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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number]

 Civil Aviation Act—

  Civil Aviation Regulations—

   Civil Aviation Order 40.0 Amendment Order (No. 2) 2008 [F2008L03194]*.

   Instruments Nos CASA—

    EX56/08—Exemption - refuelling with passengers on board [F2008L03050]*.

    EX58/08—Exemption - use of radiocommunication systems in firefighting operations [F2008L03085]*.

    EX60/08—Exemption - refuelling with passengers on board [F2008L03104]*.

    EX61/08—Exemption - from take-off and landing minima outside Australian territory [F2008L03142]*.

    EX63/08—Exemption - refuelling with passengers on board [F2008L03236]*.

    EX64/08—Exemption - powered weight shift controlled aircraft [F2008L03235]*.

  Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—Airworthiness Directives—Part—


    AD/A330/90—Time Limits/Maintenance Checks - ALS Part 3 [F2008L03331]*.

    AD/A330/91—Wings - Movable Flap Track Fairing No. 3 [F2008L03330]*.

    AD/AC-112/17—Aileron Hinges and Elevator Trim Tab Hinges [F2008L03329]*.

    AD/AC-CLA/6 Amdt 1—Wing Struts Carry-Through Tube [F2008L03328]*.

    AD/B737/338 Amdt 1—Auxiliary Fuel Tanks [F2008L03409]*.

    AD/B737/339—Elevator Tab Pushrod Ends [F2008L03408]*.

    AD/B737/340—Outboard Trailing Edge Flap Carriage Spindles [F2008L03327]*.

    AD/BAe 146/42 Amdt 1—Wing Centre Section Top Skin [F2008L03429]*.

    AD/BAe 146/133—Airworthiness Limitations [F2008L03407]*.

    AD/BEECH 33/47—Circuit Breaker Toggle Switches [F2008L03404]*.

    AD/BEECH 35/73—Circuit Breaker Toggle Switches [F2008L03403]*.

    AD/BEECH 36/52—Circuit Breaker Toggle Switches [F2008L03402]*.

    AD/BEECH 200/20 Amdt 3—Cabin Door Pins - Fatigue Life Limitation [F2008L03326]*.

    AD/CASA/29—Pitot Static Tubes [F2008L03450]*.

    AD/CESSNA 170/84—Engine Mounting Brackets [F2008L03325]*.

    AD/CESSNA 177/15—Vertical Fin Forward Attachment Bulkhead [F2008L03324]*.

    AD/CESSNA 180/4 Amdt 1—Engine Mount [F2008L03413]*.

    AD/CESSNA 190/1 Amdt 1—Landing Gear Bulkhead Assembly [F2008L03323]*.

    AD/CESSNA 205/2—Aft Seat Belt Attachment [F2008L03322]*.

    AD/CESSNA 205/8 Amdt 1—Aileron Mass Balance Weight Attachment Rivets [F2008L03319]*.

    AD/CESSNA 205/11—Nose Landing Gear [F2008L03317]*.

    AD/CESSNA 206/37—Isolator Mounts P/N 700-2500-1 [F2008L03316]*.

    AD/CESSNA 206/43 Amdt 1—Battery Vent System [F2008L03390]*.

    AD/CESSNA 206/45—Passenger Seat Belt Fitting Spacer [F2008L03315]*.

    AD/CESSNA 207/3—Auxiliary Fuel Pump Electrical System [F2008L03389]*.

    AD/CESSNA 207/6—Alternator Earth Lead [F2008L03388]*.

    AD/CESSNA 207/8—Right Hand Wing Rear Spar [F2008L03314]*.

    AD/CESSNA 207/18—Ammeter Type and Position [F2008L03387]*.

    AD/CESSNA 208/3—Fuel Reservoir Tank and Flapper Valve [F2008L03313]*.

    AD/CESSNA 208/4—Wing Fuel Tanks External Sump [F2008L03312]*.

    AD/CESSNA 208/5—Door Lock Pin [F2008L03311]*.

    AD/CESSNA 208/6—Fuel System Roll Pin Security [F2008L03386]*.

    AD/CESSNA 208/9—Circuit Breaker Inspection/Replacement [F2008L03385]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/16—Elevator Control Bob Weight Arm - Inspection [F2008L03384]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/57 Amdt 2—Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Mounting Bracket - Inspection [F2008L03310]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/60 Amdt 1—Main Landing Gear Trunnion - Inspection [F2008L03309]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/62 Amdt 1—Main Landing Gear Tyre Clearance - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03308]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/63—Emergency Exit Door - Modification [F2008L03307]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/64—Hydraulic Lines - Inspection [F2008L03383]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/72—Induction Elbow - Replacement [F2008L03382]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/73—Main Landing Gear Tyre Clearance Inspection [F2008L03306]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/74—Fuel Pressure Switch Line - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03381]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/77—Aft Auxiliary Wing Spar Attachment - Modification [F2008L03305]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/78—Elevator Quadrant Cable Guard Screw - Inspection [F2008L03304]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/79—Cabin Overhead Bulkhead - Inspection [F2008L03303]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/80—Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Chain Guard Attachment - Inspection [F2008L03302]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/82—Elevator Quadrant/Cable Guard Screw - Inspection [F2008L03301]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/83—Up Elevator Stop Bolt - Inspection and Replacement [F2008L03419]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/84—Fuel Filter - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03380]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/91—Elevator Bellcrank Bracket Integrity [F2008L03299]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/94—Aileron Hinge Assembly [F2008L03298]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/95—Pilots Instruments Air System [F2008L03379]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/104—Elevator Bellcrank Support Structure [F2008L03297]*.

    AD/CESSNA 400/106—Passenger Seat Installations [F2008L03296]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/1—Wing Cover Plate Screws - Replacement [F2008L03292]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/2—Centre Flap Aft Bearing - Modification [F2008L03291]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/3—Elevator Torque Tube Assembly - Inspection and Replacement [F2008L03290]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/5 Amdt 1—Landing Gear - Structural Life Limitation [F2008L03289]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/6—Oxygen Mask Door Actuating Piston - Replacement [F2008L03378]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/9 Amdt 1—Static Port - Modification [F2008L03375]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/10—Throttle Control Lock - Modification [F2008L03374]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/11—Aft Facing Seat - Inspection [F2008L03288]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/12—Glideslope Interlock - Modification [F2008L03373]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/13—Pre-Certification Requirements - Modifications [F2008L03372]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/16 Amdt 1—Cabin Door Frame - Inspection, Modification and Replacement [F2008L03287]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/17—Elevator Sector Bracket Attach Rivets - Inspection [F2008L03286]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/18—Main Gear Actuator to Strut Attach Stud - Inspection [F2008L03285]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/19—Elevator and Rudder Trim System - Inspection [F2008L03284]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/20 Amdt 2—Tailcone Skin and Vertical Fin Spar Interference [F2008L03283]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/22—Brake Shuttle Valve [F2008L03369]*.

    AD/CESSNA 500/24—Drag Chute [F2008L03368]*.

    AD/DA42/7—Rear Engine Support Bracket [F2008L03281]*.

    AD/DAUPHIN/86 Amdt 3—Starflex Star Arm End Bushes [F2008L03343]*.

    AD/DHC-1/1—Tailplane Bracket Bolt - Locking [F2008L03280]*.

    AD/DHC-1/11—Elevator Trim Tab Cable - Inspection [F2008L03278]*.

    AD/DHC-1/13—Flap Return Spring/Flap Check Cable [F2008L03277]*.

    AD/DHC-1/15—Tail Landing Gear and Lower Surface of Tailplane - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03276]*.

    AD/F2000/32—Fuselage - LH Stringer 13 at Frame 8 [F2008L03274]*.

    AD/P68/19 Amdt 3—Control Wheel Shaft Universal Joint [F2008L03273]*.

    AD/PA-22/12—Tailplane Actuating Jack - Inspection [F2008L03272]*.

    AD/PA-22/15 Amdt 1—Brake Master Cylinder Diaphragm - Replacement [F2008L03271]*.

    AD/PA-22/23—Brake Cable - Inspection [F2008L03270]*.

    AD/PA-22/29—Fuselage Structure, Upper Cabin - Inspection [F2008L03269]*.

    AD/PA-22/32 Amdt 2—Fuselage Door Frame Tube Corrosion [F2008L03268]*.

    AD/PA-28/61—Lower Cowl Drain - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03364]*.

    AD/PA-32/2—Rudder Trim Installation - Modification [F2008L03267]*.

    AD/PA-32/3—Windshield Collar - Replacement [F2008L03275]*.

    AD/PA-32/4 Amdt 1—Fuel Tanks - Inspection [F2008L03363]*.

    AD/PA-32/5 Amdt 3—Aileron and Stabilator Balance Weight Assembly and Rudder Horn Assembly - Inspection [F2008L03266]*.

    AD/PA-32/9 Amdt 1—Aileron Spar [F2008L03265]*.

    AD/PA-32/11—Wing Rear Spar Attach Bolts - Inspection [F2008L03264]*.

    AD/PA-32/16—Control Wheel Retaining Pin - Modification [F2008L03260]*.

    AD/PA-32/18—Fuel Selector Valve - Modification [F2008L03360]*.

    AD/PA-32/22—Pitch Trim Switch - Modification [F2008L03359]*.

    AD/PA-32/26—Stabilator - Inspection and Drilling of Drain Holes [F2008L03259]*.

    AD/PA-32/28—Air Induction Hose System - Modification [F2008L03357]*.

    AD/PA-32/29—Rudder Bar Assembly - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03258]*.

    AD/PA-32/31—Automatic Pilot Servo Roll Shear Pin - Installation [F2008L03356]*.

    AD/PA-32/32—Outer Wing Spar - Inspection [F2008L03257]*.

    AD/PA-32/33—Air Conditioning System - Modification [F2008L03256]*.

    AD/PA-32/34 Amdt 1—Main Landing Gear Cylinder Cracking [F2008L03255]*.

    AD/PA-32/36—Fuel Valve - Replacement [F2008L03341]*.

    AD/PA-32/51—Fuel Line - Modification [F2008L03338]*.

    AD/PA-32/52—Electric Pitch Trim Switch - Modification [F2008L03337]*.

    AD/PA-32/53—Engine Control Rod End Bearings - Inspection and Replacement [F2008L03336]*.

    AD/PA-32/55—Engine Cowling - Drain Hole Provision [F2008L03335]*.

    AD/PA-32/57—Nose Landing Gear Retraction System - Modification [F2008L03254]*.

    AD/PA-32/58—Glove Compartment - Modification [F2008L03253]*.

    AD/PA-32/61—Stabilator Skin - Inspection [F2008L03252]*.

    AD/PA-32/62—Nose Gear Actuator Rod End Bearing - Replacement [F2008L03251]*.

    AD/PA-32/65—Fuselage Firewall - Modification [F2008L03250]*.

    AD/PA-32/66—Window Curtain Rod Support Area - Inspection [F2008L03249]*.

    AD/PA-32/69—Rudder/Aileron Interconnect Bracket - Interference Inspection [F2008L03248]*.

    AD/PA-32/71—Aileron Balance Weight Attachment - Inspection and Modification [F2008L03246]*.

    AD/PA-32/73—Battery Strap Installation [F2008L03333]*.

    AD/PA-32/75—Stabilator Attach Fitting Corrosion [F2008L03245]*.

    AD/PC-12/53—Pitch Trim Actuator Attachment Parts [F2008L03344]*.

    AD/ROCK-114/6—Fuel Selector Valve - Replacement [F2008L03354]*.

    AD/ROCK-114/8—Pilot and Front Passenger Seats - Modification [F2008L03244]*.

    AD/S-PUMA/79—Main Rotor - Main Rotor Head [F2008L03454]*.

    AD/SF340/107 Amdt 1—Fuel System - Refuel/Defuel Illuminated Placard [F2008L03332]*.

    AD/SWSA226/96 Amdt 1—Inboard Wing Leading Edge Electrical Wires [F2008L03417]*.


    AD/ARRIUS/15—Engine Fuel and Control - Balancing Piston Life Limit [F2008L03411]*.

    AD/ARRIUS/16—Engine Fuel and Control - P3 Air Pipe [F2008L03410]*.


    AD/RAD/51 Amdt 1—Rockwell International/Collins Aviation Division TDR-94D Transponder [F2008L03355]*.

    AD/SEATS/3—Sicma Passenger Seats [F2008L03412]*.

    AD/SUPP/21—Helicopter External Rescue Systems [F2008L03243]*.

 Commissioner of Taxation—Public rulings—

  Class Rulings—

   Addenda—CR 2006/123 and CR 2007/9.

   CR 2008/56 and CR 2008/57.

  Goods and Services Tax Ruling—Addendum—GSTR 2003/5.

  Product Rulings—

   Addenda—PR 2008/4, PR 2008/23, PR 2008/25, PR 2008/38, PR 2008/39 and PR 2008/45.

   Notice of Withdrawal—PR 2007/77.

   PR 2008/62 and PR 2008/63.

  Taxation Determinations—

   Erratum—TD 2008/23.

   Notice of Withdrawal—TD 94/85.

  Taxation Ruling—Erratum—TR 2008/6.

 Currency Act—Currency (Royal Australian Mint) Determination 2008 (No. 6) [F2008L02949]—Explanatory Statement [in substitution for explanatory statement tabled with instrument on 26 August 2008].

 Customs Tariff Act—Customs Tariff (Safeguard Goods) Notice (No. 2) 2008 [F2008L03452]*.

 Defence Act—Determinations under section 58B—Defence Determinations—

  2008/39—Pharmaceutical costs - amendment.

  2008/40—Leave, tied residences and retention bonus forms - amendments.

  2008/41—Air Force - Airfield Engineering Trades retention bonus scheme.

  2008/42—Overseas conditions of service - amendment.

 Defence Force Discipline Act—Select Legislative Instrument 2008 No. 180—Defence Force Discipline (Consequences of Punishment) Amendment Rules 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03238]*.

 Dental Benefits Act—Dental Benefits Amendment Rules 2008 (No. 1) [F2008L03453]*.

 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Amendment of list of threatened species, dated 1 September 2008 [F2008L03420]*.

 Health Insurance Act—

  Health Insurance (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Determination 2008 [F2008L03424]*.

  Health Insurance (Sacral Nerve Stimulation) Determination 2008 [F2008L03425]*.

 Industry Research and Development Act—Re-tooling for Climate Change Program Ministerial Direction No. 1 of 2008 [F2008L03440]*.

 Judiciary Act—High Court of Australia—Rules of Court, dated—

  27 August 2008 [F2008L03427]*.

  4 September 2008 [F2008L03438]*.

 Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act—Notice about how incident reports are to be made (No. 3) [F2008L03423]*.

 Migration Act—Migration Regulations—Instruments IMMI—

  08/064—Travel Agents for PRC citizens applying for Tourist Visas [F2008L03431]*.

  08/075—Working Holiday Visa - post office box addresses [F2008L03432]*.

 National Health Act—Instruments Nos PB—

  92 of 2008—Amendment declaration and determination - drugs and medicinal preparations [F2008L03433]*.

  93 of 2008—Amendment determination - pharmaceutical benefits [F2008L03434]*.

  94 of 2008—Amendment determination - responsible persons [F2008L03435]*.

  95 of 2008—Amendment Special Arrangements - Highly Specialised Drugs Program [F2008L03436]*.

  96 of 2008—Amendment Special Arrangements - Chemotherapy Pharmaceuticals Access Program [F2008L03437]*.

 Social Security (Administration) Act—

  Social Security (Administration) (Declared relevant Northern Territory areas — Various (No. 29)) Determination 2008 [F2008L03430]*.

  Social Security (Administration) (Income Management — Crediting of Accounts) Rules 2008 [F2008L03444]*.

  Social Security (Administration) — Queensland Commission (Family Responsibilities Commission) Specification 2008 [F2008L03441]*.

 Therapeutic Goods Act—Therapeutic Goods Order No. 80—Child-resistant packaging requirements for medicines [F2008L03428]*.

 Trade Practices Act—Class Exemption Determinations Nos—

  1 of 2008 [F2008L03426]*.

  2 of 2008 [F2008L03445]*.

* Explanatory statement tabled with legislative instrument.