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President of the Queensland Chamber of Commerce dismisses the possibility of the Japanese criminal organisation Yakuza investing in Australia

PAUL MURPHY: Despite the arrest of the member of the Yakuza, the President of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce, Jill Allen, says there's no possibility of criminal proceeds from Japan being invested in the area. Jill Allen told Michael O'Regan that local business people deal only with reputable Japanese firms.

JILL ALLEN: We've only become involved with different building firms from Tokyo, all very major firms, such as Daikyo, Koshien, Matsushita, all very, very large reputable firms.

MICHAEL O'REGAN: According to reports, buying and selling real estate has traditionally been a convenient and profitable way of laundering Japanese money. How would the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce ensure that an application from a Japanese firm didn't have any Yakuza money involved with it?

JILL ALLEN: Well, it would be very difficult, I'm sure. We can only see how things going. I mean, we've been dealing, as I said, with those reputable firms and they've all been very profitable for the Coast and always very upstanding and a part of the community.

MICHAEL O'REGAN: Is it a concern to you that an allegation such as this, based on the arrest, yesterday, of someone who allegedly failed to disclose elements of a criminal past, that those factors may antagonise Japanese people on the Coast, or be a problem for them?

JILL ALLEN: I'm sure that it would upset them, to feel that would be happening, and I'm sure that this, at this point, is just an isolated case, and I would hope that we won't be finding any more it.

PAUL MURPHY: Jill Allen of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce.