealed new

forensic evidence, which it claims

proved Christopher may have been

alive when the fire started. I have

no further comment. My job ends in

the courtroom. You have done it

pretty well today, would you say?

One man who still believes Jeffrey

is guilty, his Uncle Tony. I will

say one thing to Jeffrey - it's not

over yet, alright? It is not over

yet. The judges will now decide

whether to go ahead with a retrial

or acquit Jeffrey Gilham on all


Lizzie, what's Jeffrey Gilham's

immediate future? Well, Georgie,

Jeffrey Gilham will live here in St

Ives with his family. He's not in

the clear just yet. He still has

this retrial hanging over his head.

However, the judges haven't ruled

out a full acquittal. However, for

the immediate future he's expected

to come home here tonight. It's

part of his bail conditions that he

live in this house behind me,

Georgie. Yizie, thank you very much.

There's been an -- Lizzie, thank

you very much. There's been an acid

attack at Putney in Sydney's west

this afternoon. Dimity Clancey,

what happened? Well, it appears

that two construction workers have

got into an argument on site here

this afternoon. One men got acid

and poured it over the face of the

other man. Police sayed offender

has taken off his construction hat

and vest and bolted from the scene.

He remains on the run. Meanwhile,

the victim, a 50-year-old man, has

been taken to Royal North Shore

Hospital with facial burns. He's in

a stable condition. Police did

arrive here a short time later and

spoke to other workers on site and

have now taken a couple of them

down to the station for questioning.

At this stage, Georgie, this is an

thank you. ongoing investigation. Dimity,

Julia Gillard's key note address to

the ALP National Conference was

overshadowed today by manoeuvring

over the gay marriage issue. A

change to laish's platform in

favour of same-sex marriage --

Labor's platform in favour of same-

sex marriage is almost certain, but

the Prime Minister insisted to

faction leaders that Government MPs

must be allowed a conscience vote

in Parliament. Julia Gillard waits

outside the auditorium while

waiting to be introduced, then

enters to a standing ovation to

deliver her first address at Prime

Minister to a National ALP

Conference. Labor is the party of

jobs. The Prime Minister used the

word 'jobs' 30 time notice speech.

As the party of jobs, we govern for

jobs. But it was overshadowed over

behind-the-scenes lobbying and arm-

twisting over same-sex marriage. Ms

Gillard has come out strongly

against gay marriage, but it's

clear a majority of the 400

conference delegates will vote

tomorrow for a change in the party

platform to support it. The PM's

fallback position is to insist that

Labor MPs be allowed a conscience

vote in Parliament, with the

Coalition pledged to oppose any alt

ration to the Marriage --

alteration to the meadge Act. Today

-- to the Marriage Act.

The conference must fall in behind

her on a conscience vote. If the

Prime Minister were to lose on this,

it would be a major humiliation. To

ensure that doesn't happen,

powerbrokers are working on what

one senior source call as high-

level fix. As for the speech, it

was pretty forgettable anyway.

Here's a sample. Showing the

courage of your convictions does

take courage. You don't say, PM.

A former youth worker has appeared

in court after police allegedly

seized a large amount of child

pornography, weapons and police

uniforms. The 49-year-old man is

also a former Australian federal

police officer. Police allegedly

found computers with more than

35,000 still images and 800 videos

of child abuse. They also found

face masks, battons and handcuffs.

The man was refused bail.

A 2-year-old boy from Sydney's

south-west is fighting for life in

hospital tonight after almost

drowning in a backyard pool. The

toddler was found floating face-

down. The pool was unfenced.

Now almost empty, this ordinary

backyard pool was last night very

nearly the scene of tragedy. It was

around 8pm that the family of

little Cayden Sayers noticed him

missing. A frantic search for the

2-year-old led them into the yard.

They found Cayden floating face

down in their pool. I heard a lot

of commotion, yelling and carrying

on, saying, "My boy is dead. He's

not breathing." He had been in the

water only a maurt of minutes but

it was long -- matter of minutes

but it was long enough. He wasn't

breathing, just lying there. Werner

Palmer was visiting his mother next

door. Ran over, conducted CPR on

the 2-year-old boy. The father and

parents were on the telephone,

ringing 000. His actions may well

have saved the little boy's life.

But the whole incident could have

been prevented in the first place.

The yard here is enclosed and this

back door is normally locked. Last

night, though, it was open. The

toddler climbed up the step-ladder

and fell in. Any pool over 30cm

deep requires fencing and requires

to have council approval. It's

something again that pool owners

need to be aware. The issue of

child safety in and around pools

has been the focus of intense media

campaigning in the lead-up to

summer. Please watch out when

there's water B It's a message the,

say,er family wants to promote --

the Sayers family wants to promote.

Ian Macdonald today denied he had

taken his pick from a group of

prostitutes during a lavish dinner

with property tycoon Ron Medich. He

told a final day of a hearing at the Corruption Commission he had

drunk too much and wasn't wearing

his glasses. In comment. I will

have my comments to make when the

report comes down, thank you. That

report is expected early in the new year.

League star Ryan Tandy has been

found guilty of lying to the NSW

Crime Commission about his

involvement in the NRL match-fixing

scandal. The former Bulldog is now

facing up to two years behind bars.

For a betting man, Ryan Tandy

hasn't exactly been enjoying a run

of good luck. Already on a good

behaviour bond for a beght sting,

which saw him give away -- betting

sting, which saw him give away a

penalty... To be saying I was

involved, it's ridiculous. It looks

like something happened, you know?

To be honest, I haven't had a look

at the vision. You know, that's how

much I was unaware of it. Now the

former prop has been found guilty

of lying to the Crime Commission

about the scandal. Tandy did admit

he was a keen gambler. Horses,

dogs... Whatever. But Tandy drew a

blank when asked about what bets he

placed with jockey manager John

Shell, on a variety of sports,

including NRL games. That was, in

the words of the magistrate, not

credible. She found it amounted to

giving false or misleading evidence.

Tandy is now facing up to two years

in jail. The magistrate said she

was all but obliged to give Tandy a

jail sentence, but then later held

out the possibility he could be

given a form of community service.

Tandy will find out what sentence

it will be on January 13.

An overturned truck caused chaos

for motorists in Strathfield this

morning. A shipping container

rolled off the rig and landed on

the front of this car. The driver

suffered only minor injuries. It

took several hours to clear the

traffic backlog.

Lawyers for hundreds of Australians

with faulty hip implants are

calling for their compensation

claims to be dealt with before the

case goes to trial. Since the

artificial joint was recalled last

year, more and more victims have

come forward.

When doctors told Janis Larsen she

was getting the best, the St Clair

grandmother believed all her hip

problems would be solved. He said,

"This is the Rolls-Royce. I would

like to put it in you." But the du

Pew turned out -- but the DePuy

turned out to be a lemon. It would

become loose, dislocating the bone.

Metal particles would float off

into the bloodstream, leaving

behind levels of cobalt and

chromium. To have something inside

of you that's eating away at you, I

felt I was being poisoned. 5,000

people have the implant. In a

statement, the distributor, Johnson

& Johnson says it's providing

information and assistance to at

least 4,000 patients. Hundreds have

already taken action against them,

and the UK maker, DePuy. Today

there were calls for a quick

settlement. Lawyers are preparing

for a trial but they are hoping it

won't get to that point. They want

to sit down with DePuy and Johnson

& Johnson to work out a

compensation package for their

clients. They claim that they are

doing what they can to minimise the

impact, but defending a class

action is not the way to do that.

Janis had her implant replaced in

April. She says she's one of the

lucky ones. I am not 69 yet. I have

a lot of living to do. The world's

most popular young royals, William,

Kate and Harry, have been named

ambassadors for Britain's Olympic

team. Organisers are hoping their

involvement as chief cheerleaders

will boost the team's chances for a

record-breaking medal haul.

In the news ahead - we reveal the

best time to fill up with petrol this weekend.

Plus - Cate Blanchett brings high

fashion to Sydney.

And no joke - Jeremy Clarkson

apologises for his latest gaffe.

Some good news for motorists, with

petrol prices expected to drop

across Sydney in the coming days.

Right now the highest price is $1

hadn't 49 a litre. The lowest is

$1.29 at 7-Eleven in North Rocks.

On average, we're spending around

$1.36 a litre, but that's forecast

to drop to $1.32 over the weekend.

Well, times might be hard, but that

hasn't stopped luxury retailer

Louis Vuitton opening a new store

in the city. Cate Blanchett was

there to cut the ribbon and the

retailer's convinced there will be

plenty of customers lining up to

spend at the high-end boutique.

Girls, get your eyes on. Louis

Vuitton's new stores open on George

Street, and the handbags are to die

for. The quality, so good, you can

even design your own. And not just

handbags. So these are the Kate

Moss boots. Supposedly they took

three hour toss lace her legs into.

There are guards on the door, and

for good reason. This piece alone

worth $1.5 million. There's

menswear, handmade shoes, class all

around. Cate Blanchett said nothing.

The new store is open on the corner

of George and King streets, just

across the road from the Apple

store. Tiffany, Balle, Hermes and

others are all close by. We thought

that the city of Sydney deserved

what we call the Fifth Avenue of

New York. You might ask why are

they investing so much in luxury

goods at a time when retailers are

hurting? Department store sales

down 3.3% last month. The total

market is now worth more than $900

million a year. But it's not for

everyone. Not for the average,

middle-class person, like me. Way

beyond my barracket. Even in harder

times, -- My bracket. Even in

harder times, people want to enjoy

life. 'Top Gear' star Jeremy

Clarkson has offended every British

unionist with his remedy for this

week's national strike. Frankly, I

would have them all shot. I would

have them executed in front of

their families. How dare they go on

strike? Union leaders hit back,

calling him vile, disgusting and

disgraceful. He has apologised.

Sport is next. Hi. How are you? We

had tension at the Gabba today. New

and old careers on the line. But

Ricky Ponting's future suddenly

looks a whole lot clearer. We'll tell you why.

Meet the new top dog at Belmore.

And Jamie Whincup wins the first battle of

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Plenty of fireworks at the Gabba today. Unfortunately not from our

openers, rather a couple of

veterans back to their best. After

New Zealand was bowled out for 295,

David Warner and Phillip Hughes

failed to make start. The only

thing that could stop Michael

Clarke and Ricky Ponting's batting

on slaught was a decision by the

umpires to stop play for bad light.

Daniel Vettori and Dean Brownlie

finding the ropes easily and

frequently. Starc and Warner made a

mess of this ball from Vettori and

a great opportunity bit the dust.

COMMENTATOR: No, he won't.

Khawaja run out on 38. There's no

way. With some classic Ponting pull

shots, the 36-year-old notched up a

half-century. Clarke was also look

dangerous, until this. A quick

check of the replay and the Aussie

skipper was back in business. Oh,

it's not out! And Roz joins us live

from the Gabba now. Roz, it was a

vintage performance from Ponting

today? Absolutely, Cam. 67 not out.

Mark Taylor, what do you think - a

career-saving performance today?

Absolutely. I think so. He needed

to make some runs. 67 not out,

chance to make a hundred tomorrow.

That would silence everyone. What

did you think of the Clarke not-out

problem? Well, exactly what I

thought when Matt Prior did the

same thing last year. Nicked one

out, was out, walked off, got

called back. I didn't like it then,

I don't like it now. Cricket is not

a science. The odd no-ball gets

missed. If it's missed, continue on

with the game. I don't like it.

Warchwarch and Hughes - a dis--

Warner and Hughes - a disappointing

knock? Yeah. The two lefties on

today. They might get a chance

later on in the game to maim some

runs. Thank you very much. Day

three resumes on Channel Nine

tomorrow. V8 Championship contenders Jamie Whincup and Craig

Lowndes have set the scene for an

epic battle in the Sydney 500,

topping the times. Earlier today,

the next-generation V8 Supercar was

unveiled - it's lighter, cheaper

and should attract more

manufacturers into the series.

Premiership coach Des Hasler has

made his first high-profile

appointment at the Bulldogs, naming

hooker Michael Ennis as team

captain for next year. I think it

certainly outshone anything I have

achieved in the game. It's

something that I regard extremely

highly. Meanwhile, Benji Marshall

will replace Darren Lockyer as

capital of the All Stars, and

Arthur Beetson name is already

immortalised. Now it will feature

in the popular exhibition game on

the All Stars Trophy. There will be

many tributes to Arthur over the coming months.

Rightly so. Thank you very much. To finance:

Well, Amber's next with the weather.

It was a fairly cool day? It sure

was, Georgie. But it should be a

little warmer over the weekend. Details next.

embassy. Next on WIN News... The

union picket line at the new union picket line at the new Chines

embassy. The CM signs a

cross-border agreement. And, police

prepare to hit the streets for

Operation Unite. Join me for all Operation Unite. Join me for all th details next. (BIRDS CHIRP)

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After an early shower it was a

partly cloudy day with a few sunny

breaks. There could be a few

showers tonight along the coast.

Tomorrow - a high will keep most of

south-eastern Australia dry and

cool. Queensland could see a few

showers, while a low in the west

will bring rain to WA and the


We will see just a possible morning

shower tomorrow along the coast,

but otherwise it will be a most

will you sunny day - much like

today. It will be a cool night,

though, dropping to nine degrees in Campbelltown, before warming up tomorrow.

We can expect similar conditions

for the next week.

Well, the weekend is here, so grab

a copy of 'Best Weekend' in

tomorrow's 'Daily Telegraph'. Head

out to Coogee tomorrow for the

Family F-111 Day on the beach. With

Christmas fast approaching, why --

Family Fun Day on the beach. With

Christmas fast approaching, why not

give an experience through gift vouchers? There's everything from

climbing the mast of a tall ship to

rally car driving. Or book into a

show like the illusionists at the

Opera House. Have a good end. Thank

you very much. That is the news

this Friday. Thanks for being with

us. I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.com.au. More in the late edition. Tonight

... The union picket line - to ... The union picket line - to crac

down on working conditions at the

Chinese embassy. The CM signs a

cross-border deal with the NSW

Premier. And: police prepare for

ugly scenes as they hit the streets

for Operation Unite. Good evening,

The construction union staged a The construction union staged a ver

vocal picket line outside the new

Chinese Embassy this morning.

Concerns have been raised over

safety at the site - the CFMEU

claiming, dangerous practices aren'

t being stopped, because it' s t being stopped, because it' s bein

denied access to the project. denied access to the project.

Workers rights for all. Workers

rights for all. These builders aren' t working on the new Chinese