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Election 2004: Prime Minister and Treasurer question the credibility of ALP tax policy.

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Wednesday 8 September 2004

Election 2004: Prime Minister and Treasurer question the credibility of ALP tax policy


TONY EASTLEY: Mark Latham's bid to become Prime Minister may depend on his salesmanship, and the credibility of his $11 billion tax and family payment package. Labor says its plan delivers an average weekly tax cut of $8 a week and around $100 a week in welfare benefits for struggling families. 


The Coalition is targeting Labor's abolition of the Government's $600 family payment as well as the credibility of Labor's figures. 


The Prime Minister, John Howard. 


JOHN HOWARD: Well, the central claim is false. The central claim is that nine out of ten families are better off. That is arrived at by leaving out the $600 supplement. Mr Latham says it's not real - it's so real that hundreds of thousands of Australian families will receive it in September. 


TONY EASTLEY: John Howard.  


Not surprisingly, the Treasurer, Peter Costello is scathing of Labor's plan. 


PETER COSTELLO: He's left out the $600 family payment, he's left out the abolition of the low income tax offset. Now, this is not a policy to ease the squeeze, this is a policy to try and hoax the folks. 


But the folks are being subjected to the greatest hoax, because he leaves these benefits out of his tables and he says, look, look once you ignore the benefits that I'm abolishing, and once you ignore the benefits that the Government is paying you, you can be better off under my policy. 


TONY EASTLEY: The Treasurer, Peter Costello.