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Thursday, 4 December 2008
Page: 8109

Senator LUDWIG (Minister for Human Services) (9:35 AM) —by leave—The government associates itself with your remarks, Mr President,  but I also want to say that this place does not work without the support, dedication and hard work of people like Andrea. The Black Rod’s office is pivotal in ensuring that this place works both effectively and well. Andrea, on a personal note, as well as on behalf of the government, we were very pleased to see you appointed to the position of the Usher of the Black Rod—the first woman to be promoted to such a position. It was the fact that you are a fantastic person, a person who is confident in your ability and the advice that you have provided, which won you that position above all.

We also want to acknowledge the service that you have provided to this Senate, and the invaluable support. I think the President summed it up well when he said that Andrea has provided a smiling face to all of the new senators who have come to this place—not only a smiling face to new senators but to existing senators who continue to work here as well. I want to finally thank Andrea on a personal note. I know that Andrea has supported me and others in the chamber well with her advice, confidence and the words of wisdom that she has provided to individual senators to get them through each day. With that, I wish you well in the future, Andrea, and we hope to still see you around the place, providing that smiling face on occasions.