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(generated from captions) isolated and low on supplies - This morning - from the Hunter floods the battle to recover into billions. as the damage bill runs

threaten to sue Pakistan's cricketers their coach wasn't murdered. as police concede

revenge in tonight's Origin II. And the Blues seek some sweet

This program is captioned live. Morning News with Rebecca Maddern. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's Those stories in just a moment the ACTU has defended its plan but first in marginal seats to target union members

to the federal election. in the lead-up Government MPs claim it's dishonest. Unions say they have every right

is bad for Australia. to explain why WorkChoices in Canberra It's hardly barbeque weather to hijack the great Aussie tradition but the Government says unions want before the election. to promote their cause to stay in power It's their last-gasp effort

in the Labor Party with their cohorts

campaign, as we know. and it's a very dishonest to rally thousands of union members The ACTU battle plan aims in marginal seats. of phone calls, home visits Unions will make a series and organise community barbeques to target undecided voters. the political trickery This illustrates that the union bosses will get up to

is elected. to ensure that Kevin Rudd it's American-style campaigning Mr Hockey says into supporting Labor. designed to trick voters

by the Liberal Party These tactics that have been used importer into this country which of course is the biggest of American-style election tactics. with campaigning at barbeques Unions say there's nothing wrong and sporting events. for talking to our members We make no apology about what will affect them and their grandkids. and the future for their kids This type of cold-calling campaign in Australian politics. is becoming increasingly common to counter The unions say they need to use it advertising blitz. the Government's multimillion-dollar share the facts and information It's entirely right and proper to with the public. Australian politicians a lashing The Chinese Government has given his visit to Canberra yesterday. for meeting the Dalai Lama during foreign ministry A spokesman for China's bilateral ties. says it may have harmed He expressed strong dissatisfaction allowed to go ahead that the visit had been

dismissed China's concerns. but MPs from all sides have to lecture another country, It's just not right for a country it's just not right. the Tibetan spiritual leader Labor leader Kevin Rudd met last night with him in Sydney later this week. and John Howard plans to hold talks

Perth police have confirmed at a recycling plant yesterday that the body of a baby found was that of a boy. as they try to determine They're now calling for witnesses at the Atlas plant at Malaga if the newborn was left in Perth's northern suburbs. or dumped elsewhere how the baby died. It's not yet known the baby's mother Police say their priority is finding amid concerns for her health.

reconstruct the scene Crash investigators will today at Kerang. of last week's rail disaster the tragedy that claimed 11 lives. They're searching for answers to is in Kerang and he joins us now. Seven News reporter Trent Evans Good morning, Trent. the reconstruction will work today? Can you tell us exactly how Good morning.

Good morning. That reconstruction

will work when they actually use a

borrowed train and truck and try to

simulate the conditions that were

here at the time of the crash last

week. They will close the road for


about an hour from 12:

about an hour from 12:30 and the

evidence will be used for the

may coroner and computer modelling. We

may even

may even see a passenger train

return to the timetable tonight and return to the timetable tonight and

that will be the 6:

that will be the 6:15 leaving for

Melbourne from Swan Hill. You have

visited many of the local

communities affected by the crash.

communities affected by the crash.

How are they holding up? They are

still doing it tough. Funerals are

under way and the first of those under way and the first of those

will be held on Friday. As you say, the communities the communities certainly are doing

it tough. Yesterday we had a visit

here in Kerang by chief police

commissioner Christine Nixon who

spent a couple hours here with her

colleagues just to make sure

colleagues just to make sure they

are OK because we saw many of them

reduced to tears. We will leave it there. in the New South Wales Hunter Valley The floodwaters are receding

this morning

are facing weeks of hardship. but most families in the region are running low, Food and other supplies businesses are struggling to reopen and the battle with insurance companies has only just begun. homes are still without power In short, nearly 20,000 remain isolated by floodwaters. and hundreds of families of the natural disaster The economic cost is expected to reach $1 billion and businesses with thousands of homes damaged by the storm and flood.

about a disease outbreak There are also concerns after dozens of sewage pumping stations failed in the storms. their flooded homes and belongings. People are being urged to disinfect remain closed today At least 28 schools in the region and some roads are still blocked. Seven reporter Paul Kadak in Newcastle is on the banks of the Hunter River of the tanker the 'Pasha Bulker', and has the latest on the salvage

which is stuck on Nobbys Beach.

eyes have been on other ship, Kira Here in Newcastle this morning all

which has just arrived from

Melbourne to try to refloat Melbourne to try to refloat the

'Pasha Bulker'. It has pulled up to

the Puerto long side the tug Luna. the Puerto long side the tug Luna. A

third tug is expected to join in the

effort. It has 15 tonne anchors and third tug is expected to join in the

they will try to get the ship to

drag itself off the beach. There are

drag itself off the beach. There are

higher than normal tides coming into

Newcastle in the next couple of days

and early next week. It is hard to

say whether the team

say whether the team will be ready

to refloat the ship when the tides

hit. It is a hive of activity

related to the 'Pasha Bulker' and

also there is the oil pollution

also there is the oil pollution

team. They are there should any oil

start leaking. They said they are

ready to get their booms ready in 30

minutes. They are hoping it is when

the 'Pasha Bulker' is removed from

the beach it will be at dry dock

before it goes to Japan. It will

cost the shipping company millions

of dollars. When you look across the

region, the damage estimate toll $

region, the damage estimate toll is

$1 billion. It puts on scale with

the Cyclone Larry of last year. More

than 20,000 insurance claims have

been made. At least one major

insurer has classified it as storm insurer has classified it as storm

damage rather than flood damage.

Flood damage is hard to insure for.

That is good news for some people

with their policies. The floodwaters

are receding but there is a lot of

damage across the region. Roads in

towns are still cut off. There are

towns are still cut off. There are

schools closed and there are fears

of disease because some of the

of disease because some of the sewerage treatment plants not in

action. Across the region everyone

is chipping in. It is better to try is chipping in. It is better to try

to get things cleaned up including

local prisoners. Minimum security

prisoners will help clean up with

the debris and that sort of thing.

At the Hunter River we are seeing a

lot of debris just below me in the

river itself you can see evidence of

that. Evidence that while the

floodwaters are receding, the clean up has a

up has a long way to go. That is the

latest in Newcastle. Back to you. Jamaican police have formally declared that Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died of natural causes. Woolmer was suspected to have been murdered during this year's World Cup, leaving his players under a cloud of suspicion. Now cricket great Imran Khan is telling them to sue. Jamaica's police force have spent a week preparing for this press conference, and when it came,

the message could have hardly been clearer - Bob Woolmer's death attributed to natural causes and not murder. Every effort has been made by the Jamaica Constabulary Force to seek the truth surrounding the circumstances of Bob Woolmer's death and bring the facts to his widow and family. And so an end to the story of this man's death. Bob Woolmer was an avuncular and much-respected figure in world cricket, the coach of Pakistan and formerly an English Test player.

On March 17, Bob Woolmer's Pakistan team lost to Ireland - a defeat that sealed their World Cup exit. The following morning,

Mr Woolmer, captured here on his hotel CCTV system, was found dead in his bathroom. Four days later, Jamaican police announced they were treating his death as murder by strangulation. The man leading the inquiry was Englishman Mark Shields. One of his first actions was to request support from Scotland Yard.

Shields's investigation centred on a report by Jamaican pathologist Ere Seshaiah, that a broken bone in Mr Woolmer's neck was evidence he had been strangled. Yet, three independent pathologists checked that report and each concluded it was wrong. We got it X-rayed and the fact is that the bone wasn't broken in the first place. As soon as the murder inquiry was launched, there was huge interest and plenty of speculation - there were claims of poisoning, of match-fixing, and behind-the-scenes rows with various Pakistani players being implicated. Now those players are being encouraged to seek formal redress. 100% the Pakistan Cricket Board should sue for damages. They were fingerprinted, DNA tested, they were told to stay in Jamaica. And all this time there was this media speculation going on.

I think, the players literally went into hiding. I mean, no-one saw them when they got back from Jamaica. God knows what they went through. Today Mr Woolmer's widow, Jill,

said she was relieved about the announcement and asked that she and her family be left to grieve in peace. Ahead in Seven's Morning News - our business and finance reports. As well as the dramatic rescue operation to save a man trapped under a collapsed building.

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Welcome back, you're watching Seven Morning News. In London

emergency crews are trying to free a construction worker trapped after a building collapsed. They're hoping a camera and listening device

will lead them to the man, who's covered in debris. Several builders were inside the 5-storey block when the top two levels caved in, showering the street and parked cars in rubble. All but one man escaped, police say he's conscious but the extent of his injuries aren't known. Jailed hotel heiress Paris Hilton has had a visit from her parents on family day at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. Cameras snapped Hilton's mother and father putting their personal belongings in a locker when they arrived. Fresh claims have also surfaced that Paris was dropped by her talent agent when she was sent back to prison on Saturday to serve the remainder of her 45-day sentence.

George W. Bush's watch is at the centre of a new mystery. Pictures of the US President in Albania show it on his wrist one minute but gone the next. The incident led to reports it was stolen. The White House claims the President simply slipped it into his pocket for safekeeping. To business and finance now. I'm joined by Justin Smirk, senior economist at Westpac. Good morning, Justin, Westpac's just released financial data. Has it shed any new light on the Australian economy?

The Westpac consumer sentiment

survey which hose 7.

survey which hose 7.5% but it fell

2% and that is strong level,

2% and that is strong level, strong

2% and that is strong level, strong share market, all feeding into

consumer sentiment. It is telling us

that the consumers are in a that the consumers are in a pretty

good state and supportive of the

economy. US stocks were weaker

economy. US stocks were weaker

overnight. Have we seen a shift in

equities. There is more going on

with what interest rates are doing.

We saw a rise in interest rates

around the world. Also the former

around the world. Also the former

chair man Greenspan talked about

liquid ti. The

liquid ti. The the equity market is

pushing down equity prices. Coming up next - sport with all your AFL and rugby league news. As well as an up close and personal look at the "cowboy way". All aboard! (Blows whistle) (Giggles) Don't. (Both giggle) (Blows whistle) Kids, quick, quick, quick, quick! Quickly! Quickly! (Blows whistle) ANNOUNCER: To CountryLink staff, service just comes naturally. So book now and save 40% off all CountryLink fares. Call: ..or visit your nearest CountryLink Travel Centre.

Start your day on the right foot with a new pair of sport shoes. Join any combined NIB Hospital and Extras package, and get $100 off any pair of shoes at The Athlete's Foot. Hurry - offer ends June 30. The Blues are hoping to level the score in State of Origin II tonight as the Maroons aim for their first win at Telstra Stadium. New South Wales is waiting official confirmation

that Anthony Minichiello won't be playing. Seven league reporter Pat Molihan has the latest.

Yes, terrible news for the Blues. I

spoke to David, Minichiello's

manager, he said he doesn't believe

he will play tonight. There is no

official announcement but we are

expecting one shortly. He was expecting one shortly. He was

expected at lunchtime but he hasn't

turned up at the team hotel and they

are due to go for a team walk. If he

is out, Brett Stewart will be in. He

is getting his crack and he is a try

scoring machine. They do need some

tries here tonight if they are to

beat Queensland. Brett Stewart is not scared

not scared at all of making his

debut. He said he is up for the

debut. He said he is up for the challenge. Playing club football and

challenge. Playing club football and now I got a

now I got a selection here and I

will do what I can to show I am

ready. They are pretty good players

and adapt quickly. He is in good

form and I got a feeling he will do

OK if he has to play. This isn't a

first. It happened last year.

Roosters halfback came Roosters halfback came in the night

before the game when Craig Gower was

ruled injured and he turned out to

be the hero for the Blues. He kicked

the winning field goal. I don't know

if Stewart has a couple of field

goals in him but he has a lot of

tries and they are confident in him tries and they are confident in him

because they haven't been beaten

here at Queensland. They are hopeful

that the crowd can make this a

hostile environment for Queensland.

The Blues copped plenty of

criticism. Talk about needing criticism. Talk about needing to

toughen up. The selectors have

warned them to go in and support

their mates. I don't think there

will be any stupid stuff. New South

Wales are too smart to get attracted Wales are too smart to get attracted

to that. They have too much flair.

If they want to deviate and get

sucked into the silly stuff, they

will pay a

will pay a price. The Queenslanders

have no intention of getting have no intention of getting

involved in that nonsense. When we

talk about aggressive action, we are

talking about mind set This is not a

sell-out. There are still tickets

available. They are

available. They are expecting a walk

available. They are expecting a walk

up crowd. A turnaround from the

weekend. They are hoping to get over

weekend. They are hoping to get over

the 80,000 mark but I don't think we

will see a sellout. I am confident will see a sellout. I am confident

the Blues will get a win and send

this to a decider up in Brisbane. Rebecca. In AFL, a new contract will be put to banned West Coast Eagle Ben Cousins this week. Cousins will reportedly be forced to take a pay cut and agree to the condition that he'll be sacked if he tests positive to drugs. The Players' Association says that contravenes the 3-strikes drug policy. And St Kilda is likely to sign a new contract next week that'll see them stay at Moorabbin. Now, AFL and league are fine for most sports lovers. but in some parts of the bush, there's only sport that cuts it - rodeo riding. And one of the biggest rodeos of all is in Coonamble in western NSW, where the spills are part of the thrill. Reporter Alex Cullen takes us for a ride. The cowboy behind the railing has one of two choices - he can back out or he can rock out! This is the biggest Rodeo and Campdraft in the Southern Hemisphere at Coonamble in north-west New South Wales. Last the eight seconds and you're the man but it doesn't always work out that way. COMMENTATOR: He came, he tried, but he failed to conquer. Shaun Read is just back from a badly broken arm.

His wife's just had triplets and you can imagine the worry but Shaun wouldn't have it any other way.

Sort of had three years doing the normal thing, mowin' lawns on Saturdays and that but yeah this is where it is, mate, this is good! Unfortunately Shaun was disqualified but at least he gets back to his family in one piece. You're probably wondering - is it cruel? 13-time Australian bronc riding champion and rodeo judge Kevin Cooper doesn't seem to think so. The bulls and horses, they have a good life, they get fed grain every day and they run out the pastures, they come in here and do eight seconds work. This is amazing, it is so intense. There are so many nerves floating around here at the moment,

so many emotions. And the best thing about it - these guys are so supportive of each other because they know going out there, they could get seriously hurt. Some people play footy, hockey, netball on the weekends these guys ride bulls.

Can't be that hard, can it? This big hunk of meat, his name is Seat Covers and he's owned by Nackadoo rodeo company. I've never ridden a bull. This is just the ticket. Wish me luck. This wannabe cowboy didn't back out but opted for a much smaller bull, or calf. It's a dangerous sport, but like any cowboy will tell you

it's hard to explain, there's nothing quite like it.

Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News, I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

Time for a look at today's weather now. And a cold front will bring more scattered showers over eastern Victoria,

as well as highland snow in Tasmania. While a deep trough should spread some rain over the WA coast. Around the nation now: Mainly fine with a top of 22 in Brisbane. Overcast and 15 degrees in Sydney. A very chilly day ahead for Canberra and Hobart with a top of just 9. Rain and 13 degrees in Melbourne. Some light afternoon showers in Adelaide. Rain also in Perth with a top of 22. Fine and 31 in Darwin.

Finally, the competition on 'It Takes Two' is hotting up as it comes down to the final four weeks. 'Home And Away's Bobby Morley was last night's casualty after a 1970s and '80s spectacular. I was a bit stunned,

but thank you for all those really nice comments. It's been fun, I guess we were a little shocked. I've got to say from where we started and where we ended up last night I was just so impressed. He did an amazing job. And they say that chemistry they worked so hard to achieve on screen was just for the cameras. And that's Seven's Morning News for June 13. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. I'm Rebecca Maddern. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. www.auscap.com.au