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(generated from captions) The Wallabies welcome

Quade Cooper back the line-up

for the Tri-Nations s test

against South Africa.

hunt for power and influence

is intensifying. Bob Brown in the new Federal Government

has said overnight Tony Abbott and jewel Jewell

should consider putting ministry of Greens members in the

Family First Senator Steve ministry of a new Government.

Fielding has warned he not support a Labor Fielding has warned he may

Government in Government in the Senate and as counting continues

coalition hold 72 seats each analysts say Labor and the

with Brisbane the only seat

return to the in doubt. Mr

negotiate with the Opposition would

independents to form a minority Government. This is

now becoming a show of rejection of the Independents by Mr Abbott. he either wants them to by Mr Abbott. I do not think

surrender surrender their independence and become numbers in a

establishes nailed down with Government that he

total support for him or

there is a move starting here

and we saw it on the election underway which is the Australian to get a new

unwarranted. Australian of

the Year Patrick McGorry says Australia's political years Australia's political years

are too insecure to push for a

delivered the annual lecture

in Canberra he says reconciliation with Indigenous Australians Indigenous Australians will

never be fully achieved never be fully achieved while the country remains a

monarchy. It is hard to see

how the unextinguished claims of the Aboriginal peoples of the Aboriginal peoples to sovereignty of this country can be responded to while the

Union Jack still has pride of

place on our flag and the

Queen of England is head Queen of England is head of

transcend this statement only a republic can

problem. Patrick McGorry

Victoria's Labor Government a there. A new poll gives

boost ahead of the state election in November. Did's

Newspoll found support in

dropping to 18-year Australia has risen after

dropping to 18-year lows

while Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister. The poll found Labor's primary vote in Victoria rose 4% to 38.

36%. The country's Support for the Coalition

military Pross Kew toirs 36%. The country's top

preparing to lay charges

gains at group of Australian

five children during a raid Commandos over the deaths of

in Afghanistan last Fairfax Media reports the in Afghanistan last year.

move has angered some in the defence hierarchy a teenager two, young children and defence hierarchy a teenager

two, young children and two babies were killed during a

raid involving Australian troops in Uruzgan province. The United Nations is reviewing security measures in Pakistan after warnings a postal ban attack against

foreign aid workers. The precautions have been taken

as Pakistan's flood disaster from the southern city of worsens. Sally Sara reports

Sukkur. Sukkur. Dry groudged does not

get much drier than this. The the survivors so the survivors so traumatised by the flood waters have set

up camp in the sand hills.

This 5-year-old was almost

killed in a truck accident

when her family fled the

rising river. Her mother says

no one from the Government

has come here to help. people who throw out

from their car windows. Some

flood victims have arrive would absolutely would absolutely nothing. Mothers have spent their last rupees taking their rupees taking their children

into Sukkur city for medical treatment. This 1-year-old is severely dehydrated and malnourished.

malnourished. His mother

says she is very worried

about had he will survive.

Other children have serious skin infections but killers and have taken skin infections but diarrhoea

children's lives after the floods. This 6-month-old's body is already corrugated hunger. We have seen many body is already corrugated by

children in

children in the past week

severely mall nourish $and ill

ill but if you look here

there are countless more need to go to hospital not there are countless more who

tomorrow but today. They tomorrow but today. They are

desperately malnourished and

sick but there has been no help here at all and these families fear that these

desperation a team of doctors from France sees the crowd from France sees the crowd

and stops to help. They set up mobile clinic under a shelter in the sand. But there is

there is no avoiding the pain as the

as the baby's dressings as the baby's dressings are changed. Be in has come here to visit these people to visit these people and we

are the first ones the come

her to give them medication

and we are thinking about providing them tents also. The baby's temperature

is taken and he is for fever. His mother is

relieved. The little girl is

patched given the all-clear. She is

through another week patched up, ready to get

dry in the sand hills of

Sindh. all day today on Sindh. all day today on the

ABC we encourage you to ABC we encourage you

donate to help the victims of the Pakistan floods. We are

Pakistan floods children's supporting UNICEF in its


To Afghanistan President Barack Obama's dead line to withdraw active troops continues under troops continues under fire.

Peter Barnard is a journalist

and senior fellow at the New America Foundation. This morning he told us the United Nations

Nations needs to shift its tactics in a theory America has gone in under counter-insurgency and the proponents will

acknowledge it take as long

time the make these changes. You need a blank cheque and

many years. I do not think

the American public will wait

many years and I think Barack

Obama does not believe

America with its enormous

fiscal constraints has fiscal constraints has a blank cheque so they are trying to do counter-insurgency on the

cheap and quickly and I do

not think they will succeed.

Military is saying quite

brace evenly they consider a

mean ingless deadline an they will not respect it so think Barack Obama's hope you could have a short-term surge

which could produce dramatic

immediate results and bring the Taliban to the negotiating table negotiating table and allow

America to get out was naive. Bali Nine drug smuggler Scott Rush has

apologised the the court and his family in the final appeal against his death sentence. The 24-year-old says he lives with a deep sense of guilt for the part

he played tying to smuggle

heroin from Bali to Australia. Matt Brown

reports from Denpasar reports from Denpasar in Bali. His Bali. His life on the line this was the first and this was the first and last

chance for Scott Rush to argue his own case against the death sentence. The young Australian pleaded for

mercy. Now my life is in

your hands and the hands of

God. He was just 19 Chen he

was arrested trying to

smuggle more than a kilogram

of heroin from Bali to

Australia. Now 24 he says he

hopes to be given chance to show

show he has changed I often wake up having

nightmares. I often think about the firing squad and

how long it would take me to

die. His parents are been

here for two weeks the offer

their support. They will stay until the end of the hearing

but they will have to wait

for months to know their

son's fate. I wish to say to

you my parents, my you my parents, my family

you my parents, my family and

the community you sorry I am for the crime that I have

committed and the pain have caused. Lawyers for

Scott Rush read a lengthy stant to the court. It includes letters if the Australian Federal Police Australian Federal Police and former AFP Commissioner Mick

Keelty stating he played a minor role in the ring. Scott Scots says he now

wants to become an ambassador against drugs Show them that I'm a living example of I'm a living example of how

drugs can destroy lives and do cause family and friends

so much unnecessary pain and gains distress. His previous appeal

gains at life sentence gains at life sentence was answer would the death penalty. This time his

lawyers say their case is much

much stronger. I have hopes about that you know

because he is young, he

regrets and he wants

to combat drug traffics to combat drug traffics and so fort. If this appeal fails

there is one last chance there is one last chance a plea for clemency directed to

Indonesia's President but

those plea are almost never

answered when it comes to drug marks five years since Hurricane

Hurricane Katrina devastate

much of the US Gulf Coast. It

was one of the most deadly

storms in American history

and nowhere was the greater than in New Orleans.

Barack Obama visit the region

for the anniversary and Kim

Landers has filed this report

on the continued recovery.

I'm standing than Flood

Street in the lower 9th Ward of new or

of new or leerngs one of the

most severely damaged parts

from the hurricane. Flood

waters inundateded this waters inundateded this area. Behind me is one of the

damaged homes and you can see on the broken winds you the England featsy left behind by the rescue crews as they went through this area through this area checking for survivors. So many homes

thin area remain like that,

they have not been knocked down there, clearly

abandoned, nothing has been done with them. There are even some streets where knots a single constructed home or liveable home remains. Next

door is a vacant block of land.

you see a lot of in this area of New Orleans t damage of New Orleans t damage home has been knocked down. Perhaps the home owner is

waiting to rebuild but many people having trouble financing this reconstruction. They did not

get enough money from insurance companies insurance companies or Federal Government assistance

programs and as a result they

have not been able the rebuild A rebuild A lot of the rebuilding being done is being done by volunteers and charity groups and they have moved into have been building an moved into this area and they have been building an interesting sty of homes, interesting sty of homes, big new homes new homes that are much more fancy than the one

stood here before stood here before but that is

the style of construction you are

are now see in here in New

Orleans. Many people have had

to do construction work. A

lot of charity groups trir

potential home owner to stand there with the hammer and

nails and actually pitch nails and actually pitch into

rebuild this area. But I was

speaking to a gentleman who

lives in this neighbourhood and he

people have moved back here. He is really surprised that

parts of this city lie five years on so much of some

abandoned never to be rebuilt. It looks like

thousands of people have

simply never come back.

Reports from Jakarta say the

Indonesian Government will

seek $2.5 billion compensation from an Australian-based company

responsible for an oil spill.

The Montara well laekdz into

the Timor Sea for more than

be 0 # # 70 days last year destroy in rig was operated by a destroy in fish rig was operated by

Thai-owned company based in Australia. The company has

met company representatives

in Perth. British publisher Bloomsbury hopes Harry Potter magic can break the curse of

a profit slump. The publisher a profit slump. The

behind the series saw profits

drop in the first 6 months of the year halving to $860,000.

Bloomsbury is relaunching the

book series to capitalise on Potter hysteria ahead of the

release of the final film in November. The in Centre Australia's rich

trucking centre is on show in Alice Springs this week.

Thousands of enthusiasts many as old as their converged on the Red Centre.

enthusiasts are in Alice More than 6000 drivers and

Springs to mark the 15th anniversary of the road

transport Hall of Fame. We

worked hard over the worked hard over the last5

years to give a sense of ownership to the road transport industry and to which is

which is often forgotten. Truckies have come

from all over us and further afield. I am Zealand. I love trucks, I came for the reunion000 came for the reunion000 and

are about 1000 rigs on shoe would not miss this. There

in the first-ever road trains

to the ultimate in modern

transport. Ron James is among transport. Ron James is

the 22truckies to be inducted

into the road transport are three generation thanks

will continue to run James Transport in the will continue to run the

Sunraysia area. The Sunraysia area. The journey

was longer for some with wet conditions causing delays

giving enthusiasts a taste of

what it must have been like

for the industry pioneers. On

Sunday there will be an array of trucks spanning back 100

years to the modern-day rig.

The weather - Brisbane a fine

day and 21. Sydney windy and

partly cloudy with 18. Melbourne, 14 degrees with showers easing. Canberra 18. Melbourne,

with showers easing. Canberra

11 and a possible shower.

Hobart showers and mountain snow 11. Adelaide 15, showers

easing. Perth sunny and 21. easing. Perth sunny

In Darwin a possible shower and a top of 33. That is a

roundup of the news. We roundup of the

continue right through the continue right

day. Now it is time tore

contact sport with Amy Bainbridge. Today Today a sporting path that started by accident.

Twin teenagers lure from the

bright lights of the AFL into the boxing ring. We were

into footy growing up, in our

junior footy days we decided

to do boxing preseason to get fit. The fitness turned into quitting football a few

seasons later focusing on quitting football a few

boxing. In basketball the seasons later focusing on

men's Australian team is in Turkey ready for the world championships. The Boomers are bolstered by to NBA stars and an assistant coach. They are Patrick Mills, David Anderson and the Boomers coach Brett Brown. The first thing you try thing you try do is create

type atmosphere where you can attract Australia's best

players, they come from all players, they come from all

walks of life. Blue I expect the N

the N BA players to dominate.

That is realistic? They are

in the NBA because they are the best players in the

world. So it is fair to say

that with that tag of an NBA

Blairer comes the expectation

that you should dominate. The that you should dominate.

thing that makes it a bit of

a mystery is when they get

put thin All-Star situation.

What has been the driving force? Trying to get force? Trying to get better, reach the peak you know.

Every time I step up I the bar as Every time I step up I raise

junior I thought junior I thought maybe I

could have a shot at playing

college ball then as college ball then as I came

out I realise $I could plai professional

professional and make a

started to living out of it and when I

started to play NBL offers

came from Europe so I gave that a shot and the NBA came

around once I was a bit more

it is always established in Europe he so

raising the bar and seek it is always constantly

bigger things. Blue Davie is solid. Look at has been all over the world,

taste $pass kept palality of at every level and succeeded at every level so he comes with an older head with an older head like Matt Neal son, far more than leadership veteran-type role

in all capacities off court and on court.

and on court. As and on court. As a kid you want to make that

want to make that big shot

for Australia. I'm tying to

make that dream come true now. What do you think Pattie

Mills role will be even Mills role will be

though he is very young, will he be one of your on-court

leaders? Absolutely. We

expect him to come back from

Turkey as one of the team's

leading scorers. He is our

engine, our motor. We will

turn him lose and run with

him. At the end of the

our bread is buttered inside him. At the end of the day


Almarich but in between that half-court half-court game we need to let him go

let him go and I think he has a lot of skills a lot of skills that enable

me to say that albeit at a

young age of 22 we v I have

high expectation from Patrick Mills in grooming him ultimately toward London and beyond. Leadership is

something that professional professional level. Being a

point guard you need the

leadership abilities to boss people around. Do you think he can win a the stars will have to be

aligned very well when you talk about something as

different people have to under the landscape. To research the respective

countries that are playing.

And I think that with that

research comes the clarity of

this is a hard road.

want the said, we want to do

it, do something that has not

been done. We go there with a

love expect is the and

pride. It is a good feeling. Everybody is really friendly.

We all hang out across We all hang out across the

court. We get after sage that the intensity is higher on the professional

teams. Guys really get teams. Guys really get after it. It is good like that. Everybody goes hard in practice and once you get off the court

the court everybody is good

friends. We believe we can

do something special. Our

first goal is to get out first goal is to get out of

our round, to not finish fourth, to not crossover and

play the US, almost a

death-wish game. That is how

I see the group. We wish them the best. The them the best. The Wallabies are in Pretoria getting ready for this weekend's Tri-Nations test against South Africa. Quade Cooper replaces Mat Giteau at

flyhalf after serving ado-game suspension for a dangerous fact l.

dangerous fact l. there is no

doubt the history doubt the history is not great but this generation of

players have experienced

playing here a lot more

frequently than was the case

historically so it is not the

barer that it used to

barer that it used to be but obviously it is a barrier we have not is the opportunity we have

this weekend. Itching to go would be the better word to

go for. Can't wait to play. After watching

it is hard to sit at home it is hard to sit at home and

watch the game. But being

part of a team it is so much different and

different and preparing for a Test match is than Test match is than experience on its

on its own. One of Australia's hottest Australia's hottest young boxing prospects Damien

Hooper has won a medal at the Youth Olympics in Singapore but there is double lining in the boxing ring A

family affair that started almost by accident.

19-year-old tins Jason and

bad Maloney have their sights set on the Olympics. set on the Olympics. They fight indifferent categories

so will not have to fight

each other. We caught up with

them at the Australian institute of sport in

Canberra. interest in boxing but it was

accident really. We were pretty into our footy growing

up in our junior footy days

we decided to box in reseason

just to get fit and a bit just to get fit and a bit of extra fitness turned into

quitting football a quitting football a few

seasons later and focusing on

boxing so just fell in love

with the sport really. Were

the two of you into it? Did

you train together?. Yes, we

have always

We start when we were 12, 13

and we had - did on and off

with footy and boxing and

boxing took over. boxing took over. What was

it about boxing that made you like it more? There is

something about it that is addictive I suppose. All addictive I suppose. All the

pressure is on you an it

makes you feet better when

you do win in a you do win in a chief something. The main advantage

is just being at a gym where

there are 10 of the best

boxers in the one country.

You all push each other along

and that hems with the training side training side things. Out of

the two of you who is the older one? I'm a minute older

than Andrew. Andrew you are a

bit lighter so you fight

indifferent categories? Yes indifferent categories? Yes I

fight in 49 and he fights at

52. He is a minute older and a few kilos heavier. Do a few kilos heavier. Do you ever fight against each

other? No, we organise our

way on purpose so two different weight groups and it worked out we can both

to go games. If we went the same weight only one would go. Your mum and dad must be very proud of you. They happy. They support us a lot

with the boxing so yeah, we keep going and see what

happens. Were you guys able the finish school? Yes, the finish school? Yes, I

finished school sc. I went

the personal training. We were both doing a personal

training business but it got a bit a bit hard juggling the boxing and the work as well

so we yeah, struggling along

without an income but u is

all worth it! It makes it

hard. Because it is an

amateur sport because you do not get paid not get paid by at this level

you need the train 2 or 3

times a day to be competitive so it does make it tough not

being able to work an just

train but it is something we

have to do for the moment and

struggle by to get through

but hopefully we can win a medal at the Commonwealth

Games and it will be worth

it. It is special, being a long

long journey. It has probably

helped being twins, we both

train and are competitive. We

pushed each other and it

helps us the make the team. Are you guys good mates? Yes and no. No, we are pretty close. Sometimes have close. Sometimes have a

couple of fights outside the

ring a as well. You guy ring a as well. You guy does not compete against each other,

other, but have you ever gone

one-on-one just for fun?

Gentlemen, we spa and fight

lot in training which helps a

lot. Is it an even spread of

wins for both of you? I win a

bit more! No, it is petty even. We are pretty

hopes for the future?

Definitely to get a medal at

the Commonwealth Games would

be a dream but hopefully it

is gold but any medal would be absolutely fantastic. Then

do you have your sights set

on London 2012? on London 2012? Yeah, definitely. We will hopefully get

get a medal here and in

London which would be a dream

come true and then look into

the future after that. That story from Jennifer Browning.

Briefly to the AFL. D-Day looms with Cats fans hoping

Gary Ablett junior will stay

at the club and resist at the club and resist offers

to lure him to Queensland.

The Geelong advertiser is

wearing its heart on its

sleeve with this front page

renaming the paper in Ablett's honour but will the open letter the star convince him the stay in We will find out when the him the stay in his hometown? We will find out when the AFL season is over. Contact Sport

can be viewed online via i.d

view or Facebook and you can

send us an email with send us an email with your

feedback. We leave you with a picture of the Wallabies in

let pretty. Paul Kennedy let pretty. Paul Kennedy will

be back next week. Goodbye

for now.