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(generated from captions) that's got to do with romance you think of something and love and everything, so... 10 seconds. let it be C, Hearts. I'm thinking please, please Yes. Hearts is your answer?

Lock it in with two seconds. Locked in. was Tchaikovsky's opera Based on Pushkin's short novel 'The Queen of Spades'. (GROANS) (GROANS) 1890. The short story in 1834. That's alright. I'm sorry about that. Vicki, you've got $1,000. It's $1,000 I didn't have before. for playing tonight. Congratulations Vicki Hansen - she's won a grand.

Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll see you next time in the www.redbeemedia.com.au Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

leafy North Shore neighbourhood has left residents of this To gather as much possible about her book professional possible about her book as more and home at the time of While he has been spoken suspect. police he is not considered a may have

have followed her

(TENSE MUSIC) (GATE SQUEAKS) (CHILD BREATHES HEAVILY) (TENSE MUSIC STOPS) (BIRDS CHIRP) (GIGGLES) WOMAN: (PLAYFULLY) Found you! VOICEOVER: Become a foster carer overcome a child's fears, and you'll not only help you may conquer a few of your own. the childhood they deserve. Help give a child Awesome! McDonald's has dinner sorted. With three new family dinner boxes and right now each one comes with a free 'Buzz' DVD quiz game

for the family.

for its Black Sea navy fleet Russia has been given port access

Oh, hi, Mum.

see how you're going. Just thought I'd drop in, Washing day, is it? reason for workplace safety VOICEOVER: Her most important has run out of clean undies. Come on.

Coming up on WIN News... The new

Coming up on WIN News... The new

Feders Magistrate' s plans, The ACT' s Magistrate' s plans,

ACT' s Magistrate' s plans, The

Federal Government under fire for

putting its ETS on ice, And, the putting its ETS on ice, And, the ACT

Brumbies sign a deal to take the

game north. Join me for all (HOPEFUL PIANO MUSIC PLAYS) that has everything? MAN: What can you give a country and the temper to match? That has the looks

That makes you want to go out, doesn't give you a choice? and sometimes to enjoy the good, You can give them the freedom without worrying about the bad. rescue services since 1970, We've supported Australia's

our most ambitious initiative ever and we're launching for the Westpac choppers. to raise money for those who do so much for us. It's one way we can do more (CHATTER) Check this! Ooooh! (GRUNTS) (CHUCKLES) Someone's got to lighten up. Time for a Diet Coke. (POP MUSIC) SONG: # She's a maniac # Maniac on the floor

she's never danced before # And she's dancing like # Maniac on the... #

winds and a high of eighteen Tonight

... Claims a new bus ticketing

system WON' T cause massive delays system WON' T cause massive

for passengers, Turning the

Territory' s biggest infrastructure

project into a tourist

attraction,And, the Brumbies sign a

deal to take professional rugby to deal to take professional rugby to

the Top End. Good evening, I' m

the Top End. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good, Bus passengers Jessica Good, Bus passengers could

be staring down the barrel of

be staring down the barrel of

extensive delays, as the Government

rolls out a new ticketing system.Similar moves in system.Similar moves in other cities

have proven to be an absolute

debacle. But Jon Stanhope says debacle. But Jon Stanhope says work

is underway to ensure the eight

million dollar transition goes

smoothly. The Government

smoothly. The Government believes

the current ticketing system aboard

ACTION Buses is out-of-date.