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South Australian Federal backbencher urges Attorney-General, Daryl Williams, to order a national Royal Commission into paedophile activity

ELLEN FANNING: The Federal Attorney-General is being urged to establish a national Royal Commission into paedophilia. Federal Government backbencher, Trish Draper from South Australia, points to evidence given to the police Royal Commission in New South Wales and persistent rumours that a child sex ring called the 'Family' is operating in Adelaide. Ms Draper believes Adelaide and Sydney are not isolated bases for paedophile networks, she says similar groups must also exist in other States. She told Sally Sara there needs to be a national approach to the issue.

TRISH DRAPER: Well, there's been a huge amount of organised paedophile activity. Now, I don't believe for one moment that Sydney is isolated or alone in this instance. Paedophiles, I believe, not only do they come from all walks of life, they probably live all over Australia, and I think that in order to investigate this organised activity, we should be looking towards a Federal Royal Commission.

SALLY SARA: What evidence do you have that there could be networks right across Australia?

TRISH DRAPER: Well, clearly, the evidence that has come to light from the Royal Commission in New South Wales does demonstrate that to a certain extent. Essentially, what their operational method is is to keep in as much contact as possible and to share information about children that they can abuse.

SALLY SARA: Why is a Federal Royal Commission preferable to criminal investigations into individual cases?

TRISH DRAPER: I think with a Royal Commission, the terms of reference and the power that is given to the commissioner is much more wide-ranging than what we have in a normal criminal investigation, as we saw again with the New South Wales Royal Commission. The evidence they were able to take and the information that has come from there allowed us to discover what sort of organised paedophile activity was actually going on in the State and being covered up and being protected.

SALLY SARA: You're a Federal Liberal backbencher - why are you running with this issue and why are you running with it now?

TRISH DRAPER: As a mother, I have three boys of my own, and really as a community and as parents, we should be able to feel that our children have the right to be safe.

ELLEN FANNING: Trish Draper, the Federal Member for Makin in South Australia.