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(generated from captions) Tonight - after the death of his little girl. A father demands answers from DOCS Relief for drivers a planned petrol tax increase. as the government scraps

goes in to fight And Swans captain Barry Hall for his grand final dream. This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. The Department of Community Services protect a six-year-old Sydney girl, has been accused of failing to on the weekend. found dead in her home dozens of times It's claimed DOCS was contacted about the welfare of Rose Villanueva

he wants answers. and her distraught father says body yesterday. Tony Villanueva saw his daughter's Today he had to see her again.

you know, a pair of jammies I'm just going to take her, and a blanket, scarf, gloves,

and she was so cold. 'cause I went there yesterday six-year-old Rose was found dead On Sunday

and her boyfriend. near the bed shared by mother Julie a cause of death. An autopsy failed to find But today a DOCS case worker claimed 23 phone calls about Rose the department had received and nothing was done. I'm at a loss for words, you know. done about this. I mean, something should have been

Rose died...not have to die. the coroner found Two months ago Services at Richmond that the Department of Community in every 10 cases it heard about. could only respond to one in Parliament. That prompted an angry exchange today will resume his seat. Member for Davidson

What are you covering up? What are you trying to cover up? Mr Speaker, When the inquiries have taken place, to improve, whatever recommendations are made the Government will take.

is expected within days. A toxicology report they're investigating Police have told Seven News and a drug manufacturing set-up any link between Rose's death where Rose died. allegedly found in the house has backed down The Federal Government to avoid a backlash from drivers. on a planned increase in fuel excise

showing record petrol prices It follows a report

for the average family. have wiped out recent income tax cuts was just 1/16th of a cent per litre The planned excise hike at record levels but with petrol prices causing too much friction. that was a fraction Now is not the time

to increase petrol excise. Now is not the time to increase the 38c-a-litre excise The Federal Government was preparing

from 1 January next year. a "clean air" campaign It would have helped pay for produce low-emission fuels. to help oil companies They're making enough money now, from the Australian motorist. they don't need any more money Adding to the pressure, on up to $60,000 a year new research showing that anyone swallowed has now had their $6-a-week tax break by a $12-a-week petrol bill increase. it is being reviewed Let me tell you to say about it. and we may have something further And they did - announcing... late today backing down, there will be no increase." "Given current market conditions, not going ahead The fact that the government's the very strong outcry I think recognises that came today from the public. developing new, greener technology - But refineries have spent a fortune upgrading its Brisbane plant Caltex claims almost $400 million,

on its way to Sydney. and this new equipment, will still get the cash. But the oil companies Treasurer Peter Costello says in the Federal Budget. he'll find the funds taxpayers will pay for it either way. In other words, hopes Sydney Swans captain Barry Hall's are on the line tonight of playing in Saturday's grand final at the AFL Tribunal in Melbourne. He's answering a striking charge

at the club's first premiership which could see him miss a shot

in 72 years.

a few minutes ago, Arriving at AFL headquarters were flashing before him. Barry Hall's grand final dreams incident last weekend was negligent Hall's defence hinges on whether this rather than reckless -

playing the ball or the man. in other words, whether he was Desperate to avoid the media, this afternoon on a private flight. Hall flew into Melbourne meeting his lawyers, But he was seen soon afterwards masterminding an escape plan. is on Barry's side - At least one fellow player making his feelings clear former team-mate Spider Everitt dinner. at last night's Brownlow Medal have some sympathy. And even Rugby League players that game. Oh, mate, it's an absolute joke

(Laughter) Fair dinkum, it was a love tap. for a grand final The Swans coach is already preparing without his captain. It's hard. 70-something goals for the season. You can't replace a guy that kicked We're certainly not a one-man team. We certainly want Barry to play but we're not a one-man team if you're going into a grand final. and I don't think you can be You know you feel for any person of missing a grand final that has the likelihood of the season. after not playing every game

from AFL headquarters in Melbourne. Seven's Mark Gibson joins us now live Barry Hall's fate? Mark, how long before we'll know

Ian there are Sydney supporters

here in Melbourne tonight. They

could be wait ago couple of hours

before we know the news the Swans

and Barry Hall have been sweating

on. There are witnesses to be called, and called, and hall has an impressive

legal team. He is represented

tonight by Terry forest QC the man

who represented the man charged

with the manslaughter of David

Hookes. He won an ackquat al in

that case. what's the next move for the Swans? And if he is suspended,

They will be hoping he gets let off

tonight. They have until midday

tomorrow, which comes with an extra

$5,000 fee. The appeal $5,000 fee. The appeal will

probably be held on Thursday. Ian.. Mark Gibson in Melbourne, thank you. to Wests Tigers supporters The NRL has apologised after thousands missed out on tickets grand final qualifier. to this weekend's to disappointed fans But it's little comfort who say a simple venue change could solve the problem. Glenn Boyd is a father under pressure.

He's got two tickets to the Tigers-Dragons match, he found them in the classifieds, but he needs four more for the rest of his family

or he'll have six-year-old James to answer to. The Boyd family's from Orange. They're in Sydney for James' chemotherapy. He has leukaemia. The Tigers' season has been his dream come true. To be at Aussie Stadium on Saturday night would mean the world. We actually went to the Tigers day a few weeks ago and he was pretty crook going in the car towards there, and as soon as he saw the Tigers, he just got up and he run like there was no tomorrow. The Boyd family's desperate hunt for tickets is shared by tens of thousands of Tigers fans after the NRL's refusal to move the game from Aussie Stadium to the larger Telstra stadium. We understand that they're disappointed. We've got a contract in place with Aussie stadium. They expect that contract to be honoured

and we'll be honouring that contract. That's fine for Dragons fans. They snapped up thousands of tickets last week.

Frustrated Tigers fans were giving club boss Steve Noyce an earful today. It's not his fault, but it shows their frustration. In future ticket sales are likely to be delayed

This is wrong. Absolutely wrong. In future ticket sales are likely to be delayed until both teams have booked their place in the match. Aboriginal leaders are demanding

State Planning Minister Frank Sartor be sacked

over a racist remark. They say it's as bad as the one that wrecked John Brogden's career and, while the Premier agrees, he says the difference is Mr Sartor apologised.

Mick Mundine accepted Frank Sartor's apology, but still doesn't think the minister should keep his job. The Minister, Frank Sartor, is not the man for the job in Redfern. Other Aboriginal elders have condemned Mr Sartor too.

They want him to resign or be sacked as Minister for Redfern-Waterloo. He might have thought was a joke, but once you mention, you know, the colour of anybody's skin, it's a very touchy subject. REPORTER: Did you offer to resign in the last 24 hours?

The reply, curt. No! The row began with Mr Sartor on Redfern radio.

The Premier says the remark was stupid that brought John Brogden undone. and very similar to the racist joke that brought John Brogden undone. The words, themselves, would not be that different. Morris Iemma has reprimanded Frank Sartor. Morris Iemma has reprimanded Frank Sartor. But the Premier doesn't believe this is a sacking offence. The Opposition, though, says Mr Sartor should be prosecuted under anti-discrimination laws. These comments were made by a Minister of the Crown on public radio, on Aboriginal radio, directed at a person he was in a ministerial relationship with. A man jailed over the murder of Sydney policeman David Carty

has been refused parole.

Constable Carty's parents gave emotional submissions this morning at the hearing of Edward Esho. They told the panel Esho's five years in jail is nothing compared to the life sentence they have to endure. We often think of the last few minutes in David's life and how awful that might have been for him. Esho must complete a violent offenders' program

before his parole is reconsidered next May. Former deputy police commissioner Dave Madden and Assistant Commissioner Peter Parsons won't face criminal charges over phone taps allegedly leaked during last year's Canterbury Bulldogs investigation. Now we've got two senior officers who are supposed to be dusted off, patted on the back and told, "You guys go back to work "even though you've been ripped apart in the media.

Mr Madden, who's on stress leave and seeking a medical discharge from the force,

says he's bitterly disappointed at the damage to his health and career. Australian troops in southern Iraq are on high alert

after British forces in the same region were attacked by angry protesters.

The Brits infuriated locals by raiding a prison and were forced to abandon their tank under a barrage of petrol bombs.

The British tank should have been safe from the mob. The rocks bounced off, the bullets too. But as it manoeuvred, it was hit by petrol bombs. The crowd kept throwing them, kept attacking. In these pictures the tank never fires back, but eventually its crew has to get out. The first soldier through the hatch is pelted with rocks The first soldier through the hatch is pelted with rocks and disappears as he is chased by the crowd. What happens to him is not shown, but Britain says no troops were killed. Clearly, though, some were hurt. 15 civilians were wounded as other British troops moved in. They had come to free two undercover British soldiers who had been arrested at an Iraqi police checkpoint. SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Iraqis, said the two, had been in a civilian car and had fired at police. To get them back, British armoured vehicles knocked down the walls of a prison. The soldiers were not there,

but were found later at a house where they had been taken. Once considered calm, Basra has become more dangerous. It is about thee hours drive from where Australian troops are based. Ahead in Seven News - Fresh controversy over Sydney's water desalination plant. Also, America's Gulf Coast on alert as another severe storm closes in. And Glenn and Jane McGrath's new campaign against breast cancer.

Some of Australia's biggest media companies have begun defending a billion dollar Federal Court action launched by Channel 7. They've denied claims they conspired to kill off Seven's pay TV sports channel, C7. Lawyers for Kerry Packer's PBL and Telstra told the court they supported a rival Foxtel bid for AFL rights because C7's coverage wasn't good enough. Seven chairman Kerry Stokes is expected to give evidence next week. The State Government is pushing ahead with a desalination plant, despite a report showing water recycling would cost half as much. The exact site for the project was named today

and residents are angry. This is where the government will build its $2 billion desalination plant. To the south of the Caltex oil refinery, it's 45 hectares, bigger than originally planned. Construction of the plant will take around two years, so we need to keep moving to guarantee Sydney's drinking water supply.

But there's new evidence about what that's going to cost consumers. A parliamentary report shows production costs for desalination are twice that of recycled water. The Government says the average family will pay up to $2 extra a week, but the Opposition says it will be be much more. The Australia Institute suggests the cost of water produced by this plant will be up to triple the level of current water pricing.

And if the dams fill up householders will still pay the extra cost, whether the desalinated water is needed or not. Obviously you pay a premium to insure your house. You have to pay money to insure our water supply. No matter what the cost of desalination, residents here in Kurnell say they're already paying dearly because of the government's lack of consultation. That's going to be forced onto the people of Sydney to pay for the State Government's mistakes and ill management. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. Two of the final three tenders will build pilot projects on this site before the contract is finally awarded. A day after agreeing to scrap its nuclear weapons program North Korea has placed conditions on the deal. Pyongyang now wants to build a civilian nuclear reactor to boost domestic energy supplies. But US President George W. Bush has cautiously welcomed the breakthrough. That's a wonderful step forward. But now we've got to verify whether or not that happens. Australia has offered Australia has offered to help North Korea dismantle its weapons program. Just days after being urged to return home, New Orleans residents are now being told to stay away as another severe storm closes in. Tropical storm Rita is expected to strengthen as its moves across the Florida Keys towards America's Gulf Coast. As a result, we are suspending all re-entry into the city of New Orleans as of this moment. Rita has already hit world oil markets, pushing the price up US$4 a barrel.

Cricketer Glenn McGrath and his wife Jane have launched a campaign to fund better support for breast cancer patients. They want more specialist nurses,

just like those who helped Jane through her own cancer scare. Time Time for sport with Matt White. Any word on the Barry Hall case? The hearing is still under way. We'll cross live to Melbourne after the break. But it's clear Barry has plenty of support here in Sydney. More on that shortly. And Mark Gasnier hidden injury unveiled at the Dragons. SONG: # Oh, yeah! # I just gotta have it Oh, yeah! # Time to Hungry Jack it He's mid-30s, uh...grey suit... Now you can access the world with Grapevine -

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Barry Hall is fighting for his grand final future at the moment. He's facing the AFL Tribunal in Melbourne, hoping to beat a striking charge. Seven reporter Mark Gibson is there. Mark, any word yet on the outcome?

No, certainly no word yet. The

hearing is just underway. There hearing is just underway. There was

a bit of a delay. Barry Hall has

pleaded guilty tonight to a lesser

charge of causing neg subsequent

rather than reckless conduct. Also

to say that the conduct, the

contact, happened in the play

rather than behind the play. So

there is a lot of legal evidence to

go through which could take a

couple of hours. Earlier this

afternoon Hall arrived in Sydney,

from Sydney, in Melbourne, on a

private jet giving the waiting

media the slip. Spending the amp at

his lawyer's office before making

his way here. There were plenty of

fans to Sydney's last public

training session at the SCG giving

him plenty of support this

afternoon in the hope he can get

off this charge. If he doesn't get

off, what is the appeals process

facing the Swans for the next facing the Swans for the next

couple of days? They still do have

a couple of other options. They can

lodge an appeal with the AFL by

midday tomorrow. It is another

$5,000 fee which probably won't

matter to the Swans given they have

gone to all the expense to get him

here. That appeal is normally held Thursday,ing grand final week they

may want to rush that through.

There is mounting evidence that

Barry Hall is in a pretty good

position. They have new video

evidence which they say proves this

contact did happen in the course of

play. Who knows, they are pretty

confident he might get off tonight.

The Swans back in 1966 with Andrew

Dunkley went through the Supreme

Court process. Has will been word

about that happening later in the

week ? That did happen nine years

ago tfrplt theory now is with the

changes to the tribunal system, a

form judge who is the tribunal

chairman, they exhaust all legal

avenues before the tribunal anyway.

The thinking is this is where it

will be resolved. There is probably

no real need for Supreme Court

action. Mark Gibson will keep us posted. Thank you. The Dragons have suffered an injury scare

ahead of Saturday's grand final qualifier against the Tigers.

It has been revealed star centre Mark Gasnier of training has missed almost a full week of training before the crucial knockout final. Jason Ryles' back is getting better and Mark Gasnier is confident he will be fit to face the Tigers despite a calf strain scare at training last week. Yeah, no sweat. I ran really well and it was probably just more - doing some extra stuff more so than worrying too much about me calf.

Injury worries are nothing new to Tigers gun Benji Marshall who admits his shoulder is a time bomb. Anything above my head, when I put my arm above my head, my shoulder wants to dislocate. But since Marshall has managed to put it out of his mind the Tigers have found form. A few weeks back I was holding back a bit

and you could see it on the field and, mate, I just gotta go out like every game's my last and if it goes, it goes. You know, whatever happens, happens. Marshall and his mates have become the team that even rivals want to tip. Tigers are playing very well

and you know probably nearly deserve to be premiership favourites at the moment. Well, look, it's the Australian way, isn't it? Everyone's going to drop the favouritism thing. And while the Eels played at commandos on the field, no surprises from them when talking about the Tigers-Dragons clash. I just think it's going to be a very tough game and hopefully they bash the crap out of each other. Nathan Hindmarsh hasn't been named but he gave his injured knee its first hit-out

as the Cowboys selected centre Josh Hannay despite a dislocated shoulder.

Cowboys fans won't hear of defeat as the Eels think only of going all the way. you don't want to miss out. You want to get it all done. In the wake of the Ashes defeat, Australia's cricket selectors have made big changes to the Test and one-day squads. and Michael Kasprowicz Damien Martyn, Jason Gillespie from the Test squad, have been dropped the only new inclusion. with Shane Watson from the one-day side Matt Hayden has been dropped to take on a World XI next month, along with Gillespie and Kasprowicz. Nathan Bracken and James Hopes. They'll be replaced by Shaun Tait, on 5 October The one-day series starts at the SCG on 15 October. with the Tests beginning

Cricket seems like oo long Cricket seems like oo long time ago.

Right through there is only two

words, Barry Hall. We will keep you updated throughout the night It is

Fingers crossed. looking a bit more positive.

Grant Denyer has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. reached a new record close. The share market reached a new record close. Coles Myer jumped more than 1% ahead of Thursday's profit result. Shares in Orica fell after it joined with Macquarie Bank to buy rival Dyno Nobel.

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Do you know how to pick a liar? the tell-tale signs. Tomorrow on the show how to clear your life of clutter! Plus, it's way past your bed time. Hey, Grant,

I was feeling good until you

mentioned it. Like a coiled spring

ready to spring into action. Hello

everybody from lavender bay.

Speaking of bring, what a great day

it was too for Sydney. Although

there were showers in the west. 7mm.

It was a handy fall. It is all

temperature increase. moved off making way for a sharp

temperature increase. As we kound

down to grand final day for the AFL.

As we see how your day finished up. temperatures 2 degrees below average Well, after a chilly night with

for most of the day. the sun managed to show But some afternoon cloud did appear, to parts of Sydney, bringing light rain

mainly in the west. across Sydney, Maximums climbed to 20 and 21 just 13 in Katoomba.

shows light cloud Today's satellite picture to New South Wales that's brought some rain moving off the coast. creating some unsettled conditions A weak trough

will be pushed further out to sea from Adelaide. by a high moving over Sydney over the State It should drag warmer air creating mild temperatures tomorrow. will prevail tomorrow. Mild and sunny conditions blowing through But a light south-easterly wind

could get a little fresh at times. as high as 24 in the west A top of 21 is forecast in the city, and 17 in the mountains. expected for the rest of the week Looking ahead, fine weather is warming up to 25 for the weekend should be medium. And tomorrow's pollen levels

Miss you already. Until next time.

You will have Nuala back tomorrow.

Our apologies by the way for not

being able to bring you the story

about the McGraths. We had

technical problems tonight. Thanks

for bearing with us on that.. thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross,