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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Pull him into line - to punish their outspoken Sheik. the PM urges the Muslim community more teachers into classrooms. The plan to lure on the way for Princess Mary. And another kingaroo Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Also today - into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Midnight Oil inducted Garrett talks to Ten's Greg Turnbull Rocker turned politician Peter

and the chance of an Oils' reunion. about life after music at some point in time We could probably do something if the boys wanted to But first this morning, community to punish Sheik al-Hilali, the PM is calling on the Islamic about women. for controversial comments he made have excused the cleric Leading Lebanese Muslims saying his sermon was misunderstood he take some time off. but they've advised for causing offence The Sheik has apologised but has not withdrawn the comments ranged from disbelief to outrage. the reaction from the community has for Multicultural affairs Andrew Robb Federal Parliamentary Secretary and he joins me now from Melbourne. says stronger action should be taken will not be resigning from his post.

There's been a number of comments There's been a

saying whether the sermon was interpreted. What is your interpreted. What is your

understanding? I do not accept for a

second that this was an me this

interpretation. His comments were

they are up in that sense have as they have been reported and have as they have been reported

reprehensible. No matter what women

wear, the rate is always wrong.

Elisha of that, what should be Elisha of that, what should be done?

I do not think the decision taken

last night by a few older men in that

small part of the Moslem community

represents the wider Moslem view. I

thought yesterday there was very

widespread condemnation by men and

women amongst the Moslem community

around Australia. They also went to

the point of demanding that the point of demanding that the

sheikh resign and a think it is

important for them was will community

to follow through on the great

sentiment they expressed yesterday of

discussed and to make sure that this

matter is resolved and he is

reprimanded in an appropriate way and reprimanded in an appropriate way

their actions had they seek is their actions had they seek

followed through on that. I hope the

Moslem community pursue this. This Moslem community pursue this.

should not be the end of it. How

damaging his list of divisions within

our community if he is not sacked? I

think his words and actions have

given a wedge between the Australian

community and the Moslem community.

It is an inappropriate wedge. His

views by don't think I'm not views by don't think I'm sure I have

not shed. The discussed shared by

other Muslims around and the country.

I think there was a community have to I think there was a community

deal with this themselves so that he

is removed. is being investigated by police A teenage football player in the horrific video-taped attack over his alleged involvement on a teenage girl. have been called on Meantime, Interpol and the FBI to remove the DVD from the internet.

up by police over the shocking movie One of the several teenagers rounded junior Melbourne footballer. is reportedly a promising

is a member of the Western Jets 'The Herald Sun' claims the boy in the under-18 TAC Cup competition for the 2007 AFL draft. and is a likely nomination The revelations come of the alleged participants. amid police raids on homes

showing a girl being tortured, As well as the DVD extra unedited material. they're believed to have uncovered of the young men involved They've interviewed quite a few serious offences, including rape. and we're talking about very the girl was raped While police believe by up to 12 teenagers, or indecently assaulted no charges have been laid. have been shutdown Some downloads on the YouTube site

will remove other remaining pictures. while Interpol and the FBI for kids to throw this junk into The schools have put up boxes to do that or to destroy them. and we'd certainly encourage them

Keiva Matheson, Ten News. another interest rate rise John Howard is bracing for can't be criticised for it. and says the Reserve Bank Economists say it's a sure bet at its Melbourne Cup Day meeting. the Bank will raise interest rates

it's entirely possible And the Prime Minister agrees and even a good thing. an interest rate rise, If you don't have a further boost in inflation then it's possible there will be of the economy because of the strength down the trrack and a bigger rise will be needed

to contain inflation. 0.25% rise, the third this year. Markets are expecting another

on the family budget And a further stretch especially meat, the price of certain foods, because of the drought. is expected to blow out the worst-effected drought areas PM John Howard is travelling through at the moment, yesterday with him Reporter Danielle Isdale spent in rural New South Wales. Dani, why the bush tour?

is removed. It was pretty

is removed. It was pretty good. The

Prime Minister wants to get the

message out to the farmers that is

not their fault. There will be

supported financially if they stay on

a farm land. The Prime Minister met a farm land. The Prime Minister met

with one family who are facing a

$500,000 loss because of the Sears

failed crop. If it is quite difficult for

for that family. They have been

losing money for five years and their

story can be heard best a number of

properties throughout the country.

Half of Australia's agricultural land

have been going through exceptional

circumstances. The Prime Minister is circumstances. The

going through any such files - going through any such

Victoria border. He is taking the

same message everywhere he goes. as wealthy and as prosperous It is a simple view that a country as this country is at present, farmers through their hour of need. can afford to and must, help its same message everywhere he goes. For Victoria border. He is taking the

the federal government has committed

$910 million in the past two weeks

come on the form for drought relief funding. It will for drought relief funding.

come on the form of interest rate come on the form of interest

support and counselling funding for

those depressed and not feeling

baking going - go on. The baking going - go on. The announcer

and of their money was a welcome

reception on the tour. Many would say

that their support for the if feel that their support for the if

government is welcomed in many

regional areas round the country but regional areas round the country but

unfortunately that does knock bring

unfortunately that does knock bring

rain. It is bad news. The rain. It is bad news. The National

Order Commission has forecast today

they will be no drought breaking the

Rain Until her least autumn next

year. That is a huge blow to farmers.

Their untreated dented rain falls below lie over. Labor is proposing to end the exodus of top teachers from our schools by boosting their pay. The policy also promising a wage increase for teachers who set high standards. Kim Beazley wants to stop the brain drain from our school system with a policy which would see the best teachers paid more than some principals. Nothing beats a good teacher and we have to do everything we can to encourage those good teachers to stay in the system

and be happy with it. The Opposition promising a pay rise for teachers who comply with a rigorous set of standards and big incentives for those who take on positions in the nation's worst schools. Mr Beazley denies he's taking a leaf out of the Government's book. We don't steal anything from this Government. No, their policy, their merit base pay system, which we utterly reject, is all about their AWAs. When it comes to rates of pay, both sides of politics are engaged in a school yard brawl over the merits of the Fair Pay Commission

which yesterday's announced an increase to the minimum wage.

Their whole argument has been that my legislation is about grinding down the living conditions of the low paid

now, they've been demonstrated to be wrong. Kim Beazley believes the unions have also had a big win by successfully arguing for the wage increase. But Labor still wants to get rid of the Fair Pay Commission. It's not a system that low-paid Australians can trust. When you've actually had taken out of your mandate the word 'fair'. For six months they've been running around calling this the low-pay commission not the fair-pay commission. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Fiji authorities Australian con-man Peter Foster today two days after his dramatic arrest. The 44-year-old has been in hospital under guard since Wednesday when he injured his head on the propeller of a police boat trying to avoid capture. The Gold Coaster, who's served jail-time on three continents,

is wanted on claims he discredited the developer of a Fiji resort

by labelling it a haven for paedophiles. Australian police also want to speak to Foster. Exactly one year after giving birth to her first child, Princess Mary has announced she's pregnant again. The Aussie-born Danish Princess is due to give birth in May. Her second baby will be company for Christian, who was born last October.

But Mary's pregnancy won't stop her from carrying out royal duties. Mary, Fredrick and little Christian are touring Australia next month. The conjoined twins, fused at the head, beating the odds to survive. That story when the Morning News returns. And four firefighters killed as they battled to save homes from wild flames in California.

This program is captioned live. Four firefighters have been killed in a massive bushfire which was deliberately lit near the Californian holiday city of Palm Springs. More than 400 people are trapped in a caravan park

and another 700 have been evacuated as homes continue to burn. The firestorm is raging out of control, fanned by hot desert winds. Caught in its path, five firefighters who were trying to save a home when their truck was engulfed. They went in, they did what they were trained to do - assess and deploy - and the fire overwhelmed them. Three died in the firestorm, the other two suffered burns to 95% of their bodies. One later died in hospital, the other is critically ill. These people were heroes and they did what they do every single day. But this time, it was avoidable. The fire was deliberately lit. It was set in alignment with wind, the slope, and it was basically set to go.

Residents in the towns near Palm Springs escaped as their homes burned to the ground behind them. Fire was coming over the hill. Actually, we had just minutes to evacuate.

For some, the fire was too fast. More than 400 people are trapped in a caravan park surrounded by flames. Those people are what we call 'sheltered in place', which means we could not evacuate them in time

so we shelter them in place. They are going to encounter heat, smoke

but are probably going to be OK. The fire investigation is now a murder case. The FBI has been called in and a $130,000 reward posted for information. We know you are out there somewhere, you started this fire, you have destroyed families, but you are not going to destroy this community We will not rest. We will find you. As they hunt the arsonist, an extra 2,000 firefighters are being sent to the front line.

In Colorado, it is snow that has emergency workers overwhelmed. Highways are closed and flights cancelled as one of the worst October snowstorms on record

blankets the state. Traffic is at standstill. It is basically slush, it is not frozen ice. The blizzard has left tens of thousands of homes without power and that means no heat. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A Canadian couple have welcomed an extremely rare set of conjoined twins.

Krista and Tatiana Hogan are joined at the head and doctors don't know yet whether it'll be possible to separate them. Krista and Tatiana Hogan beat the odds

purely by surviving the trauma of birth. One day later they're described as wiggly, vigorous and vocal. They're breathing on their own and very stable. It's early days but they're doing well at this point. It took 16 doctors one hour to deliver the babies via Caesarean. It was a difficult procedure that required surgeons to make an L-cut and remove both at the same time. Their combined weight was nearly six kilos, that's healthy for twins born more than a month premature. I was like, "Whoa" 'cause she didn't look like they were Like, it is absolutely awesome. It will be months before doctors know if and when the twins can be separated. They are fused at the side and back of the head and share two of four lobes of the brain. There's the matter of how much brain tissue there might be joining together and how that separation might go. Conjoined twins occur about once in every 200,000 births and only 2% of those are joined at the skull. While separation surgery is extremely dangerous, at least two similar sets have been successfully parted in the past five years. In the days before giving birth the babies' 21-year-old mum expressed hopes her babies would live a normal life. I dream about them growing up. I've actually had dreams of them actually running around and being separated.

But the family is also prepared to raise the babies as they are. They cry in sequence together, They're like, and if you put a soother in one mouth then they both stop crying. It's kind of cute. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The ongoing war in Iraq is putting pressure on George W. Bush

ahead of next month's Congressional elections. Among the Democrats trying to overturn the Republican majority is an Iraqi war hero, who lost both legs when her helicopter was shot down north of Baghdad. Close to one of the world's busiest airports in the middle class suburbs of Chicago, where front porches limbering up for Halloween. There is a candidate that Democrats would have to invent if she didn't already exist.

Major Tammy Duckworth, former Black Hawk helicopter pilot shot down in Iraq now trying to get elected in what used to be a safe Republican seat.

In an election dominated by a war that most Americans have come to loathe, it doesn't get more poignant than this. Knowing that I fought until I completely blacked out to do everything I could to land that aircraft has given me a fearlessness. Knowing that I'm going to do my job, I'm going to fight for what I believe in, I'm going to fight for my people. She's the best known of the four Iraq veterans hand-picked by Democratic Party bosses.

Her story is compelling, the cameras love her. But even Tammy knows that she cannot just campaign on her war record. My injuries and my sacrifices for my country gave me a platform. Now I need to use that platform and show substance for what I believe in. And if you think that Major Tammy Duckworth can't lose, just listen to the regulars at this barber shop.

Anybody that served over there, is - I greatly appreciate 'em, but to come back here and make changes for the future of the country that's what we'd be voting on, not where she's been. It's almost a sympathy vote, you know. It's like you want - she's using it too much as a tool. The Iraq war does indeed dominate this campaign but nothing in this election is a foregone conclusion. Two British children have been found dead in their hotel room on a Greek island. The cause of death is unclear, but doctors suspect they were poisoned by a toxic gas. It was midday when a maid entered this holiday bungalow to clean

and came across the most distressing scene imaginable. The little girl, Christianne, was lying dead in the arms of her father, Neil and her brother, Robert, was lying next to Neil's partner, Ruth.

The cleaner thought all four were dead but a hotel doctor discovered that the adults were alive. The children's father and his girlfriend were rushed to Corfu General Hospital in a coma where they were placed on life support machines. They are said to be in critical condition. As doctors fought to save the adults, the bodies of the children were taken away so that post-mortem examinations could be performed.

TRANSLATOR: The cause of the death is under investigation. First indications show the ingestion of a powerful poison. The result of a toxicological test will confirm the case. The coroner is now waiting for the outcome of toxicology tests to identify the poison responsible. There is no poison apparel in the room and in the hospital, doctors have not found any indication

that the man and his partner had eaten anything toxic.

But at the 5-star hotel, where the family was enjoying a half-term sunshine break, fellow British holiday-makers were stunned by the deaths in their midst. Everyone's coming up with their assumptions but I just feel sorry for those children and the mother and father. British tourists staying at the beach hotel are concerned at the lack of information from the management and tour companies. They're worried about the gas central heating systems and those staying in bungalows are demanding to know whether it's safe to go to sleep. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been released on bail after another alleged assault. This time it's reported she attacked her drugs counsellor scratching her face. She's the catwalk's bad girl. Never far from the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Now, she's there again. The supermodel Naomi Campbell has been questioned by police again this morning. British media is reporting the famous model has been released on bail after allegedly assaulting another woman, reported to be her drugs counsellor. It's not the first time staff have been in the firing line. Earlier this year, Campbell's housekeeper needed stiches after the model hurled a phone at her.

I'm OK. The food is good. And in 2000, it was her personal assistant in the firing line. Campbell admitted she attacked her and paid her out. REPORTER: Naomi! What are you wearing?

The diva, a self-confessed drug abuser, has previously been ordered to take anger management classes. Her lawyers say this latest episode is just a misunderstanding. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Black and white Australian twins have made international fame.

America's 'Today' show featured Queensland twins Alicia and Jasmin Singerl this morning. With her dark eyes and complexion Alicia takes after her Jamaican mother

while Jasmin looks more like her German-born dad. There are some things that are black and white, others are just unbelievable in Australia. Doctors say their birth was a million to one.

Christmas is only two months away,

what you can do now to ensure it's a cheap and stress-free festive season. That's next. And Temara's new adventure - Perth Zoo farewells a long-term resident.

Her life won't improve unless long-term work is carried out to change things. at worldvision.com.au or call 13 32 40 now.

This program is captioned live. The Prime Minister is calling on the Islamic community to take action against Sheik al-Hilali for controversial comments he made about women. Leading Lebanese Muslims have excused the cleric saying his sermon was misunderstood. A teenage football player is being investigated by police over his alleged involvement in the horrific video-taped attack on a teenage girl. Meantime, Interpol and the FBI have been called on to remove the footage from the internet. And exactly one year after giving birth to her first child, Princess Mary has announced she's pregnant again. The Aussie-born Danish princess is due to give birth in May. In finance news - the Australian share market is lower today. It's hard to believe but Christmas is just around the corner. With Santa's sleigh arriving in nine weeks, two mothers have the tips

on how to prepare for an inexpensive and stress-free festive season. There's no need to tell these children Santa is coming - they're well prepared. But some families get caught out, leaving preparations for the big day to the last minute. If you plan, you actually get to the day, and it becomes a fantastic family day as opposed to something you're dreading. Shops are already decorated as a reminder how little time is left. But help is at hand.

Mums Susan and Michaela have created a to-do list, offering tips on what to buy in the nine weeks to go.

Buy groceries throughout the week.

We've given lists as to what to buy each week and then you add from our list your family favourites and it just eases the burden.

Examples of what you can put in your shopping basket now include nibblies like: The guide also suggests deciding on presents for loved ones now rather than buying a gift hastily. It makes economic sense. It makes sense in that you're buying a gift from the heart as opposed to what's on the shelf. Lay-by works, so if things are half-price, discounts, sales, grab them now, don't wait. There's no doubt it's getting tighter for families.

Petrol prices and groceries are on the increase and soon interest rates will also go up. So the sooner families plan for the big day, the better. Spreading the cost prevents a post-Christmas financial headache. You can save hundreds of dollars if you shop smart. The guide is available at:

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. Queenslanders could be heading to their second referendum

on daylight saving. Premier Peter Beattie has refused to rule out a state-wide poll the federal election in 2008. possibly held in conjunction with the Sunshine State, 14 years ago. The concept was narrowly defeated in The Premier argued earlier this week skin cancer rates. that daylight saving could affect and international music Well, the big names of Australian are beginning to roll into Sydney this weekend. for the 20th annual ARIA Awards

will be there Ten's own Axle Whitehead the industry's night of nights. and he joins me now to preview

on the Islamic community the Prime Minister is calling to punish Sheik al Hilaly he made about women. for controversial comments have excused the cleric, Leading Lebanese Muslims

saying his sermon was misunderstood he take some time off. but they've advised for causing offence The Sheik has apologised but has not withdrawn the comments. From the confines of his sick bed, international outrage. the Australian Mufti that has sparked for inciting rape. He's accused of blaming women from his Sydney mosque But the Muslim council saying he was misunderstood. has refused to punish him, with the notion The board is satisfied

of that sermon were misinterpreted that certain statements an unequivocal apology. and the Mufti has given that's not good enough. According to the Prime Minister,

resolved by the Islamic community Unless this matter is satisfactorily that lasting damage will be done. there is the real worry

most senior Muslim cleric reprimanded Mr Howard wants the nation's for a sermon women cause 90% of adultery cases, in which he told followers

inappropriately. blaming them for dressing Sydney's notorious gang rapes He also claimed the men behind for their actions. were not entirely responsible on the Islamic community to act, And while Canberra is calling

have the power to punish the Mufti. Islamic leaders say they don't The fear now,

racial hatred. the comment could incite

the Islamic community isolated, We do not want to be an object of criticism. we do not want the Islamic community for the next three months Sheik al-Hilali won't be preaching Mosque say that's not a ban but the Muslim council at Lakemba but sick leave. and he needs time to recuperate. The Mufti is quite ill to answer his critics Sheik al-Hilali is too sick

but says he will not resign. No, no and no. Hugo Ward, Ten News. and international music Well, the big names of Australian are beginning to roll into Sydney this weekend. for the 20th annual ARIA Awards

below lie over. It is going to be

below lie over. It is going to be

huge. Of the 20th anniversary this

here and midnight all will be

inducted into the Hall of fame. 11 inducted into the Hall of fame.

million albums sold in the US alone.

Sillwood share will be making their

first TV appearance and for ears.

This here, video Hick's is part of

the aria broadcast in will be live

the aria broadcast in will be live

8:30am. Live on the show and live

performances from MS Sarah bless go. If you're in the area please come

down. Began to be coming? Maybe next

time. I know we love all the Aussie

musicians but are now a number of

international guests will be 10 this

international guests will be 10 this

year. Mr John D Knox full well will

be co-hosting. Jess McCartney

be co-hosting. Jess McCartney and the one

be co-hosting. Jess McCartney and the

one, the only John Mayer will be

there. It will be sued for Australian

music. The Australian had pop will be huge as

huge as well. Human nature are up 4 p

Australian album. It is going to be

of her big night. Who is sure to it?

I'm not going to jump to any

conclusions. I think Eskimo joke

conclusions. I think Eskimo joke but

also Wharf mother. A thing they will

be taking home as Suede.

be taking home as Suede. Who should

sit this year on Australian I'll? The

I am sorry to see Bobby ago. I am sorry to see Bobby ago. I think Jessica her has an amazing

Jessica her has an amazing set of

pipes for a 16 year-old. Hopefully pipes for a 16 year-old.

she will take out the flag this year.

What about team? We won't go there. What about team? We won't go there. I

don't think team has the bills to pay

- has the skills to pay the bills.

- has the skills to pay the bills.

Something - to have Bobby Something - to have Bobby flown on

the show to have this original music

and his character has given the show

on more debt this year. A thing the on more debt this year. A thing

man will have a huge career. Will be man will have a huge career.

interesting to see what record

companies would jump on board as a

boredom. There follows a company boredom. There follows a company -

coming soon. I'll see you later on.

Legendary Australian rockers Midnight Oil will be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on Sunday, recognition for a band with political messages. that combined musical success of Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett, The well-known frontman the glamour of rock stardom has traded in for a seat in the Federal Parliament. Greg Turnbull about the transition He talked to Political Reporter

and about the ARIA award.

the power and the passion. # (Sings) # Oh, oh and around the world Strutting the stage in Australia and raw messages, with rock rifts from 1977. that was Peter Garrett for 25 years of the Conversation Foundation He added the presidency to his repertoire during the 1990s, but for many Australians, he'll always be the enigmatic face and voice of Midnight Oil.

Well, congratulations for being inducted into the Aria's Hall of Fame as part of Midnight Oil.

Is it a crowning achievement for you or does it just make you feel old? Well, I actually feel pretty young but Greg, thank you. No, it's a great honour for the band playing in Australia and being relevant to Australian people

and connecting with our audience of what we did I think was always a big part

and we played with a lot of people in the Hall of Fame. who were already

They were our mates

that we were making music during the period of time with this recognition, and now we get to join them so it's beaut. You say a big part of what you did, of Midnight Oil? what was the highlight or focus or was it the political message? Was it he music band I think the big story about us as a

for the period of time that we did. is that we managed to stay together and that we got off on We made music that we loved and we said things that were important to us

and sometimes connected with other people. We weren't intending to be, and I don't think we should ever be seen as a band that simply wanted to convince other people of what it was talking about. This was primarily a bunch of musicians who had strong ideas about the world but who took great delight in getting up on the stage

and playing their songs to people. In 2004, Peter Garrett put his hand up for the Labor Party Kingsford-Smith in Sydney. and stood for the seat of the transition? Has it been hard to make just very different. I don't know about hard, when I was in ACF Even though I came in here good things on the environment, and really wanted governments to do and watched it closely so I'd been into the parliament charged and competitive atmosphere but I guess it's just a very highly

that you're in. He's now Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Reconciliation and the Arts, a team player a post that requires him to be

in a sometimes pragmatic Labor caucus. Look, this is probably going to be a stupid question I'm going to ask but anyway, what is more fun? Being a rock star or being a member of the House of Representatives? Ah, I don't think there's any doubt that nothing would ever compare with the Oils

to the charge of being on stage in front of a bunch of people that wanted to hear you play and were enjoying it. That is a fantastic experience that I was lucky enough to have. But if I'm going to be serious about what I'm going to do are important to the country, in terms of the issues that I think and delight from sitting right here then I take great pleasure and being in the parliament. reforming and going on the road What are the chances of Midnight Oil plus Peter Garrett MP? as Midnight Oil

at some point in time We could probably do something if the boys wanted to and the conditions were right and it was for a really good cause. Sitting around under a tree with a billy, a couple of acoustic guitars and those other four guys, I'd do it any time. You won't have a lot of time next year, with it being an election year. No, I don't think it's going to happen next year. Thanks for talking to Ten News. Thanks. Cult TV series 'Prisoner' is back. Almost 30 years after its debut the show

that made 'The Freak' a household name is being released in its entirety on DVD. Ten entertainment reporter Angela Bishop caught up with the actress who gave top dog Bea Smith legend status. THEME MUSIC OF 'PRISONER' PLAYS When you signed on to be Bea Smith, did you realise she'd go on to become such a big part of your life? No, I had no idea she'd take over my life. (WOMAN SCREAMS) Now, what made me do a silly thing like that? I must've been too busy thinking about that poor bloody kid you buried alive. How many hands went in it?

Two, only two. It seems like more. The first episode, Kerry Armstrong and then much, much later another actress.

It was like it was always looming as a possibility perhaps. Yes, part of Bea's power. What was the magic about this show? What did it have that nothing else had before and really, nothing since?

A predominantly female cast, very high energy, real people, not sort of, actresses hiding behind six layers of make-up

and false eyelashes. And it's ironic that punishment, which was all about blokes, didn't take off. No, five eps went to air and Mel Gibson couldn't save it. So, it wasn't the fact that it was set in a prison that made it work. I think maybe because it was a women's prison that it might have brought the voyeur out in the odd viewer. Just maybe. Just perhaps.

I love beautiful things. What about the reaction from prisoners? Ah, the actual prisoners are the women's prison actually after they watched the fire episode where Margo Gaffney played by Jane Clifton,

set a fire in an escape attempt, a couple of weeks later they actually did that at Fairlie Women's Prison and then our show was then transferred to a men's prison

and Fairlie prisoners were all transferred somewhere else and a couple of people got killed. Thereafter, they weren't allowed to watch 'Prisoner'. Was it a tough decision to leave the show?

It was a hard decision to walk away from all that money. What about America? Given that the show had that enormous success in the States, did you think of going to Hollywood? I'd never thought of going to Hollywood actually. I thought they had enough of their own fat, red-headed actresses. They didn't need me. So it didn't occur to me but I did go to England and worked on the stage for seven years. Ahead - our swimmers' Olympic campaigns turned upside down by a scheduling change for the Beijing finals.

That's when Ten's morning news returns. Also - Aussie cricketer Shane Watson back training in India

after fearing he'd die of a heart attack.

This program is captioned live. Australia's swimmers are disappointed by the International Olympic Committee's decision to schedule morning finals for the Beijing Olympics. They say it will disrupt their routines all for the sake of appeasing American broadcasters. Matt Welsh just one swimmer on the lookout for a new alarm clock. We really will have to get up very early for the finals. If we're ready to race for a final in the morning we're going to have to get up at a good 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning

just to be awake enough and alert enough to race well. Libby Lenton also preparing to readjust for Beijing. To go into an Olympics and not be able to keep with a routine you have had for the last couple of years is a little disappointing but, again, it's a new challenge. Duncan Armstrong winning the last time there were morning finals at an Olympic Games 18 years ago in Seoul. Yeah, I heard Duncan Armstrong talking about that this morning and how it didn't affect him so he'll certainly be someone I'll be talking to and trying to get as much information from the coaches and swimmers who were around at that time as to how they felt what they did and so on. Olympic officials making the call after pressure from American television rights holders who wanted swimming in their prime time. That is the disappointing thing. I'm not concerned about the performance parts of this but I'm concerned

that the Olympic Games have been sold to commercial interests. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australian all-rounder Shane Watson is out of hospital and back on the field. The 25-year-old overcoming what he thought was a heart attack earlier this week. He's now a likely starter in Sunday's Champions Trophy clash with India. Australia preparing to run rings around India with the return of all-rounder Shane Watson. The young gun back on deck after a stint in hospital with Deli belly. Feeling heaps better just about back to 100% so I'm looking forward to training this afternoon and really just blow a couple of the cobwebs out that have been there. But I'm feeling much better Watson feared he was dying of a heart attack when admitted to hospital. Severe chest pain had him rolling round his hotel room floor. Pretty excrutiating.

It was one of those things you just don't know what it is especially when it's around your chest-heart region especially with the history of my family as well. Watson's father, Bob, had triple bypass surgery around 10 years ago. His scare flooding back memories of former Tasmanian team-mate Scott Mason who died of heart attack just last year. Meanwhile, the West Indies have qualified for the semi-finals following a thrilling three-wicket win over the host nation. The Windies were chasing 224 for victory and were off to a solid start

with Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan both making 50s but a late collapse had the game in the balance. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is a shocker, Brian! A further two wickets in the dying overs swinging the game in India's favour before Marlon Samuels smashed the winning runs with just two balls to spare. The West Indies will play the winner of Sunday's match

between Australia and India. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Champion filly Miss Finland will run in tomorrow's Cox Plate despite an injury scare at trackwork. The three-year-old was kicked by another horse prior to her final gallop in the lead up to the $3 million race. Despite sending a scare through the camp, she was given the all clear. She wouldn't have worked if she felt wrong, so I think it was OK. Probably if it wasn't Miss Finland, you wouldn't blink. Racing to Win and El Segundo remain joint favourites for the weight-for-age classic.

Carlton has decided to use its first pick in the AFL pre-season draft to select former St Kilda ruckman Cain Ackland. Good news, too, for the Western Bulldogs with coach Rodney Eade extending his contract until 2009. And with skipper Luke Darcy set for a round one return to the game,

the Dogs have high hopes for next year. I daydream about winning the premiership every night and wake up every night from dreaming about it, and probably clearer now than it's ever been. And Geelong has de-listed key forward Kent Kingsley after 122 games in the blue and white. Marcus Gronholm has taken out the first two special stages of the Rally of Australia. The Fin making up vital ground in the championship standings with current points leader Sebastien Loeb still out with a broken arm. Gronholm outclassed Fords Mikko Hirvonnen around the tight Gloucester Park circuit with Norway's Petter Solberg third. Australia's Chris Atkinson finished eighth fastest.

The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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LAID-BACK MUSIC Hi. Cappuccino, please.

This program is captioned live. The Prime Minister is calling on the Islamic community to take action against Sheik al-Hilali for controversial comments he made about women. Leading Lebanese Muslims have excused the cleric saying his sermon was misunderstood. A teenage football player is being investigated by police

over his alleged involvement in the horrific video-taped attack on a teenage girl. Meantime, Interpol and the FBI have been called on

to remove the footage from the Internet.

And exactly one year after giving birth to her first child, Princess Mary has announced she's pregnant again. The Aussie-born Danish princess is due to give birth in May. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

One of Perth Zoo's much-loved long-term residents

is about to move out. Temara, a Sumatran orang-outang, was born at the zoo 14 years ago

and now, in a world-first, she's going back to the jungle to help boost her endangered species. Soaking up the sun at Perth Zoo is coming to an end for Temara. The 14-year-old Sumatran orang-outang is heading to her ancestral home. She'll be released into a protected national park in Indonesia to boost the wild population. It is a world first. Temara was born here at Perth Zoo, her mother was born here at Perth Zoo and now she's going to go back into the wild and it's the first time ever for an orang-outang.

There's only around 7,300

of the critically endangered Sumatran orang-outangs left in the world, the numbers so low because of logging and poaching. They are the slowest-reproducing species in the world, Sumatran orang-outangs only have one baby every nine years.

You've got to try and get them back into the wild so you can improve the genetics of the surviving population in the wild, you can improve the survivability of a species. The orang-outang is released into the wild and we follow the orang-outang. The orang-outang chooses where to go,

who to associate with, how to learn, and it's given assistance along the way. Despite spending her entire life in captivity, Temara is expected to thrive in the wild. Several people from Perth Zoo will help her get used to her new surrounds over the coming months and she will be closely monitored for at least a year.

She's been spending her days here actually living in a tree, eating out of a tree and eating the leaves, so slowly adapting her to the wild environment.

She will be flown to her new home next week. Matt Moran, Ten News. That brings you up to date with all the news.

Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. www.auscap.com.au