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(generated from captions) 26. And Ahmud? Boo-yeah. Boo-yeah! AUDIENCE: Boo-yeah! I've got the car here. Good luck. I think OK, Ahmud. You have...?

No! $500. There was the car right in here. Ah! a car three ways. Very difficult to split And you can't drive it to Memphis. Thank you. Oh, man. $43,000. $43,000. a snapper and chips, You know, like about that, wouldn't you? you'd have to be 'wrapped' Let's see the money. of burning love. # (SINGS) # A hunk, a hunk Well, congratulations.

Now you're gonna see Elvis AND Cher, and the Queen of the queens. the King in America, I tells ya. Oh, it's gonna be a right royal time Great having you with us, family. See you next time on the Deal. Great having you with us. 'Bye now. Thanks, Hassan. Cheers. HAYRI: Thank you! Beautiful. Thanks, Hayri. Pleasure, Selda, pleasure. Beautiful work. This program is captioned live. for Sydney's traffic chaos Tonight, no apology

the Harbour Bridge. after authorities close Parents warned of school closures State-wide teachers strike. during tomorrow's New Orleans almost empty forecast to hit tomorrow morning. with Hurricane Gustav And a Sydney couple's lucky escape came crashing down. when their home renovations with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Authorities are making no apology, in Sydney, for this morning's traffic chaos of the Harbour Bridge. caused by the closure rescue helicopter was called in All lanes were shut when a after a head-on collision. was widespread gridlock The result that lasted for hours. for Sydney traffic A nightmare scenario of the morning peak, at the beginning on the Harbour Bridge when a north-bound 4-wheel drive of a 15-tonne garbage truck merged into the path travelling south. to flip over and flip into lanes 6 and 7. the truckie was OK, When rescue crews arrived, was trapped. but the driver of the car to a couple of lanes. Traffic was reduced for the rescue helicopter, And then to make way everything was stopped. It's not good, but still clinging to life, are we? we're not laying in a helicopter Buses and trains were held-up.

Most drivers just sat and waited. to find another way. Others just tried Some made good use of the time. In the middle of the peak, on the bridge. they were taking a stroll transport link severed. Sydney's most important We've been here for about 1.5 hours. Do any of youse know? How long is the wait? to cut the driver free. It took over an hour for emergency crews A tricky operation for traffic managers and then a huge headache a hopelessly congested morning peak. trying to clear to the city Stalled at the western entry across the Anzac Bridge, the knock-on effect obvious on the Gladesville Bridge. further back Just as bad in the north - at a standstill the Gore Hill Freeway

and Military Road. were late for work, I understand Sydneysiders

but we were saving a man, and trying getting him to hospital. cutting him out of the wreckage on the bridge, The RTA says there are few accidents but... all but ruling out lane barriers, the speed zones are appropriate If a response by changing in the future, of course, we'll do it. in a critical condition. The driver remains will be closed tomorrow, 300 schools across the State a pay dispute with the Government. as teachers walk off the job over

Parents are warned at 1,900 other schools there will be minimal supervision during the 2-hour stop-work meeting. stop-work meeting Tomorrow's 2-hour State-wide has teachers united but parent groups angry. get what they want, We'll help teachers

as a bargaining chip. but not when they're using students

From 9am to 11am and principal the union wants every teacher from the State's 2,200 schools to walk off the job. I would like to know the Teachers Federation, from anyone who's represents what the point of tomorrow's meeting is - like this. holding up students to ransom skeleton supervision, Some schools will offer but others will be forced to close. but unmoved. Teachers are apologetic, At the end of the day this sort of action - we have to take it's frustrating. which is unfortunate, pay rise over three years They're demanding a 16% teacher transfer system. and a roll-back of the controversial Talks are locked in for September - apparently impossible previous attempts at negotiation Iguanagate scandal. since the Education Minister's I think It's certainly irresponsible for education that we haven't had a minister for the last couple of months. over tomorrow's closures - But there's still confusion what each school will do. parents unsure to the whole of community. The communication hasn't been clear should contact their school. Parents in doubt It's a hassle,

all the help they can get. but they need

in official interest rates Tomorrow's expected cut this year. is tipped to be the first of two a 0.25% fall, Most economists are forecasting but the Federal Opposition to give families more. wants the Reserve Bank and the national flower's in bloom. Spring has sprung of Australia, happy Wattle Day. On behalf of the children Thank you. That's wonderful.

some spring cleaning on the economy. The Reserve Bank's expected to do Analysts say

the first interest rate cut in almost seven years is a certainty. They've done everything except put a banner out the front of the Reserve Bank saying "We're going to do it tomorrow." I think there will be more than one rate cut this year. We actually look for a backup rate cut most likely in October, and we could actually see a follow up one in December. Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson got himself into hot water with this. There is every justification for the bank, if it chooses to, by half a percentage point. Mortgage holders would agree with Brendan Nelson, and Labor's Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser certainly does - he said the same thing today. But political leaders are not supposed to give the Reserve Bank advice. REPORTER: If prime minister does that mean you'll tell the Reserve Bank what you'll expect in terms of rate movements?


Basically, what we've now got is the new Nelson doctrine.

What I say in Opposition has nothing whatsoever to what I do in Government. But they do agree on one point. The banks should pass on any rate cut immediately. When rates were going up, the banks put up their rates in a nanosecond. Well, they need to pass it on. They're on notice and they can cut them now. They don't have to wait. The US city of New Orleans is almost a ghost town with 300,000 residents fleeing from Hurricane Gustav.

Seven correspondent Rahni Sadler is among the few left behind. Rahni, when's the storm due to hit? Ian, the latest prediction is Gustav will cross the coast in the morning. That'll be around 3am in Sydney. It has been downgraded to a Category 3 storm, not the force five storm of the century we were told to expect. Even so, everyone here is prepared for the worst. This is the latest satellite track, with Gustav now predicted to cross the coast a little west of New Orleans.

It's not as strong as first feared, but three years after Katrina, officials are taking no chances. This is still a big ugly storm, it's still strong, and I strongly urge everyone to leave. President Bush cancelled his appearance at the Republican Convention

to oversee preparations. Do not put yourself in harm's way or make rescue workers take unnecessary risks. Almost a million people have taken the advice, fleeing the Gulf Coast by air, rail, and road.

Downtown New Orleans is empty.

The French Quarter, usually bustling with tourists, is almost deserted. I can tell this is the beginning of the end,

so I'm trying to get my last beer in. Curfew's coming! This time, most Australians heeded the warnings, wary of the fatal flooding and chaos after the city's levees broke three years ago. We had three Australians here, they stayed here and as soon as the warnings came out they evacuated really quick. After Katrina the Army's Corps of Engineers designed a new system to fortify the levees, but so far it's only 20% complete, which won't be enough to protect New Orleans if Gustav lives up to predictions. This is what Gustav did to Western Cuba at the weekend. No deaths, but plenty of devastation. (SPEAKS SPANISH) "It was like a war," this man said "like someone bombed us in the night". A fate New Orleans hopes it will be spared but is preparing to face. It's estimated just 5% of the city has stayed to ride out the storm. With so many homes and businesses deserted, a dusk-to-dawn curfew has been imposed, and officials say looters will go straight to jail. Sydney's binge drinking crisis is now at its worst, with doctors and paramedics treating more emergencies than ever before. Seven News has just spent a night

in the city's busiest hospital trauma centre, seeing lives in danger from injuries that could have been prevented. Sydney on a typical Saturday night. Guy who has fallen 6m to 8m off a balcony, landing on his head. This 19-year-old was sliding down a handrail at Darling Harbour when he fell nearly 10m. There's bad head injury here, guys. Need airway. A broken jaw, smashed teeth and possible brain injury. (GROANS) We've got to sedate him a bit. It's 11 o'clock in a city overwhelmed by binge drinking. There's blood all over his head and the brain. You heard what's happened - off a banister. At St Vincent's, alcohol-related emergencies are at an all-time high. Over on your side, that's it. This man was found passed out at Central Station. What were you drinking tonight, do you know? Drinking, yeah. Some alcohol?


The 20-year-old had been sick and could've easily choked to death. Can you grab me a vomit bag? The faces of an epidemic. He was alone, and obviously he's had a head injury, clearly intoxicated, which he admits to. Doctors say

a staggering 80% of weekend patients have been drinking excessively -

including this man. It's a stab wound. The 23-year-old was stabbed in the ear during a drunken fight. You've had a couple of drinks. Yeah. Yeah. He'd been drinking for 10 hours. Can you believe someone had a go at me with a knife? There's alcohol involved, he's been slashed to the ear, he's very, very lucky it hasn't gone to the neck. If it had been a couple of centimetres further down, he could well be dead before he got here. Alcohol-fuelled violence has risen dramatically. This second stabbing victim was knifed in the chest. It's 1:30 in the morning and the emergency ward is already full. In the last two hours, more than 10 patients have been brought in. All of them have been drinking. It's a drain on hospital resources, police and paramedics. who don't really need to be here. All our attention is going to drunk people who don't really need to be here. It's worse than it ever has been. Preventable tragedies ruining lives. 20 years of renovations have ended in heartache for a Sydney couple after a crane making a delivery split their house in two. The dream home is now in ruins, with engineers to decide if it should be torn down. The 30-tonne crane was being used to lower a spa onto the back deck of the Matson Crescent home. Jacqueline Leech and her husband were out the back guiding the delicate operation. All of a sudden the spa kept coming, coming, coming and he was saying "slow down, slow down" and we stepped out of the way and then the crane went through the house. Neighbours couldn't miss it. Almighty crash, very loud crash and the crunching of the tree. The owners weren't hurt. Their only thoughts were for Tiger, who had to be rescued after getting trapped inside. He's my baby. I think they were extraordinarily lucky

there wasn't further damage. The couple helped the crane driver scramble to safety. He had minor cuts on his hands. This afternoon WorkCover inspectors were checking the house's stability before trying to lift the crane. The upstairs living area has been split in half. Engineers will decide if it needs to be demolished.

The owners have been living here for more than 20 years - they've been renovating for almost as long. Installing the spa was one of the last jobs to be done. Oh, my goodness, I've been dreaming about the spa for so long, yes. But, anyway, doesn't matter - it's in the backyard. It's not in one piece, but, yeah. Still to come -

The aviation watchdog orders Qantas to lift its game. Also, a suspect in a Sydney hit-run death, accused of lying by his own father. And exhausted Australians tell how their trip to Thailand became a holiday nightmare. That's next.

Did you know the chicken at KFC is delivered fresh, not frozen? And then it's carefully prepared, fresh for you, in the 11 secret herbs and spices. How do I know all this? SONG: # Can't beat that taste... # I'm the cook here. There's one of us in every KFC store making the best-tasting chicken in Australia every day. # Can't beat that taste. #

An inquest into the hit-run death of a Sydney boy has been told the suspected driver is a liar who can't be trusted. But police haven't been able to get enough evidence to charge him. It's been a long road to justice for the Rolls family. For five years,

they've been desperate to find out who killed Bryce. I talk to his picture every night. We go up to the cemetery all the time. I tell him I love him.

The 8-year-old was hit by a car near his family home at Kogarah

in 2003. He died a short time later. The Rolls hope the inquest will not only provide answers, but closure. I miss him and I want him back, but I can't get him back.

But those answers weren't delivered today. Police admitted they had been unable to find any new evidence since the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to lay charges last year. Last month, police named Peter Graham as a person of interest. Crash investigator Sergeant Brett Samuels says officers went to Graham's parents' house after calls to Crime Stoppers linked him to the hit and run. The court heard that when police spoke to Graham's father he repeatedly told them he knew his son was involved in the crash and that Peter was a liar who couldn't be trusted. For a father to say that about his son, he must be a pretty shocking man. Peter Graham is expected to tell his side of the story on Thursday. Qantas has been ordered to improve aircraft maintenance

after an audit by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The airline suffered further problems today when a flight from Sydney to Perth was delayed by seven hours. Very angry. The phone hasn't stopped ringing trying to organise everything back home. I have a business to run. The safety watchdog will conduct safety checks on Qantas planes, randomly choosing aircraft for a complete maintenance audit.

Hundreds of Australian tourists stranded on the Thai holiday island of Phuket

are tonight heading home on a specially-chartered flight. But others who escaped anti-government protests remain stuck in the country

after a 14-hour bus ride they say was hell. One group of Australians made their own way out of Phuket, arriving in Bangkok early this morning weary and frustrated... This is organised chaos. ..and facing more delays.

We have to wait for a flight to Perth. Won't probably be until Tuesday morning. They were forced to make a 14-hour bus journey after anti-government demonstrators invaded Phuket Airport leaving thousands of homeward-bound tourists stranded.

It was scary. They were building up and they were getting quite aggressive. The bus journey rattled nerves, too. Um, pretty atrocious. Saw a motorbike accident, couple of people killed. It was not a good trip. And unaware the airport reopened just hours after they left the resort island. In Phuket? Oh, you are kidding me. But better news for 260 Jetstar passengers, returning from Phuket tonight after airlines resumed services today. (ALL CHANT) Thailand's latest political unrest began after protestors started occupying government offices, demanding Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej resign. A mass movement with a difference, since they're actually campaigning for an end to democracy. Australia's largest-ever Paralympic team has flown to Beijing confident they can finish in the top 10. Champion skier Michael Milton will compete in his first summer Games

after switching to cycling.

My expectations are to have some fun. I guess, from my point of view, it was all about qualifying for the Australian team after going through cancer last year. 170 athletes are aiming to improve on the 101 medals

Australia won in Athens. Time for sport with Matthew White And it's going to be a busy week for the NRL judiciary. Two players have been charged with spitting. More on that next. Also tonight, the pictures that prove a mini comeback could be a major boost for the Roosters. And Casey Stoner's championship hopes on the slide in Italy.

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The NRL is likely to come down hard on two players facing spitting charges from the weekend. Newcastle's Matt Hilder and the Warriors' Wade McKinnon have both been referred straight to the judiciary. McKinnon's been accused of spitting at a touch judge. Wade McKinnon didn't play today, but he'll have plenty of time for golf if the NRL's Match Review Panel gets its way after he was charged with spitting at touch judge Brett Suttor. After the try was scored, I was going back behind the posts and Wade McKinnon spat at me. What? I don't think he denies spitting, but he's got a double mouthguard in. Players spit all the time but he certainly hasn't done anything intentional towards the sideline umpire. McKinnon was suspended for two weeks last year for pushing a referee. Mate, I've got bright yellow on. If you can't see me to get around me, bad luck. Because this latest charge was referred straight to the judiciary, McKinnon can expect more than the 5-week maximum for contrary conduct. As can Newcastle's Matt Hilder, who's accused of spitting on Melbourne's Anthony Quinn late in the Knights win over the Storm. Manly's Shane Dunley was the last player found guilty of spitting in 2005, but his ban was overturned on appeal.

Hilder and McKinnon will front the judiciary on Wednesday night. We'll take Wade over. We'll have some support for Wade and we'll defend the charge. Better news for Anthony Minichiello and the Roosters ahead of Friday night's showdown with the Dragons. It's all good boys, it's all good. This was Mini's first run as he returned from injury for Newtown against Windsor in the VB Cup on Saturday night. He looked pretty happy and it was just like seeing the old Mini again. I'm pretty sure Freddie was quietly happy, as well. Andrew Symonds has been given a month to prove he still wants to play for Australia and take his spot on the tour of India. While the all-rounder considers his future in the game his team-mates are preparing for the second one-day clash with Bangladesh. The leadership group has decided on the punishment

and I guess we're really looking forward to Wednesday's game and Saturday and having a good series. New South Wales batsman Moises Henriques has been added to the squad. Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock has angrily denied Kiwi allegations that his side lost to the Springboks on purpose. New Zealand's press even claimed the Wallabies threw the game to soften up the All Blacks. You only had to look in the change room to see how disappointed and upset we were with the performance so to even hint that we didn't give it a full go is ridiculous. Injured stars Berrick Barnes, Luke Burgess and Dan Vickerman are all unlikely to return for Saturday week's decider against the All Blacks in Brisbane. Roger Federer has cruised into round four at the US Open as he aims for his fifth straight title at Flushing Meadows.

The world number two defeated Czech Radek Stepanek 6-3, 6-3, 6-2 to record his 30th consecutive US Open win. COMMENTATOR: Finishes it in style, Roger Federer. And local favourite Andy Roddick also went through 6-2, 7-5, 7-6 against Italian Andreas Seppi. To motorsport, and Australia's Casey Stoner looks unlikely to retain his MotoGP world championship after crashing out while leading the San Marino Grand Prix last night. Italy's Valentino Rossi won the race and now leads Stoner by 75 points with just 5 races left. Olympic silver medallist Sally McLellan has finished second in the 100m hurdles at a Grand Prix meeting in England. Running in lane three the Australian clocked 12.70 seconds

to finish behind Spain's Josephine Onyia who won in a wind-assisted time of 12.65 seconds.

Mr it by that much. AFL news - Barry

Hall is right to play on Saturday

night. It is a must win.

Checking finance now, and the share market fell on the back of Wall Street losses last week. The ASX 200 was down 17 points. Sara's next with the weather and what a glorious start to spring, Sara. It was picture perfect, Ian with clear blue skies and warmer temperatures. I'll have all of Sydney's weather details next in Seven News.

Spring has arrived in style, bringing plenty of sunshine and light-to-moderate nor-westerly winds. It follows Sydney's coldest August in 64 years, with overnight and daytime temperatures both 1 degree below the long-term average.

Today's temperatures were 1 degree above average. Lows ranged from 3 degrees in the mountains to 7 in the west, and 10 along the coast. But most suburbs shared in tops of 20 or 21. The satellite shows patchy cloud building along the next cold front. It's going to bring isolated showers across Victoria and Tasmania tomorrow. New South Wales should stay fine until Wednesday, when a return to cooler sou-easterly winds will see some showers developing in the eastern half. Around the country: On Sydney's waters:

Tonight will be a bit cooler followed by some early fog patches in the west. Then sunny tomorrow with cloud building later in the day as those winds swing towards the south-east. Tops will hover in the low 20s. Terrey Hills and Wollongong,19. Katoomba, 14. There are some showers heading our way after tomorrow, which is great

considering how dry August was. Sydney ended up with less than half its monthly average, but September should get off to a good start. The downside, colder tops of 16 degrees. But for the moment, warmer temperatures will see pollen levels approach medium tomorrow. And that's Seven News for this Monday. I'm Ian Ross. Next on 'Today Tonight', the fruit shop owner banned from selling the same products as supermarkets. That's coming up now with Anna. Thanks, Ian. Tonight, the mother and daughter act. Losing 138kg between them with an all-natural new treatment - no operation required. Will it work for you? Good evening. Grocery prices are up 10% in two years and expected to jump another 50% inside five years. The big supermarkets would have us believe

it's all because of fuel prices and the drought. It's not, and we have the proof in writing. When the shopping centre giant Centro

decided to gang up with Coles and Woolworths on a fruit shop owner, fighting back. they didn't count on him with this exclusive investigation. Brian Seymour Not only are Woolworths and Coles virtually any other person bashing the daylights out of who gets in their way the shopping centre owners but they clearly have who do their dirty work for them. Why didn't you just roll over? Why? It's a point of principle. They are very serious offences. breathtaking ones I've ever seen. These restrictions are the most Bruno's Fresh Fruit and Vegetables For two years and associated items was able to sell fresh produce

some cold meats and flowers. like garlic bread, olive oil, his landlord, Centro, Then suddenly, six months ago he could and could not sell. started telling Bruno what We'll let you sell the things that

you're entitled to sell you were saying that

or none of those lines as long as none of those brands are stocked by Woolworths and Coles. What was your reaction to that? I wrote back to them and said "Have you cleared it with the ACCC?" Here it is, in writing - Centro's lawyers tell Bruno he can't sell brands stocked in supermarkets, for example Coles and Woolworths. come from the two big supermarkets. I suspect that 90% of it has all

Woolworths, like Coles and Centro they're on our side. would love us all to believe disturbing and downright wrong. The truth is quite different, very approached by a friend of his One of our staff members was who worked for Woolworths nearby indicated to me clearly and this particular staff member

that his bosses had a plan specifically put together to get rid of Bruno's Fresh.