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Media Watch is Australia's leading forum for media analysis and comment. David Marr and the team turn a critical eye on the media in general and journalism in particular.


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(generated from captions) CC shark attack victim She doesn't look like your average but just a few hours ago, a large white pointer. Linda Whitehurst was fighting off That got us wondering - victim look like? what does your average shark attack Like this? Or this? Or perhaps this? I'm Monica Attard. Hello and welcome to media watch. radio's Kyle Sandilands, You'd think someone like Sydney

to pay out on people, who's always happy a bit of criticism in return. might have learnt to cop He hasn't. had more bile And 2Day FM's resident buffoon offended. when another listener called in, the race card in east L.A. I hope Kyle doesn't play next year. when he heads to tinseltown Telegraph' Alan Jones and Sydney's 'Daily over comments both made could be facing contempt charges death in Iraq of private Jake Kovco. about the upcoming inquest into the with his own pistol in his barracks Private Kovco was shot in the head last year. as a result of skylarking. A military inquiry found he died is to examine the death. Now the New South Wales coroner reported Last week, the 'Daily Telegraph' was pressuring the family. counsel assisting the inquest It's rare, can choose to have an inquest but the family of the deceased heard by a jury. But Mrs Kovco's lawyer told us, how the 'Daily Telegraph' reported though she agrees with the thrust of her comments, she didn't use the word 'pressured'. story for the 'Daily Telegraph' But Janet Fife-Yeomans who wrote the

of events. stands by her interpretation now criticising the behaviour Well, Mrs Kovco is certainly not of counsel assisting the coroner. the 'Telegraph' story ran, But back when the story and take it much further. 2GB's Alan Jones was ready to pick up attempt by the authorities Jones not only asserted there was an would sit without a jury. to ensure the inquest He suggested a wider conspiracy. was disturbed enough The New South Wales coroner and Alan Jones by both the 'Daily Telegraph'

to refute both allegations - to put out a media statement - had pressured the Kovcos. that counsel assisting her Counsel assisting the coroner - an apology from Alan Jones - who's asked for but not yet received tells us - with contempt, and convicted, If Alan Jones is charged very serious. the consequences could be behaviour bond for contempt of court In April he was put on a good out of the 'Daily Telegraph'. over another story he picked up in a murder trial. That time he named a juvenile witness not only a new sentence. Another conviction would see re sentencing But it could mean he faces conditions on his first conviction. for breaching bond pass judgment of his own. Still, Alan Jones is always ready to of appointments to senior counsel Looking at the New South Wales list and dumped on another. he singled one out for praise is that you didn't point out What's funny, Alan, running the case that Mark Hobart is the prosecutor contempt conviction. against your appeal of your first obviously thought this story Melbourne's 'Sunday Herald Sun' was sensational - the nastiest tabloid beat-ups even if it was inaccurate and one of we've seen in a while. That story spread like wildfire. were also named. the two Melbourne dads for a story that was largely wrong. That's a pretty good strike rate of this story The two fathers at the heart fertility clinic they'd consulted, were approached by the American the Sunday 'Herald Sun's story. and asked to take part in They refused. and denied - But soon after that request was made Though the clinic won't comment, clinic gave them the details the newspaper says at some stage the of the couple. some off the record background - The men say they gave the reporter So what happened? under the extraordinary headline - How did the men end up in a story "Gays buy twins"? According to one of the fathers - first reporter went home sick The Sunday 'Herald Sun' insists the to the job. so it assigned Liam Houlihan Liam Houlihan - The couple say they told they hadn't used gender selection. no they were not Australians and no, reporter anything more They say they didn't tell the he'd talk to his editor. and that Liam told them with bad news. The two men say they were called back the children are not twins. The correct information is that The eggs came from the same donor, the fathers named in the story. and the sperm from one of 14 months apart. But the children were born online as well as in the paper, And after the story was published all the details - And Simon Pristel told us which turned out to be wrong -

the couple had used. were provided by the clinic one of the men cooperated - And the editor insists Was it such an important topic a family that wanted privacy that it warranted identifying as designer babies and labelling the children that were ordered to spec? nights last week Channel 7's 'Today Tonight' spent two its song lampooning dead people. hammering ABC TV's 'The Chaser' over and the 'Chaser's latest skit Two days on isn't any funnier. demonising dead celebrities this crasss and tasteless dig So what is the ABC doing at at the dead? Tonight's position Plenty would agree with 'Today exploiting the dead for laughs. that 'The Chaser' went too far by

have written to Media Watch But plenty of Channel 7 viewers a missing, possibly dead toddler about 7's own attempt to exploit as advertising fodder.

has the whole world mystified, As little Madeline's disappearance could this be what happened to her? another little girl Now the event about who disappears just as mysteriously. hiding their own secret? Was she kidnapped or are mum and dad 'Torn', premieres Sunday 8:30. didn't sell. Mercifully that promotion The movie flopped in the ratings. That's the show for this week. Thanks for your company. I'm back next week see you then. Closed Captions by CSI


Good evening. The Federal

Good evening. The Federal Environment Minister says Australia may never

have to adopt nuclear power. Malcolm

Turnbull says, nuclear energy needs

to be considered as a possible

to be considered as a possible source in the future, but it would have to

meet environmental, community and

economic standards before any

economic standards before any nuclear plants are built. Labor says, the

Government is trying to talk down

Government is trying to talk down the prospect of nuclear power because

prospect of nuclear power because the election is just weeks away.

Victorian nurses look set to face

Victorian nurses look set to face the Federal Court, for defying an order

to end their work bans. After six

days of bans, nurses say they've

closed more than 1,200 beds and

cancelled up to 500 elective

surgeries. The Industrial Relations

Commission has given nurses until 8:

Commission has given nurses until 8:00 tomorrow morning to go back to

work. But their leaders say they

won't be swayed until they reach an

acceptable agreement on their pay

acceptable agreement on their pay and conditions. A Japanese team is in

conditions. A Japanese team is in the lead in the World Solar Car

lead in the World Solar Car Challenge between Darwin and Adelaide. The

university team was first to arrive

in Alice Springs today, despite

breaking down just outside. Strong

winds, dust storms and clouds have

slowed the progress of the field.

slowed the progress of the field. The race resumes on Wednesday. A wet day

in Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide,

Melbourne and Canberra. In Sydney -

overcast and a top of 25. More news

in 'Lateline' at 10:25.


Good evening. Welcome to

'Enough Rope' coming from

London. When I saw her in

'Prime Suspect' I wanted her

to arrest me. When I saw her in 'Gosford Park' I want her

to order me a round, when I

saw her in 'The Queen' I

wanted to be her corgi. She

is of course the aluminous

Helen Mirren I love the

corgi much I can understand why the Queen has had them

for all her life. They are

very funny characters. In

what way funny? They are

like really interested in

everything. You know, they

are like looking around. They

run so fast they fall over

their own feet. They are

comedians, very funny little

dogs, I was very fond of them

and the dogs I had were not

trained film dogs, just out

of a corgis kennel sort of

thing. I have had lots of

dogs in my life and trained

dogs thanks to Barbara

Woodhouse. I am of the Barbara Woodhouse school of

training. 'No!' 'Sit!' "Good

dog, good dog!". All of

that. Did they pay any

attention at all? They got

it like that. It was like "We

have to take her seriously so

I was very good with them"

When you said 'No!' And

'Sit!' I thought I would snap

the attention. It is a brave

thing to write your memoirs

when you claim to be

blissfully forgetful Memory

is such a training thing. It

is so peculiar because as my

husband says how come you can

remember a four and a half play of Eugenia O'Neal and

not remember that we are

meeting someone on Friday or

something like that, but

memory is strange, it does

not happen in literal

straightforward ways. Can you

give me your Russian name?

It is Ilyena Vasilievna

Mironov. That sound good.

Russian is a beautiful

language. It is dark music

In the war it was made out to

be a horrible language but

politics are terrible, aren't

they. In the Cold War all

Russian women were really fat

and ugly and suddenly somehow

Russian women have become the

beautiful model girls we know

them to be in the same way

the Russian language was

thought of as ugly. Ilyena

Mironov. Ilyena Vasilievna

Mironov. It means 'Daughter

of Mironov' . Your grandfather was Russian

aristocracy who ended up

being stranded by the Russian

revolution in England He was

not really aristocracy, he

was upper middle-class. But a czarist

Yes, absolutely. He was a

member of the military class

in Russia and in

pre-revolutionary Russia you

had the aristocracy then

military class which in a