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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number]

 Appropriation (Northern Territory National Emergency Response) Act (No. 1)—Determination to reduce appropriations upon request (No. 6 of 2008-2009) [F2008L04293]*.

 Appropriation (Northern Territory National Emergency Response) Act (No. 2)—Determination to reduce appropriations upon request (No. 7 of 2008-2009) [F2008L04294]*.

 Banking Act—Declaration of covered financial products [F2008L04298]*.

 Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives—Part—


   AD/A330/93—Spoiler Servo Maintenance Cover [F2008L03970]*.

   AD/B717/31—Elevator Standby Cable [F2008L03974]*.

   AD/B747/384 Amdt 1—Number 3 Main Entry Doors [F2008L04307]*.

   AD/BELL 206/9 Amdt 1—Tail Rotor Control Tube - Inspection [F2008L03981]*.

   AD/BELL 206/36 Amdt 1—Emergency Flotation Solenoid Valve - Inspection [F2008L03983]*.

   AD/BELL 206/47 Amdt 1—Hydraulic Servo Actuator Piston P/N41000005 - Inspection and Replacement [F2008L04008]*.

   AD/CESSNA 150/49—BRS-150 Parachute System [F2008L04306]*.

   AD/DH 104/2—Siebe Gorman Safety Belt - Modification [F2008L04010]*.

   AD/DH 104/8 Amdt 1—Fin Attachment Brackets - Inspection [F2008L04011]*.

   AD/DH 104/9—Aileron, Rudder and Elevator Hinge Links and Brackets and Tailplane Upper Attachment Fittings - Inspection [F2008L04012]*.

   AD/DHC-6/2—Fuel System Crossfeed Thermal Relief - Modification [F2008L04045]*.

   AD/DHC-6/3—Airstair Door Safety Guard - Modification [F2008L04046]*.

   AD/DHC-6/4—Nose Landing Gear - Modification [F2008L04047]*.

   AD/DHC-6/5—Fuselage Frame and Wing Strut - Modification [F2008L04049]*.

   AD/DHC-6/19—Propeller and Power Control Lever Interlock - Modification [F2008L04056]*.

   AD/DHC-6/28—Engine Compressor Inlet Screens - Icing Restrictions [F2008L04069]*.

   AD/DHC-6/29—Airframe De-Icing System - Modification [F2008L04070]*.

   AD/DHC-6/42—Inboard Trailing Flap - Inspection and Modification [F2008L04071]*.

   AD/DHC-6/44—Lower Wing Skin to Spar Rivets - Inspection [F2008L04132]*.

   AD/DHC-6/55—Fuel Boost Pumps - Inspection, Replacement, Modification [F2008L04072]*.

   AD/DHC-6/57—Voltage Regulators - Inspection and Provision of Ground Wires [F2008L04111]*.

   AD/ERJ-170/18—Electrical Wiring and ARINC 429 Data Bus [F2008L04112]*.

   AD/ERJ-190/17—Internal Wing Spars and Rib Flanges [F2008L04073]*.

   AD/P68/32 Amdt 1—Longitudinal Trim System [F2008L04074]*.

   AD/PA-25/1—Fin Post - Modification [F2008L04075]*.

   AD/PA-25/2 Amdt 1—Main Undercarriage Vee Assemblies - Inspection [F2008L04076]*.

   AD/PA-25/4—Front Spar Attachment Fittings - Modification [F2008L04077]*.

   AD/PA-25/11 Amdt 2—Hopper Modification - Dump Requirement [F2008L04085]*.

   AD/PA-25/12 Amdt 2—Exhaust System - Inspection [F2008L04114]*.

   AD/PA-25/13—Fuel Line - Modification [F2008L04115]*.

   AD/PA-25/16 Amdt 2—Tail Wheel Spring Bolts - Replacement [F2008L04086]*.

   AD/PA-25/18—Jury Strut - Modification [F2008L04087]*.

   AD/PA-25/19—Engine Mount - Inspection [F2008L04088]*.

   AD/PA-25/21 Amdt 3—Top Longeron - Modification [F2008L04090]*.

   AD/PA-25/24—Elevator Control Cable Rear Turnbuckles - Inspection [F2008L04092]*.

   AD/PA-25/25—Fuel Cell Vent - Modification [F2008L04119]*.

   AD/PA-25/28—Inertia Reel Installation [F2008L04105]*.

   AD/PA-25/29—Wing Strut - Inspection [F2008L04106]*.

   AD/PA-25/30—Primary Control Cable Turnbuckles - Inspection [F2008L04107]*.

   AD/PA-25/31—Rapid Throttle Movement - Warning Placard [F2008L04120]*.

   AD/PA-25/32—Fuselage Structure - Inspection [F2008L04108]*.

   AD/PA-25/33 Amdt 2—Wing Forward Spar - Inspection and Modification [F2008L04109]*.

   AD/PA-25/35 Amdt 2—Modification - Placard and Spray Equipment [F2008L04121]*.

   AD/PA-25/38—Fuel System [F2008L04126]*.

   AD/PA-25/39 Amdt 1—Fuel Tank [F2008L04127]*.

   AD/PA-25/43—Exhaust System and Related Areas - Inspection [F2008L04128]*.

   AD/ROCK-114/14 Amdt 1—Rudder Spar [F2008L04110]*.

   AD/S-PUMA/80—Coupling Shaft Hardware [F2008L04131]*.

  106—AD/RB211/38—Engine - High Pressure Turbine Disc [F2008L04130]*.

 Corporations Act—Accounting Standard AASB 2008-10—Amendments to Australian Accounting Standards - Reclassification of Financial Assets [F2008L04295]*.

 Customs Act—Tariff Concession Orders—

  0803213 [F2008L04220]*.

  0812463 [F2008L03900]*.

  0812469 [F2008L04218]*.

  0812761 [F2008L03897]*.

  0812995 [F2008L03800]*.

  0813445 [F2008L03871]*.

  0814158 [F2008L03926]*.

  0815156 [F2008L03987]*.

  0815257 [F2008L04096]*.

  0815767 [F2008L04097]*.

  0815769 [F2008L03973]*.

  0815983 [F2008L03986]*.

  0816489 [F2008L04093]*.

  0816491 [F2008L04061]*.

  0816576 [F2008L04222]*.

  0816603 [F2008L04139]*.

  0816606 [F2008L04219]*.

  0816608 [F2008L04091]*.

  0816637 [F2008L04095]*.

  0816639 [F2008L04083]*.

  0816836 [F2008L04094]*.

  0816893 [F2008L04060]*.

  0816955 [F2008L04063]*.

  0817141 [F2008L04057]*.

  0817640 [F2008L04142]*.

  0817644 [F2008L04050]*.

  0817651 [F2008L04054]*.

  0817656 [F2008L04048]*.

  0817657 [F2008L04044]*.

  0817914 [F2008L04082]*.

  0818803 [F2008L04089]*.

  0821697 [F2008L04221]*.

 Defence Act—Determination under section 58B—Defence Determination 2008/58—Member with dependants (unaccompanied) - amendment.

 National Health Act—Instruments Nos PB—

  108 of 2008—Amendment declaration and determination - drugs and medicinal preparations [F2008L04300]*.

  109 of 2008—Amendment determination - pharmaceutical benefits [F2008L04301]*.

 Navigation Act—Marine Order No. 10 of 2008—Additional safety measures for bulk carriers [F2008L04291]*.

 Superannuation Act 1990—PSS Rules—Superannuation (PSS) Maximum Benefits (2008-2009) Determination 2008 [F2008L04182]*.

* Explanatory statement tabled with legislative instrument.