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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned

at Live. I think we show ourselves

at this conference to be

diverse in our views. We have

certainly had some very think we have shown people passionate policy

today and over the last few

days in a conference that has

been characterised by serious intellectual debate that we are

at our best when we bring views forward, when we show

that we have real purpose that we have real purpose in

considering our path to the

future and I think we have ourselves proud and all the future and I think we have done ourselves

speakers have done us proud speakers have done us proud in

showing the diversity of rich intellectual activity that goes

on in our party. I think we have also

ourselves to be egalitarian and

of another organisation inclusive. It is hard to think

of another organisation where

ministers would come and put

ordinary their ideas toe to toe with

ordinary rank and file members.

It is also hard to think of an organisation where a Prime Minister

Minister would come and rub

shoulders with all of us shoulders with all of us here

organisation. on the floor, part of our big

organisation. I thank the Prime Minister for her commitment to

this conference.She went out very deliberately year very deliberately earlier this

year and called for an open the spirit of inthroughsiveness

and openness that we always

thought was important about our

party. I think she made a contribution and contributed party. I think she made a great

this this conference and she ought enormously to the success of

to be very proud of what's

happened over the past happened over the past couple of days. Delegates, do we delivered a robust debate. of days. Delegates, do I think

The final point I want to make

is that it was a respectful

debate. I think sometimes

forward for fear that the

things that did us will show us

to be unable to continue as an

organisation but what the last

few days has shown is we can bring forward this small number

of things where we have a

different opinion, we can debate them and things go on because

because we are united in so

many things delegates. This conference, above everything

else, has been a reassertion of

the values that unite us. It has

has been a rea-Cherion of our

reassertion of our commitment ambitions for equality. It


to delivering pros Perth for

Australia and it is a re assertion of the compassion that we wish to show for weakest amongst our community. I

I am extremely proud of what we accomplished

accomplished over the last few

days and with that I declare

the 46th conference of the

Australian Labor Party closed. (APPLAUSE)

That is Jenny Macallister there, the party President

thanking all delegates for a

her was George White, the passionate debate and

national secretary giving some

saying handy cricket analogies and

saying by the look saying by the look of the conference,

conference, in his eyes it does

not appear that the Labor Party

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's is dead but far from alive. The

supporting the sale much anticipated motion

supporting the sale of uranium to India was put to delegates

at today's session of the ALP

conference. The move was

acknowledged as controversial and likely to divide ALP

members. Lyndal kur us members. Lyndal kur us the joins us now. The today and at times it was very

passionate. It was very passionate, very passionate

sight of Cabinet ministers from both sides and we saw the

arguing for the sale of uranium

in India and other Cabinet ministers arguing against the

sale of uranium to India.

Interestingly in this debate

there was not a clear factional split. Julia Gillard and Martin Ferguson are both from the Ferguson

left, they argued for the sale

of uranium to India but wing factional hefy, Stephen

Conroy, also a cabinet minister, argued very strongly

against it because of his

upbringing and the fact his family

family members worked in family members worked in the

British nuclear industry. He

said that he'd never been in

favour of nuclear power and

would never be in favour would never be in favour of

nuclear power. There was a

passionate debate from both sides, passionate debate from

sides, about 17 speakers on the

Julia topic in total in. The end

Julia Gillard got her way, the

conference has voted for the

ability of the Government to ability of the Government

sell uranium to India but was probably a na yoer vote

than had been predicted even a

couple of days ago when couple of days ago when party

members were saying it will

probably easily get up. It was a little closer than a little closer than some

secretary expected. The national

secretary and the party

President President there, we heard from

them a short time ago, both

declaring this conference a

commentator's minds, how success. What about in

commentator's minds, how does

it make the Labor Party it make the Labor Party look? I

time think these three days are the

time when the Labor Party, to a

large extent, looks inwards for

some of the delegates here conference up this way, it was I think Julia Gillard set some of the delegates here and

in some ways to make up what was a very bland in some ways to make up for

conference in 2009. Gillard wanted conference in 2009. So Julia

debates. She certainly got

marriage as we saw today, on them, particularly on same-sex


uranium and also on the issue

of refugees and the change to

the party platform to allow offshore processing to clearly the party platform to allow for


allow for offshore processing. In that sense the party has In

been able to let members have

passionately. There have been

the factional negotiations, the negotiations

negotiations going on behind closed doors

closed doors that are not seen by the public, those

negotiations have gone on, as they have at every Labor Party

conference. Julia Gillard, the issues she put on the table,

the conscience vote for parliamentarian s on same-sex

marriage, the change to allow uranium sales

uranium sales to India. She has

her way on those. She also had

her say on the changes her say on the changes of rules in some ways to revitalise in some ways to revitalise the party, the motion on that got up although some

say the debate did not go far

enough to reform the party. So

this conference in one way was

set up to allow the party room to debate these issues, particularly on same-sex marriage. It is at the end marriage. It is at the end of the year when people may be away from politics. It allows

the Labor Party to go into

Christmas and allows the Government to - the Labor Party

as a Government to get back as a Government to get back to governing and in essence one of the things that really wasn't

is the work ahead for the

Government, and that is the lift its stock in public

support on the support on the published

opinion polls. Its primary vote is at is at 30%. Labor members

believe they have had a better

end to the year than they had during

during most of the year and

would be looking to rebuilt that

that public support into next

year. Thanks for keeping us updated thoughts the

conference. Thanks, Simon. One

man in the public gallery of

the ALP conference has been

ejected from the meeting for

protesting against uranium mining. A group of 10 anti-uranium protesters had

been chanting during Anthony

Albanese 's address to the conference

conference after repeated calls for the for the protesters to stop one

man was forcibly believed by

security guards. We occupied

the ALP national conference in opposition to their sale of

uranium to India, a uranium to India, a non signatory to the signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. It is a big disgrace. Earlier

a big disgrace. Earlier today the communications the communications minister, Stephen Conroy conference on why we would not

be voting in support of be voting in support of uranium sales to India. It has been air

brushed out of history. It was a nuclear power plant a nuclear power plant called

Windscale. It is in where Windscale. It is in Cumbria where all my family live.In 19 a 57 it leaked everywhere. My

family remembers when they came

and took away all the milk for

months because you months because you couldn't drink it. I don't Chernobyl or Fukushima or three

mile island to be reminded of

it. My uncle is the secretary of the cellar field workers union. In true bureaucratic

style they renamed windscale

cellar field. My other uncle cellar used to carry the Geiger

counter round the countryside

to check on all of the to check on all of the lakes

and how bad they were. He was

involved in all of the cover

ups. I talked to him a long time

time ago about this issue. I

said, "What would you do if had a choice between being in this industry or not?" this industry or not?" He thought about it because

Cumbria was dominated by miners

and mining and my family are

miners. As the mines collapsed and miners. As the mines collapsed

and closed the nuclear power station

station was the only place to

work. At times it employed up

to 30% of the workers. So I

have four cousins who worked

there and my uncle, as I mentioned.

mentioned. This has always been

a very difficult issue for my family.

charge of carrying the Geiger

counter around, said after thinking

thinking about it for a while,

"If you've got a choice don't

be in it." So I never voted for it and I'm not going to vote for

for it today. While addressing delegates

delegates at the ALP national

conference the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said that while he was Prime Minister the

Government successfully saw the

country through the global financial crisis but country praising his former praising his former team

members for the achievement he

only briefly mentioned the current Prime Minister and Treasurer. This Labor Government is made of different stuff. When we together confronted the global financial crisis the Government acted

amidst a wave of criticism from

across this country. We kept

Australia out of recession. We

kept the economy growing. We

kept a quarter kept a quarter of a Australians from losing their kept a quarter of a million Australians

jobs. Instead, we've helped

create 750,000 new jobs. create 750,000 new jobs. 1

million jobs, not a bad

making a difference in the face difference. When it

of a global economic onslaught.

The reason we're able to do so

is because we were driven by

Labor values and we acted as a

Labor team in Government. A

team made up of Julia, of Wayne, who is with us Wayne, who is with us here

former great Australian Finance today, of Lindsay Tanner, a

Minister, of Chris Bowen then as Assistant Treasurer, as

trade minister Simon Crean, Kim Carr Carr as industry minister trade minister Simon Crean, Kim

other members of a Labor

Cabinet acting together, acting

as a team to make a difference for Australia and to keep

Australians in work. That's there. There have been some Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd

rowdy scenes outside the rowdy scenes outside the ALP

conference in Sydney as various

groups staged rallies groups staged rallies against

the party's asylum policies. Jason

Jason Om was there. I am

outside the Labor Party

conference at Darling Harbour. There are more rowdy again. Behind me on this side There are more rowdy scenes

there is an anti-Carbon Tax

rally. A lot of people have

been shouting out at the delegates as they have been

leaving the conference. Then this

leaving the conference. Then on this side of the con friends there are about 200 to 300 people protesting Labor's

support for offshore processing. Earlier this group walked from Town Hall Sydney's CBD down to Darling walked from Town Hall through

Harbour and they have been

holding some speeches. We also

saw some angry scenes, saw some angry scenes, people

were shouting down Shane Prince

of from Labor for refugees because

forever party. We will be around of his alliance with the

forever and people will respect us. They don't respect forever and people will not

you now. Well, I think do respect the Labor Party.I think people respect Party think people respect the Labor

Party and have respected Labor Party for many

years. Shame Labor shame! Shame

Labor shame! We will, with luck

and with hard work, bring Labor

back to its true

and make sure those true core beliefs are reflected in

dealing with refugees. They are

reflected in the New South

Wales party platform until this resolution, they resolution, they were reflected

in our platform. The Malaysia

solution was never permitted by

come the party platform. They had to

come here and put their

leadership on the line to get

it changed to allow them to do

it and that is a disgrace it and that is a disgrace and we will not give up the fight

to stop that from happening. This group wants Labor

seekers Labor to be treating asylum

want an end to offshore

processing. They are demanding

onshore processing. The

Malaysia swap deal goes through

Parliament, that is what is

expected next year. That likely to be defeated because the Greens will use the Greens will use their onshore

numbers in the Senate to block

it.Let's go to some other news now. The Australian teenager convicted

Indonesia convicted of drug possession in

Indonesia has been released

from detention and is now

waiting to be deported. The Australian teenager was arrested for possession near Bali's Kuta

Beach in early October. He was

formally released today. The

14-year-old is now at tirnt

national airport in waiting to be send national airport in Denpasar

Australia. US presidential candidate Herman Cain has

suspended his campaign for next

year's election. Mr Cain was suspended

kred a frontrunner for the Republican Party's Republican Party's presidential

nomination but has recently

been the subject of sexual

harassment allegations and

claims he had a long running

affair. He stumbled on key

foreign policy issues as well. morning he maintained the allegations against him are

false. He said they were a distraction

distraction to his campaign and

has caused hurt to his family.

I am suspending my

presidential campaign because

of the continued continued

distraction, the continued hurt

because we are not fighters. caused on me and my family not


Not because I'm not a fighter.

Herman Cain there. Berlin's historic Deutscheland arena

built by the nasties have been imploded. Roads and imploded. Roads and biddings

were cordoned of as the controlled detonation went to plan. The roof was plan. The roof was collapsed

entirely but the outer walls

were left standing as they are

to be deroll Mitsubishi -- do

mollished separately. The hall was opened by

1935 and was the site of 1935 and was the site of man y

nars I have mass events. - Nazi mass Nazi mass events. Russians are

voting in parliamentary elections at 95 elections at 95 polling stations spread over stations spread over 9 time

zones. When it is over there is little doubt Vladimir Putin's

ruling United Russia party will

win even though it's support is slipping. In this election

there is no surprise who will come out on top. The ruling

leaders Vladimir Putin and United Russia party backed by

Dimitri Medvedev will win. In

cities like Tula, a few outside Moscow there are signs cities like Tula, a few hours

the ruling party support is

slipping. Many votes say official endorsements to despite everything from

outright intimidation on behalf of United Russia they have had enough. Nobody has ever especially especially supported United

Russia. I think it was being

treated quite indifferently but

now the satisfaction is

growing. Thanks to a largely pro-Kremlin broadcast

the air waves during this

campaign but polls suggest many

are not happy with the ruling

party's performance. Observers

say it has launched say it has launched an unprecedented offencive to turn

out the vote.

out the vote. TRANSLATION: Some people detest they are forced

to vote under pressure and are

being pressed more and more

from election to election just

for united Russia. Without

matching resources or a level

playing field the opposition

can only fight for the votes

left over. At rallies like this

one opposition parties about fraud during this campaign. But that

deterred the Kremlin. In fact

in the days leading up to this

vote the country's only independent election monitoring

organisation became a target.

Prosecutors raided the Golas monitoring headquarters as monitoring headquarters as its website with a map website with a map detailing alleged campaign violations attracted more attention

online. It will have thousands

of volunteer monitors on the lookout for vote-rigging. They have really

have really afraid so they try

to block us from seeing

this. There are also more than

600 foreign observers here to

watch a vote where only the

margin of victory is in


Back home now . New South

Wales police have made nearly

400 arrests across the state

this weekend as part of a nation wide crackdown nation wide crackdown on alcohol-fuelled nation

Operation Unite saw an extra

targeting none hot spots over the

the state over the past two nights. Of the 385 arrested nights. Of the 385 arrested 76 were charged with assault and were charged with assault and 9 for assaulting for assaulting police. The use of the new intoxication and

disorderly move on legislation

saw 191 people given official requests to move on. Police say

they are generally pleased with

the behaviour of people and numbers

numbers are down compared to a similar blitz in May last year. Western similar blitz in May last year. Western Australian fire authorities say that authorities say that are confident a bushfire in the south-west longer a threat to lives longer a threat to lives or

homes. The fire, south of

Nannup, has been burning for 12

days and forced the evacuation of residents on Molloy of residents on Molloy Island and also in East Augusta. and also in East Augusta. Those

residents were allowed to

return to their homes last

night. Oliver Peterson reports. The residents received

the good news late yesterday

afternoon ending two days of

uncertainty. That means you can

(CHEERING) Ecstatic, it is great. It can't wait to get home. Fire

cruise worked tirelessly

thought the night to try to bring the blaze under control. While it is contained it has

been downgraded from an emergency warning been downgraded from an emergency warning to an advice. Authorities

Authorities say today's challenge challenge could be the wind

conditions. They're hoping to

bring that under control and

start a mop up as soon as

possible. Let's go to sport

now.It has been a convincing

win for the Australian nine wickets over New Zealand this afternoon. The Black Caps made

made just 150 in their second

innings with Australia needing to make 19 the the target with the loss of fill fill Hughes for 7. James Pattinson

Pattinson was the star taking five wickets in the second

innings. After a solid start by Pattinson innings. After a solid start by

New Zealand in the opening five minutes it all started to minutes it all started to fall apart. First Usman Khawaja took

a sharp catch to remove Martin Guptill before Kane Williamson

edged one to Ponting and Ross

Taylor went on the

ball. He is on a Guptill ball. He is on a hat-trick,

James Pattinson is on a hat-trick. The continued, soon night-watchman

Doug Bracewell was on his way

and James Pattinson had five

debut. Nathan Lyon capped a

good match by cleaning up the

tail. After the innings break

debutante Dave Warner came out

with purpose. Phil Hughes was

given a second life but it

didn't last long. The Black

Caps dismissed him for 7. Warn his country. James Pattinson

was the man of the match. The

day before and coming in, a big of

of a shake Yea start of a shake Yea start to Brendan McCullum and a few nerves running through the body in.

The second innings I managed to

get the nevers out and bowl welt.

welt. I had some success in hoe

brt and I'm feeling really good at

at the moment so hopefully it

continues down there. International soccer star David Beckham is in

Australia. He touched down in

Melbourne today with his team

the LA Galaxy. It is not

the LA Galaxy. It is not hard

to see who the fans were there

for. Beckham pushed his way through

at the airport. He will play a friendly against Melbourne Victory on Tuesday night at

Docklands. Melbourne Heart are playing Wellington this

afternoon. A short time alet

the Phoenix 1-0. The jets have replaced

replaced Victory in third spot

on the ladder after a win on the ladder after a win in Newcastle last Glory Newcastle last night. Perth Glory saw off Gold Coast

United. This is

United. This is good from

Victory. Here is

Carlos Hernandez, a super goal

by the Costa Rican. Took a

touch for Fabio, was Griffiths

dragged down? Gillette says yes. It is a penalty kick for

Newcastle. No mistake for Ryan Griffiths.

Griffiths. Can he find the

cross? He can. Newcastle score

through Haliti. It is carried by the goalkeeper, followed up

by Ryan Griffiths. That is

game, set and match poor game,

Corner whipped in. Handball

spotted that time.What's he

doing? What was he thinking doing? What was he thinking Zac Anderson . Sterjovski sends

keeper the wrong way.It is a

goal to celebrate the arrival

of young Lily. Just trying to get his player and the ball. Now he has scored

scored for the Glory. They are scored for the Glory. They are on their way to the three points tonight. Shane Smeltz

with little sympathy for his Overseas Manchester with remains five points clear at the

the top of the English Premier

League. That is after a

convincing 5-1 win convincing 5-1 win over Norwich. While Manchester United took all three points over Aston Villa Chelsea got back to

back to the winners circle at

Newcastle and Arsenal put four past Wigan. past Wigan. There are the enden ham and Blackburn. Sergio Aguero's 13th goal of the season left everyone

wondering where he was wondering where he was going next. Four more goals followed in the second and Roberto

Mancini's side fly Hyatt the

top. It is five for Manchester

City. Newcastle shell sea's Daniel Sturridge was brought down down handing Frank Lampard a

penalty chance but he was thwarted by magpie's keeper Tim

Krul. Dogan doing managed to

break the deadlock but it took

until the final couple of assured. Finally buried assured. Finally Chelsea have buried this game. Sturridge added a assured. Manchester United's Javier

Hernandez her left the field Hernandez her left the field on

a stretcher after an innocuous fall. A first half goal through

Phil Jones was enough to earn

victory. The Wallabies have beaten Wales in their one-off

rugby union test match in Cardiff. Robbie Deans'

Cardiff. Robbie Deans' side capped off their year with win at the Millennium Stadium.

James O'Connor's penalty on the

stroke of half time saw the

Australians head to the break

6-3 down but the turning point came

came 9 minutes into the second half when Leigh Halfpenny was sin binned for sin binned for Wales. Cynical offence. Grabbing a player

without the ball. From that Will Genia notched the

visitors' first try visitors' Lachy Turner added a second.

Wide they go. Try time Lachy

hand saw Berrick Barnes put the game to bed for the Wallabies and the final has Shane

Williams playing his 87th and

last test for Wales with his

last touch of the ball. What a fairytale. It wasn't enough as the Wallabies won 24-18. In tennis Argentina won the doubles rubber in their Davis Cup final match against Spain to to keep the tie alive. Spain

now lead two rubbers to one.

Schwank trounced Spain's Feliciano Lopez and Fernando Verdasco in straight sets. Verdasco in straight sets. The result means that the reverse

singles rubber is now although with Rafael Nadal to

play one of the two matches the

odds are still firmly stacked

in Spain's favour to clinch a

third title in four years.

The satellite shows thick

cloud over Queensland in a

trough is generating showers

and storms, cloud over the

Northern Australia

causing a few storms and cloud over south-eastern states is

bringing showers to Tasmania

and Victoria and a few and Victoria and a few storms

around the Sydney area. Taking

a look around the

tomorrow now: Well for more details on the

stories we are following you

can go to our website.That's

the latest from the ABC

Newsroom for now. Stay with us

for 'Behind the News'. for 'Behind the News'. You're watching ABC News 24.