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Shadow Treasurer says he does not recognise the author of 'The Latham diaries'.

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Monday 19 September 2005

Shadow Treasurer says he does not recognise the author of 'The Latham diaries'


TONY EASTLEY: Labor's Family and Community Services spokesman Wayne Swan cops criticism in Mark Latham's diaries. Described by Mark Latham as a Big Mac for being Pro-American, Wayne Swan has reacted angrily to the accusations. He's one that's not happy with Mark Latham's book. 


Wayne Swan told Channel Nine Mark Latham is not the man he worked with during the election campaign. 


WAYNE SWAN: I don't recognise in these diaries the Mark Latham that I saw during the 12 months of his leadership. Mark and I have had our differences over the years, but during that 12 months we worked cooperatively together, and I think we all, in the Shadow Cabinet, worked very effectively. 


Mark was happy to use the party for the 15 months or so of his leadership, but now that things didn't work out he's out there in the blame game, and he's out there, it appears, to damage the maximum number of people across the political spectrum. I think that's sad. 


Mark had a reputation, many people in politics do, but we sat around the Shadow Cabinet for that 12 months, we worked effectively together, we developed joint policy positions, we put them to the Australian people, and they received a very favourable response for a period of time.  


But now Mark seems to be repudiating not only the people that he worked with, but the policies that he put forward during the election campaign and during the 12 months of his leadership. That's why I say I don't recognise the Mark Latham of that 12-month period. 


TONY EASTLEY: Wayne Swan, Shadow Treasurer and former Family and Community Services spokesman.