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(generated from captions) I'll get her back for you.

I promise. (Sighs)

www.auscap.com.au the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - a stunning act of bravery who hurtled into his house. the man who saved a pilot pays a high price Motorcycle champ Mick Doohan for his visit to a raunchy nightclub. man who used a unique tactic and won! And how to beat a parking fine - the

I would like to see rate payers

starting to stand up for themselves. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. pushing petrol prices to a new high. Also tonight - the event that's And life after 'The OC' - as a fashion model and role model. Mischa Barton in Sydney working an incredible rescue First this evening - after a plane ploughed through a roof in a backyard in Brisbane. before exploding from the burning wreckage Amazingly the pilot was pulled alive

by the stunned homeowner. Police describing him as a hero. for the family inside this home. There was no warning slammed into powerlines The stricken light aircraft and erupting in flames. before crashing through their roof like this. The plane's cracked in half It was on fire. The man had singed hair. then there was an explosion He was flying low, and smoke came out of the motor. The pilot, aged in his 30s, from Archerfield Airport had taken off in a Cessna 182. on his way to Goondiwindi in the burning wreckage He was trapped managed to pull him free. until the terrified home owner

Ifrpblts grabbed him and pulled him

out of the plane and fire was

catching on to his legs. his wife and 12-year-old daughter, 41-year-old Brett McDonald,

were deeply shocked, all inside the house at the time, but Brett's presence of mind from emergency workers. has earned him praise as extremely heroic. I would describe his actions and his actions saved the pilot. The plane was on fire at the time Brett's just feeling very lucky. got our dog and cat out safely. We all got out safely, Investigators are now working the cause of the crash. to try and find out

Early indications are that

at 1,000 feet the pilot experienced engine failure an emergency landing. and was forced to make It's understood in an empty field he was trying to put down in a medically-induced coma The pilot has been placed just metres from the house.

from his injuries. but is expected to recover Meg Palmer, Ten News.

on petrol prices. More dire predictions today up to $1.80 a litre within a month Experts warning we could be paying in the world's oil supply. after another future comes from this field in Alaska, 8% of America's oil had maintained the pipeline properly. which is why BP America wishes they Now corrosion has shut it down to fix it. and nobody knows how long it'll take On behalf of the BP Group this has had on our nation. I apologise for the impact to Australia too. He should be apologising The sudden oil drought in America on the barrel price around the world. will put more upward pressure

Analysts are saying another US$10 to the US$80 mark. the oil price is likely to go up really, really hurting That means people are going to be at the petrol pump. are not going to go down. At the end of the day petrol prices

means pressure on politicians. Pain at the petrol pump in their white limousines They may not pay for the fuel but they reckon they feel our pain. There is a fuel crisis and ethanol is part of the solution. and the take-up of biodiesel clamouring for him to do something, With his party room the Prime Minister has acted advantage of ethanol/petrol blends. to boost the availability and price Commission has been asked The Competition and Consumer of E10 ethanol-blended fuel to monitor the price from the cheaper product. to ensure motorists benefit the 10% ethanol mix The Government says litre cheaper than straight unleaded. should always be around four cents a the price of ethanol blends But while the ACCC will now monitor

it has no power to control it. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

for a Sydney prostitute A massive search on the South Coast missing for more than a year. belongings in bushland Police have found some of Lisa Moy's she was murdered. where they now believe

Lisa Moy was a sex wosher who plyed

her trade along Canterbury road and

had the habit of always letting her

girls know where she was. That's

until she mysteriously disappeared.

Shfrpblgts he went missing on the

3rd of April 2005 and hasn't been

heard of since. Nothing has been in

touch, no bank records or anything

has been touched since then. A

large search has now begun in bush

land near Nowra after some of her

belongings were found in the area.

Detectives won't say exactly what

was found, but they now have grave

fears for her safety and believe

the prostitute might have been

murdered and her body dumped. We've

also been down here with a dog as

well. Volunteers comed bush land

without success today hoping to

find some trace of the missing

50-year-old. Police have spoken to

a client Lisa was with at about

2:30 am on the morning she

disappeared. He's the last person

known to have seen her alive and

there's been so sign of her until

now. Police say Lisa's

disappearance was out of character.

They're asking anyone with

information to contact Bankstown detectives. has been fined $2,500 Motorcycle racing champ Mick Doohan in a drunken rage. after headbutting a bouncer against a conviction, The magistrate deciding as an Australian hero. describing Doohan As he left Darwin Magistrates Court to the waiting media. Mick Doohan had nothing to say

pleading guilty to charges The former world motorcycle champion with a bouncer relating to a drunken clash the early hours of Saturday morning. at Darwin's Honeypot Strip Club in Doohan was heavily intoxicated Prosecutors told the court and started removing his clothing, to leave, he refused. but despite being repeatedly asked Adrian Hyde, saying: Doohan then threatened security guard Doohan headbutted Hyde, As he was being restrained, leaving him with a swollen lip. Doohan was arrested for the next 14 hours. and locked in a Darwin police cell Magistrate Greg Cavanagh fined the 41-year-old racing legend $2,500 but ordered no conviction be recorded, describing Doohan as an Australian hero stuck in an unfortunate situation. Doohan's lawyer has apologised to the guard on his client's behalf, saying his actions were completely out of character. The five-times 500cc world champion says he's embarrassed and regrets the incident. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. A war of words tonight over the future of Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, with the Opposition Leader calling him a clown. Peter Debnam launching a scathing attack on the Commissioner over the sex scandal at the Goulburn Police academy. He's also threatening to sack the police chief if he wins the March election. We've had a commissioner and a minister behaving like clowns, pretending there is no problem. Well, there is a problem with the police academy and there is a problem with the transparency and accountability.

More reckless rhetoric from someone whose demonstrated himself to be a fool. He's the fool, he's the clown, with these sorts of outrageous slurs on the Commissioner. Ken Moroney declined to join in the slanging match. Ten's State Political Reporter Paul Mullins joins me now.

It's all about Peter Debnam and the

Mr 20%. He needs to improve his

public profile after that newspaper

poll showing that only 20% of

people knew who he was. The

situation with the polging within

the Liberal Party is that every

time Peter Debnam talks tough on

law and order, he gets a spike in

the polls and those same polls show

that law and order is still a

sleeper issue in the election so I

guess we're going to have to get

used to it with that election 8

months away.

And there's the new 10 year plan by

the State Premier? Not really. That

has been announced several times

in various forms before. In many

ways, it was a situation where

we've seen it all before and in

fact, the Premier made the

announcement today at a primary

school and he was given a pop star

reception. In that regard, it was

good news for the Premier. But

we've heard it all before and I

guess we'll hear more of it before

the election. 8 months to go, thank

you very much Paul. A Liverpool resident has taken on the local council over a parking fine - and won. The man was booked for parking on the nature strip of his own front lawn. But with a little lateral thinking, he's got his money back. On a sunny Sunday morning, Michael Ross washed his truck in the front yard and left it there to dry. Two days later he was hit with a fine for parking on the nature strip - land, Liverpool Council claims, doesn't belong to him. But Mr Ross felt he'd done nothing wrong by driving onto the grass in front of his own house. Who doesn't? But I think what upset me most of all

was the fact that I look after it, not the council. For 20 years he and his wife have mowed and watered the strip, so - We decided, well, if we've been looking after it for the last 20 years, we should bill them. Mr Ross paid the $75,

then sent invoices to council of $10 a month for his gardening maintenance of its land. When it didn't pay, he raised the stakes. I will charge you interest. And my interest rates are not cheap. A few months and bills later, council reimbursed the original fine in full. But - Mr Ross hasn't won. What has happened here is that we have listened to the circumstances of Mr Ross's case and we've taken the extraordinary step of refunding his funds. Michael Ross certainly isn't the only one parking on the nature strip. On his street on any given day, there are plenty of cars parked on the grass. Council claims it will continue booking those who block public access with their vehicles. But Mr Ross says if he beat the bureaucracy, others can too. I think it's time for councils to listen to people out there who are paying their wages. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to Sport - and the Dragons fined.

Yes, slugged $15,000 by the NRL for slamming referee Steve Clark. Dragons coach Nathan Brown claiming they've been hammered in the penalties. The fallout shortly. And as our basketballers and swimmers leave for major world events find out why medals will be even harder to come by at the Beijing Olympics.

And the on-air gaffe that cost Dean Jones his job as a cricket commentator. A disturbing act of sabotage next - children's playgrounds contaminated with rat poison. Plus - census time - the little Aussies who've just scraped in to the snapshot of the nation. And new reasons for parents to fear those raunchy videos.

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This program is captioned live. A mutiny within government ranks, as Federal Parliament resumes after the winter break. Rebel Liberals are set to defy the Prime Minister and cross the floor to defeat tough new laws sending asylum seekers off shore. The Prime Minister rugged up against the biggest August chill in the capital for seven years and it didn't get any warmer inside the party room over his asylum seeker plans. There's been no change in my thinking or resolve on this issue. John Howard prepared to stare down the dissenters. The Prime Minister indicated at the end of the last session that we had gone as far as we could go. But not enough for Petro Georgiou, who told a sombre party room he would be opposing the bill. He's sure to be joined by his colleagues, who last year won concessions for a more humane treatment of asylum seekers. Bruce Baird warned his colleagues refugees would be left on Nauru as New Zealand is refusing to accept people that are Australia's responsibility under international law. Labor is also opposing the bill. I don't understand why John Howard decided that it was wrong to lock children up in Australia but 12 months later said it didn't really matter that much if you did it in Nauru. The Prime Minister urged everyone

to respect the the majority view of the party room and pleaded with the dissenters to abstain

rather than vote with Labor when the bill comes into the parliament tomorrow. Crucially, Liberal Senator Judith Troeth is against the bill, putting its passage in jeopardy. Everyone's views have remained the same, as far as I can tell. But I have nothing further to say this morning. The Government would then be forced to rely on Family First to get it through. I'm still to make up my mind on the issue. Paul Bongirono, Ten News. Police have charged a second man over the stabbing murder of an Israeli man at Bondi over the weekend. It's alleged 31 year-old Ezra Salah was one of three men involved in the fatal attack. He walked into Waverley Police Station this morning. His brother Dror has been charged with the same murder. Both men have been denied bail and will face court again next week. Startling new evidence against the man accused of murdering Sydney woman Janelle Patton on Norfolk Island. A court hearing alleged statements he gave soon after her death admitting he killed her. Glenn McNeill politely greets the waiting media as he makes his daily dash into court. No comment at this time. His meek appearance at odds with the violent admissions he allegedly made to police earlier this year. That was when he supposedly confessed

to hitting Janelle Patton with his car after taking his eyes off the road for just a second to pick up a cigarette. It's claimed he panicked and pulled

her out and put her in the boot "because I thought she was dead. "I drove back home and sat for about an hour or two

"then grabbed a knife and I think, I think I stabbed her." The disturbing detail too much for Janelle's father Ron. He left the court in a flood of tears. When you hear that and you know it's your daughter it's really upsetting. But I've cried a lot more over the last four years than Ron has

so maybe it is his turn now. The forensic pathologist who examined Janelle's body reviewed McNeill's alleged admissions but he said that the account doesn't match his autopsy findings

causing him to question the honesty of the story. McNeill's parents have watched on calmly near the Patton family, but like their son are saying nothing more at this point. Amber Muir on Norfolk Island for Ten News. A disturbing crime in Brisbane where a childrens play area has been contaminated with rat poison. A menacing note led police to a popular playground where rat poison was found scattered across swings and a barbecue. The note claimed three schools had also been contaminated but despite extensive searches no more poison was found. Frankly, this is right off the limit.

You don't threaten children where they should feel safe. Police say they have no idea what motivated the incident. Several people have been interviewed. up to be counted tonight Australians are standing in the 15th national census. in every part of the country, 13 million forms have been handed out making sure no-one misses out. just in time to be counted, Little Hayden Lewis made it

if he's happy about it. although he's still not sure (Cries) her new son will be included His proud mother is thrilled in the expected 20.5 million Australians

documented by this census. population's growing and changing It's very important to know how the will be in the future, and our infrastructure needs so it's important to be counted. every possible location 30,000 census collectors have covered trying to count the homeless. from hospitals to hotels - even the cities and larger towns - And they've ventured well past

delivering to the remotest locations for vital information. in the $300 million quest It's not just government. community organisations, It's businesses, right at the local level, to plan for the future use census information going to provide to the community. to plan the services that they're

can be completed online. For the first time, the form particularly in shared households. But privacy remains a key concern -

is guaranteed, though. Confidentiality

you've got to put on those forms. There's some pretty personal stuff Can I have one on my own? Sure. One person can use this form and I can leave some personal forms in the household for every other person if you'd prefer. Yeah, I'd be much happier with that. is guaranteed, though. Confidentiality It's worth noting collecting this sort of information. Australia's enviable record in we counted 98% of the population, It's estimated in the last census records in the world. one of the highest such collection may have missed out on forms. Organisers admit a few people

for one on the hotline 1300 362 883 It's still not too late to call census.forms@abs.gov.au. or by email -

Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Check of the weather now and I

think the census form will have Tim

Bailey up all night trying to fill

it in. The name is probably the

hardest part for you? You realise

you're worth 1.5 Australians Ron so

that's 15-all! Rplts from what I

can gather here, there isn't a

cloud in the sky from the coast to

Cosi, osco. 3C above average, 21C

today. The same sort of temperature

at your place tomorrow. Chilly

start today, minus 2 at Richmond.

Take your pick we call this next

little segment because it is where

we take your pic and put it on the

television. We love your weather photographs. From the Bristolian

Lemon Tree Passage in Port Stevens.

We get the finest camera work.

Thank you very much for that. If We get the finest camera work.

you have a weather photo for us,

SMS it to us on 0405101010 or you have a weather photo for us,

e-mail us. Right, tomorrow, not a

problem, another shiny, happy blue

sky and 21C. Let's look at sky

watch for you. Up we go and that's

what's on its way to your place

tomorrow. More of the brilliant

above average sky in the blueness

and the temperature factor. No

problems with air pollution as we

check those for you. And I'll see

you again in around about ten.

Tears in the Middle East is about to escalate sharply. amid fears the war Details next. And a dangerous prank - a clothes dryer for a spin! the foolhardy fireman who took

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Time to check the traffic now with

with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106

Traffic Helicopter. Quite a grind

there going through the old Channel

Ten studios in North Ryde. Three

cars collided there. The RTA have

moved all vehicles off to the side

of the road but unfortunately, peak

hour traffic is crawling, this is

past the cemetery and heading out

towards the toll booth. It is not

good for motorists. We'll double

check the situation and bring you

an update on the M2 just after sport. The radical Islamic cleric who was jailed over the Bali bombings is recruiting Indonesian militants to fight against Israel.

Now a free man, Abu Bakar Bashir is leading the Indonesian Mujahedin Council which says it already has 500 members ready to fight in Lebanon and Palestine. But a national police spokesman says volunteer fighters won't be allowed to leave Indonesia.

At least 70 people have been killed in an Israeli aerial blitz on Beirut. A tearful Lebanese Prime Minister pleading for a ceasefire. After Hezbollah unleashed its deadliest attack in the war, bombing Haifa in Israel's north, Israeli forces hit back hard, pounding Beirut morning and night. These air raids on the capital seen as a dangerous development in hostilities - pushing beyond the militant strongholds in the south. The rare sight of survivors trapped among their devastated homes turning neighbours into rescue teams. While close to 100 Israelis have died in the war, the Lebanese death toll has now topped 1,000.

The situation in the country is deteriorating rapidly. Since the beginning of the war, there have been virtually no supplies being brought into Lebanon. The destruction highlighted by these aerial shots. This is a part of southern Beirut on July 12 and this is how it looks now. Choking back tears, Lebanon's Prime Minister again pleaded for help to end the bloodshed.

He says he'll send a 15,000-strong army to his country's south to keep the peace if Israeli troops withdraw. We must not create a vacuum into which Hezbollah and its sponsors are able to move more weapons. Every now and then there is a small miracle. A hand in the rubble leading rescuers to a teenage girl who has somehow survived. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Dutch police have launched a criminal investigation

into a stairway collapse during a concert. Thousands of young fans were watching a band on a floating stage when a wooden staircase leading to the quay gave way without warning. 20 people were injured. They were dancing on and under the stairs before being thrown onto a canal path or into the water.

A British firefighter is facing the sack after a dangerous prank in a tumble dryer was caught on camera. A mobile phone video shows the fireman crawling into an industrial dryer. He packs his uniform around himself for protection, then one of his colleagues turns on the machine.

The ride lasted 30 seconds before the firie climbed out, complaining of feeling dizzy. Fire Service investigators believe the stunt was filmed at a station in Manchester in the last six months. New reasons for parents to fear those raunchy video clips. Details next. Also - parents sharing a tender moment before their conjoined twins go into surgery. And life after 'The OC' - Mischa Barton in Sydney working as a fashion model and role model.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - the NRMA's shock prediction on petrol prices.

The organisation believes we'll be paying $1.80 a litre soon

as the shutdown of an Alaskan oilfield adds to the woes of the Middle East. Motorcycle champ Mick Doohan pays a high price for his visit to a raunchy Darwin nightclub. He's been fined $2,500 for headbutting a bouncer in a drunken rage. A heavily intoxicated Doohan was booted out of the club after he started to remove his clothing. And an incredible rescue after a plane ploughs through a roof before exploding in a Brisbane backyard. Amazingly, the pilot was pulled alive from the burning wreckage by the stunned homeowner, police describing him as a hero. The pilot is in an induced coma but is expected to recover from his injuries. A marathon operation is under way in the United States to separate conjoined sisters. The 4-year-olds are joined from the waist and share a pair of legs.

With their little girls being whisked into surgery, Mum and Dad say the hardest goodbyes of their lives - Dad with Eskimo kisses and Mum with words of love. But it was always going to end in tears. We are not going anywhere. Maliyah and Kendra were born locked in a face-to-face embrace. They share vital internal organs including a kidney, liver and intestines, as well legs.

During what is expected to be a 24-hour operation, doctors will give each girl one leg and Kendra will get the kidney. Maliyah will be put on dialysis until she is strong enough to have a kidney transplant from her mum. Last night, they knew it was tomorrow. We asked them how they felt and they said they felt excited. They were calm, extremely calm. Mum and Dad are receiving hourly updates as a team of 30 experts work around the clock. We have general surgeons, urologists, orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgeons. If the surgery and recovery goes well, doctors say the girls could be home from hospital in a month. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News.

We are just hearing from the United

States that the two conjoined twins

have been successfully separated.

have been successfully separated. Their marathon surgery continues. The Australian share market has ended on a high note, with investors cashing in on energy and bank stocks.

Calls tonight for restrictions on children watching raunchy music videos. It comes as a study finds teenagers who listen to explicit songs have sex younger. Jaw-dropping pop pics with lyrics to match. (Raps) # I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons, baby. # But could they be encouraging children to have sex? A study of teenagers aged 12 and up those who listen to raunchy music were having sex within two years. And it's these scantily-clad girls which have experts concerned. These are fantasy views of sex. If that's the only image of female sexuality they're getting in they're life, then I think that's really unbalanced. It makes us feel like we have to be like them.

Emerging Australian music star Jade Macrae has so far avoided the 'sex sells' pressure. But even she's concerned some video clips are going too far. When I have children I think I'm going to be very aware of what they're taking in and viewing. Pop music has always caused a stir. Those swivelling Elvis hips had mums worried for their daughters.

The Rolling Stones took it up another step. And of course those '80s love songs weren't much better. # When I get that feeling, I want sexual healing. #

Family groups want raunchy clips

banned from teen television, but

concede it is parents who must be

in control. It is a combination of

the obligation of Government in

terms of classifying material, but

primarily, it is the obligation of

parents. Snie just think it is a

bit weird when you get 6-year-olds

watching Soft Porn on 'Rage' and

'Video Hits' on a Saturday morning.

It is a bit weird. She's a fashion icon and role model for young women - and Hollywood's latest 'it girl' Mischa Barton knows it. The 20-year-old actress is in Australia

as guest star in a department store fashion parade. She's the ballistic missile in the store wars - a pricey international star imported to add glamour to DJ's fashion parade front row. But is she the fashion icon everyone would have us believe? How do you decide what you wear in the morning? Honestly, I could put on a pair of jeans out on the floor from the previous day. Next week, Myer will counterattack with a parade starring Jennifer Hawkins, but when it comes to world-wide tabloid tales, Mischa wins.

Only if they're really bad or really hurtful do I follow up on them or care. For the most part it's just water off a duck's back. But the 20-year-old British born actress and model has even more to contend with than that thanks to her role in the hit TV show 'The OC', she's also a role model. I was very aware on the show that it was written in such a way

that it didn't glorify anything negative about teenagers.

I don't think anyone wanted to be Marissa. She was a little too messed up to want to be her. And probably don't want to end up like her either. But what worries parents is how many young girls would like to be this thin. Are you naturally slim or is it something you need to really work at? I've been naturally slim my whole life and I'm very lucky, thank you Mum and Dad. Following this fashion fiesta, the style icon is returning to the US to concentrate on her movie career, something she dabbled in before achieving worldwide fame on 'The OC', in hits like 'The Sixth Sense'. I just finished my first movie since I ended the show. And I was even looking into doing some theatre in London after that. Angela Bishop, Ten News. A massive landslide in New Zealand has homeowners on edge.

Now for a look at the weather and a

gorgeous day today. More to come?

Indee, you're not going to need me

popping up on your television for

the next few days because seriously,

the weather forecast is mainly

sunny for Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

and next Wednesday. And tomorrow as

well. 21C. It's just not going to

budge the temperature gets a wee

bit chilly on Friday, down to 16C,

but it should be warm across the

weekend, up to around 22C. Glorious.

Speaking of which, let's look at

the map of NSW on a day where there

weren't many clouds about and

sunshine was more spring like than winter-time.

It looks like we'll get 5cm of snow

in the Alps tomorrow night. Back to

the desk, and Ron, census, don't go

filling it with a crayon like you

did last time. Sport is next, and Tim, the Storm aren't impressed with Billy Slater's latest suspension. Yes, coach Craig Bellamy's expressed his frustration - that shortly.

Also - a $15,000 fine for the Dragons for slamming referee Steve Clark. And as our Pan Pac swim team flieys out, there's a warning medals will be even harder to win at the Beijing Olympics.

SIZZLING (Sighs contentedly) Ooh! CHEERFUL MUSIC Phew! Ah! Oww! Ooh! Ooh! Ahh.

Whoa! (Ladies scream and laugh) (Exclaims) What...? VOICEOVER: Arnott's Shapes...

St George Illawarra have promised they won't be bagging Steve Clark or any other referee again in the wake of a $15,000 fine. Sean Hampstead will control their game against the Bulldogs this weekend, but the Dragons say in the future they'll have no qualms playing under Clark. Nathan Brown signing autographs, moments after his club decided it will be signing off on a $15,000 cheque to the NRL. I'll be copping the referee's decision, not only from this, but in the future. The Dragons coach had accused Steve Clark of hammering his side since an incident at Kogarah eight years ago. Mate, if you keep telling them, get onto them. Thanks, mate. Today, Brown seeing no problems should Clark get another Dragons game. I'd be happy to have any match official any time because we'll be out there working very hard as I said

and if things don't go our way, we won't comment. We'll be doing our best to turn it around. The NRL say they won't cop referees being accused of bias.

they claim it is no more than an

attempt to pull away from the

Dragons poor form. It's disappointing the referee was the subject of that sort of attack. There are proper channels to go through and that certainly wasn't the proper channel. Meanwhile, Storm fullback Billy Slater accepting a 2-match ban for striking, his third suspension of the season. It's pretty simple. Just a bit of bit of common sense,

and Billy's just gotta learn to curb those little moments of madness that he seems to get. And Magpies survivor John Skandalis preparing for an emotional farewell to Campbelltown this weekend, a place where he saw the occasional Tommy cigarette. Oh, mate, plenty. Plenty - and I think that's why my fitness is down. New South Wales Rugby is continuing investigations into the incident that saw Waratahs prop Matt Dunning damage a taxi early Sunday morning.

Dunning has come to an agreement with the driver to fix the damage which occurred when he got out of the taxi. I regret that it has obviously made bigger media than I have seen in my career, I think. But it was an accident, no intent. It was one of those things - I'm a big lad and unfortunately I've done a bit of damage to the hinge. Dunning could face a fine or be suspended.

Wallabies reserve halfback Sam Cordingley is expected to be ruled out of the rest of the Tri-Nations with a foot injury. The Queenslander was tipped to take over from George Gregan in the starting line-up for the game against New Zealand on Saturday week. First things first, get it right, and then my job now is to focus on the rehabilitation. I can't control anything else. Cordingley's appearance off the bench sparked the Wallabies comeback

for a win over South Africa last Saturday night. The Swans are looking to improve their form against top eight opposition when they take on the third-placed Melbourne Demons at the MCG on Saturday. The reigning premiers have won just two of their seven matches against top eight teams this year

but they've chalked up enough wins to be in exactly the same position as in round 18 last year.

It's the same as last year, we were

the underdogs last year and this

year we are again. It's not much we

can do about what the other teams The Swans look set to make a number of changes, Jared Crouch likely to make his return after a 6-match absence along with ruckman Stephen Doyle and Aamon Buchanan who missed last week's game with an infected shoulder. An on-air sledge has cost Dean Jones his job in the commentary box. The former Australian batsman referred to South African Hashim Amla as a terrorist, while commentating on a match between Sri Lanka and South Africa. Jones has since apologised, saying the comment wasn't meant to be broadcast. He's been sacked from the commentary team and has returned home to Victoria. Cricket South Africa has lodged an official complaint with the ICC and wants Jones suspended from any further commentary. Two years out from the Bejing Olympics and the AOC is still targeting a top five finish, but they admit it may be tough to match the record 49-medal haul from Athens. Australia's hopes will also hinge on a successful Ian Thorpe comeback. Our national coach today called for an end to the hysteria surrounding our most prolific Olympic gold medallist. A relatively inexperienced swim squad In China, the host city has marked the 2-year countdown with a traditional show. Not so traditional, the new national stadium dubbed the bird's nest and like the rest of the Games venues, well on rack for 2008. But it was a relatively inexperienced Australian swim squad that jetted off to the Pan Pacific Championships today. On the way back from Canada, national coach Alan Thompson plans to drop in on Australia's most elusive swimming star. Thompson fuming over the recent media frenzy surrounding Ian Thorpe.

Yeah, I think it's a little unfair. You know, when an organisation uses a photo to say he's fit and tanned one week and says he's overweight the next, it disappoints me.

You know, we've seen some great things from Ian over the years, and I think he deserves better than what he's got over the last couple of days. Thompson says such a long break from the water may have sunk most ordinary swimmers, but Thorpe is an exception. I think we need to leave him alone and let him get on with what he's doing. Meanwhile, the AOC has the crystal ball out trying to project the medal tally for the Beijing Olympics and expectations are down. Because I think the Chinese are going to take a lot of medals from us so all of the nation and I just can't get a read on it. Also with an eye on the future, our basketballers on the way to the world championships in Japan.

You know, building for Beijing, we're going to have a core group of players who'll be gathering for six or eight years

just like the old Boomers teams.

Mark Webber's Formula One career will continue with the energy drink-backed Red Bull Racing. It's a massive gamble for the 29-year-old,

who has turned his back on the under-performing Williams team. The Aussie driver has joined Red Bull - even though they have not confirmed race engine for 2007. I think I'm joining at the right time and I hope this is the opportunity we've been waiting for to go towards the front. Webber will partner F1 veteran David Coulthard in next year's championship. Many of our greatest Olympians gather in Sydney tonight for a fundraiser. What do they think of our chances at Beijing in two years time? Details in Sports Tonight.

let's look at the traffic with Vic

Lorusso in the Mick mix. And

problems for drivers on the

Pacific Highway Pimble way. A slow

run up the north shore after a

smash on the Pacific Highway. We

zoom our camera in, there's 3km of

slow traffic from Chatswood as

motorists try to battle the winding

Pacific Highway, a slow trip north.

The weather with Tim Bailey is next.

A massive landslide in New Zealand has homeowners on edge. One house is teetering on the brink. Its foundations are wrecked and it's feared it could collapse at any time.

Three others are dangerously close to the edge of the ravine. Families are trying to save what they can as their backyards slip away. No-one was hurt when the ground gave way after six weeks of solid rain. Homes in the area have been evacuated and the council can't say when or if it will be safe to return. The landslide also broke the suburb's main sewer line.

Time for a check of our own weather

with Tim Bailey. A lot of people

were impressed with your work with

the kids and one viewer phoned in

and wanted you nominated for

Australia of of the Year but it's

OK, I managed to get on to him and

tell him what you're really like.

That was beautiful up there at the

Spastic Centre and don't get. CP

Week all week. And my cameraman

tonight is a rather enthusiastic

man by the name of Craig Handson.

We had a discussion, will the

sunset hold up so we can show the

people what the end of the day in

Sydney looks like and the answer

now is, well played. I'm talking

about the sunset because the

weather takes care of itself at the

moment. Consistent is the word I

would use for winter, brilliant

conditions. 21C today.

conditions. 21C today. 3 above.

Blue sky all the way through until

next Wednesday. So about 7 or 8

next Wednesday. So about 7 or 8 days of mainly sunny conditions.

Sure it gets chilly on Thursday and

Friday, then beautiful across your

weekend because - I look after you,

22C. Into your backyard at the

moment and it is just a delightful

night in Sydney town, no risk.

Satellite, a band of high cloud

extends from WA to Tasmania along a

weak low pressure trough. And it doesn't cause much rain unfortunately. Low cloud pushes

over the south-west of WA by a cold

south werserly wind and brings the

odd shower. The map then for

tomorrow helps us to explain things.

A large high pressure system will

keep most of the country dry and

sunny and a cold front will sweep

across the south-east bringing

strong winds and showers and

causing snow to develop on the Alps.

Let's look at that a bit closer by

way of the rainfall maps. Isolated

showers clearing from the northern

NSW coast while showers will

develop on the south-west slopes

with a little snow on the Alps and

that's good as we get down to

Thredbo to broadcast Thursday and

Friday this week. Thursday, rain

clearing from NSW, Tasmania and SA.

Fine and sunny and that is all she

wrote for the next week. What about

a week off? I reckon I could take

it and come back in 8 days and

start the weather again. It's an

easy one for me. Mainly sunny for

the next 8 days. Let's go interstate:

There it is, a beautiful sunset on

your television set. See you again

tomorrow night. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Thanks for your company. Stay with us for news updates throughout the evening before our next full bulletin with Sandra Sully and Ryan Phelan after 'Rove'. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. www.auscap.com.au